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Really loved this film
risinghouse3 April 2017
I really enjoyed this film. It was imaginative, fun and just thoroughly entertaining throughout the whole time I was watching it. It had some actually genuine heartwarming moments that didn't feel manufactured like some other animated films I've seen in recent past. The animation was also just gorgeous. I really loved the look of the film, I thought it had a really nice aesthetic style and felt like a classic piece of animation that if CGI was around in the seventies, it would've looked like this. All in all, I personally loved this film. If you want something that's just plain fun, bizarre and imaginative- with a touch of warmth- I'd say check this flick out. But if you're looking for something with more of a concrete plot and a straight forward narrative, you probably won't find that here.
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"The Boss Baby" is pretty creative and a lot of fun!
Dave McClain31 March 2017
I learned something important about children right after my newborn baby girl came home from the hospital. That first night, she slept like… well, like a baby. My two-year-old… cried like one. He was uncharacteristically restless, up and down all night, while his sister seemed perfectly content (for that first night anyway). Having a second child in the home is tough to get used to – especially for the first child. To that firstborn, it can suddenly seem like absolutely everything has changed and that the new arrival is now more important than anything or anyone else. When the new baby suddenly seems to be getting all the attention and when his or her every cry is answered immediately and every whim is catered to, that baby can seem to be… the boss. It's that phenomenon, which parents with more than one child know so well, that formed the basis for a 2010 children's book by American author/illustrator Marla Frazee, and the animated feature film that the book inspired, 2017's "The Boss Baby" (PG, 1:37).

Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi) is a typical 7-year-old. He has an active imagination, he loves to play with his parents and he's happy. He's happy with the way everything in his life is. Right now. Today. But that all changes when his parents (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) step out of a taxi cab, enter the family home, and introduce Tim to his brand new baby brother. Tim quickly feels neglected. For example, his former bedtime ritual of both of his parents coming to his room to read him stories, sing him a special song and hug and kiss him goodnight turns into both of them running up and down the hall towards the baby's room and then passing out from exhaustion on the livingroom couch. But not only does Tim resent the new baby, he becomes suspicious of him. That baby doesn't seem to be acting like a regular baby. Tim thinks the little tyke isn't who he seems to be. Tim thinks that baby is up to something, and… Tim is absolutely right! He catches his baby brother talking – talking in complete sentences – on a (toy) telephone! Tim confronts the baby and the baby answers him! This Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) tells Tim that he's on an undercover mission for Baby Corp., the company which produces and distributes babies all over the world. Baby (whose actual name we don't hear until late in the movie) demands Tim's help, promising that once his job there is done, he'll leave Tim's house for good. Tim's parents work for Puppy Co, which is developing a new kind of puppy that will cut into the amount of family love available to babies more than any previous puppy model before it. With Tim's help (and the help of other babies – voiced by Conrad Vernon, Eric Bell Jr., ViviAnn Yee and David Soren – whose parents also work at the company), Baby plans to infiltrate Puppy Co, find out what they're working on, and stop the company and their CEO (Steve Buscemi) from turning any more baby love into puppy love.

"The Boss Baby" is pretty creative and a lot of fun! Screenwriter Michael McCullers (the scribe of the last two "Austin Powers" movies, "Baby Mama", "Hotel Transylvania 3" and "Shrek 5") successfully expands the premise of Frazee's novel to make it worthy of a feature film. Director Tom McGrath (helmer of the "Madagascar" movies and "Megamind") makes sure the screen is filled with colorful, imaginative and enjoyable scenes to propel this childhood adventure to its very satisfying conclusion. The talented voice cast delivers solid performances and the computer animation lives up to the high standards that Movie Fans expect from DreamWorks films. The story is a throwback to earlier styles of animated kid adventures, reminding me of "Toy Story" and similar older movies). The result is a film that's mostly kid-friendly (with just a little coarse language and a bunch of toilet jokes and shots of baby butts) and may even make parents feel a little nostalgic for movies from their childhoods. "The Boss Baby" is pretty boss – and is great fun for the whole family. "A-"
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No spoilers, but it is the great original book-inspried animated comedy
Sean Herbs2 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Thus movie sends a hate message to President Donald Trump. It is also a comedy Masterpiece that is ready using the photo book in a flashback.

