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Could not stop watching...
andy7428 January 2017
First review, but just finished watching Season 2.

Season 1 had me rating this as a 9 out of 10, but Season 2 leaves me no choice but to bump that up to a 10 out of 10.

I couldn't stop watching, episode after episode, in two sittings. 8 hours of suspense, intrigue, great acting, and a well chosen mix of languages and actors from different countries.

It felt authentic and real, sadly too believable. No spoilers here, I would hate that anyone spoiled it for me. But it didn't fail to keep me glued to my TV screen.

The locations were well chosen and beautifully filmed.

There were some tuff moments, and I can't deny the fact that I shed a tear or two.

A subject well treated and not Hollywood glam'd up.
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Hels25 February 2015
Some of the best acting I have seen in a long time. Very suspenseful, very disturbing, very brilliant. The filming style helps create this dark and well put together, well acted storyline. A must watch. The twist and turns of the story will keep you on edge through all the episodes. The feeling of a parents devastation for a child who is missing is woven through the whole series and will draw you in deep. The direction and production of this series is incredibly good. The frustration at the attitude of some authorities and police responses is felt deeply. The writing is superb. I can't praise this series enough. Gripping and suspenseful and Highly recommended viewing.
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Season 2 is (so far) outstanding
IndianaGuy16 March 2017
I enjoyed Season 1 a good deal, but this new season is off the hook. The suspense, the tension, the unknowns (the answers to which are doled out at an agonizingly wonderful pace), the twists, the dialog, the acting. All of it has me on the edge of my seat each episode. Tremendous.
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I loved it.
daniele_defranceschi18 January 2015
Somebody among the reviews said that the positive ones are paid for. Well, I'm not paid by anybody to review this show and I feel like giving it 10 stars because once I watched the pilot episode, I could not stop watching the rest of the show. Somebody might find the pace too slow, some others won't enjoy the acting, or the editing... whatever, I found it interesting, nicely done, realistic, dramatic, catching... I feel like recommending The Missing to anybody, although I respect the fact that it might not be for anybody. The whole show is characters' driven and it's about a couple losing their 5 year old child while on vacation in France. There's a lot of drama in it. If you're a parent you'll understand and "enjoy" the show even more, clearly. Again, it might not be your kind of entertainment, but I objectively think it's a well-done show worth to watch it. Can't wait for next season. PS: The show is 100% European, whether you like it.
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Exceptional drama
TheLittleSongbird26 September 2016
One of my favourites on television from 2015, that's for well as being one of the best mini-series of this genre in recent years. To see top-notch production values, an absorbing story-line and great acting, 'The Missing' is essentially a must watch.

Seven eighths of 'The Missing' is simply phenomenal, with the only fault being that it was difficult to find anything to fault it. 'The Missing' does stumble in the last episode somewhat, which is a shame. The production values, music, script and acting are without complaint, but the episode does drag a bit and does get bogged down by being overstuffed and occasionally over-complicated, also with an ending too ambiguous and abrupt. Maybe it does leave room for a series 2, but considering how the rest of the series unfolded and was told one can't help feeling that a possible second series would focus on a different story.

Production values here are simply exquisite. There is such a brooding moodiness and at the same time a gleaming beauty to how everything is shot, and the dark mood seen in the lighting and how the scenery is like a character of its own are furthermore striking. The music score is not overused or intrusive, yet with enough to make it atmospherically haunting and distinctively memorable. The script is intelligent and thought-provoking, with a lot of insight into sensitive adult issues explored with astute sensitivity and intelligence, with enough tightness to stop it from rambling.

Despite the last episode not being as great as the rest, the story is incredibly absorbing even as a slow-burner, and like with this year's 'One of Us' (not as good, but was also gripped on the whole), it does have to be commended for trying to be different from other mystery dramas, focusing enough on the mystery but focusing also on the aftermath and repercussions for the families and also presenting a moral edge. There is a huge amount of atmosphere too, the production values help as well as the skillful direction, but it is high in tension and conflict with plenty of twists and turns that all feel relevant and stop the storytelling from dragging. Much of it is suspenseful and poignant, and everything makes logical sense.

