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Sex & Nudity

  • Mild innuendos and sexual references throughout.
  • A character often gets mistaken for a girl and is forced to cross-dress for various reasons at several points in the show despite showing discomfort to the idea.
  • A character is shown wearing excessively revealing clothes through most of the series, though she is often scolded for it and it's intended for laughs.
  • Occasional references to pornography including depictions of characters reading porn magazines, though nothing graphic is shown.
  • Two characters are continually called perverts. One character is extremely sexual (fan service).
  • In an episode where all the students come up with call signs/nicknames for each other, one girl complains about her nickname being "Scrunchies and boobs."
  • A female character asks a male character how she looks in a tube top that exposes a lot of cleavage. The close up on her chest lasts a couple second. The male character is very pleased, though the female character doesn't understand why.
  • A female character has her cellphone hidden in her cleavage. She gasps in surprise when it rings and her breasts jiggle in a brief closeup.
  • A female teacher forcibly kissed a male student for a prolonged amount of time to get information out of him as he comedically freaks out.
  • While going through solo pictures of students, one character in a picture is running around nude. No graphics.
  • A character on an island goes nude to join his (female) classmates who are playing in the ocean. Nothing happens at all.
  • A character has an aversion to huge breasts.
  • One character gets shoved into a female's chest from "hugging". He says something along the lines of "Stop it! I can't breath because of your enormous ta tas"
  • In an episode, a boy kisses a girl to put her mind away from assassination. This lasts for about 40 seconds.
  • Teacher shows a photo of a naked male student. The tie covers the frontal part.
  • A female character try's to please a male to try to kill him, but the male changes her at quick speed. No changing was seen. And she tells the student,"He also had time to do the thing", nothing is referred or talked about it,and it gets dropped easily.

Violence & Gore

  • There are several bloody scenes throughout the series, though they are all brief.
  • A character peels off the skin on his face, but he is only a yellow alien so it is non graphic
  • A man is stabbed in the eye. Blood gushed everywhere (done in a very cartoony manner, so it probably won't appear disturbing to most).


  • A running gag involves the students calling their teacher either "Professor Bitch" or "Bitch Sensei" (depending on the version you watch) due to her last name.
  • A couple uses of bastard and crap. In a later episode there is a bleeped out f-word (both broadcast and uncut versions are bleeped). This is played for laughs.
  • "Prick" and "dick" are used frequently

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Occasional infrequent depictions of smoking and alcoholic beverages, but nothing more than that.
  • Mentions of drug selling concerning gangs
  • A female teacher smokes in one episode, this is not shown again.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire plot of the series revolves around a class trying to assassinate their teacher.
  • Whilst many characters use silly methods of trying to kill their teacher some chatacters are very tense and even experience bloodlust towards him or other students.
  • The very first scene of the first episode can seem a bit intense, dark, or even depressing to some viewers.
  • The first episode is not straight forward at all, the story at first glance may seem confusing or even dark. Some viewers may also get the wrong message hence it is suggested that children have some parental guidance to understand the episode clearly or watch till the second episode to get a clearer image.
  • This show may not be suitable for kids 10 and under due to them acting and being influenced by the characters.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman talks repeatedly about her past seducing men. References to this include flashbacks to her naked. (Though specific parts of her body are covered in shadow)
  • There is a scene where 2 girls are kidnapped by another school's students, there is mention of taking pictures (referring to sexual activities) but nothing happens and they are stopped and the girls are safe.
  • A teacher holds a male student's face in her cleavage. This happens in the middle of a school assembly and is done so that the boy would give her information on Korosensei. However, she is stopped and pulled out of the room.
  • In season 2 episode 4, all male students help a transfer student (male) to complete the machine he is working on. This machine contains a camera, eventually a few of them come up witth the idea of using the machine to look up at the girls' skirts. The girls however overhear them talking.
  • During a game of paintball fight, a character from the opposite team is running in the enemy team's territory. A (male) character happens to be hanging upside down in a tree, ready to kill her (meaning take her out of the game). As she approaches the male character has her in his hand like a rope where people are hanged and takes her out of the game. The scene may seem seductive but it's not.

Violence & Gore

  • The entire show is focused on assassination, as such students are depicted using guns and knives to kill their teacher throughout the whole series (though they are harmless to humans and the students cannot harm each other with them, they are coated in a substance that allows them to cause extreme damage to their teacher only.)
  • In season 2, they reveal Koro's past, when he was the God of Death(The best assassin. In one scene, he escapes the lab he's in and kills the guards and takes an eye out of the main scientist. Very bloody
  • In season 2, two episodes are focused on an assassin named The Reaper, the episodes are very violent and intimidating. Bloodshed is a lot, and the kids in the episode are to be sacrificed. At the end of the episode, it is mentioned that the students' experience with The Reaper was very tragic. This episode may scare young children and/or influence extremely young viewers. Parental guidance is suggested.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The death of a main character is extremely emotional and impactful, especially for those who grow attached to the series.
  • A character's unhealthy relationship with mother is uncomfortable at times .
  • One episode, which focuses on the main character's mother, shows many scenes where she has violent tantrums and outbursts, and even tries to convince the main character to burn down the school building. No one is harmed.
  • Two female students are kidnapped in one episode.
  • One character has a strong hatred towards anyone who is a teacher due to past experience. When he is introduced, he immediately starts to assassinate korosensei, though most attempts fail.
  • In season one, a character throws themself off a high cliff, and as they fall we see some of the characters memories. The character is saved, but this could still be pretty intense for some younger viewers.

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