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Sex & Nudity

  • A man tears open a woman's jacket. She is wearing a black brassiere. He then tries to force himself on her but is stopped.
  • The antagonist flirts with several women.
  • there is a brief but strong sex scene with no nudity but much caressing, moaning, and thrusting.
  • A female assassin knocks down the hero and straddles him suggestively stating, "Leather puts me in all moods."
  • While a man strangles a female mercenary, her erected nipple is recognisable over her tank top.

Violence & Gore

  • Very, VERY hard and brutal violence. If this film were released by the U.S., it would receive a hard X rating for its scene glorifying a little girl getting her brains blown out in full screen after being forced to see her mother suffer the same fate!
  • Screaming children are shown being injected with a drug.
  • A bloody man is strapped to a chair and is beaten heavily by a strong henchman while the henchman's boss watches giddily from a distance. Much blood is shown and the sounds of weeping and bone crunching is heard. When he hears all that he can get from the prisoner, the henchman's boss then shoots the prisoner. Blood is seen spurting out of the man's torso.
  • Rendel beats a troop of bad guys, killing many of them and breaking some of their bones.
  • A mercenary breaks a man's nose before throwing the man off a cliff. Though the impact is not shown, it is heard quite loudly with the sound of smashing bones.
  • A woman shoots a man through the forehead while having sex with him. The hole is shown in his head with some blood on it.
  • Rendel strangles a female mercenary to death.
  • A man gets crushed by a large concrete slab that falls from the ceiling.
  • Rendel kills a mercenary by flinging an ax into his face.
  • There are many explosions throughout the film.
  • A person is killed by being chopped in the head with an ax off screen.
  • The antagonist and his huge henchman capture a female reporter and threaten to drill her eyeballs out with a revolving drill.
  • A man beats his adult son in front of his partner and hits him with books until his son is crawling on the floor.
  • Rendel breaks a man's neck.
  • An infected man pours hot tar on his face in a disturbing scene.
  • The antagonist and his henchman beat Rendel with a baseball bat lined with nails for a very lengthy scene until Rendel is nearly dead.
  • A man stabs a woman in the back and kills her.
  • Rendel swings a baseball bat into a man's head so hard that it attaches and crushes the man's skull.
  • A man shoots his father in the forehead. Some blood shown.
  • Rendel is shown with bloody wounds and bruises all over his arms and legs.
  • Rendel fights the antagonist until he beats him to a bloody pulp and then drags him to the back of a car where he stabs him in the throat with a handful of needles and injects him with the drugs within, thus killing him via overdose.
  • Every fight scene in this film is violent and bloody and does not hold back whatsoever.
  • A man is beaten to the ground and is then forced to watch his wife and daughter be brutally shot to death in front of him. The gun is shown pressing hard against the wife's head and then ignited as it shoots her in the head. The daughter watches this and begins crying. The husband watches this and cries, begging for mercy on his family. The daughter is then shot inn extreme closeup that leaves nothing to the imagination. The trigger is pulled and she falls to the ground dead, with blood and smoke coming from the hole in her head made by the bullet.


  • Constant swearing throughout, with many uses of the "F" word and all its derivatives.
  • Other words such as "shit," "cock," "bitch," and "hell" are also used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drugs play an intricate part in the story and are used throughout the film. Many instances of drinking liquor with some smoking as well.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire film has a very dark, depressing feel to it.
  • It is darker than any superhero film Hollywood has ever released in its history, it's even darker than watchmen and the dark knight
  • The sense of humor is macabre and very leering at times.
  • The hero loses his humanity at the end as it is revealed that a companion he had that represented the last shard of family he could ever have, gets killed and vanishes completely.
  • due to the dark and depressing tone, brutal violence, and constant language, rendel is clearly aimed at an adult audience though I'm not sure who would like it and why


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • only sex scene in the movie. women butt visible. no upper nudity.

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