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Enjoyable film with melancholy , thoughtful events and being deliberately paced
ma-cortes11 April 2015
Ane's (Nagore Aramburu) existence turns apart when , week after week , she receives a bunch of flowers at home . Always at the same time and always without a senders note . Then , there takes place a car crash and the happenings get awry . Later on , the confrontation between the three women : lover , wife and mother-in-law called Tere (Itziar Aizpuru) , rages because blame each other over the accident , though not formulated .

This interesting film is full of drama , touching scenes and good feeling . It is a simple , dramatic and intelligent portrait of a few people , being spoken in original Basque language . The picture is developed in slow-moving but is pretty well realized . The flick stands out for its melancholy and poignant multilevel exploration of romance and remembrance . The story has a certain melancholic style , a climate of transience and sadness that spread the dispute between the three women he knew . The intrigue is whether these intertwined lives finally will eventually find and recognize . It packs a nice cast though unknown who gives good performance . Sensitive musical score by Parcal Gaigne , an expert composer who has composed and conducted a lot of scores such as ¨Mensaka¨ , ¨Silencio Roto¨ , ¨Piedras¨, ¨Azuloscurocasinegro¨ , ¨Gordos¨ and many others . Colorful as well as evocative cinematography by Javier Agirre , being shot on location in San Sebastian , Guipuzcoa and surroundings .

Loreak had a world premiere in San Sebastian Festival's main competition , and its filmmakers Jon Garaño, Jose Mari Goenaga are preparing "Aundiya" (Alzo's Giant) . Set up at 'Loreak' or "Flowers'" production partners , Irusoin and Moriarti Produkzoiak , two of Basque Country's most active producers, are preparing "Aundiya" , but this project is a period piece ; it requires multiple VFX; some scenes could take place outside Spain . ¨Loreak¨ and ¨Aundiya¨ mark a further step-up in the international ambitions of Basque cinema ,Irusoin and Moriarti have already teamed with U.S.-based Tom Atencio, the manager of New Order for 18 years, and producer of 2007 docu-feature "Joy Division," to produce a fiction feature based on docu-pic "Lucio," a portrait of a legendary anti-Franco anarchist and master forger helmed by Arregi and co-Moriarti founder Jose Mari Goenaga . ¨Loreak¨ won the followings prizes : Cinema Writers Circle Awards , Spain 2015 Won CEC Award Best Supporting Actress Itziar Aizpuru ; Feroz Awards, ES 2015 : Best Actress in a Supporting Role , Best Film: Drama and Best director ; San Sebastián International Film Festival 2014 won SIGNIS Award and Special Mention Jon Garaño , Jose Mari Goenaga ; Palm Springs International Film Festival 2015 Won Cine Latino Award Jon Garaño , Jose Mari Goenaga ; Sant Jordi Awards 2015 Won Best Spanish Film and Nominated Goya Awards 2015 to best film , Best Original Score Pascal Gaigne , being the first movie filmed in Basque language nominated for a Goya.
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A Wonderful Movie
alphabet-7978826 June 2016
Every second of the movie was absolutely great! All the players' performances were amazing! But my special thanks to Itziar Aizpuru! We need such movies to understand how our ordinary lives are in fact full of poetic moments. As the movie is walking around love and family affairs gently, it perfectly awakes our feelings, our scars by life, by love, by losses. Without needing a hey-day or needing exaggeration, the movie tells the stories of ordinary people like a wonderful tale book.We love someone but we can love someone else just because it is the way of life. Love someone else does not mean always "to betray our lover"! Love is the most human character and the value of love sometime can be measured with the weekly flowers that we found at our door. What I can say, it is a great movie! Thanks to all team!
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