Also loved what was done with the characters, so vividly drawn and presented as characters that are both vulnerable and deeply flawed, one gets to know them so well and really care about their main situation, as well as any other situation they face. The acting is of high quality all round, Frances O'Connor fares the weakest of the main characters but that doesn't mean in any way that she's bad, just that everybody else impressed even more. James Nesbitt's performance in 'The Missing' ranks among his best, while Ken Stott is chillingly loathsome and Titus De Voogdt is very believable as a sympathetic monster (this may sound oxymoronic, but definitely possible).

Outshining them all is the simply sublime performance of Tchéky Karyo, a performance worthy of award recognition and manages to make what could easily have been a stereotype into one of the most complex and most fascinating characters of any show of this genre in recent years.

In conclusion, exceptional drama and would have been even better with a last episode that lived up to the rest. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Emotionally provoking
vivnista25 November 2014
This is a very slow, drawn out drama. I emphasise that because so many people give the thought provoking long drama negative reviews. Just not enough fast paced explosions for people. If that is what you like go to channel five or Hollywood. The BBC make gritty, real life dramas for the intelligent person who do not need fuel filled, jaw dropping moments to keep them interested. This programme is about people, relationships, how a moment can change your life forever. How people react so differently to situations and how it affects them. The actors take you on a journey, tony, so blinded by guilt and rage that at times you have no empathy for him whatsoever until you reflect on his loss and wonder how you yourself would react. I find the acting brilliant and i like the time skips, if at times, if you have blinked it gets a little confusing as to what era you are looking at particularly when the young french man goes to the UK. I was confused as to what era I was watching at one point. Besides that i am avidly waiting for the next episode, particularly after the 'jaw dropping' twist of the last episode with the boat incident (you see what i did there)?! Watch and enjoy and if you cannot sit still for a drawn out programme, go watch x factor!
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Moody Thriller Inspired by Contemporary Events
l_rawjalaurence22 November 2014
THE MISSING is a timely intervention, as its plot has strong echoes of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the four-year-old who disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, a resort in the Algarve in 2007. Madeleine has still not been found, even after an extensive police search; but hitherto the search has led to speculation about the role of Madeleine"s parents in the affair, and whether or not they were involved in abducting her.

In Harry and Jack Williams' drama, set in France in 2006 and 2014, Tony and Emily Hughes (James Nesbitt, Frances O"Connor) are on holiday when their five-year-old son Oliver (Oliver Hunt) is mysteriously abducted on the night of the World Cup Final in 2006 between France and Brazil. No one appears to know where he is; and the incident goes cold until 2014, when Tony discovers new evidence in a Facebook photograph as to where Oliver might be. He enlists the help of retired detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo), and embarks on a quest that is mostly frustrating, but sometimes enlightening.

Tom Shankland's production vividly communicates the experience of trying to deal with institutions such as the police and/or the justice system in a foreign country; in Tony's eyes at least, they seem inefficient and dedicated to obstructing rather than facilitating the task of finding Oliver. On the other hand, there are equally corrupt forces at work among the British community, most notably centering round the mysterious philanthropist Ian Garrett (Ken Stott). What seems like a routine disappearance of an infant turns into something much more sinister.

Filmed mostly in Belgium, the production makes great play of the contrast between the chocolate-box settings of the village (where Oliver disappears) and the nefarious goings-on taking place inside the buildings. The atmosphere is well summed up through an astute of symbols - a fly crawling up a net curtain suggesting corruption, a hand-held camera behind Emily's head indicating uncertainty.

Nesbitt offers a convincing portrayal of an outwardly ordinary British citizen with a questionable past, that leads the Inspector to suspect that Tony might not quite be the whiter-than-white victim he pretends to be.

