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26 Nov. 2014
Zero Effect/Bad Luck Bears
Zero Effect: Olive and Otto must stop zeroes from disappearing before the missing zeroes destroy the town and Otto turns into a baby. Bad Luck Bears: When odd things start happening to the Bears basketball team, Olive and Otto must set things straight before the big game.
26 Nov. 2014
Soundcheck/Double Trouble
Soundcheck: Olive and Otto must figure out how and why things are disappearing around town when all Otto wants to do is listen to a song by his favorite band, Soundcheck. Double Trouble: Debbie from Debbie's Pizzeria has doubled..not once but twice, creating four Debbies. When one of the four Debbies goes missing, Olive and Otto need to find her.
4 Dec. 2014
Crime at Shapely Manor
In this half-hour episode, Olive and Otto are sent to Shapley Manor to investigate an odd crime with even odder people.
1 Dec. 2014
Reindeer Games
In this half-hour episode, Olive and Otto help Santa track down his missing reindeer. Also, Oscar helps Ms. O get off Santa's naughty list.
27 Nov. 2014
My Better Half/The Confalones
My Better Half: When symmetrical objects become vandalized, Olive and Otto must figure out why. The Confalones: Olive and Otto are called in to help when objects and, eventually, people start disappearing inside an Italian restaurant.
28 Nov. 2014
Blob on the Job/Party of 5,4,3,2,1
Blob on the Job: When a blob gets loose in Odd Squad headquarters, Olive and Otto compete against rival agents to catch it first. Party of 5,4,3,2,1: When people in town can no longer count down, Olive and Otto must uncover who is causing the problem and why.
2 Dec. 2014
Oscar and the Oscarbots/Picture Day
Oscar and the Oscarbots: When several of Oscar's Oscarbots become lost in town, Olive and Otto must help find them. Picture Day: Otto and Olive investigate why people in town are becoming plaid and striped.
3 Dec. 2014
A Case of the Sing Alongs/Ms. O Uh Oh
A Case of the Sing-Alongs: When Mayor Macklemore catches a case of the Sing A Longs, Olive and Otto must discover the cause before the Mayor sings his way out of his job. Ms. O Uh-Oh: When a Ms. O from the past shows up at the office, Otto and Oscar must send her back to the day she came from or risk causing a time-tastrophe.
5 Dec. 2014
Skip Day/The Great Grinaldi
Skip Day: When Olive catches a case of the Skips and goes missing, rookie agent Otto must solve his first case by himself. The Great Grinaldi: Otto rushes to finish a case so he can see his favorite magician, The Great Grinaldi, perform.
8 Dec. 2014
The Trouble with Centigurps/Totally Odd Squad
The Trouble with Centigurps: When Otto accidentally releases 100 small furry creatures in headquarters, he recruits Oscar to help get them back before Ms. O finds out. Totally Odd Squad: In a flashback episode, Ms. O tells the story of how she defeated a villain called the Patternista back when she was an agent.
9 Dec. 2014
How to Interrogate a Unicorn/The Briefcase
When characters escape their books in the library, Olive and Otto must figure out how and why it's happening and put a stop to it. When Ms. O's important briefcase is stolen by a shape shifter, Olive and Otto must get it back.
10 Dec. 2014
Best Seats in the House/Agent Obfusco
Olive and Otto battle Oren and Olaf for the best chairs at Odd Squad while Ms. O and Oscar run a top secret mission. Olive and Otto become concerned when they find out their Odd Squad test is being administered by the mysterious Agent Obfusco.
19 Dec. 2014
Life of O'Brian/Whatever Happened to Agent Oz
When a miffed O'Brian won't let Olive access the tubes, she has to solve the mystery of what she did to upset him. Olive tells Otto the story of what happened to Octavia's partner, Agent Oz.
26 Dec. 2014
The Jackies/Invasion of the Body Switchers
Ms. O and her team will stop at nothing to win their very first Jackie Award. When Ms. O and Oscar accidentally switch bodies, Olive and Otto must set things right before the entire Odd Squad team finds out what happened.

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