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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language, and brief suggestive content

Sex & Nudity

  • A character explains a reproductive plan with illustrations of him being intimate in human form, fully clothed, with several alien species. They then show the act done as a flashback sequence, which could be graphic to younger audiences.
  • Characters visit a pleasure colony filled with female humanoid robots that rub up against people and are suggestive in their demeanor. Sex is implied as one character is partially disrobed and redressing.
  • Early in the film a man speaks with a woman in a manner that suggests they have a physical encounter for research purposes. Sex is strongly implied, and is confirmed by the conversation that follows.
  • "Do you have a penis?" Drax asks Ego, leading to much discomfort for Peter. Ego says that he does.
  • His relationship with Peter's mother led, of course, to Peter himself.
  • We learn that Ego had intimate relationships with plenty of other beings throughout the galaxy, as well. (We see virtual statues of a young, human Ego embracing a variety of species.)
  • Yondu and others visit a planetary brothel staffed by robots.
  • Yondu is shown hitching up his pants, while others lounge around with their scantily clad synthetic lovers.
  • Some other outfits can be a bit revealing, as well.
  • Peter takes off his shirt a bit gratuitously, and Drax, of course, spends the entire movie shirtless.
  • Ego's only apparent companion is Mantis, an antennae-sporting empath who can detect someone's emotions via physical contact.
  • She touches Peter and announces (much to Peter's embarrassment) that he feels romantic, "sexual" love for Gamora.
  • Though she does not express her own feelings toward Peter, the two dance, touch hands and eventually hug each other.
  • Peter compares their relationship to that of Sam and Diane on NBC's 1980s sitcom Cheers.
  • Whatever lurks between the two, though, does not stop Peter from flirting with Ayesha, a leader of the Sovereign.
  • While their race is essentially created via genetically pure scientific know-how now, she suggests she'd be open to spending time with Peter and engage in more "primitive" mating practices.
  • Peter says he'd be open to that.
  • Drax says that his now-dead wife "would make my nether-regions engorge."
  • In contrast, he tells Mantis that she's "hideous."
  • He gags (or pantomimes gagging) when he imagines being physical with her. (But he may simply be hiding his true feelings.)
  • There's also a reference to men thinking with what's "between your legs."
  • Mild jokes and occasional innuendo

Violence & Gore

  • One scene where characters are shot out into space to suffocate and freeze to death.
  • Dozens of people are skewered by Yondu's whistle-driven arrow.
  • We see the rod dart through many a body, apparently cauterizing the mortal wound as it passes through (thus minimizing any blood).
  • Several more die in the cold vacuum of space; we see a couple of victims close up as they expire from exposure and/or asphyxiation.
  • Others string out behind a spaceship, their lifeless corpses floating grimly in the void.
  • Still others tumble (or are yanked) from high bridges.
  • A cave is filled with the bones of seemingly hundreds of innocent victims. "They didn't feel a thing," their killer says.
  • The Guardians fight a massive, toothy beastie, pummeling its tough skin with laser blasts.
  • The skin's too tough to punch through, so Drax decides to leap into the thing's mouth and try to slice his way out from the inside.
  • Peter belatedly points out that the skin's thickness doesn't really differ, no matter where you slice it from; but we still see Drax in the creature's innards, battering away at the thing's flesh.
  • Gamora eventually finds a small cut in the creature's skin and makes it larger, cutting the creature open and unleashing a tsunami of green goo (and a celebratory Drax).
  • Several people are shocked in the head, rendering them unconscious.
  • We see the electricity course through them, revealing their skeletal structure.
  • Others are technologically bounced into the air and left to fall, painfully, to the ground below.
  • Rocket physically tears and scratches at a few would-be assailants, knocking them out.
  • Someone is repeatedly skewered by what seem to be bands of energy.
  • Others are wrapped up in these same energy tentacles.
  • Some people are nearly buried alive.
  • Gamora and Nebula fight-first with lasers (crashing a ship in the process), and later with their fists and feet.
  • One nearly strangles the other and threatens to stab her face with a knife.
  • Someone is seriously burned in an exploding spaceship.
  • Drax gets bounced through a forest rather roughly.
  • People are hit and smacked and pounded.
  • Groot finds a severed toe.
  • A massive explosion proves very destructive.
  • Gigantic blobs consume parts of Earth and other planets.
  • Rocket has a remote control that shoots people up and down. He does that several times throughout the scene.
  • Some blood is shown, but no gore is ever shown.
  • One humorous scene where people are bounced hundreds of feet in the air and dropped multiple times. If this was shown realistically, it would be disturbing.
  • Baby Groot is seen holding a severed toe (with some blood on it) in a humorous scene.
  • Some characters come upon skeletons in a disturbing scene.
  • Most violence is presented in a humorous and light-hearted tone.


  • Groot still says nothing beyond "I am Groot."
  • But Rocket can interpret for the twig-sized Guardian, and he interprets one of Groot's missives as "'We are freakin' Guardians of the Galaxy-only he didn't say 'freakin'.
  • Elsewhere, we hear about four s-words and a smattering of other profanities, including "a--," "d--n," "h---," "p-ss" and "d--k."
  • God's name is misused four times.
  • "Douchebag" is used as a demeaning epithet, too.
  • Some uses of "shit", "damn", "hell", "ass", "bitch", "bastard", "dick", "douchebag", "freaking" and "fricking", from a couple to about half a dozen times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Groot is doused with bottles of what I assume are alcoholic beverages.
  • Someone recalls being drunk.
  • In one scene a group of characters are drinking heavily and acting raucous.
  • Groot is doused in alcohol in one scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A handful of scenes attempt to depict violence in a lighter tone with comical music or distraction and most are successful in this. One unique scene depicts two characters as they laugh and skip along in slow motion while indiscriminately killing hundreds of people, who are sleeping or just waking up. The scene is stylistically portrayed with impressive effects and sprays of blood while raining bodies all around them. Some viewers may be disturbed by the sociopathic behaviour.
  • Getting close to the end of this movie, Yondu dies.
  • There are a few scenes where characters are shot out into space to suffocate and freeze to death.
  • A skeleton graveyard is revealed at one point.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An important character dies by suffocating in outer space. We then see the Guardians of the Galaxy holding a funeral for the character. This scene is very emotional and can be intense for some people.
  • The ending is intense and quite hard to watch.

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