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Mercury amalgams are ~50 % mercury
MC1-124 October 2015
Well put together summary of the science... including some personal testimonies.

The documentary shows you how you can make mercury vapour from amalgams visible using UV light.

Then it goes on to measure mercury as it's coming off the amalgam.

The levels on mercury extraction were up to 2,483 ug/m3 and the limit for exposure is 100 ug/m3. That's ~25 times the permissible level.

The documentary points out that the FDA commissioner (Hamburg) had a conflict of interest because she owned stock options in a company producing mercury amalgams. She should have recused herself from any involvement with the issue.

The documentary also points out that some people have problems removing toxins from the body... which explains why not everyone is equally affected.

Given the high levels of mercury measured it is appropriate to use hazmat suits to extract the mercury.

The Minamata convention on mercury has committed all countries to phase out the use of mercury... so it's only a matter of time before mercury stops being used.

If you want a good documentary on the hazards of mercury amalgams (or just environmental hazards?) then this is certainly worth watching.

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An Exopse' of Federal Corruption and Deceit
analyticsdriller28 October 2015
Evidence of Harm, a documentary about the toxicity of the "silver" fillings in the mouths of many exposes the truth that the public deserves to hear. It follows the lives of:

1. A news reporter, mistakenly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, when, in fact, she had been exposed to the excessive mercury vapor emitted during the removal of mercury fillings.

2. A dental assistant, whose debilitation was attributed to the occupational exposure to mercury over the course of her career, but whose employer/dentist remains unconvinced was a direct effect of the treatment he, and her previous employers, exposed her to.

3. The Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at University of Kentucky, whose efforts to educate dentists globally, about the genetic and excretory predisposition of some to the neurological effects of mercury vapor resulted in the mysterious suspension of his Federal research grants

4. The corruption at the highest levels at the FDA resulted in suspicious inactivity on an issue that consumer groups were trying to bring to the forefront, and also resulted in tremendous profits for the Chairman of the FDA on stock options she held.

Were you aware that the American Dental Association has, in its Code of Ethics, an edict that prevents dentists from speaking out against the toxicity of the mercury in silver fillings? Did you know that when a dentist gets trained about this ubiquitous filling material's composition, the "company line" (aka ADA) is that once combined with the other metals (silver, tin, zinc, copper) the mercury becomes inert? Did you know that the ADA also tells dentists they must store unused scrap filling material in a tightly closed glass container under a heavy liquid, like anti-freeze? Why? Because mercury gas is being continuously given off.

And that is the reason that the ADA has instructed dentists, for decades, never to discard the scrap in the trash or flush it down the toilet. Why? Because it is toxic to the environment. Vimy, in 1990 proved it was toxic to the human. And this reviewer never dreamt that in his lifetime of activism on this matter, that the American public would ever see the light…….until Evidence of Harm. This movie will lift the shroud from the minds of dentists, and their patients whom they've unwittingly misled.

Concerned scientists, dentists, and consumers have been trying to raise awareness of this issue for many decades. Kudos to Randall Moore, whose father succumbed to early-onset Alzheimer's Disease, and whose brain had above normal amounts of mercury on autopsy, for bringing this issue to the public. It is about time! This documentary is well-thought-out, proving once and for all, that the Evidence of Harm from mercury in the mouth is not idiosyncratic, but demonstrative of what MD's warned would happen, in the mid 1800's when this substance was introduced in the United States: Mercury, in any form, does not belong in the human body, much less 4 inches from the base of the brain.

If anyone you know has symptoms of mercury toxicity (e.g. early onset Alzheimer's, tremors, brain fog, fatigue, short-term memory loss, headaches) they should be tested for heavy metals AND see this educational documentary which NEEDS to see the light of day. It's been almost 200 years since it was mistakenly introduced to the American populace. It needs to be exposed for what it truly is: a very potent neurotoxin to too many innocent people, including pregnant women, and children.
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Perhaps the Best
russ-35715 February 2016
Having suffered from mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings myself, I have wanted to see a worthy documentary produced on the subject. Well, here it is.

