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Season 5

5 Oct. 2018
Welcome to the Newpocalypse
Warren recovers from the drone crash with handsome, mysterious Cooper; Doc and the others finally arrive in Newmerica, where they meet George, who is helping form the new country.
12 Oct. 2018
A New Life
Warren must leave her new life behind and find her way to Newmerica, reuniting with Murphy and the other heroes, while discovering George is an old friend.
19 Oct. 2018
Escape from Altura
10K nearly loses everything as Panic and anti-Talker sentiments flare after an explosion derails the vote.
26 Oct. 2018
Warren, Doc and George find evidence of vigilante violence against Talkers, and Lt. Dante may be part of an underground network helping Talkers flee humans.
2 Nov. 2018
Killing All the Books
Pacifica is bombed and the heroes decide to follow the Talker Underground to stop whoever is behind the attacks.
9 Nov. 2018
Warren and the gang find Limbo and are reunited with an old friend. Murphy and his band of Blends runs the casino there which also serves as a sanctuary for the Talkers.
16 Nov. 2018
Doc's Stoned History
Skeezy and Sketchy re-enact Doc's stories of the Founding Fathers. Warren and the others search for the bizkit bakery and the secret ingredient in them.
23 Nov. 2018
The heroes arrive in the farming outpost that produces flour for bizkits and find it overrun by zombies.
30 Nov. 2018
Water Keepers
Doc must spirit walk again to help save the Chief of the Water Keepers and get the water flowing to Newmerica.
7 Dec. 2018
State of Mine
Talkers are forced by the Altura militiamen to mine a hazardous landfill for the secret ingredient to bizkits.
14 Dec. 2018
With some help from an outpost of renegade hackers, Warren and George hack Altura's defenses and discover Estes' secret plan.
21 Dec. 2018
At All Cost
Estes imprisons the captive Talkers and Blends, while Warren and George plan their attack on Altura.
28 Dec. 2018
The End of Everything
The heroes try to bring Estes and Pandora to justice. Cooper reappears and shocks Warren with a new revelation.

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