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Sorely lacking heart
cardsrock4 April 2019
You'd think a movie called Dumbo would be more about Dumbo. There are so many side plots and needless characters that it complicates a relatively straightforward story. There are a few moments of wonder, but they are far too few in between predictable tropes. Tim Burton was an odd choice to direct this film as well. The whole film is covered with his trademark murky aesthetic and it just doesn't fit. Danny DeVito is the only saving grace as far as actors. He is fantastic while Keaton hams it up and plays the over the top bad guy. Danny Elfman's score is decent. The film is just kind of boring though. It's so paint-by-numbers and lacking in imagination. Disney hopefully learns from this with any future live-action remakes of animated classics.
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What are the bad reviews about ?
alexornelas5 April 2019
I was in tears within the first 10 seconds of the movie. I have a soft spot for Dumbo and Casey Jr is my jam. Danny Devito is a national treasure and can do no wrong. Michael Keaton's character was a delight. Colin Farrell's character could have been better developed , but the kids were his saving grace. I loved the story and the whole world Tim burton creates on the screen. You can see the painstaking detail he puts in every part of the film. The costumes were SUPERB!!! I would have appreciated a bit more back story for the circus folks but all in all Dumbo was the cutest !!! I really think it's a great message against terrible animal cruelty which the original showed as well. The pink elephant scene was imaginative. It is a beautiful film to watch, can't wait to add this to my collection. Please go in with and open mind and heart and let go of unfair expectations. Tim is an artist and artists evolve. This is a collaboration of strange, unusual, and creative minds that wish to share their visions with the world.
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I don't get what people saw... It was magical
caitlinmaryjean31 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I don't get what people saw... I thought the movie was great & full of magic.

I will admit, the children seemed lacking and a little dull. It would have been nice if they had a little more emotion. The rest of the characters where great.

Now the story line is very emotional & yes, dark.... But what Time Burton fill isn't?

Dumbo.... Oh man, those eyes! The character himself makes your heart melt & explode with cuteness.

When he is trying to save the monkey & he flies is so magical. I was in awe. Each time he continues to fly, I felt the same!

Ultimately in the end, the sadness & darkness of the film is put aside. Dumbo & him mom are free to live in the forest amoung all the wild elephants.

I enjoyed the movie! Hopefully people can see past the lack of emotion from the kids but enjoy it for dumbo himself & the story
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Remake it, don't rewrite it
jjones9291 April 2019
This was an embarrassing remake of Dumbo. First, the hue or color tone of the movie was so unnatural, almost campy, like I had stumbled into a showing of Batman and Robin. It distracted me constantly reminding me that I was at the movies watching actors instead of being part of a story. Secondly, the young female actress did not help that situation at all. She presence was very distracting. Her acting was wooden and unbelievable. She was a carny's kid, living in a circus in 1919 but in every scene, she looked like she had just gotten out of the shower. It was hard to watch. Finally, who is green lighting these Disney's screenplays? Fire all of them! This movie was called Dumbo but it was about so many other things the elephant and the real story that was told in the original was lost or buried. I was looking forward to these remakes but if they continue to rewrite them I will pass on the rest.
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A Hideous Mess
naturenomad31 March 2019
Wow, talk about marketing deception, When i first saw the trailers for Dumbo I was wowed, the magic was there on the screen. However when I actually paid for a ticket to see this movie, I felt as though I had walked into another theater and was duped. This movie was a travesty from the get go. The kid actors were the absolute worst, they were SO ANNOYING. All the actors were miscast, you felt disconnected and there was no magic at all. By far one of the worst Disney remakes in history and one of the worst films of the year. AVOID AT ALL COST!
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Who's running Disney?!
cunningham-421024 April 2019
Movie starts off good, looks good and Danny Devito is excellent. But again poor casting,poor acting, poor story and extreme amounts of superficial political correctness ruin what could of been a great movie.
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Political, obvious and boring
lindsaybarrington31 March 2019
I accept the notion of an elephant flying more than the pretend political correctness of characters set in this time period. It's a condensed version of the original for 45 minutes, then what should have been a sequel. If they had given the original plot the time it needed, they would have made an amazing movie.

