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Night of hell for the viewer as well
TheLittleSongbird12 August 2019
This is not, despite how it sounds and sincere apologies if it comes over that way, meant in a malicious or with intention to offend way. Am actually saying this with regret, despite the low rating, deliberately didn't read any reviews for fairness sake, it was hard not to pass up anything that appeared in my more like this section while watching some low-budget horror films every now and again to distract me from my increasing anxiety and low moods. Curiosity drew me into seeing this.

'Hell of a Night' however really turned out to be that bad. Or should that be it really turned out to be that awful. Expectations were not exactly high for 'Hell of a Night', as the concept wasn't as attention grabbing or as promising as that for other films seen recently, but this was even worse than expected. Always look for at one good thing to say about bad or worse films, it takes a lot for me to say that something is irredeemably awful. Could find nothing however to say even remotely okay for 'Hell of a Night' and it is one of the worst recent examples of an irredeemably awful film.

It is amateur hour visually, haven't used this term very often recently but 'Hell of a Night' deserves it. The lighting and colour filtering was a major distraction and made me feel very exhausted and nauseous as an epileptic with no warning that the film would have that kind of lighting. The editing was reminiscent of someone inexperienced or had no familiarity with making things coherent. The sound is pretty much the same and the music couldn't have been more constantly misplaced and over-bearing if it tried.

As for the script, it didn't sound or seem like there was much of one at all. It sounds so awkward in both the dialogue and how everything flows, it sounded either made up on the spot or severely under-rehearsed. The story is all over the place, structurally (disjointed and muddled doesn't describe it), tonally (sounded like the writers were really struggling to find the right tone) and in pace which meanders non-stop. There is no tension or suspense whatsoever, and 'Hell of a Night' even fails abysmally in conveying any sense of dread or even any half-decent scare.

Direction is pretty much a hack job, very rarely use this term either as it sounds and is derogatory but am using it here because this film in all honesty made me very angry watching it because of its beyond redemption ineptitude. The style is a mess, the substance is completely non-existent and the atmosphere seems to had also gotten as completely lost as the coherence. Have seen better acting in nativity productions with no exceptions, and am not going to blame the annoying character writing or lack of sense or logic to behaviours on how bad the acting is, this is a rare case of it being because of complete lack of acting talent.

Summing up, absolutely awful. 1/10
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believe it or not its a darn good flick
ops-5253520 April 2019
Mostly due to an emersive, always being there,stopping at the right moments,and the kind that creeps you and sooths you at the same time, kind of score.

it is a horror movie, on behalf of the so ever famous and nervewrecking ouija board game flick, with some smashingly beautiful actresses,that lures themselves into their mothers closet to make or break a spell or a ghost in the letters on the woodwork, that at times are really doing a brilliant job on the screen, there are some stiff movements ,maybe from angst of the eerie settings, so please forgivethem that. the way of killings are not as brutal as the main stream hobo horror flick, and that make it even more watchable.

the dialouges are sparse and not much of the informative kind, but as long as the camera,and its clever motions and angled use of it tells the rest in a brilliant way its more than enough. i will also accentuate the fantastic variations and the fright factor made by the use of light. the ever changing colours of background lighting, various kinds of blinking,and use of light and shadow in the dark are some of the most excellent ive seen for many years.

why am i awarding it with a 9??. somewhere and somehow the coherence of parts of the story strand or fades away,till it suddenly comes back in the end ,announcing indirectly a sequel to come. there are also some issues on the soundwork, the sound are actually like speaking inside a tin box. maybe its the premiere view that entangles my memory,so a second watch would help...?

