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Green Lantern: What does a mythical, mystical, undersea world need with missiles?


Green Lantern: And I so dare you to say that five times fast.

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Mera: [Cyborg plays the footage of Ocean Master confessing his crimes] you killed her!

Orm: [On footage] I did. I ran the sword through her myself as she mewled for peace. You can count yourself fortunate, bastard. At least she will no longer be the impediment to your life, as she was to mine.

[the real Orm is shocked]

Orm: What is this?

Atlantean Soldier: Orm killed our queen? We are betrayed!

Orm: No, wait! This deception is their surface magic!

Mera: LIAR! I was there when Orm boasted the murder of our queen. It was as you see!

Orm: I am your king...! I did this for YOU!

Aquaman: [Aquaman punches out Orm, breaking his mask in the process] Is this the king you want, Atlanteans? A coward who lies to you? You need a light to guide you in the darkness, people of Atlantis. My people.

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