Set in the late 1980's (As flashbacks from the photo book told it), this original movie is inspired from the 2010 book of the same book (Which is based on). The lead actor Alac Baldwin plays as the titlelar role that speaks like an adult and is actually a secret agent for BabyCorp.

My favorite part is him: When he open the rocket hatch releasing ALL the Forever Puppies in Las Vegas and eventually saves his brother Tim's parents.

The ending is very heartwarming and the last part sets in the style for the most parts of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. The tail end, eventually, had the new girl born on the movie's release date of March 31st, 2017.

That is one whole movie that is set the audience to play time after the movie ends.
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A great movie
monstermayhem3215 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I will admit that despite my initial doubts about the film, I will say that I was surprised how enjoyable the film was and having good values of family and brotherhood. The story deals with seven year old Tim who enjoys a happy life with his parents Janice and Ted. Tim's life changes when gets a baby brother who turns out can actually talk and works for a company named baby Corp which has babies with adult minds. Boss baby and Tim at first don't really like each other but come together when they realize how much they start to care for one another and attempting to foil a plot from puppy comthat wants to replace the love of babies with pets.
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Lots of fun for the whole family
Gordon-1113 April 2017
This film tells the story of a seven year old boy, who has very busy but loving parents. One day, his parents bring home a baby boy. He gets intensely jealous from sibling rivalry, until he discovers that the baby can talk and is actually working for a company.

"The Boss Baby" is a really fun film for the whole family. The baby is super cute, and everyone will fall in love with the baby in an instant. The sibling rivalry plot is convincing, then the fantasy kicks in. The jokes are funny and family friendly. Actually everything about the film, from the plot to the characters are likable, fun and cute. I was very entertained.
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Awesome movie!!!
noahbandersen25 March 2017
The Boss Baby is an excellent movie for kids and a great movie for families too. When I saw the trailer I REALLY wanted to see the movie and I felt like the happiest person on Earth when I saw it. The movie has funny characters, babies, and more things that would make anyone laugh. Most of all, I enjoyed the movie because of the relationships and jokes. The Boss Baby is sure to make brothers and sisters get along.
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Breathtaking cute!
ElliesWonder13 April 2017
Pro:Cute. Con:none

SO ADORABLE. I am money worshipper (just kidding), love baby boss's expensive suit and watch, love all money throwing, and handle things with tickets.

The mature voice of baby boss and his baby body full of millions of stark contrasts! Just like the little gangsta fox from Zootopia. Also the ending screen is so cute, new baby boss coming!
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This Movie Is The Boss At Being Clever And Adorable
rgkarim1 April 2017
He's cute! He has got a big head! And he is in theaters this weekend. He is the Boss Baby and his movie is the focus of this review. Hi fans, Robbie K is back again with another review, and this time on the latest animation movie to hit the silver screen. What does this animated feature film have in store? I'm happy to share some thoughts on the subject, so why don't we get started shall we?

LIKES: • Good animation • Cute • Unique Twist on a story • Incredibly Fun • Funny and Clever • Movie References

Summary: As you saw in the trailers, Boss Baby is another example of how incredible our animation technology is and this time it is wrapped up in a cute as a button package. This film may be one of the most adorable animation pieces to hit this year, and many will fall in love with the whimsical charm of this film.

Now that we have the obvious wrapped up let us get to the real gold of this film. It's difficult to find a unique twist on a story, but the risk taken with Boss Baby's story was well executed. The tale has many layers to it involving adapting to new family members, pursuit of your dreams, and of course what is better babies or puppies. With surprising detail and character development, the story is very entertaining and fun as baby and brother try to stop the dastardly puppies from taking over. And the best part is… the whole adventure is fun and fast paced, with seldom a boredom moment in this fast-moving flick.