Evidence of Harm is the defacto starting point for anyone wanting to learn about this subject, and everyone should. Well illustrated, well explained, well documented, well paced, easy to watch, deep enough to keep techies interested, and impacting enough to make you emotional. Well done!

Mercury poisoning is so prevalent today that everyone should see this movie to understand the depth and dynamics that mercury plays in our life. It's often elusive in the beginning, but slowly increases the range of symptoms year-by-year until it forces you to find the cause. No one is exempt.
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Excellent film on a topic that affects millions of people.
keyturbocars6 November 2015
This well made film is a excellent tool to educate people to the hazards of mercury used in the dental industry. Most people do not realize that "silver" fillings in the mouths of millions of people contain around 50% mercury. Topped only by radioactive materials in it's destructive effect on human health, mercury has been described as one of the most toxic substance known to man. Yet, somehow this highly toxic poison magically becomes "inert" and harmless when it is placed into the human mouth?!?! Evidence of Harm helps to uncover facts that have been known for many years but have been purposely suppressed. If you have mercury fillings or know others that do, then this film is an invaluable source of facts to help dispel some of the lies that have been intentionally propagated to keep people ignorant of the truth. There are different videos around online that discuss this topic, but this is the most professionally made film that I've ever seen on the topic. With over 100 million Americans walking around with mercury fillings in their mouth, this information needs to be spread far and wide, and this film is an excellent way to do so in a credible and convincing way. Well worth watching and passing along to others!
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Eye opener on the dangers of mercury filling
alloema31 October 2015
Everybody, especially dentists and dental staff, should see this movie and become aware that mercury silver fillings are certainly not as safe as they're claimed to be. Randall Moore follows two women who's lives changed after suffering from mercury poisoning and professionals trying to shed some light on that controversial issue. It's troubling to see how financial and political interests have stopped FDA and ADA from accomplishing their mission, i.e. to keep the public safe. A well constructed film. The form is sometimes over done (for example the burning of a doll to illustrate a point) and it may turn off some critical viewers who would find any reason to avoid seeing the troubling facts that it brings up. I think anybody with a scientific and open minded view will question the safety of the continued used of mercury fillings after seeing this.
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Mercury is toxic. Period!
tamddmd31 October 2015
This film is a compelling documentary that uncovers the secret health risks associated with mercury amalgam fillings that the ADA and the FDA do not want you to know about. It encourages using safety measures to protect your health and the environment and I think it would be a great benefit for all health care providers to see this and open their eyes to the possibility that this may be the cause of many chronic diseases so that they can better treat their patients. There is no question that mercury is a proved toxin so why is it OK to have this toxin implanted in our bodies? This movie encourages people to think for themselves and it empowers the viewer to go one step further when considering the underlying cause of chronic disease. The director does a great job of visually educating the viewer and providing evidence of the harm that mercury places on your health.
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Must See Documentary!!!
paul-2675926 October 2015
This is a true eye-opener for Everyone!!! I feel bad for the people like Stacy Case who is featured in this documentary. Stacy Case was one of the lucky ones because she figured out the root cause of her MS and is now well. Unfortunately many others still have no clue that mercury was the link to their medical problems. Because of the lies and cover up by the powers of the ADA and FDA many people are suffering from Mercury Toxicity and keep getting the run around by the medical community because of their lack of knowledge about Mercury. I wish this film would get into the hands of all dental professionals, all dental schools, all medical schools, and on the big screen in major theaters.
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Excellent, compelling film!
CAchic6627 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well filmed and written, this film is a must see! Growing up in the medical in the medical field, I was always made aware of the things that the FDA and AMA did--in our WORST interest--THIS being one of them! I had symptoms most of my life and NO doctor could "figure out" what was wrong with me. I "had" lupus, ms, Lyme's, arthritis--but nothing that was fully substantiated or treatable. I lived with this for 35+ years--until I did what this movie suggested. Since 2010, I've been recovering! Thank you for your insight, courage, and inspiration to write & film this & share it with the world! PLEASE see & share this film with everyone--you NEVER know who you may be helping live a happier, healthier, longer life!
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Great Documentary
rabran-2052925 October 2015
This documentary reels you in from the beginning. If you question the validity of mercury amalgam safety this will take you into peoples lives who have witnessed the toxicity it causes. It very vividly reports the devastation that mercury fillings can cause . If you are having unexplained health problems you are going to cry during this film. The truth is revealed. You have been lied to by the FDA and the ADA. It is time for the American public to wake up and question authority. You can continue to get sick and take their pills or you can open your mouth and look in the mirror. Remove the poison from your mouth and your body.
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How Much "Evidence of Harm" is "Enough?"
brian-036248 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Great film. Excellent title. I think that almost everyone misses the point about the significance of the existence of evidence of harm when there is a hypothesis, or worse, a policy, that a particular health intervention is "safe and effective."