The production unfolds slowly, with considerable emphasis placed on atmospherics, but each episode ends on a convincing cliff-hanger encouraging viewers to watch even more.
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brilliant,edge of the set thriller.
janmanf698 November 2014
Just watched the first 2 episodes of this amazing show & it blew me away. Brilliantly written, acted & executed, handled with great thought to the characters & keeping the suspense on going, 10 out of 10 in my book. The characters are believable & you can feel their pain & heartache. I also love the way the scenes skip back & forth too show you the past events & what has led up too the present ones.Can't wait until the end of the show too find out how it pans out.The ending of the first episode gave me goosebumps. I was on the edge of my seat with expectation. British crime drama at its best.This show is not too be missed, the viewer will not be disappointed.
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What in the world?
ivanaaaaaaaaa4 February 2019
This review is for Season 1.

What in the world?

How in the world did this get 8.2?

I love British and foreign shows (Broadchurch, Luther, Sherlock, Bron/Broen are some of my favorites), so I knew (or so I thought) exactly what to expect: dark, gloomy, with fantastic acting, great story, and plenty of suspense. (Well, Sherlock isn't all so dark and gloomy, but it's a beautiful kooky mess that doesn't fit into any one box.)

This was dark and gloomy, the acting is really good, but the story development is just bad. I was barely getting through episodes 1-7, then episode 8 caught me by surprise, it was great.

Almost nothing really relevant happens until the end. The way the story bounces around makes most of the show pointless, and they're not making it interesting enough for us to care how we get to the end.

So many things just didn't make sense or were just plain irritating. For example, continuing to question someone after they've asked for an attorney, twice (and the conversation that follows) - that's when I knew I was in trouble.

Even more irritating, all the different languages without actual translation. Now, before you start, I understand all about "making us feel the way the outsider character with a language barrier feels", but what's the point of not translating the dialogue when every person on screen speaks the same language? The viewer is the only one who doesn't understand. They may be trying to keep some mystery, but they're doing a terrible job and they're just irritating me. It would be different if they're speaking a made up language, so no one understood it, but people who speak French or other languages spoken in the show will understand it, so that rules out the mystery aspect of it. (Where "The Missing" fails, "A Prayer Before Dawn" did a great job portraying this "outsider with a language barrier" feeling.)

The only reason I'm giving this a 6 and not any lower is because I think the acting is great, I really like Baptiste, Tony and Mark (who is so much more than the great Lock, Stock..), and the last episode was great.

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks Emily has kind of a Joker-y mouth?
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Suspenseful Crime Drama
pk187322 November 2014
The Missing isn't going to be to everyone's taste, but if you like suspenseful character driven crime drama then i suggest you give it a try. The premise is simple.. a child is abducted surrounded by mystery, we see the aftermath and we see the obsession of a father who desperately needs closure, the timeline cuts back and forth from the time of the abduction to the present day.. something which is used to great effect to explain how each character got to the point they are now at. Some reviewers have suggested the pacing to be slow, but having watched the first 4 episodes now the pacing for me is well timed, we get some background information, we think we are getting a handle on some of the facts surrounding the case then as the tension builds we are knocked back from the edge of our seats with one swift body blow and our perceptions immediately change. The acting writing and direction for me have been very good. Nesbitt is always watchable. but he portrays Tony's pain and anguish very well indeed it is at times quite literally etched on his face, the supporting cast equally earn their dues. If you want a story that is wrapped up in 40 mins this isn't for you it's all about the journey and the final reveal i am sure will be well worth it.
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British drama at it's very best
ianrobo24 November 2016
People go on about US drama but whilst some is very good some is utter dross.

That is how TV is you will never be satisfied with it all but as I type this the UK is waiting to see what happened to Alice (this is no spoiler) and the nation wants to know.

That is not only top drama but drama which will last the years.

In both series 1 & 2 the story stands alone and all the actors are on opt form but it is Julien Baptiste that becomes the moral and physical centre of the story. A man who knows the truth is never easy but is determined to bury his daemons.

I have no idea what will happen, I will just go with the flow and like series 1 the ending will be the talking point.
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Along the lines of "the Fall" and "Top of the lake"
GrantWilli16 January 2015
Slow paced suspense drama based mostly around the time in days and years after the abduction of a young English boy in France, the parents are faced with the terror of the abduction and a police system which is different from their own in a language which is not their own. Lines can be drawn in a small way to a famous real life kidnapping of an English child overseas. I think that is where the similarity ends though. Elements of the drama seem a little far fetched but not beyond belief. I found its pace to be generally just enough to keep me engaged, yes is it slow and drawn out, like True Detective and The Fall and Top of the Lake. It doesn't make for a bad drama, I'm quite content that the grit of the story was more important than a fast paced US style drama. Unfortunately the ending was a bit clumsy and I think they left the door open for a 2nd series. This is probably a poor choice as the series sits better as a stand alone production. It is hard to see how a 2nd season could add realism.