Let's hit the comedy now. Boss Baby again excels in this aspect providing a variable mix of comedic styles to entertain all ages. Young (and young at heart) will enjoy the simplistic comedy that involves the characters dropping mindless (meme-worthy) one liners, various screams of fear, and dopey run-ins with a wall. The real comedic diamonds though are the cleverer puns, one-liners, and adult references hidden in this movie. Alec Baldwin's sarcastic delivery and edginess worked for me, adding just the right touches to maximize the laughs. Yet, I'm a sucker for all the movie references integrated into this plot and how key they were to the adventure. And if you are nerd like me, you may get an extra thrill keeping your eye out for the next reference.

DISLIKES: • Predictable • A bit of a stretch • A little preachy at times • More Babycorp use • Better Editing

Summary: Despite how much I enjoyed the story, much of it is still predictable. Boss Baby has some surprising twists, but no manner of fun, can hide the blatantly obvious ending that is to come. While predictability is difficult to avoid, Boss Baby could have tidied things up a bit to give the finale a little more flare. In addition, they could have worked hard to not be so preachy near the end about the importance of family and all that lovey-dovey mush that animation films do all the time.

Let's talk about some developmental issues I had with the movies. First off, the movie has moments that are a bit of a stretch. Yes, I know this movie is ridiculous and a stretch to begin with, but hear me out. Boss Baby's adult cast are a bit idiotic at best, somehow not hovering over the newborns to hear them speaking. If that wasn't enough, some of the more dangerous stunts involved were also not as "noticeable", which after some point should have been discovered. Although fun, this ridiculousness didn't fit so much into the grand scheme of the plot. Next up is Babycorp, the organization the boss baby works for. This large plot point has dramatic build up and gets a large sequence to explain the wonders of this magnificent corporation. Yet after that, the film fails to deliver more on the potential plot points that could have come with it. Had the trailers not built up the baby vs. puppy rivalry as they did, I could have let this go, but with all the advertising I would have liked to see more of this.

Finally, the editing of the movie. Boss Baby has a lot of great parts that foster imagination, love, and all those positive qualities we love in an animated movie. However, much of these moments were not necessary, often just extending the run time under the guise of character development. While I don't think they needed to eliminate these parts (after all it is only 90 minutes), they certainly could have altered these scenes to be a little more relevant to the adventure.


Despite all the lower scores, Boss Baby was an entertaining spectacle that is fun, funny, and clever at many points. This movie is certainly adorable and is the perfect family film (for all ages) to hit the screen this year. Yes, it is simplistic and silly, and doesn't have as much magic as a Disney film, but it's nice to have unique, story that doesn't involve making a political ordeal out of it. This reviewer recommends this one for the theater for group outings and those with kids, but definitely check this one out when it hits homes.

