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Simply Amazing and Amazingly Simple
brandon_veracka9 February 2018
There are movies, and there are movies which are good enough to be called films. This is one of the best independent films I've seen in my entire life. "Infinite Chamber" is the thinking person's science fiction film. It's not full of wild futuristic ideas or concepts, there are no flash-forwards and flashbacks in its simple plot, and there's no fancy C.G.I., but it's still likely to blow your mind and maybe warm your heart a little too.

Although this film's concept is not a new one, it's execution and conclusion is. What was pulled off with such a small budget, a handful of set pieces, and a just a few characters was simply amazing. Even putting it's indie budget aside, it stands tall against Hollywood sci-fi. So, you're looking for something different to watch tonight? Something that'll make you think (but not too hard), and something that'll leave a smirk on your face? Give this one a shot. I strongly doubt that you'll regret the decision.

NOTE: I watch a LOT of movies. I've literally seen hundreds of movies, and scores of films. "Infinite Chamber" is a film worth your time. Additionally, I very, very rarely rate anything above an 8 (especially recent film or television), and therefore giving this a 9 was refreshing but also a strange feeling. I didn't give it a 9 to even out its IMDB rating (I never do that), I gave it a 9 because it deserves a 9.
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Refreshing Storyline in a World of Reboots
prabhunster30 September 2017
To reboot a classic movie for a new generation is lazy and disgraceful.

To come up with a new conceptually outside-the-box movie with a cohesive plot is extremely rare and is a true gem. The most recent thing example I can think of is 'The Matrix', unprecedented concepts, albeit still lacking some cohesion.

'Infinity Chamber' falls into a third, middle-ground category: Borrowing new elements/concepts from other movies as a means to create a "original" movie.

IMO, any such movie would still fall into a sub-genre of the original movie it borrowed its defining elements from. The new movie can still be original (in its own right) if it uses the borrowed concept only as a launchpad to branch off into creative laterals.

The Good:

'Infinity Chamber' is largely a one-man show. Thankfully, the lead actor does a great job of keeping the viewer entertained. Interestingly, the dialogue between the man and the computer is what gave the movie its charm. The computer has all the qualifying intellectual attributes of a real person:, mannerisms, personality, relatability, voice etc. It's easy to forget that the dialogue isn't between two people, despite the computer's limitation to only give pre-programmed or abstract answers.

Whether friendly or hostile, I've always appreciated movies where man and machine can form any sort of progressing understanding towards the other.

The Bad:

This movie isn't without some obscurity and unanswered questions. While this may turn some viewers off entirely, I found them to be forgivable due to the entertaining themes and aspects of the movie as a whole.

If you like movies like "Moon" or "Ex Machina", I'd venture to say you'd find this movie interesting, if not entertaining.

8/10 stars for this low-budget sci-fi movie that brings forth an entertaining sub- original storyline in a world of countless and shameless Hollywood reboots.
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Surprisingly Good Sci-fi Movie.
Vivekmaru4514 October 2017
If you have seen Cube(1997) and its subsequent sequels, then you will really enjoy this film. The film is based on an original idea and screenplay. Travis Milloy writes and directs this film with a very professional touch. I am sure he will become a top director after some years.

But the person I am most impressed with is Jacob Yoffee who directs the music. The background music enhances this film with a true sci-fi feel, reminiscent of Tangerine Dream the German music group that had a lot of success during the eighties. The cinematography is also superbly handled by Jason Nolte.

Plot of the film: Frank Lerner awakes to find himself trapped in an automated prison cell with an artificial intelligence monitoring him in order to keep him alive. Later on, Frank starts to get flashbacks of his last movements before he was captured. He forms a bond with the artificial intelligence, which is a rotating camera attached to the ceiling of his cell. Sooner or later Frank realizes that a lot of people have met their end in his cell and he must rely on his wits in order to escape.

Verdict: Superb sci-fi 7/10. Christopher Soren Kelly who plays the lead reminds me of the excellent actor Sam Rockwell who played Wild Bill Wharton in The Green Mile 1999.