Why can't we just have a movie about a flying elephant? Why do we need a million unrelated agendas? There's no way to be invested in that many themes, so there's no connection with the characters. He can fly. He wants his mom. That's all you need.
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2 stars just for Danny Devito
airelav-437-80247331 March 2019
Honestly, he was the only good thing about the film. Every single actor forgot they were actors, everything felt so fake and forced, there was no magic. I don't understand why Disney keeps making these remakes. Yes, they have amazing CGI, but they seem to forget the story they're trying to tell. I think this is the worst live-action remake they've done so far.
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They killed Dumbo
jiartigasc3 April 2019
This is one of the worst ever Disney's cinema movies. Completely souless this is a forced progressive, naive, PC remake. It does almost everything wrong, looks like Disney had a really innocent childish pc script and needed something to make it look a little darker, so why not just offer a ton of money to Burton? He does add a little darkness, but is so little that former Dumbo looks like a psychological thriller compared with this one. I think it is fair to say this is the worst Burton's movie ever, the only good things are Eva Green and Dany De Vito's acting. Do not waste your time nor your good child memories.
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A bigger flop than Dumbo's ears
chelsea-blake1 April 2019
I grew up obsessed with Dumbo. I was so excited to take my nieces to see this and it was so boring and a huge disappointment. My oldest niece got scared and crawled on top of me a refused to watch it. My husband felt the movie took some political stances. It was overall a very full movie, the acting was subpar, and my poor nieces didn't even enjoy themselves.
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A CGI Travesty with No Soul
mike_burz30 March 2019
I'll try to keep this simple. Disney should be ashamed. Tim Burton should be ashamed. The screenwriters should be ashamed. The actors should be ashamed. Most of all the visual effects supervisor should be ashamed.

The visual effects were third rate. I cannot begin to express how awful and unrealistic they are. And this is the 21st century. The story was pointless-muddled as to who the narrative is about. In a cliche summary: this is two hours of my life I will not get back. I hope I will have saved you that.
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Looks great but filled with unnecessary characters and story
mbeggens1 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
My girlfriend and I went to see this movie and came out disappointed. I've watched the original Dumbo cartoon a lot when I was a child, and remember it to be dark and very sad but with a happy ending.

Watching this movie I did not feel that emotion at all. Kind of like to how the children in this movie act. There was no emotional connection between the children and little baby elephant with huge ears. The only look the little girl could do was smile, look pretty and have a fake tear on her cheek.

As a circus with (fake) freaks they would have been blessed to have a real baby elephant with those big ears, and the audience would have loved everything about it. I understand the original cartoon they also laugh at Dumbo, but that's because he is very clumsy with those big ears.

They way the script has been written to make Dumbo unwanted just does not work. I really miss the mouse Timothy. The children are not a good replacement because of the bad acting.

The first 45 minutes of the movie consists of the original story of the cartoon and I expected to see the end credits roll, and that would have been fine. But then the movie drags on with the story making it over the top and laughable.

Like when the woman starts to ride Dumbo looks really silly. My girlfriend and I looked at each other and just started laughing. Michael Keaton is trying to perform a role as bad guy, but he turns out being just stupid when he starts smashing the power station of his circus destroying everything he owns.

Also to see Dumbo gets risen up to perform his flying trick for like 4 times in a row got really boring at the end. We've seen him fly multiple times allready! And why does Dumbo have to snort up this feather like it's his drug or something. In the cartoon he just holds the feather, not snort it.

A lot of bad decisions made this movie a big mess. Dumbo looks cute though.
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Let's be kid again! Let's fly!!
FrenchEddieFelson31 March 2019
A must see. 80 years after the eponymous cartoon, Tim Burton appropriated pertinently this story, preserving the magic and the poetry but modernizing it, by adding new characters and encrusting spectacular computer-generated animals. In particular, Dumbo is such a cutie and his look is a total success: his eyes are extremely expressive and he is so adorable. This is otherwise not a surprise for a Burton: the atmosphere is darker compared to the cartoon. In three words: I loved it!
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Ignore the critics I loved it
lisafordeay30 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Dumbo is the latest Disney remake this year and is directed by Tim Burton. It stars Danny DeVito,Micheal Keaton,Colin Farrell and Eva Green and tells the tale of a widowed father named Holt Farrier(Farrell) who just came back from World War I where he lost his left limb due to the war. When his kids witness an elephant giving birth to a baby elephant,they are both shocked that the baby was born with big ears,resulting in the elephant to be made fun of at the circus when he gets older. However when an evil businessman named V. A Vandervere(Keaton) wants to take over the circus,can Holt,Mike(DeVito) and Holt's kids save both Dumbo and his mother?

What I loved about this remake was it wasn't a beat by beat like say Beauty and the beast or Cinderella,and the visuals was very good. The acting was great,Colin Farrell was great with his Southern accent(his from Dublin in real life) and Devito was great too as always. Micheal Keaton was grand as the villian,he had this Joker vibe about him and this toupee. Plus for a Tim Burton film it wasn't as Gothic or weird and don't worry Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter doesn't appear in this film.