As your film documents, the powers-that-be find various ways of ignoring, denying or ridiculing the evidence of harm. I wish the IAOMT lawyers good luck with that battle.

However, in the meantime, the rest of the population is free to ignore the "official" pronouncements and make up their own minds.

What I believe is often understood, incorrectly, when hearing about evidence of harm is that such evidence must be "weighed against" all the evidence of safety - well, to be more accurate - declarations of safety since the evidence of safety that exists is scanty and flawed.

People imagine, I think, that enough evidence of harm must "accumulate" to "overwhelm" the position on safety. How much is that? - they may well ask. The answer unconsciously lurking is likely "I don't know, but apparently there is not enough, since nothing has officially changed."

Let me offer an analogy. Let us assume that the theory "All swans are white" holds sway and that all the powers-that-be endorse the truth of that theory. The question I want to pose then, is how many black swans does it take to show that the white swan theory is wrong?

I hope everyone said, "Just one."

There can be a mountain of evidence supporting your position, but just one verified fact that could simply not exist in the universe if your position were true, means the position is wrong.

This film is a festival of glorious black swans. Banish any misapprehensions you may have that even more evidence is needed. Verified evidence exists that amalgam is not safe. Period.

For anyone interested, I expand on this question of evidence at http://bit.ly/DWMsc

Brian D. McLean, DDS www.DentistryWithoutMercury,com
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The Emperors New Clothes: Amalgams
sunshinep19694 March 2016
'Evidence of Harm' is a film about amalgam fillings and the appalling damage the mercury in those fillings causes people. It tells the story of the mercury poisoned people, the specialists fighting desperately to stop the use of amalgam and the dentists that do the drilling: some of the dentists believe amalgams are harmful, and some don't. It delves deep into the politics of mercury with the American Dental Association (ADA) under the spotlight, and highlights some of the history from the early mercury days in the 1800's to put things into perspective.

Research from the last few decades is reviewed and gives an up to date picture of where we are today in terms of the 50 percent mercury content of amalgam fillings. An astonishing number of people still receive amalgams even today in 2016. Many dentists, scientists, courts and official spokes-people are interviewed and give their views. It quickly becomes clear there is a mountain of evidence that supports what every normal, rational, unbiased person can understand: putting mercury in your mouth, close to your brain, is an incredibly dangerous thing to do, and yet somehow dentists across the world still continue to use amalgams to fill teeth.

Evidence of Harm amalgamates (sorry!) all that information into one film to give a clear picture of where we are currently; at the crossroads of hell for the official organisations that continue to wrongly approve the use of mercury in their businesses. They are teetering on the brink of the precipice. It's blindingly obvious that mercury causes major health issues in the human body, and yet the dental authorities continue to deny everything; 'Nothing to do with us Gov'!

