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Two friends spend the day in Los Angeles
fromame19 November 2016
Wow! This was a sweet story and a beautiful homage to Los Angeles. I loved seeing the city unfolding-I am a native and really hadn't seen the city in all its glory For a long time. The characters were not only charming, they were believable as well. Watching them was at times sad, and then sweet, without being sappy. Adam Shapiro was fantastic and warm. The writing felt organic, and true to the age group. I was pleased to see a story driven film. I have grown weary of the Marvel franchise and am also over all the cgi super heroes. Finally a film about two people who have something to say, and spend the day Doing just that. I would love to spend the day that way
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A break from life is what we need
cparmisan2 April 2017
Taking a break from your daily routine and people is sometimes all we need to start over and heal.This movie reminds us of that and If you've done something like this and can relate,the movie will be all the more enjoyable. The world can be a great place when you take it if your shoulders for a day.
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Sweet, but Too Much Bad Language
monastery2729 March 2017
Story was kinda sweet, nice to see the different neighborhoods (the upscale and the downtrodden), the now gentrifying ethnic markets, pretty architectural landmarks and the varied beliefs (be it Catholic or ISKCON (the Hare Krishna folks)) and make-up of LA's denizens through this lens. Many shots are nice and lingering, so it feels relaxing instead of a mandatory, hectic tour to cover all the hot-spots. Ending was good and generously open-ended, didn't feel rushed or contrived to me.

As for the negative (at least for my taste), there was way too much unnecessary swearing and more crass dialogs than I cared for, and some insensitive and distasteful rowdiness. Probably would have liked it better if that hadn't been the case.
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lastamericanfilms18 February 2020
I hope people find this movie. It's more of a valentine to LA than any other film before it and the actors lift it up
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elision101 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Eh, not great, but you don't feel like shutting it off either. It could be that I'm older, and the lives of these 30-year-olds seem cliche and uninteresting. He used to be a lawyer, now he's a (idealistic) teacher. Never heard that before. She's going to move to NY to open some art thing and scared about it. That's a new one. And their relationship doesn't work for me. Would he really like to have her instead of his fiancee, or what? She's just a little too hot, and he's just a bit too dorky, for them to be a couple.

The real star of the film is LA. It's lovingly portrayed and has so many cool spots. The LA Chamber of Commerce couldn't have done it better.
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Watch before sunrise instead
Eddie_weinbauer29 March 2017
It had better Actors,and better script,and way better chemistry chemistry The two biggest problem with this movie is the chemistry,and the dialogue. Which again leads back to the chemistry. It just isn't there,you just don't feel the friendship they're suppose to have.

It's hard to put the finger on just what it is,that was wrong with the chemistry between the two actors.They just don't fit together good enough, to make you believe they are long time best friends. You simply don't care enough about them to be interested in their life and what they talk about. They don't really seem like longtime friends.More like distant step siblings,making the best of the situation.

I like the idea of it though.Just walking with someone you really connect with, and talk about nothing and everything.Having no purpose to where you going,just walk,and go where the feet takes you. And no phones

People don't really do that today.We mostly have different people we talk with,about different stuff.
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"Who decides what's good art & what's bad art?"
zkot-839-45273129 March 2017
That's the point at which I tuned out of "Nobody Walks in L.A."

Do I believe the story?

Sure. Why not?

Do I care about the story?


Do I believe the characters?

Yeah, sure. What's not to believe?

Do I care about the characters?

I couldn't care any less about them.

I will address the question Miles asks about 20 minutes into the movie. Good art, music, literature -- sure, it's all subjective. For me, I've got to believe it, and I've got to care. An indie film made by people I've never heard of before, in the Rom- Com-Dram genre -- few votes on IMDb, average is 6.8 -- that piques my interest. Might be interesting. I like Rom-Coms, anyway.

Now that I've decided to watch your movie, you've got to reach inside and grab my heart and soul. A pretty blonde is fun to look at, but she's not going to keep my interest for an hour and a half. My heart and soul begged for freedom from the contrived walk in LA, so I liberated them by opting out when I heard the question quoted in my summary.

I don't know about how others decide what's good art & what's bad art, but that's how I decide. I use the 4 questions above, which all must be answered "yes", and my heart and soul command me to pay attention. Any piece of art that does all of that, is what I consider "good art".

"Bad art", on the other hand, for me, might be a 93 minute movie of which I can't even bear to watch 21 minutes, because I just don't care.
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Real Life
blumdeluxe5 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Nobody walks in L.A." tells the story of a young man, just betrayed by his fiancé, who gets visit from a friend of his trying to cheer him up a bit. Like back in school, they wander around the streets of L.A., hitting Pause on life and trying to figure out what decisions to make for their future lives.

What I liked most about this film is that it stays pretty close to actual life. Of course you can tell that the dialogues were scripted, but overall I had a feeling like a lot of those things could actually happen. There isn't any unnecessary drama, things are not made worse or more important than they really are. Instead you get a sense for chances and missed opportunities, for how decisions can make you feel split and you search for hold in a life that's not pausing. It is maybe a bit unrealistic that they make so many random encounters in a city of the size of L.A. but nonetheless this is a movie that makes time fly and makes it easy to adopt.

All in all I was really pleased. The film doesn't look like low budget at all and makes its point without hammering it into the audience's minds. If you like this kind of movies generally, you will have a lot of fun with this one.
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Nobody deserves a friend like Becca
jasonmilesinc23 January 2021
The first hour is a bit slow and then the fun begins and makes the whole thing worth it. Whoever Shapiro had in mind when he wrote the Becca character is someone he loves. And Kim Shaw is perfect as this person. Miles is annoying at first but then we see the layers come off and their friendship revealed. We root for them as friends and there's a flash of maybe more but you won't be left feeling dissatisfied. It reminded me of roaming days and nights living in LA in the 90s. The people you meet, the instant friendships and generosity you encounter during a day of walking. Nobody Walks in LA but they should. The last 30 mins of this movie was so much fun and wraps up nicely. Becca is the best kind of female friend that none of us guys deserve and I love the way she was written. Both of them evolve and lean on each other and definitely trust each other. Their last big scene together needed to be way tighter. The whole movie we were in their faces so pulling away for that whole shot didn't work at all but I understand wanting to see the lights and columns. But I still wanted to see their faces and body language for the "gift" she gives him. Watch this movie.
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