More Sci-fi movies: Escape from New York(1981), The Running Man(1987), Fortress(1992).
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dobadforever24 January 2018
Once every so often, the science-fiction genre sends us film which reminds us of why some of us keep watching. Infinity Chamber is one of those reasons. A strong lead actor, unpredictable and intriguing plot, impressive cinematography, and an understated loves story make this one worth viewing. It's not for everyone, but genre fans will see its' merit.
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An Excellent Though Slightly Repetitive Sci-Fi Thriller
BigZ_73374 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Infinity Chamber is an excellent Science-Fiction Thriller set in a futuristic dystopian world, yet all we see of it is a sparse automated prison cell and the simulation of quaint coffee shop in the main character's mind. The viewer is dropped into the story not knowing anything about the main character or the world, and the movie slowly doles out details piece meal. For most of the film all we really know is that Frank Lerner, played perfectly by Christopher Soren Kelly, is an intelligent man (perhaps a tech expert) that was kidnapped/arrested by an authoritarian regime. He may or may not be an innocent person arrested due to mistaken identity, a criminal, or an important member of the resistance. His only companion in the cell is the voice of Howard (Jesse D. Arrow) behind a camera, who's in charge of keeping Frank alive, and Gabby (played adequately by Cassandra Clarke) who is the owner of a cafe that exists in his mind.

Here is where the best and the worst parts of the movie come into play. On one side of the Infinity Chamber is a device that hypnotizes the prisoner, putting him into a simulation of the last day of his life before he was arrested, where the computer looks for something it thinks he is hiding. I really enjoyed the mind bending series of events that this device created, where throughout the film the viewer and the character begin to lose their grasp on reality. However, it's also where the film gets a little boring and repetitive, as Frank relives these moments over and over with only (for the most part) solitary prison scenes to break them up. There are many interesting moments within these scenes, but I can definitely see why some people might lose interest before the climax of the film. Still, I found myself absolutely enthralled with the movie, and I really enjoyed the crooked web the story weaved.

Now, I have one other thing I wanted to talk about before finishing this review, but I can't do that without spoiling the tricky ending. If you want to see my spoiler free video review, that's over here:

------ SPOILERS ------

So obviously spoilers ahead, but here's how I took the ending of the film. I really liked the ending where he feels like he knows the girl in the cafe, but in reality he only knows her from all of the simulations, where part of his mind was portraying her. It's a cool ending, but then after he reveals the location of the flash drive with the virus behind the picture and throws it out, the camera pans out revealing what looks like the camera (Howard) from the cell on the ceiling of the cafe. I believe that the viewer is supposed to think from that is this was just another simulation, that he wasn't free, that this time he let his guard down and told the machine where he hid the virus. That's another interesting, although more depressing ending. However, that doesn't quite work because every other simulation only took place during one day, and the guy was always able to ascertain that it was a simulation. It's tough to tell, but it seems like it's at least been multiple days of completely new experiences that the Infinity Chamber and his mind would have had to create. Also, that might not be the same camera as the one in the chamber, it could just be a camera.

This is where the comparison to the movie Inception could come in, as the movie ends without showing the viewer whether the top keeps spinning or falls down, and in Infinity Chamber the viewer isn't shown whether the camera has a red light and is the same as the one in the cell or if it's completely dead. So I'm not 100% sure how we're supposed to take it, but I think that it was on purpose, and there's more than one way to view the end. Personally for my Mind Canon I'm going to say that it was just a random camera installed by the authoritarian regime, and that Frank really is free, but I think that the creator of the film probably intended the opposite. Still I really enjoyed Infinity Chamber and would recommend it.
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Cyber-punk-ish masterpiece
caelum-natura30 September 2017
I will not babble and will write just enough to get through IMDb system. This movie starts as a boring "i've seen few like this" type of a movie. But after few minutes, if in right mood, you'll start thinking a bit and than... it grabs you and doesn't let you go till the very end. Quite nice ending, to add.

Loved it! It is low-budget gem. A masterpiece. Main actor starts off as dull, but you get to like the guy and soon you find out this man can actually give even more in terms of acting.

Movie has amazing "near future" atmosphere, darkish-futurism.

Not many characters, but when you write script like this, you don't need more than 3-5 characters!

Awesome, well done and medium-speed clap to creators of this movie. I enjoyed every minute of it... Every minute after first 10 to be exact.

Must see.
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Nice Surprise
masonbarge13 April 2019
I was bored and just started this, out of the hundreds of selections on my services, on the chance it might be okay. Also, I actually thought it was another movie 😆 After ten minutes, it was still on. After 20 minutes, I put down my iPad and started giving it my full attention.

There is some barely explained jumping around between reality and the hero's fantasies and memories, and some internal logic I never quite understood 100%. Really, I've seen so many of these, I didn't want to make the effort.