One day a tipping point will arrive and the weight of opinion will tip and everyone will suddenly wake-up and see the emperor's new clothes, or the lack of, and declare amalgams toxic. Then the law suits will rain down on those organisations and they will be crushed under the barrage of pain they inflicted on their unsuspecting customers; exactly same as the billions of dollars the tobacco industry has had to pay out. The difference between mercury and tobacco is that no one is addicted to mercury.

The film takes a giant step in the direction of the majority finally waking up asking why has this been going on for so long, when all the evidence of harm has been there in front of us for so long. The witch hunt will be deeply painful for everyone on the dark side of the mercury. That time will come, but alas not yet. But it is a good healthy step in that direction.

The film is well thought out and attempts to give the other side some air time too. I particularly liked the 'no-problem-with- mercury' dentist who blandly brushed aside the arguments and undeniably made himself look a complete fool: head firmly implanted in the sand, fingers shoved deep in his ears, unable and unwilling to see the wood, for all the trees. It takes a long time for people to relinquish such ingrained beliefs. As the decades roll by, the 'radical' knowledge that mercury causes large scale health issue for humans will eventually become common knowledge, but until then, films like this must continue to be produced and spread the word. Every person that learns amalgams are dangerous and then avoids them, is a person saved the considerable hassle of a shorter and more miserable life.

As a veteran to mercury poisoning myself it was excellent to see the smoking tooth videos which paint a vivid picture of the problem. I thought the mercury vapour experiment was epic and I salute the producers for bringing the scientific problem down to a comfortable, relatable level that even the common man can see in such dramatic supermarket style. Deny that!

I have to admit I winced every time a clip of a tooth being drilled was shown. I swore at the screen when the mercury toxic people told their stories of doctors incompetence, but welled-up when husband and wife told of the support they gave each other in their hours of considerable need.

My only problem was with the subject of intravenous (IV) chelation. In the films defense, they did say it does not agree with everyone, but still, it is common knowledge injecting people with massive quantities of drugs to detox mercury is extremely dangerous and certainly doesn't agree with everyone. It was disappointing not to see Dr Andrew Cutler included to explain his protocol too, but this is not a film about how to rid the body of mercury; it's a film about our world where for some strange reason mercury is still placed in people's mouths. The alternatives to amalgams are already in every dental practice already: white composite fillings and they have zero mercury content.

It does a splendid job of explaining the situation, educating those just learning about this subject, and for that I'd give the film a solid five gold stars and some triple A* too! Now, when people discover they might have a mercury problem, here is an intelligent, well made film that asks difficult questions to the authorities, for which they have nothing, absolutely nothing except bland denial, to mask the ongoing deception. I look forward to the day when we are not alone in seeing the emperors clothes are missing.

Review by Daniel Forsyth, author of 'The Mercury Diaries'.
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A Wakeup Call
albertwilking25 October 2015
The point of Randall Moore's movie is to wake people up to the fact that their mercury dental fillings might be killing them, and he uses about every trick in the book to achieve his goal; to conclude otherwise falls on the pedantic side of the fence. The movie clearly reveals that mercury poisoning from dental fillings can be devastating on the lives of some people, and that this travesty has been going on since the early 1800's. Anyone who is ill, gets sick regularly, or has a condition/disease that the healthcare industry has given a fancy name, needs to see this movie.

