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Just bad, awful, and frustratingly poorly written
mgarland18 October 2015
I actually thought the actors were okay, for the most part, but there were quite a few instances where the reactions to certain circumstances seemed way off base. There were so many, that I finally quit counting..or caring.

I don't think I've ever given any other movie a 1-star rating, but this movie deserves it. There is no redeeming value to it whatsoever. It's sad to think that people spent time and money making this. I've seen better home movies.

All sorts of fallacies in "action movie logic" and interactions written that just wouldn't happen in any world, real or imagined, completely destroyed any hope of this movie being worth anything more than a glob of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Just terrible and awful, and I couldn't even laugh at it enough to make it entertaining in the least.
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Worst acting I have ever seen
Karissa Best18 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible acting, unlikely human responses in movie & very predictable. I made an account JUST to let people know not to waste their time on this one movie. Hopefully you poor souls listen to my advice. Mischa Barton has absolutely no emotions towards HER child. She distills nearly NO EMOTION over her daughter being kidnapped and nearly drowned. Just pure disgust. Don't buy it. Don't watch it. Don't even bother with the trailer.

Can't believe people paid money to provide this.

Don't do it.

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Just Nope
Michael Cudd-vallely19 October 2015
This film was so bad, I even felt sorry for the prop designers who had to make all those fake dollar bills in the back of the vans. There was one scene where the main woman was asked to describe her husband and she says "he has brown hair" cut to husband in the cop car...He's bold as a babies bottom and talking about babies bottoms his partner describes a girl having an "ass like a ten year old" now this might have been a joke but the way it was deliverer and how out of the blue it was, just make it creepy.

It seems to me that the characters where totally miss cast or very poorly directed but not even Spielberg at the helm would have make the story any better.

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, please make this call collect
adrossan6 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Another great idea wasted.

Looks like a plan to sell a computer game, with masked robbers that can twist sideways & dodge shotgun blasts.

Mischa Barton completely miscast, looking sour as if her cat hadn't kissed her goodbye from her trailer.

More thought into the threat & less rubbish on the phone control would have improved this out of sight.

Also unbelievable were Ving Rhames, Michael Pare and all the smart savvy phone operators that didn't notice what was going on right next to them.

Too silly to sustain action/thriller watcher interest.
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Not a great film, but a pleasant distraction
Gino Cox8 October 2015
My rational mind tells me I should dislike this film rather strongly, yet accepting it as a moderate-budget direct-to-video potboiler, I found it watchable.

The movie has a number of significant issues.

First, and most distracting, not a single shot looked as if the camera were locked down. Few things are more annoying than excessive use of jiggly-cam shots. The Steadicam operator did a credible job of masking the camera movement with subtle pans, tilts and zooms, but the constant motion is distracting.

Mischa Barton was absolutely stunning and statuesque ten years ago and had the looks to play the total babe leading lady roles often found in action films. Now she has the looks more often associated with romantic comedies – attractive, but not so stunningly beautiful to seem threatening to housewives in the audience. Several lines of dialogue comment on her ensemble and she is framed above the waist in every shot, even when a wider shot would seem better suited. Not being familiar with her or her prior work, my suspicion was that she was pregnant and the filmmakers wanted to mask it, which proved distracting as her character has supposedly been separated for a year. I've since learned that she is a designer, so the wardrobe may have been one of her designs.

Several plot twists were fairly obvious. The only one that caught me by surprise involved Ving Rhames.

The emergency call center procedures seemed realistic, except for failure to transfer calls to a busy line and the manner in which calls were assigned to operators, which seemed contrived. Some other police procedures seemed suspect.

Everything seemed to happen in a vacuum. There were no bystanders, pedestrians, motorists or people trying to enter the bank, and no employees or guards at two locations. With one exception, there was no other traffic on the roads during car chases or other driving shots.

Many aspects don't make sense. One would think the heist would require a team larger than Ali Baba's band of forty thieves, but they seem to have pulled it off with fewer than ten. People survive horrendous car accidents without wearing seat belts. A police officer fires at a location where a hostage is being held. Cellular tracking is uncannily precise. One officer wears an arm patch for DeKalb Technical College Public Safety Police.