If you loved The Greatest Showman and Water For Elephants than you will enjoy this film. Roll on Aladdin and The Lion King.

8/10 4/5.
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Loved TIm Burton once, but he's lost his mojo.
pinkfreudbluemahler30 March 2019
Producers need to quit giving him money. He not only plays it safe (he even waters down the original) , but there's no real energy . Unlike the original, this is no classic.
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A movie made for dumbos
jake252531 March 2019
Another crass remake made by Tim Burton, Dumbo fails to deliver hardly anything good to write home about (aside from Danny Devito's performance). It follows the trope-heavy screenplay of "the kids are always right, adults are wrong" that just makes you want to sigh constantly. The "bad" guys are obvious from the very moment they are introduced and don't actually get revealed as bad until further in the movie, which normally wouldn't be bad in a Disney movie since they are meant to be carried by the musicals and animation, however this doesn't work for Dumbo at all since there are no musical numbers and the villains are revealed in a painstakingly obvious way. Since this is an adaptation of the 1941 film by Walt, it's fair to draw comparisons despite being very different films. First off is time. Dumbo 1941 was able to tell a very simple story about an elephant that finds out it can fly in an hour and four minutes, and much of this time was taken up by the musical numbers. Those musical numbers are what made the film a classic, not the story. The actual story of Dumbo is simple, it doesn't meander on the fact that the elephant can fly and keep writing story after the elephant flies because it risks losing the wonder and amazement of the spectacle. Dumbo 2019 however takes the approach of introducing the flying elephant very early in the film and follows a poorly written trope-heavy screenplay about the utilization and conflict over the flying elephant. The biggest offenders for myself were Burton's rendition of Pink Elephants, which is only a minor callback in this film and lacks nearly all the iconic elements which made "Pink Elephants on Parade" a cinematic spectacle with the original Dumbo. "Baby Mine" had a fairly good rendition, not great, but it was one of the better parts. Also included was a reference to the Crows' song, however it was only a joking reference which is like pouring salt on the wounds of a person like myself who wanted to see well done renditions of the classic film. The film is also very dark, with generally hazy skies and dark lighting, the average Tim Burton style. It fits the screenplay but as a whole I despised that stylistic choice with a Disney movie about a flying elephant. Aside from watching Danny Devito sing Casey Jr. this movie is a skip. I nearly walked out of the theater after Pink Elephants crushed my spirits but hoped for a good musical rendition after the credits rolled (adding onto my disappointment as there was none). Just go watch the original Dumbo, save an extra 50 minutes wasted on a meandering screenplay, and forget that Tim Burton ruined another remake.
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I'm not too GROWN UP to love this movie!
wonderfullyberry10 April 2019
Was this movie PERFECT? No. But...it was very enjoyable. I'm confused as to what other people are needing... Great actors? This has that. An interesting story? Got it. Stunning visuals? Check. Drama? Sad moments? Happy moments? Nostalgia? Fantastic score? Elements from the original? A warm fuzzy ending? PINK ELEPHANTS?!! (It has all those things). In this day of opinions and people depending on screens to LIVE...I think we've forgotten the magic of the ORIGINAL screen. What happened to just going to a movie, and enjoying it for what it is? What is so EXCITING about your life that you find this boring? Umm there are a couple circuses and a freaking flying elephant in this movie!! To me, that's interesting enough. And the sweet sweet storyline between Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo. Perhaps only the moms out there can relate...but there is NOTHING like the bond between a mama and her baby, and I loved that the story had a great deal of that to offer.

I love Tim Burton, and I think he did a really wonderful job with this movie. I dare you to go see it and leave your judgment in the car.
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When I See An Elephant Fly With The Big Ears
ymyuseda28 March 2019
Rating 9.0/10 This is a lovely film that deserves to be discovered by each generation. Best acting performance of every characters in this film. Everybody should jump aboard experience the circus with DUMBO. No matter how old you are, you just might get something out of it. Not all of it's pretty, but it's always cute and ultimately very funny. I love you DUMBO !!
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I didn't expect such snore fest from Tim Burton...
horror_bg20024 April 2019
We went to watch it, the whole family. Me, my wife, my daughter, and my mother in law. I was kinda ready for a not so good movie, but boy did I overestimated this joke! I almost fell asleep 3 times, my mother in law did, and my wife as well. My daughter played with the rest of the kids in the theater, playing hide and seek and tag. There was no single person in the full room who enjoyed it. Many people were napping, some were on their phones. The rest were bored to death. Nothing about this movie was enjoyable. The color palette was typical for Burton, washed down and bleak. The actors played like they had firing line pointed at them. Most of the characters were flat like an ironing board. No character development at all. Dany DeVito was really trying to have this circus going on, but the clowns were suicidal. The CGI was kinda goodish only during Pink Elephants on parade, the rest was made with pocket money budget. Unfortunately no feather is able to lift this slob from the ground!

