Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) Poster

Karen Gillan: Nebula



  • Kraglin : What are you gonna do with your share?

    Nebula : As a child, my father would have Gamora and me battle one another in training. Every time my sister prevailed... my father would replace a piece of me with machinery, claiming he wanted me to be her equal. But she won... again and again, and again, never once refraining. So after I murder my sister, I will buy a warship with every conceivable instrument of death. I will hunt my father like a dog, and I will tear him apart slowly... piece by piece, until he knows some semblance of the profound and unceasing pain I knew every single day.

    Kraglin : Yeah... I was talking about, like, a pretty necklace. Or a nice hat. You know. Something to make the other girls go "Ooh, that's nice."

  • Nebula : [sneering]  Look at you, a Garden of the Galaxy!

    Gamora : It's Guardian! Why would I be a Garden of the Galaxy?

    [Drax laughs] 

  • Nebula : [to Gamora]  All any of you do is yell at each other. You're not friends.

    Drax : You're right... We're family.

  • [Nebula connects herself to a ship's weapons] 

    Yondu : This is gonna hurt!

    Nebula : Promises, promises.

  • Nebula : I win. I win. I bested you in combat.

    Gamora : No. I saved your life.

    Nebula : Well, you were stupid enough to let me live.

    Gamora : You let me live!

    Nebula : I don't need you always trying to beat me!

    Gamora : I'm not the one that just flew across the universe just because I wanted to win.

    Nebula : Do not tell me what I want.

    Gamora : I don't need to tell you what you want! It's obvious!

    Nebula : You were the one who wanted to win. And *I* just wanted a sister!


    Nebula : You were all I had. But you were the one who needed to win. Thanos pulled my eye from my head... and my brain from my skull... and my arm from my body... because of you.

  • Gamora : Nebula... I was a child like you. I was concerned with staying alive until the next day, every day. And I never considered what Thanos was doing to you. I'm trying to make it right. There are little girls like you across the universe who are in danger. You can stay with us and help them.

    Nebula : I will help them by killing Thanos.

  • Nebula : [being tied up]  I'm hungry. Hand me some of that yaro root.

    Gamora : No. It's not ripe yet... and I hate you.

  • [sees a pile of bones] 

    Nebula : We need to get off this planet.

  • [Nebula saves Gamora] 

    Nebula : Get over it!

  • Nebula : [to Taserface]  I assure you. I am not as easy a mark as an old man without hs magic stick or a talking woodland beast.

  • [Star-Lord and Rocket squabble over piloting a ship, in the middle of a battle] 

    Nebula : *Idiots*!

  • Gamora : We need to find Peter now and get off this damn planet.

    Mantis : Ego will have won him to his side by now. He has a way...

    Nebula : Then we just go!

    Gamora : No! He's our friend.

    Nebula : All any of you do is yell at each other. You are not friends.

    Drax : You're right. We're family. We leave no one behind.

    [looking at Nebula] 

    Drax : Except maybe you.

    Nebula : [shakes her head in disbelief]  Oh, my God.

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