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23 Apr. 2018
Smoke and Mirrors
Louis welcomes a defeated royal relative to the palace, but with unforeseen personal consequences.
23 Apr. 2018
Question of Trust
Little can be taken at face value as Louis negotiates with Leopold over Spain, the Bastille governor has a sorry tale for Philippe and Sophie surprises Marchal.
30 Apr. 2018
The Truth Will Burst
A betrayal by one of the women closest to the king has unforeseen consequences, while a graphic revelation results in a fall from grace for another.
30 Apr. 2018
Crime and Punishment
Seeking retribution, Louis lashes out at the Parisian rebels though Philippe urges a more reasoned response.
7 May 2018
The After-Life
Can Louis' longed-for loving touch help the ailing queen? An engraved blade holds a clue to who Philippe has antagonised.
7 May 2018
The Wheel of Fortune
Louis hopes diplomacy will hide his duplicity as he works to undermine Leopold while winning over severe cardinal Leto.
14 May 2018
The Book of Revelations
Has Louis finally learnt the identity of the man in the iron mask? Cardinal Leto is still determined to use his knowledge against the king.
14 May 2018
Men and Gods
Suffering an identity crisis, Louis gets moody, unable to reveal the reason. Jeanne's protest pamphlets in Paris bring reprisals led by Marchal.
The Powder Keg
His resolve reinforced, Louis is dismissive of the pain his plans will cause others, be they Philippe or Protestants of all classes. Cardinal Leto is confident of making the king marry Isabella of Portugal.
The Legacy
Looking to the future, King Louis XIV seeks to reconnect with his people, and reconcile his family.

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