the story are quite on average though and how its plotted could also be questioned, but the playtime and nonstop action pace are perfect. the grumpy old man may smell a cult classic in the aftermath of a hell of a night, and im sure itll hit the bullseye among the younger part of the sosial media sosciety of the world. recommended it is .
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Bored to death! Not scary at all! Should change the name to Hell Of A Crap!
kwenchow19 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The film start with a group of girls playing Ouija and one of the girl locked by a ghost in a room! After two years, the story set up another group of girls story! Two girls plan to rob a girl called Blake! Entire film keep showing all the girls searching things in the room! Really bored! Pacing too slow! Most intense scene is one of the girl who try to rob Blake, sliced her throat by the ghost! Blake killed the ghost and survived at the end! And at the very end, another survive girl called Shaine, back to the house and hearing a record playing in a room! Most boring and ridiculous ending I ever seen! Bad movie! Avoid at all cost!
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good girl, bad movie - do not watch except if wanna see girl
NijazBaBs28 April 2019
My advice is that nobody watches this, except if you wanna see somewhat sexy girl and bit of typical horror behaviors such as of one underage girl who was bit of cool. We could see various stuff of attractive girl like ass, armpits, stomach, screaming, ripping clothes, almost sexual abuse, sexy voice, sweet behavior. Also if you like modern age, you will see our typical environment and behaviors and talk, which I would call good environment. But everything else (95 to 99%) is so bad. Behavior of girls is annoying, too much evil, abuse (including sexual), fake, predictable, no real or convincing story, explanation, details. Behavior of girls was not smart or reasonable but too predictable and like of a kids. I am disappointed. Actors look like canadian.
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whitemanfromtowne21 April 2019
This movie was just awful. Red scenes, blues scenes, green scenes, all just stupid and didn't make the film or story better but more annoying. Who wrote this garbage? Acting was horrendous, a bunch a dumbass young girls with no experience in front of a camera whatsoever. And to that a hole who said that this film was a "good flick" stop being jerk troll and find another hobby. You aren't getting laid with any of the girls in the film anyway, so cut the crap.
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Insert clever review name here.
S_Soma21 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I sometimes wish that horror wasn't my genre of choice. I get the sense that there's something about appallingly bad horror movies that makes them especially easy to mass-produce and, no matter how bad they are, still make a profit. The net result of all this is that I end up watching a disproportionately large volume of really bad movies. No one to blame but myself, I suppose.

So here's the complex and cerebral plot of HELL OF A NIGHT: couple of young girls playing in a closet with that always dangerous and volatile source of so much supernatural misery, the Ouija board, "accidentally" summon up an evil spirit. From that point forward, the evil spirit attacks anybody that gets involved with that house. Most of the movie takes place with a subsequent occupant of the house, a cutie pie college girl. Fortunately, the evil spirit is of the Equal Opportunity variety and is quite happy to attack not only the cutie pie but also a small collection of evildoers that seek to victimize the cutie pie for her supposed hidden wealth.

Yeah, I know. You could write this stuff yourself. Add in stilted, wooden acting throughout and voilà: HELL OF A NIGHT.

I can grudgingly admit that, where most movies of HELL OF A NIGHT's caliber rate a 1/10, HELL OF A NIGHT might possibly squeak up to a 3, but only because, very occasionally, some halfway decent music ACCIDENTALLY makes its way into the movie. Mostly the music is the usual straight-from-a-commercial-music-supply stuff that only vaguely correlates with the associated scene, but it does get better than that now and then.

The best part of the movie, and also somehow very telling, was in the end credits which identified individual Indiegogo contributors and gave thanks to, and I quote here, "The Lord Almighty (duh), Mom and Dad, Uncle Roger, and Grandmother Rose". Likely connected to this, I particularly enjoyed the fact that large parts of this particular show was literally "put on in the barn". Apocryphal, that.

I find movies that involve Ouija boards discomfiting. This is because Ouija was a former trademark belonging to Parker Brothers, erstwhile makers of the Ouija board, and currently it's a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. That's right, if you were ever looking for proof that toy companies are the work of the devil and the source of so much evil loosed upon mankind, there it is. G.I. Joe, Furby, Transformers and everybody from My Little Pony are all kissing cousins to the hell spawn spewing forth from Ouija boards everywhere. Makes you think, doesn't it? I'm not sure WHAT it makes you think, but it certainly makes you think SOMETHING.