The plot has more holes than a wheel of Emmental cheese. But despite the flaws, the movie is fairly enjoyable. Luke Goss does a credible job with what he's given. Ving Rhames plays a familiar role with a satisfying undercurrent of malice. The car chases are fairly good. Other than the seemingly complete reliance on jiggly-cam shots (and the Steadicam operator(s) did a superior job), the production values were adequate.

It's not a great film, but it's a pleasant distraction if one doesn't take it too seriously.
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Lots of crazy action that doesn't add up
duvernetphotography12 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A master criminal holds all the cards. They've taken a dispatcher's daughter, but who is in on it? Everything works in the favor of the criminals until the dispatcher figures it out. But like any good cops and robbers movie, only the good guy's bullet hit their target. The good cop can run through a hail of bullets and not get hit, but his one shot will take down the bad guy every time. Good suspense, great acting by the heroine, but everyone else is pretty lame. The plot doesn't hold, there are countless inconsistencies and mistakes. (In one scene, the good guy is holding his gun three different ways at the same time. This movie isn't worth quality time. Best reserved for waiting for a plane at the airport or on the subway.
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Hello operator, is this the Samaritans?
mounty7824 October 2015
There occasionally comes a film so mind numbingly bad that it brings me to tears of rage. Step forward 'Operator', a film that's only discernible feature is a quite well done explosion towards the end of the film, an explosion that presumably blew up the film budget as well as the building.

This is my first ever review and, as I type through the tears of anger and despair, I question my very existence for subjecting myself to the entirety (88 minutes) of the film, watching in disbelief as the acting and transparent plot steadily deteriorated from its excruciatingly painful first half hour. I challenge anybody to find a film with worse acting than that which is contained within this tedious drivel.

I sat open mouthed in a boredom induced coma, as the actors delivered their lines minus any form of emotion, which is quite bizarre given the centrepiece of the plot involves the daughter of two of the main characters. The acting is so bad that it has given me hope that a life in films awaits me, and so I have chosen the sensible option and quit my 9-5 job to head to Hollywood.

This film gets 1/10 for the following reasons ;

1. There is no 0/10 option

2. The aforementioned explosion was the most believable thing in the whole film
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Aspires to be a blockbuster action movie.
nathan_kugan5 October 2015
Definitely an enjoyable action movie. It was fast paced and action packed and also had a tense and twist filled story which kept me watching. However,the way the twist are set in the movie could have been better. Most of the twist can be seen from a mile away. Also the acting from Mischa Barton could have been a lot better. Her character should have shown more emotion and shock since she was pushed into the situation all of a sudden.

For a low budget action movie,there was plenty of action scenes but some of it was ruined by the terrible cgi. It felt like the director wanted to make it look like a big budget action movie by making the explosions and set design bigger with cgi but it kinda backfired since the cgi makes it look cheaper. But even with all those flaws,the movie is perfectly enjoyable. A low expectation will guarantee a satisfied viewing for this movie.
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Operates on highly dubious logic and awful acting
quincytheodore18 November 2015
When your movie is called Operator, it's best to have an actress with great acting playing the titular role. Mischa Barton does not even come close on delivering any convincing performance. However, it's not entirely on her as the plot drives in implausible loops for half the runtime, the part where fake explosions happen, and the rest is invested on strings of improbable occurrences.

In the same spirit of The Call starring Halle Berry, Pamela (Mischa Barton) is a 911 operator who is terrorized by a crime mastermind. The movies steps on every plot hole possible. Never mind that it's odd for a 911 call center to be hacked, or no one suspects anything when one of their operators is clearly in distress, it's mind-boggling that the so called plan is utterly devoid of logic and the movie continues to pretend as though it's realistic.

The overly complex scheme consists of timely event in impossible time frame, which gets worse when the movie tries to pull off more stunts. If that doesn't detach the viewer from reality, the subpar acting will. At least The Call, which has the same premise, is led by Halle Berry who gave a real effort and even that movie is still flawed. The operator has one fixed expression; mildly flabbergasted. Her reaction and action are simply too bland to be taken serious.

Luke Goss and Ving Rhames fare a bit better, perhaps because they are more familiar with action genre, although not by much and that doesn't exemplify them from mistakes too. At some points the motivation seems severely lacking. If this is about grand master plan of heist or to save a child's life, this must be the least enthusiastic police work as the lack of urgency is overwhelming.

