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  • The job of writing dreams is already complicated, but after an office shakeup, recently promoted Sam and his underachieving best friend, Quinn, are forced to team up with Russell, a new employee who's just desperate for friends. As the group struggles to become a team, their headhunting boss, Hartman, and the narcissistic golden boy, Sullivan, are hellbent on sabotaging their efforts. However, with the help of Natalie, a fellow head writer, and Joe, the resourceful janitor, Sam and his team have a chance (albeit small) to log a successful dreamer, keep their jobs, and earn a little respect around the office.


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  • Dreams are thought to be the greatest source of creativity and inspiration. Some of life's greatest achievements were inspired by dreams, and through the subconscious, even the least imaginative person in the world can create a great adventure without even trying. But what if none of your dreams were actually created by you? What if, when you slept, your dreams were being streamed to your mind? Dream Writers is a television show that explores the simple idea of other people writing your dreams.

    Project L.U.C.I.D is considered the most important of all top-secret government organizations. They are dedicated to helping dreamers meet their full potential by studying the depths of their subconscious, which is done by hiring teams of creative writers dedicated to creating and scripting dreams. Each team is assigned a single dreamer for a period of time, writing dreams that help inspire and influence that person to do something great with their life. The writing team is graded on a scale of how close their dreamer gets to achieving his or her full potential by the end of their contract.

    Sam, Quinn, and Russell are a newly formed team of writers. Sam, the recently promoted head writer, finds himself in over his head trying to lead Quinn, his slacker best friend, and Russell, the bright-eyed and quirky new employee. As we'll soon find out, even dream teams have a b-squad.

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