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  • JEROME LARKEN is a 32 year old former college basketball standout who is now a struggling high school teacher. Jerome ends up completely broke after following the financial advice of his buddy THEO, a lovable hustler who will do anything for money. Now with no money and no income for the summer, Theo convinces Jerome to act like a bum to hustle people for money to pay his bills. After initial success, things quickly take a turn for the worst when DR. MAXIMUS THORN, 30's man-child, school principle discovers and exposes Jerome's secret. Now that Jerome has hit rock bottom, his act has become his reality. After a few weeks of being homeless for real, Jerome gets a breakthrough when Theo financial advice finally pays off.


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  • JEROME LARKEN, 30's, is a former college basketball standout who is now a struggling high school teacher. Jerome has a daughter, CIANA, from a relationship with LAYLA, late 20's, gold digger who is still milking Jerome dry for every penny that she can get out of him. Meanwhile, DR. MAXIMUS THORN, 30's, principal of the school, cuts the summer school program, preventing Jerome from earning a steady paycheck over the summer break.

    With no income coming in, Jerome's buddy THEO, 20's, a lovable hustler that will do anything for a buck, convinces Jerome to try a get rich quick stock scheme. Jerome loses his last $2,000 dollars in the market and is forced to go to extreme measures to make enough money to pay his mortgage before being evicted and losing the opportunity to gain full custody of his daughter.

    Theo helps Jerome come up with the plan to act like a bum to hustle people for money over the summer break from school. The two create a disguise for Jerome to protect his identity. Jerome meets LUCKY, 30's, a charismatic homeless man that shows Jerome aka TEACH how to survive on the streets. Meanwhile, Theo tries to keep Jerome focused on the money but Jerome falls hard for MARIE, late 20's, founder of "Meal-A-Day" for feeding the homeless.

    Everything was going according to plan until Dr. Thorn caught onto the scam and put an end to it all. Leaving Jerome with nothing, except his 100k shares of worthless stock. Jerome's act is now his reality. After a few weeks of living on the streets with nothing, Theo finds Jerome to tell him the 100k shares of stock that he was holding has shot up over $10 per share making Jerome a millionaire.

    Jerome uses that money to gain full custody of his daughter, and to buy a shelter so Marie can fulfill her dream of helping the homeless. Jerome makes amends with the people he has hurt with his lies and is living a happy life with his daughter and Marie.

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