But the movie is good. The acting is good, especially Cassandra Clark, who gives it some much needed warmth. The pacing is good, although, understand, not much happens right away. Unlike several reviewers, I liked the ending, which actually explained and tied up some very weird stuff.
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Much more than a sci-fi/thriller
computer2computer15 October 2017
There's more philosophical and romantic aspects in this movie than the IMDb official genre states when it classifies it as a sci-fi thriller... But in all cases, it's quite a treat! At times while watching this film, it made me really depressed & frustrated, but it's also filled with positive feelings... I guarantee that no matter what your taste is, you'll like this one (if not even love it) A 10/10 from me, for an all-in-all great work.
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Well done
smmannix3 February 2018
Movies that basically have 1 character are very hard to pull off. This film does it. The story was interesting and the acting is good. Kept me intrigued right to the end. Would definitely recommend this film.
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Amazing indie production that falls short on the long run-time
TheTopDawgCritic7 October 2017
Novice producer/writer/director Travis Milloy has created a visually stunning and entertaining indie film that is near perfection, considering it was funded with a Kickstarter campaign and stolen pop-crates (see Trivia section).

The directing, sound and visuals on this film are better than 95% of the Hollywood blockbusters out there, so bravo Travis for converting your vision into this masterpiece and hitting it out of the ball park.

I am not a fan of long films (unless the story justifies the length) and this one was just that, very long at 2h,23m, but sadly, the story did not justify the length. Had the pace been slow (thankfully it wasn't), it would have been unbearable.

With the repetitiveness of the plot, this film needed to be cut down to about 1h,30m to have made it more fluid, instead of feeling as if it was all over the place. I felt there were some unnecessary scenes that convoluted the main story, such as his father. I understand that this may have been symbolic, but it really didn't add much to the overall story.

Additionally there were some miss-mashed plot issues that could have easily been either omitted or covered better.

But the stunning cinematography/visuals paired with near perfect directing and outstanding score kept my eyes glued to the screen and made the above issues less significant. Even Christopher Soren Kelly's acting became more convincing and you started to feel for his character.

Some reviewers complained about the ending, but that for me was perfect, as it left it up to the viewer to come to their own conclusion. To me, I feel it left the door open for a Part 2, and I hope that does comes to fruition.

I am rating this film based on its own merits of a novice-produced, truly low budget independent film that hit the mark and excelled in the most critiqued areas, so as such, it's a very well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Great movie
dakex30 September 2017
Don't understand why this movie is getting any bad reviews. It's one of the best movies I have watched recently and it makes it even better to know that it came from such small origins. The story is exciting and new to watch and the acting follows suit. Would definitely recommend this movie.
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Simply brilliant.
jamesmcgeorge30 September 2017
Take a simple premise, automated prison cell no one but a computer to reason with add some great acting, throw in a smart plot beautiful cinematography, clever twists as you go and you have a great film.

The people giving this bad reviews either want crash bang wallop transformers style or possibly didn't understand the end, but that's half of its beauty, it's a love story a Sci-Fi classic and a thriller, there are nods to 2010 space odyssey, inception, moon and many other great films, if you like your movies smartly done and want a movie that makes you ask questions, this is really worth your time.
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Very Nice Movie
us_3304 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It seemed as though Indy movies had kind of gone downhill for a while there, but they seem to be back, especially in the sci-fi genre, Otherlife is another example.

This one, as others have said, starts slowly, and there's some OK dialog and bits that the lead actor doesn't seem to be able to pull off at first, there's some stuff that is just too long also. But, as soon as he has a good actress to work off, he picks up as well and the acting (and plot) take off at around the same point.

I suppose if there's a criticism I would make, it's that our leads situation is actually pretty terrifying, and yet they make it seem no worse than frustrating most of the time.


I love the ending. My take on it is that the (machine?) overlords have finally broken him. The second escape is revealed to be in his mind as well, as soon as he sees the 'real life' trees that are the same as the photo. When he shows them where the flash drive is, it's over and he'll live the rest of his days inside a fantasy.
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Better than the average 6.2 suggested
steveholder-752934 July 2019
My first review - I don't do reviews, but this was worth watching. I nearly didn't because, like many I guess, I'm often influenced by the average overall IMDb score. It's low budget I understand now, but didn't notice when watching. Well acted and a good storyline that keeps your interest.

Recommended from me!
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Travis Milloy, I hope you're reading this, I love you man
Kast0929 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I know your movies have a low budget, both this and Pandorum needed a bigger budgets but your imagination and the scifi worlds you create both with this movie and Pandorum fascinate me. Both movies for some reason completely immersed me into that dark scifi reality, the feeling reminds me of a Dark Mirror episode.