My scores are: Animation/Comedy/Family: 7.5 Movie Overall: 6.5
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Great Movie
Cooper Hanson10 April 2017
I don't understand how this movie got so many negative reviews. I went and saw this yesterday and honestly, its one of the best movies I have EVER seen. The plot is funny and progresses intently while the characters develop and come together in common interest. This movie is absolutely hilarious and also heart warming. I 10/10 recommend this
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As possibly the best Saturday Night Live flick since CONEHEADS . . .
Edgar Allan Pooh3 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
. . . Alec Baldwin is allowed to elaborate on his spin as Donald Trump for 90 minutes during the hilarious current release, BOSS BABY. Though a few layers of subterfuge have been added here to ward off the sort of brazen and brutal political assassinations, murders, and homicides for which Trump's Puppetmaster, Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin is famous, nearly every line of BOSS BABY's first hour reeks of Baldwin's spot-on caricature of America's Game-Show-Host-in-Chief. When Big Brother Tim suggests "We could share" to baby terror Trump, the latter mutters "You obviously didn't go to Business School." Speaking of Higher Education, at 1:06:20 there's a direct reference to the fraudulent "Trump University." Scenes are carefully crafted at 37:15 and 1:18:55 to emphasize that the infantile current White House Occupant sports mitts much tinier than the average seven-year-old's (something easier for cartoon Alec to do than the Real Life Mr. Baldwin). At 39:50 the BOSS BABY animators slyly suggest that Mr. Trump\the title babe's male appendage is Sooooo Miniscule that it takes just one lonely pixel to completely Pixelate it. Hopefully everyone connected to this BOSS BABY satire is fully paid up on their Life Insurance.
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Tim a 7 year old boy helps his new brother boss baby fight the war between babies and puppies.
Celeste S12 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Tim Templeton(the voice of Miles Bakshi) was enjoying life as a vivid imaginative 7 year old boy with his two parents Ted(Voice of Jimmy Kimmel) and Janice(Voice of Lisa Kudrow), who give him as much love as a kid could possibly ask for. However, that is until he meets the most interesting suit wearing boss baby(Voice of Alec Baldwin) brother Tim ever saw in his life. After a while, he ends up helping the boss baby go on a mission to end the war between babies and puppies. One of the things I really liked about this movie is how it had very hilarious parts to the story, but the film still had equally serious scenes in it as well. Especially, the scene where Tim and the boss baby are at the airport, and the baby says, "I can't do this without you Tim". Tim replies, "Yeah, we make a pretty good team". I also, really liked the message of the story. "Love, comes in different shapes and sizes, but "There is plenty of it go around". I had nothing negative to say about The Boss Baby. I definitely recommend everyone to see it. The movie has action, love, and overall great humor in the film as well. The Boss Baby is rated PG for mild crude humor, and a movie anybody, any age will enjoy.
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Adorable and funny
letizia-margo10 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
((Spoiler tag to be safe))

First of all, whoever thought of Alec Baldwin voicing a baby deserves a reward because his performance brings so much dimension to the movie.

Without spoiling anything, the animation team did well in the Boss Baby character. Even during sad/tense moments, somehow they manage to animate a very real and very much adult reaction to the baby that it really drives home that this is an adult in a baby's body.

What really stood out to me was during a scene, the baby's shocked silence and body language was something that you would see in an adult, and in just those short seconds, you empathize with him.

Even though a baby with an adult voice should be creepy, somehow through the perfect combination of animation style (round, cutesy and bright – this movie is brought to you by the shape circle) and the voice actors' brilliant acting, it's funny instead.

It has the same slapstick humor that Dreamworks use in a lot of their animation so if that works for you, you'll love this!
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Fun, lighthearted with extraordinary performance from Alec Baldwin
rannynm24 March 2017
Dreamworks' The Boss Baby, is an extraordinary, fun and lighthearted animated film based on an award-winning picture book by Marla Frazee.

7-year-old Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi) had the perfect life and the full attention of his parents until one day, a new arrival took it all away and became the Boss of his family. Tim and Boss Baby face sibling rivalry, trying to both win the affection of their parents. Much to Tim's surprise, the two bond when they join forces to uncover the evil plot of the CEO of Puppy Co. And in the midst of it all, Tim and his new brother Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) learn the true meaning of the love of family.

The Boss Baby is fabulously directed by Tom McGrath, who you might recognize from his work on all three Madagascar movies and Megamind. He says that the movie is partially an apology letter to his own brother for all the grief he put him in when they were young.

My favorite character is Boss Baby. Alec Baldwin voices this character with great panache. His witty personality mixed with a take-charge attitude bursts through the screen. I feel that Baldwin's voice talent in this is one of the key reasons this movie shines.

My favorite scene is when Tim and Boss Baby work together to sneak into Puppy Co. and attempt to steal the secret file. Watching a working large scale replica of one of my favorite games when I was young (Mouse Trap) was particularly fun. Also, there are many toys from the 70s and 80s included which I enjoyed. Several times I found myself times trying to find them in the scene. There are so many magical moments throughout. As an only child, it's funny that there are times the movie made me want to have a brother and, other times, I'm happy to be an only child.

The Boss Baby is an enjoyable film safe to keep you and your family thoroughly entertained. Director Tom McGrath states "I want this movie to draw you in and make you move to the edge of your seat, not pull away from the screen" and I believe he achieved that goal. It is rated PG for mild humor and I recommend it for ages 6 to 14, although the whole family will enjoy it. I give this film 4.5 out of 5 stars. It opens in theaters nationwide on March 31, 2017 so, go check it out.