Nesbit was gritty and at times annoying and perhaps occasionally overreached but overall a solid performance

Engaging and gritty
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One of the best drama's I have ever watched 10/10
philipjamesbryant21 April 2020
I never feel compelled to write a review on a drama or film, but over over the course of four days I have just sat through some of the best acting, script writing, plot, direction and production that I have ever seen on tv.

The Missing - Season One was a solid 9/10. The Missing - Season Two is 'Pure Perfection' 10/10.

Tchéky Karyo's performance as Detective Baptiste is an outstanding display of acting.

Just wish I had seen this drama the first time around and not waited until now - incredible!
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I love this kind of mysteries
deloudelouvain30 March 2015
First of all let me say that mystery crime are my favorite series. I like it when you have to try to figure out what's going on or who's the villain. And this show is a really good one in his genre. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger and makes you wanting to see the rest as soon as possible. I saw the whole eight episodes in two days, that's how much I loved it. The actors are all very good even though they might not be well known by a lot of people. Being from Belgium, to me it was even more interesting when I discovered places I knew because they filmed a lot of the scenes only like 20 kilometers from where I live. Also the mix of French and English worked really well for me because it are two of the three languages that I speak daily. To me The Missing is on the same level as The Killing. Every episode you think you figured it out or at least you think you know who did it or what happened and then it goes in a complete other direction. I figured out one part of the mystery but the other part I didn't see coming and that's what I love about this kind of show. Top show to watch!
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Not a fan of season 2
samshumer7 May 2019
It also became a bit annoying with the constant change in timelines in season 2, which it did in season 1 but much more so in season 2. All in all it was entertaining and worth watching, if not a bit far-fetched and convoluted.
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Some hard work is fun, others aren't
dcoopmail18 February 2017
I loved the core story of this tale. That said , I did NOT enjoy trying to keep up with this Jiffy Pop timeline. I stuck with it for 4 episodes and on the 5th episode started having timeframes out of order WITHIN JUST the 2014 flashbacks. Dear editors... that's too much!! We shouldn't have to work so hard for your vision.
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Brilliant drama becomes risible farce
thomasshahbaz30 November 2016
Series One offered up scintillating drama, which became insultingly ridiculous by the last episode (the whole stick-man picture, Russia thing in the last episode). Series Two seemed so promising, and up to and including episode six, managed to be credible, horrifying, tense drama of the highest quality. Sadly, they've done it again, descending into eye-rolling OTT darkness with the revelation at the end of episode seven. Whereas thusfar the actions of even the darkest characters seemed plausible, we're now confronted with darkness for darkness' sake. That horror-style revelation, and the subsequent events of the final episode, are so far-fetched and implausible that I've gone from being fastened to the edge of my seat to not caring at all what happens. I should have known, as being let down at the ultimate hour is exactly what we got from Series One. Somebody needs to explain to these writers that one more twist is not always necessary, sometimes you should trust in the strength of your story and follow through with what you have, instead of racking your brains for any possible outcome which nobody could foresee, as the reason nobody can foresee it is because it's downright ridiculous.
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eloisehblue2 January 2015
I was so keen to watch this after it was all over the papers. I found James Nesbit to be so very annoying. He cannot act and had only about 2 facial expressions, one to look mean and another to look annoyed both of them irritating. His wife in the show was great and I enjoyed her performances. The whole thing was overlong, lot a of stuff that was not needed and wasn't relevant to the plot. Also why was he allowed to follow the investigator around & interview people?? Was I the only one who was also annoyed at the ending.I am wondering to myself why I bothered watching it all now when all it did was annoy me.