Unless you have a personal life goal to watch every supernatural/horror picture ever made, no matter how awful, I'd recommend giving this one a pass.
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Wish I could give 0 stars
missraziel13 January 2020
The movie is awful! There's enough plot holes to make it look like a connect 4 game, the story what there is if it makes no sense, and there's nothing explained, then it just ends leaving you wondering "what the actual hell did I watch?"

Terrible, avoid this movie at all costs!
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I love that house of Blake and shaine
Kanzaki_ken20 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I love shaine in this movie, she always wear emo outfit, jeans and boxer . I like that scene where she's on the roof near the windows of her room, it's cute . But all in all, the movie is not quite entertaining, I didn't know where it's going through . It depends on you weather you'll like it or not.
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Visually impressive but the story let it down
arcangel3325 May 2019
I liked the visuals. The director did a great job of creating a creepy atmosphere but he is not a very good story teller. The plot was so confusing.
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vickypapagew14 May 2019
I have no words for that movie! Waste of time!!the plot was a mess,the actors as well!! Despite the fact that I have read the reviews of the others I was curious to watch it! Unfortunately they were right and it was totally waste of time!!
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Pity about the holes in the plot.
jimuthy-525996 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is not a bad movie. It has atmosphere, creepiness and doesn't fall into the trap of wanting to make you jump every 5 minutes; nor does it try and gross you out with unnecessarily graphic goriness either. The opening premise with the two sisters was interesting - I wanted and expected to find out what happened to them and why. We never did - why? Who was 'Raymond'? Why did he indicate on the ouija that he was not a ghost? What was his back story? We hear a tale that Blake's house is haunted by a cheated housewife. I thought this was the same house as the two sisters, turns out it isn't, but Blake just happens to be going for a weekend break to the sister's house too...which is also haunted. About the ghosts...there is a woman in witch boots (as one reviewer descibed). She hassles people in both houses - why, what is her back story? Then there is a little girl who is helpful but we never know her story either. Then there is a nutter in a night shirt with an axe, who was apparently awoken when the two girls messed with the ouija. Back story? Nope. Blake's father died leaving some money behind. This comes to the knowledge of Blake's sponging friend Chloe. Chloe gets behind with her rent, so decides to rob Blake "because she is loaded". This quickly progresses to murdering Blake via a hitman...er why? Blake's father would surely have left the bulk of his money to his wife, not his daughter. The hitman, unusually, proceeds with the contract without first receiving a deposit. Chloe goes to rob Blake's house...after first murdering her boyfriend. Why? No idea. Also, if she is capable of killing a burly young man, why did she need to hire someone to kill a waif like Blake? She then decides to go and deal with Blake herself as she has no money to pay the hitman...who is on his way there to kill Blake. So, in summary, the story is all over the place and the characters perform irrational behaviour just to drive the plot. A little more thought and proof reading and this could have been a very good movie.
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Believe it or not, a pretty darn rubbish movie
scottliddle7621 April 2019
This movie is plain and simple garbage. The acting was the worst I've seen in a very long time. The music was a complete joke with the worst editing I have ever seen. The lighting was horrendous with bright red, greens and yellows in nearly every scene, just so over bearing. For a horror there was not a single scary scene, not even 1 Jump scare. The story is all over the place. Im trying to think of 1 Good thing to say about this movie..... oh hold on, the end credits. How this is 5.4 rating on here is beyond me. Watch at your own peril
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This movie could have been better
jeromyburggraf2 May 2019
I gave this movie 3 stars for these reasons 1. The women actresses are all hotties 2. It reminded me of an 80's B-movie minus the nudity which this needed about every 5 minutes to keep it interesting 3. The credits were definitely a highlight.... why didn't the director use those effects during the movie?

Anyways this movie was really lame
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What did I just watch??
chargerrt-122-90181329 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Talk about a waste of 90 minutes. What did I just watch?? **Spoiler** who was the girl w the witch boots? Who was the little girl?? Umm the movie didnt tell you what was going on. Yeah, don't waste your time w this one. Go do something more entertaining like watching grass grow or paint dry.
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