Reviewed by Tristan T., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
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Not a masterpiece, but good entertainment with a heart
mtlabfall31 March 2017
Boss Baby is not as introspectively original as Inside Out, as deep as Up, or as incisive as Wall-E.. BUT it is funny and heartwarming.

Certainly it has a lot more laughs and is more engaging than Zootopia, which I thought was well-"drawn" and had a decent story, but wasn't funny at all. I have to wonder if some of its high ratings are due to all the virtuous "notes" it hits with our society's current emphasis on social justice issues (not saying it's a bad thing, but I find that people give themes of diversity a lot of subjective credit that is not necessarily earned).

BUT I digress.. Boss Baby has plenty of quality laugh-out-loud moments, and has humor that will appeal to kids and adults alike. There were also some very tender-hearted moments.. especially the boy's bedtime routine, it was so touching. Also the babies are way cuter than real babies (which is probably one reason I liked this film, because I'm not a big fan of actual babies).
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Made me cry at the end...
iloveneko7 April 2017
WAS I Surprised!!! Of course with Alec Baldwin being the voice of the boss baby I knew I would love it before it even came out, not only was it what I expected but it was better! Of course it adorable, and all the silly goofy babies do, it gains your attention with the plot by making you feel for the characters. At the end I shed tears, truly heart warming. For my 2year old it's and 10/10 comedy, for myself it's a 10/10 family drama with deeply created emotions ❤️ I would even say I enjoyed the story-line much more than moana , my favorite animation of 2017
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So this is how babies are born? Thrill ride for everyone! With everything anyone could ask for!
Bulldog172117 April 2017
I saw this movie yesterday, and I thought this movie was a movie where the child's imagination actually comes to life. It's a movie where you can see brother vs. brother trying to fight for their parents love and affection! Still though, it really makes me skeptical how Dreamworks say how a baby is born. It beats me to the punch-line!

The jokes in this movie are really geared toward kids as well as adults. It really was so funny how everyone at Babycorp is calling management, "Boss babies" it made me laugh so hard!!! I couldn't stop laughing b/c it was an adorable way to explain how a baby becomes the CEO of the company!

Great movie!!! It would be something I would get on DVD!!!
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Hilarious and very entertaining even in a foreign language
jamesjillings6 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched the Boss Baby and really enjoyed it even in Brazilian Portuguese. I understood probably about 70 percent of what they were saying but a film like this is so funny and entertaining it didn't matter. The body language kept me laughing throughout and I really liked the story and plot even though they were completely ridiculous. It will be interesting to watch this film in English in the future and see if I enjoy it as much or more. Also the fact that the film only costs 7 reals which is about 2 British pounds is very good value !!!
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Stewie Griffin has got nothing on The Boss Baby
DarkVulcan2917 April 2017
Tim(Miles Christopher Bakshi) almost perfect family life is turned upside down with the arrival of a new baby brother, only to discover that he is no ordinary baby, he talks and thinks like a grown man(Alec Baldwin) and is on a mission, Tim realizes that they must work together has a team in order to get both there lives back.

Best animation I've seen in a while, it takes on a life of it's own. The film never truly tugs too your heart stream to a point. The plot does not make too much sense, but that was the enjoyment of it. Alec Baldwin owned the role has The Boss Baby, his voice made the character. All the other actors do there voices quite well.
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One of the best cartoons I have seen
kjjames819 April 2017
I loved this film, saw it yesterday with my two daughters and all three of us loved and and were talking about it afterwards, even today we are telling their mother who was working about it. The scenes with the older brother were very funny. We watch quite a lot of cartoon style films as my youngest is ten. I would recommend this film to everyone, whether you have children or not. Like most cartoon movies there are subtle wording and scenes that will make adults laugh. Go out see this film, one of the best this year so far.
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A predictable yet fun movie, for kids & adults alike.
Anurag-Shetty2 April 2017
The Boss Baby tells the story of Tim(Miles Bakshi) & his family. Tim's life is perfect & his Mom(Lisa Kudrow) & Dad(Jimmy Kimmel) love him very much. Soon, Tim gets a baby brother who wears a suit & carries a briefcase. He is known, simply as Boss Baby(Alec Baldwin). Tim realizes that, there is something very fishy about this Boss Baby.