1 star is really generous in this case. IMDB should allow negative rating for "movies" like this....
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A politically correct mess with nothing to say
jacktheraperx5 April 2019
This film should be catalogued as animal cruelty for what Tim Burton did to poor Dumbo.

This must be the worst Disney film I've ever seen and it's an insult to the surreal vision of love and triumph over overwhelming odds that was the original. How can it be that the animated version is far more mature and intelligent than the live action one?

How can my intelligence feel so insulted by a movie with absolutely no heart and no brain to a point that when I feel compelled to tell people to avoid this like the plague? The movie doesn't make up its mind about what it wants to say or what it wants to be. Is it a critic to Disney buying small (and huge) properties? Does it want to send a "family" message? Does it want to say that doesn't matter how you are born (big ears), what you like (science) or what happened to you (losing an arm) it's ok because it's you who matters? No, it doesn't dwell on any of it because god forgive we give the children something to actually think about and have 2 or 3 upset moms feel offended that a movie told their children to be strong in the face of adversity.

No, the biggest intelligible lesson from this film is "when in doubt snort something" which is a really questionable choice for a film that tries to be as politically correct as possible. I prefer the crows teaching me and Dumbo to believe in yourself even when you lost your mom and and the world seems to be against you.

There was a reason why the original was a hit and has become a classic even despite its period derived racism which as a non white I have to say never saw the racism in.

Oh yeah, that's another thing, you really wanted to correct the so called "racism" from the original? Why not make the family that gets Dumbo through the rough stuff positive black role models?

Only positive thing about it? Dumbo looks really cute.

This movie is junk food and I don't want my money back. I want my two hours of life back.

How dare you sirs? How dare you....
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brammabull2530 March 2019
I was so looking forward to this movie. I wanted to love it so much but just couldn't. Really bad job done with this one.
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You know this story, and it isn't Dumbo
ZombieGirlORV4 April 2019
They really managed to overcomplicate a sweet and simple storyline, causing the original message to get lost in an entirely different story, the same story which Hollywood has been shoving down our throats repeatedly the last ten or so years. It's getting old. This 'new' message of 'large corporations bad/underdogs good', followed the cliché that all successful businessmen are greedy, heartless, power-hungry monsters who'll do anything to get what they want. An overplayed roll at the best of times. Surprisingly the main character was no longer Dumbo, but a little girl, who fit the cookie cutter Hollywood standard: Little girl who overcomes the patriarchy, (represented in this instance by her father), to live her dream of being a scientist. Again, the same story we've had shoved down our throats in countless other movies has now taken over one of Disney's most classic stories of self-discovery. It was entirely disappointing. You see, at the theaters we have a unique opportunity to escape politics and everyday life to live in a world of fantasy for whatever brief period we've been allotted to go there. Disney believed that if you're only catering to children then you've already failed at entertaining. I'd like to add upon that by saying that if you only aim to tell the same story repeatedly, injecting it in to previous stories that were perfect good without it, then you've failed at story telling. Somewhere along the line Hollywood only managed to remember a single story in the vast empire of stories it's accumulated throughout the years, and that story is what was represented here. Not Dumbo, the story which Disney brought to life and inspired millions with over generations. But the same story you've seen in a hundred movies over the past few years. Why bother going to watch it at all? You already know the story, and it isn't Dumbo... Okay that was harsh. Positive sides of this monstrosity now...The acting was good, despite the butchered storyline. The actors did an amazing job...AND special effects were pretty cool as well, so good on the special effect's artists, that could not have been easy...As that's 2 positive traits I was able to find, I think it's fair I give the movie at least 2 stars.
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No Heart
fudgesinger1 April 2019
So Dumbo can fly! Big deal. But that is not what the story is about This should be a simple touching fable of a little elephant finding himself over all odds. This has now been lost Loads of character actors hamming it up, obliterating everything around it including little Dumbo Over produced. and overlong ( The original was just over sixty minutes No heart; no tears;. No film What a shame!
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jakhello1471 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
No stalk, no drunk dumbo. Just a rubbish film. Terrible remake.
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Razzies award look no futher
GrannyShagger31 March 2019
2019/20 No.1 Razzie award. A total lack of emotions comes through. Aspect ratio deceiving, if you expect sudden brilliance.
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