With such faulty logic, more discern viewers would have a field day spotting the plot holes, and far from exuberant acting as though the characters know the logic is flawed, Operator's only spark is from cheap explosive and action, which don't amount to much.
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Mischa at her best
nealclover26 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of Mischa Barton and have been since I saw her in the O.C. and love her in films too. The Operator for me was one of the best performances I have seen Mischa do in a long time. She played Pamela Miller so good that I wish she was at the other end of any call you made to the police. Ving Rhames as the villain was a brilliant move. Luke Goss has made the move from pop-star to film- star and seems to have pulled it off. The film itself is really gripping and has a feel of an 80's or 90's action thriller which in those days would have starred Bruce Willis and maybe even Naomi Watts in the Mischa Barton role. Here's the spoiler part, the plot is a typical child abduction story-line where the father is a cop and the mother is the operator and she sends her husband to different locations were a crime is going to be committed. The action was good in the style of Die Hard and worth a watch without wasting any time. I would recommend this film to those who either enjoy action or like any of the cast members. No sex or nudity in this film but I think it didn't need either of those anyway. 10 out of 10 I gave it and I'd watch it again.
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kys-1820 May 2018
Worst movie of all time ! Waste of time. Horrible horrible movie !
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Mixed feelings....bad feelings
kushina328 April 2018
The story was actually quite good. I liked the plot, even though some of the plot twists were very predictable right from the beginning.

However this movie is rather bad than good. The acting can be bitsy better, the lines can be a bit smarter, and the CGI.....The CGI is painfully horrible!

I don't regret the time spend on watching it, watch it if you are pretty bored, but otherwise I would not recommend it.
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"911. What's your emergency?" Save me from this movie.
AndryX727 November 2017
Let me start saying that I will avoid any spoiler but I will still get my point across.

This movie is not a realistic thriller-drama because it is so full of unrealistic events, from start to finish. Plot seemed interesting but it fell short rather quickly, featuring boring characters and most importantly a boring story. Ving Rhames is the only actor who manages to stand out positively. Special effects stand out too, but in a negative way because they are bad.

The soundtrack was satisfying and the ending was enjoyable, the last 15/20 minutes. Another positive fact? It lasts less than 90 minutes.

(4 stars out of 10)
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Story not bad, but worse actor I have ever seen
ainasihery22 October 2015
Actors doesn't act naturally. They don't live the movie. So they don't make you living the movie. The 2 stars is only for the story, or maybe for the first 2 minutes. The rest is a waste of time. He never runs when knowing that his daughter is kidnapped. Talking to his friend about her kidnapped daughter, he talks without anger, same as declaring love.

She knows that her daughter is in the car, she is still shooting with a rifle gun, and this with one hand even she said that she had never used a gun.

All actors are good except the main one. Or the producer also. Waste of time and money for you and me
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azrael_is_back22 October 2015
This film should be forbidden to cinema's world! How it's possible, no way, I am going to throw up!

How can we make calibration errors during the film, did Product has half the producer ashamed for letting his film without money, you hold SWAT, one has the impression that he will play paint ball is anything! Yet there are good things, especially good waterfall, certain scene by car are really great, all is not to throw, but pay to see a nullity like it is without me, when you make a film is done well not to half like that, everyone is penalized, I believe the editor to the hair pulling!
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What's your emergency?
adi_200220 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Pamela works as a 911 operator and she just get the chance to work in a higher position but the misfortune is when a mysterious caller contacts her and treats with a few major accidents that are about to happen. Her husband is a police officer and she will need his help to prevent this tragedy to happen. Things are truly complicated when she discovers that her little daughter is kidnapped and threats Pamela that he will not hesitate to kill her if she doesn't follow his orders.

The first 40 minutes can be found interesting but then it becomes dull. Also has a big coincidence in it like Pamela's husband to be the officer who she will be in contact all the time. Then we have these unrealistic story in witch a man could so easy have access to an important building such the one reserved to emergency calls.

The big "hit" is the car chase at the end witch look so animated and cartooned. As for the acting I guess the best was Ving Rhames. We all know that the roles of a bad boy suits him very well. As for the other they looked a little bored with their parts.

I don't know if this is the biggest disappointment from 2015 but surely one of the weakest movies I've seen this year.
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