The Boss Baby is a great film. The animation is flawless. Watching this movie in 3D, is a must. Director Tom McGrath takes full advantage of 3D, which is a norm in all animated films now. The script by Michael McCullers based on the book by Marla Frazee, is unique. However, the second half of the movie is clichéd & goes in the direction of every other animated film, ever. The voice cast is spot on. Alec Baldwin is spectacular as Boss Baby. Steve Buscemi is great as Francis Francis. Jimmy Kimmel is awesome as Dad. Lisa Kudrow is brilliant as Mom. Tobey Maguire is amazing as Adult Tim/Narrator. Miles Bakshi is mind blowing as Tim. The Boss Baby is worth a watch, for the entire family. Go, enjoy this hilarious movie that also has a dollop of heart.
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Why you should watch this movie
Mint girl11 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie! The person who created this is so loved. I did shed a few tears somewhere near the end but this is awesome. I loved the bit where boss baby calls from the other side and asks to open the door. Quite emotional. And of course, the ending. Super sad and happy. I recommend watching this movie, and rating it a 10.
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I personally enjoyed it
morganstephens51231 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As the title of this review says, I personally enjoyed this movie. Was it perfect or really even great, I don't know is I would go that far. But for what it was worth ($7.50 where I am) I feel like it was worth the price of admission. There were a lot of really funny jokes that made me laugh as well as the kids that were at the movie, and that is what matters. It was a kids movie and the kids enjoyed it. While I didn't really like how there were a lot of vomit jokes and fart jokes, I really enjoyed the jokes like the baby face sun, the pacifier scene, the fight scene in the yard, and the whole just concept of Alec Baldwin playing a baby. While I don't know if I would see this multiple times, it was easily worth going to go see it once at least and there were enough good moments to make it worth the hour and a half. A solid effort for a kids flick.
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Cute and Creative Movie
ShelbyTMItchell31 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It is a cute and creative movie. And really the producers and writers have been in the way of making it that way.

Boss Baby played by Alec Baldwin is a special and different kind of baby. Who talks and is smart. He is there sent to do something with a mission.

Tim who is the 7-year old creative imaginative mind. And he is the love of his parents life until the Boss Baby comes.

And the Boss Baby and Tim of course at first do not get along. But then after learning over on the Boss Baby's mission and why he was sent back to earth from where he worked for a company.

Both put aside their differences and work to create the goal and plus send the Boss Baby back on his way to the company as he only has a limited amount of time or he will be a real baby.

As Tim and the Boss Baby see the mission as the parents of the two boys, are also involved in the company that they work for and it is only a facade for the real setup.

Meaning they must stop it in time as they feel that the pet store that the parents work for, is not all what it seems and there is a history between the villain and the Boss baby.

Cute movie and very creative.
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Great movie for family and kids
trieutulong31 March 2017
I rarely write review, but after seeing the score of this movie, I have to say : Damn it, it's a good movie, why do it have so many negative critics? I just watched it yesterday with my friends and laughed my ass off the entire time of the movie. It's very creative, the joke is well crafted. Some scenes are pretty emotion too. If you have kids, bring them to the cinema, they will absolutely love this. The animation is cute and funny. Some people say it's just another "Secret life of pets" movie. I admit "Secret life of pets" is bad, but the boss baby is different, the plot sometimes makes no sense but who cares! It's a movie for kids and the main thing is it funny as hell. So ignore all the haters, go check the movie yourself.
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Top box office
Tran Quoc Nam5 April 2017
"The Baby Boss" movie is actually very interesting and humorous. I think that the animated babies in this film are extraordinarily cute and lovely. I personally recommend this hilarious movie for all different ages, ranging from children to adults, even old ones. You could ignore negative critics because their concept is in stark contrast to us.
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