The movie keeps you hooked up from start to finish, fun fact I watched superhero movie #343456 called Spiderman Homecoming today and I had to pause and do something more interesting at least 5 times. With this one I didn't even blink.

The movie has a couple of small mistakes (----SPOILER---- The escape route is the same both in the "dream" state and in reality, which doesn't make sense but could be due to budget issues and thankfully the outside environment changed ----END OF SPOILER----) but damn that was one tightly written script. The actors did a pretty great job too with their characters although dubbing was kind of weird sometimes.

Thank you for this movie, I'll be stalking you from now on for any new movies, you deserve bigger budgets. Please keep on making scifi films. Greetings from Greece.
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Twists and turns keep you guessing..
LilysHammer26 April 2018
Simply engrossing movie. I was 25 minutes into when my son came in and sat down -- and then stayed for the rest of the movie. If you have an active, analytical mind, you'll really enjoy trying to see where this movie it going. The acting keeps you engaged and the characters come to life. I don't want to put any spoilers in, but I would say add this one to your watch list. You won't regret it!
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RichBuck3 January 2018
Since most movies are kind of lame I was expecting this one to be no different. Science Fiction movies are one of my favorite genres but nearly all of them suck. I was pleasantly surprised that I saw a really good one this time. I thought it was a bit slow going at first but I stuck it out. Well acted throughout, good direction, and an intriguing plot. I highly recommend this to any movie fan.
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Long, slow-paced, but good
bogus6969965 January 2018
This was a good movie. It was a bit long, but not to the point that I lost interest. You connected with both man and computer through the movie. Although not an orginal idea, this was unique. The ending was very good. others have said it left it to your interpretation, but I dont think so. It was a good, straight-forward ending.
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Enjoyed this poetic dystopic loop
Dusan_Indjic-Luigi6 November 2017
Now, this really kept me going. Maybe just because of mood, which it kept going really good with atmosphere. It's subtle and may seam repetitive, but that's just for a "outsider-viewer" who isn't concerned with such possibilities nowadays. This movie is filled with warmth and everybody's will to get free and also with compassion. Loads of it, actually. 'cause you see, in this movie is each one of us - confined in programmed loop (so alike our everyday reality); hellish one would say. But nice stuff is hope and freedom. And it's the one thing we're left with in the end. Really beautiful.
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kyleweber-769001 October 2017
This movie is probably one of the best movies I have watched all year! Just when you think you know what's going on you get hit with another twist. The movie takes place in 3 different places and that's all they really needed. At first it takes a minute to see what's going on but when it finally clicks the movie gets so good. Pay attention to the details and the movie is ten times better. Also ask yourself why things are happening. It help! Great movie! Deserves 10/10
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Mind bending
Henry-klein14 April 2019
Excellent low budget effort that combines AI, memory loops and future state into one thoughtful science-fi bender.
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Interesting conceit
stevelomas-694015 October 2018
Its almost cerebral, and certainly talky, SF. The acting is good and does just manage to hold attention throughout. Whilst I would quibble with 'Howards' decisions and Frank's romance with 'Gabby' has real issues I did like this one.
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We don't see unique films like these quite often
shupanthodey30 September 2017
This is one of the best films I have seen this year.I loved it ,not because of the complexity of the story ,because this film makes you feel the main character and the strange loneliness .

The acting two main characters are superb and then there is ,the ISO . Man,the conversation between Frank(protagonist) and the AI/ISO is just mind-blowing. It is quite funny sometimes.

The plot makes you keep guessing and guessing and it is never boring nor slow. The story reveals from time to time and you start to love it.

A must watch ,I would say .
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Has its moments
Bemmu1 October 2017
One of those movies that overall wasn't that amazing as a whole, but is vindicated thanks to some satisfying moments. Experienced frisson twice, and at another point was so immersed I forgot to think about anything except this movie. These made it a worthwhile evening entertainment.

Has a memorable reoccurring visual that I probably won't be forgetting soon.
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waitandhope19 January 2018
Wow just saw it tonight, this things a huge wonderful mess of what the heck is going on mixed with some crazy melodramas. Loved every minute of it from start to finish. If you like sci-fi this is worth watching and everyone involved does a beautiful job acting. Loved the world it made and how you were never sure what was going on. I promise this won't disappoint you.
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