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MPAA Rated PG-13 for thematic content, some sexual references, language and drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • Some scenes where a bare butt is shown and cleavage is shown once or twice. However, sexual references are mild but frequent throughout the film.
  • Mac crudely, repeatedly brags about sexual exploits with his buxom girlfriend, whose lingerie-clad image we see on his smartphone.
  • Someone sarcastically mentions that they can "see her at church."
  • Another scene mentions a ridiculous post-coital conversation they had. Later on, Mac says he found her "bangin' some dude" from the Flagstaff Police Department, which precipitates their breakup.
  • It's implied that Brendan has been promiscuous in the past, though he's quit making those choices since learning of Natalie's pregnancy.
  • There's a crude allusion to masturbation.
  • Marsh and Amanda kiss passionately.
  • We see them in bed together, though not in a sexual situation.
  • He gets out of bed shirtless.
  • At one point after Marsh returns home from a fire and Amanda's been tending horses all day, they joke suggestively about how "dirty" they are.
  • The next scene, they're shown taking a bath together, though nothing beyond bare shoulders is visible and they're not doing anything besides talking.
  • After another conflict, it's implied that the married couple has sex (though, again, nothing is shown).
  • Later, Marsh calls his wife "sugar t-ts."
  • She's shown in bed in her underwear.
  • A training scene shows shirtless guys working out.
  • We see part of a man's bare backside in a shower (though he's mostly in the background and partially obscured by a wall).
  • Mac interacts with scantily clad females who flirt suggestively with him at a bar.
  • At a campsite, a firefighter appears to be checking his anus with a mirror (which is never explained, but likely related to hemorrhoids).
  • We see a bit of his bare thigh and backside.
  • Amanda laughingly relates to her husband, "I peed my pants today" when a horse stepped on her foot.

Violence & Gore

  • Mild scenes depicting consequences of drug use and other minor crimes. Some scenes contained eminent threats of violence or damage to inanimate objects. Scenes showing the potential results of animal cruelty are present as well, though no demonstrations of harming animals were shown.
  • Marsh has a nightmare about a flaming bear running out of a burning forest.
  • He eventually says that he saw exactly that while fighting a fire when he was much younger.
  • Marsh imagines (and we see) a similar image as a massive fire sweeps over the fireman who are unable to escape it.
  • They have heat-resistant shelters (almost like metallic sleeping bags) that are supposed to protect them.
  • But in this case, the shelters fail.
  • We see rescue workers walking through the charred area where they died, all still shrouded by their bags.
  • Other scenes picture the firefighters working in close proximity to various fires
  • Someone falls and hits his head before being pulled away from a fire by another teammate.
  • Brendan is unexpectedly bitten by a rattlesnake and ends up hospitalized, and we see blackened, necrotic tissue around the wound.
  • We also see Brendan with a badly bloodied nose early in the film (after he's kicked out of a bar).
  • An automobile accident involves a vehicle flipping.
  • The person driving ends up with facial cuts and abrasions
  • A horse has severely cracked hooves and many scab-encrusted wounds.
  • Firefighters glimpse a blackened animal carcass in a charred area
  • When Marsh thinks he's made a mistake that will cost the team its Hotshot certification, he smashes a desk chair to bits in frustration.
  • An aerial tanker drops a load of water mistakenly on the team, flattening the buildings around them.


  • Expletives include at least 19 uses of the s-word and 2 clear uses of the f-word, along with several uses of b****, g*dd***, d***, and others.
  • Contains scenes where characters clearly used the Lord's Name in vain.
  • Two f-words.
  • Forty or so s-words.
  • Jesus' name is misused twice
  • God's name is abused about a dozen times, including at least 5 pairings with "d--n."
  • There's one exclamation of "my lord!"
  • We hear about 10 uses each of "d--n" and "a--," and half a dozen of "a--hole."
  • "B--ch," the favored profanity for describing a fire, is uttered five times.
  • There are three or four uses each of "h---" and "p-ss."
  • We hear one or two uses each of "d--k," "b--tard" and "p---y" (the later term used as a synonym for coward, not in a sexual sense).
  • The guys deride Mac's (ex)girlfriend as a "slut" twice in their conversations.
  • We see crude hand gestures.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a scene of implied drug use where a glass tube is heated, followed by a man blowing out smoke, seemingly in daze. There is limited verbal mention of drug use. Multiple references to previous drug addiction and use were made as well as references by a number of the main characters about being recovering addicts but what type of addiction was only vaguely implied.
  • Early on, Brendan smokes some kind of drug (it's unclear what) through a glass pipe, and it's obvious he's stoned.
  • He gets thrown out of a bar with what looks like white powder all over his nose and face.
  • After his rattlesnake bite, he tells the nurses, "No painkillers," the implication being that he's worried about becoming addicted to them.
  • Marsh knows Brendan is a drug user when he hires him
  • Marsh and Amanda's conversations suggest that they were both deeply damaged by their own unnamed substance-abuse problems in the past.
  • There's passing reference to a "tweaker" lab.
  • Multiple scenes depict the guys drinking, usually beer.
  • A celebration scene at a bar depicts most of the team (and other locals) partaking liberally.
  • Brendan vomits during a training run.
  • Someone vomits in an airsick bag on a bumpy helicopter flight, then passes the bag to the guy next to him.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The story is based on true events and is filled with stress and tragedy as well as numerous adult situations and scenarios.

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