I wont be watching the next series or anything with James Nesbit in it ever.
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The Husband Ruined it for me
nmartin-755757 August 2019
I just finished the first season and would have rated It higher had it not been for the husband who I found unbelievably annoying. I'm about to start the second season and, one of my favorite actresses, Keeley Hawes, is in it. Based on this alone, I'll probably be upping my rating.
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Starz on HBO level now!
stphilip7411 November 2014
I just finished watching The Missing as a free viewing for Starz. Nesbit (lead role as the father) and all cast are on their game. These directors also really have taken time with their craft. It's an edge of your seat suspense. There is something about people from the UK that just get good drama. It's so believable and emotional. I'm signing up for Starz today just for this show. The thing I liked about this premiere the most was that it had no inkling of Hollywood around it. I consider myself a movie snob and this one makes my cut.

See, I didn't even have to spoil it for you. This father (Nesbit) embodies the meaning of a gritty dad that will go to no end until he finds the people who stole his son. Enjoy everyone!!!!!!
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Potential, but marred by slow pace
diverdiva19 November 2014
I was keen to see this, as James Nesbitt usually delivers a very watchable performance and the story looked promising. The pilot episode was very slow, but I accepted that they needed to provide a solid backstory - but having got halfway through Ep 2, I fell asleep! There are a lot of long close-ups and every scene is drawn out to an excruciating length. Each episode could have been culled to a 40 minute duration, which would have made it tighter and more gripping. Nesbitt's character is a bit annoying, which detracts from the empathy you feel for his terrible situation, and I agree with the other negative reviewers that the script is not the best. However, I'll persist - because I do want to find out what happens!
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Cliché-ridden script spoils plot with great potential
jamesmoule13 January 2016
This series mirrors the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, only the sex of the child and the location of the crime have been changed. What a great opportunity to show how the police blundered, how wrong leads were followed, how the parents became suspects, how sections of the media sensationalised the situation without the slightest regard for the truth or the feelings of those involved! What a lost opportunity! The script writers of "The Missing" chose to rehash every cliché ever seen in British suspense dramas. e.g. Irish father dashes around, accusing everyone and causing trouble. Parents sight their child in a crowd, only to find that it is a case of mistaken identity. Police car chase is foiled by other drivers who seemingly ignore the "lights and music". I could go on. James Nesbit has become a walking cliché. It has got to the stage that, as soon as his name appears on a cast list, one can predict the scenes that are to follow. That said, some of the acting is first class and the difficulties of such as case are well demonstrated. It is just such a pity that the script writers just rolled out so many unoriginal scenes. Perhaps a close study of the actual people and events surrounding the McCann case could have provided them with the necessary stimuli to produce something more plausible. Is it mot the case that truth is stranger than fiction?
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Far fetched and occasional dramatic acting
marketdude6 August 2019
Season 1: too slow and dramatic twists for the sake of drama. This only gets in the way of a believable storyline.

Season 2: this one is the best and I fairly enjoyed it.

Season 3: Dramatic acting by the dutch actors and again the same problem season 1 has. Dramatic plot twists that are just too far fetched.

Also the ever repeating cycle of Julien Baptist that wants to speak to people who don't want to speak with him but in the end they do, gets old really quickly.

It tries to be a quality detective series but you wound up getting destracted by the many flaws it has.
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The reviews are rubbish
troyhawke9 March 2015
The reviews are way too good for this mini-series. The acting is sub-par, seems rushed. The storyline really isn't that good, rather boring, and the cast is also not the best. Not quite what one would expect. Btw the cast for the police are straight up laughable and an insult to anyone that have any knowledge about these types of crimes in Europe. I guess "the department for political correctness" had a big fat hand in it.

I'm giving this steaming turd a 1, just to balance it out against the ridiculous 10-reviews.

The end.

Nothing more down here.
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Slow, Irritating and Annoying.
denkyiw6 March 2019
This series is god damn slow. It could have been made with just 5-6 episodes but it keep dragging on and on with periodic shifting here and there. This series will just pull you in because you really want to know how it ends and ooh!! my God will it disappoint you big time. I was so angry to waste a precious time that i would ever get back just to have this annoying ending. I wont even bother watch the season 2. This movie is just authentically annoying!
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