I'm calling 'Evidence of Harm' a borderline horror film; it has me wondering why people aren't up in arms over the mass poisoning of the citizens of our great nation. I want to scream from the hills, "Get the poisoned dental fillings out of your mouth!" If the movie 'The Warriors,' where the protagonists wrongly accused of murder only live by their own wits, and the academy award winning documentary 'Scared Straight' had a baby, this film is it.
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Compelling, informative, hard to "not know" this once you've heard it.
johnkorolewski26 September 2017
Very compelling and informative documentary regarding "silver fillings", which are in fact 50% mercury, a known toxin. The movie presents both sides of the controversy, interviewing researchers, dentists, government officials and two patients whose stories bring home the real nature of why mercury is a toxin. This is important for your to watch if you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth; work in dentistry; or believe you may have health issues related to heavy metals.
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Informative Documentary
tclarkedtm24 June 2016

This DVD called "Evidence of Harm: Mercury dental fillings" presents the following issues relating to the use of mercury in dental amalgam fillings. It was produced in 2015 by Do No Harm Productions and Ministry Machine Productions, filmed by Randall More. It runs for one hour, nineteen minutes, and 35 seconds and the main presentation is captioned. It also includes addendum materials (not captioned) covering:

Evidence of Harm (14 minutes) for dental offices International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Dental Mercury Exposure during Amalgma Removal Mercury Linked to Alzheimer's Disease Dental Mecury's Toxic Journey into the Environment Dental Mecury Kidney Dysfunction and Neurological Harm

Mercury is known neurotoxin and is extremely dangerous to human health. As a neurotoxin, this means that this substance can harm our brain (as well as any area of the body). Besides being a metal, the other issue with mercury is its ability to volitalize. This occurs when a substance can evaporate into a gas. For mercury, this is known as mercury vapor and it is measurable. Silver amalgams fillings contain fifty percent mercury. Another concern raised in this presentation is the disposal of mercury into our water system.

Our exposure to mercury can be a major factor in a number of illnesses, including MS and Alzheimer's. While genetic susceptibility can be a factor causing some people can react more readily, it is really not safe for anyone. Mercury is extremely dangerous to pregnant women as it can harm the fetus as well as the mother. One in six women were found to have high levels of mercury in their bodies. It should never be used in young children. To get a general idea of what mercury exposure can do, it can play a role in the following conditions:

Autoimmune disease Chronic fatigue Chronic headaches Depression Double vision Insomnia Loss of vision Memory loss Neurological problems Panic attacks

Besides covering basic information about mercury and the use of mercury in dental fillings, this documentary covers the role of the American Dental Association, the role of the FDA on this subject, stories of two people who suffered severe reactions to mercury exposure, and independent sources that explains the dangers with mercury. This documentary brings up the need for more informed information about mercury, the need for informed medical consent, the apparent lack of collaboration between OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States. This film also shows the need for more thorough background checks on people appointed to head these agencies, to make sure that they do not have financial and other ties to the private sector that can cause conflict of interest issues. This film also addresses the need for dental education to address toxicology issues relating to mercury as well as safety in a dental office. This issue is not just limited to the United States.

An organization called the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology addresses the mercury dangers issues and a chemist, Dr. Boyd Haley, Phd. who has a Phd. in chemistry, he, too, explains the dangers associated with mercury.

This film/documentary is done extremely well. For more information about this documentary and topic, it is on the following website: http://evidence-of-harm.com.
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Best snapshot of Dr. Boyd Haley
aaronscottrussell25 April 2016
Evidence Of Harm is worth viewing for a couple of main reasons I think.

1) It presents a view of Dr. Boyd Haley that is memorable and that is representative of why in many instances, science takes a back seat to politics.

2) This issue, although there are many health issues these days competing for our attention, is about informed consent; or the lack thereof. Think about it, class action suits have proceeded for products like tobacco where users had more knowledge and choice about using the products. In the case of "silver fillings", generations of so called professional health practitioners still to this day, disingenuously refer to these mercury lozenges as "silver fillings". 74% of people asked did not know that their "silver fillings" where up to 50% mercury. That is what this film is about. If there is no worry or concern, if this material is in fact "safe and effective" then why the secretive behavior in misrepresenting its primary ingredient? If dentists want the respect of being anything other than aesthetically driven tooth carpenters, then they'd better get off the fence and act like they care about the long term health of their patients.
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