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The Death of a Franchise
zogarreal17 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be the biggest pile of garbage I have seen in a long time. Shane Black has just killed the Predator franchise. The plot makes no sense. The tone is all over the place. A genetic scientist suddenly becomes a super soldier. A vicious alien dog becomes friends with the good guys playing fetch (I'm serious). The super predator looks like a pissed off wrestler with bad CGI. The harvesting human DNA plot is handled ridiculously. The fact that an autistic kid can read predator language and is wanted by both predators is bloody bizarre. The jokes are constant and irritating that it's more of a comedy than a sci-fi thriller, actually it doesn't knoe what it is. Ugh bloody awful, good fun if you're 7 years old I suppose. Don't go near this nonsense. AvP Requiem is a masterpiece compared to this tripe.
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An Insult to the franchise
sepetcenk21 November 2018
It is a parody of Predator. Don't expect science fiction or story line just a poor action comedy film.
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Worst film I have ever witnessed in my life
aj2002019 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Thank you , Shane Black has single-handedly destroyed a franchise.

I am not joking , this was the worst film I have ever witnessed in a cinema.

I am completely heart broken and distraught , spending 80 million on this garbage???

where do I start?

The lead female scientist becomes a super soldier and and manages to keep pace with the predator, and even manages to run 1000's of miles in the jungle in 10mins to save the day when the spaceship crash lands.

large predator comes to earth to kidnap a austistic kid ??? and austistic kids can read alien language?? wtf

The good predator comes to give mankind a gift and to help them but instead kills anyone he sees.

the stupid predator dogs which do nothing except eat bullets and one of them becomes tamed after being shot and helps the good guys and saves the day by tossing a grenade out his mouth near the end.

the stupid cringy jokes the guy with tourette starts shouting sexual innapropriate remarks at the female scientist, its so bad.

the acting, dialogue, script , story , plot, is just laughable. its all over the place, makes no sense and the ending is the worst . Im in shock.

this is an insult to filmmaking and to mankind.
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AVP2: "I'm the worst movie of the franchise!" The Predator: "Hold my beer"
hbreed9917 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Trash. No storyline. Horrible CGI. Only memorable part is the "Get to the choppas" line, as they discover just the right amount of bikes to escape on, in the middle of some secret base, with no other vehicles around.
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Lifelong Predator fan. Til now.
ericcglwrc17 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was born in 87, saw Predator as a kid and became a fanatic. Then Predator 2 came out and I was happy with it. It had the same vibe and was very entertaining. I played Alien vs Predator in that huge arcade box version at my local Ames as my parents would pick up groceries. My grandpa and I even bought the Predator action figure and setup GI Joes hanging upside down from the trees in my backyard. Here we are decades later and I went to see this yesterday. I've never taken time to review a movie on here whether I liked a movie or not but today, I signed up an imdb profile simply to write this review. This was simply the worst movie I have ever seen in the theater. The CGI was awful, the story was atrocious, the jokes were written for 7 year olds but the gore was for adults. WHO IS THIS MOVIE FOR!? It caters to no crowd well. I was 100% upset this didn't go straight to the scifi channel alongside Arachnophobia. It was so bad, at the end when they introduce Predators gift to man, The Predator Killer as they named it, I fully expected Arnold Schwarzenegger to step out as a Terminator. That's how awful this movie was. That was actually a plausible ending to me considering how bad the rest was. AND the actual ending WAS WORSE.
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The New Bottom
letande13 September 2018
Like everybody else back in 1987, I was really impressed by Predator. It was pretty simple and straightforward movie, but it introduced a pretty neat and unique concept and, well, there was something special about the atmosphere. "...the jungle... it just came alive and took him." It was awesome. Unfortunately, sequel suffered from some seriously poor writing, while Aliens versus Predator franchise turned out to be a complete disaster. Everybody knows that and everybody wanted Predator franchise to return to its former glory one day. That's why I had some hope for this one. I seriously did. That's why I bought a ticket and went to see it the day one. I really expected to see a good Predator movie. I mean, there was no way they'll make a bad movie after all those big expectations, right? RIGHT? Well... I was naïve...

Long story short, the new Predator is EXACTLY like AvP. Only worse. Wa-a-ay worse. 999x+ times worse. Remember the first AvP movie? Remember how at the beginning it at least tried to create some atmosphere, but ended up with that girl fighting together with Predator in a very silly way? In this movie it's that exact silly stuff from very beginning and until the very end. It's so silly that it doesn't even feel like a real deal. It feels like a cheap comedy. A parody. A B-movie with AAA budget. The movie tries really hard to be like Deadpool, but the problem is... it shouldn't be like that! I mean, come on! Predator was supposed to be a mix between horror and sci-fi. With deep atmosphere. With suspense and a man versus alien in a brutal battle. Add Deadpool-like jokes about genitals and BOOM! The entire thing is ruined. Just like that. The entire audience laughed through the entire movie, can't argue with that. People like Deadpool's jokes. Not me, but... you know... as long as audience love it... If all you want is some cheap laughs, this movie has them. A lot of them. It's literally MADE of them. The entire movie is, like, one... big... JOKE. My problem, though, is that nobody warned me about the fact that this movie is a parody. It was advertised as a real deal, a big comeback, which turned out to be a cheap parody. Why? I mean... WHY???

Also, unfortunately, jokes are not the only problem here. Even though 2/3 of the movie are just that - dirty jokes. The thing is - the entire writing is bad. The entire IDEA is bad. It feels a lot like E.T., only E.T. is Predator now and kid's father is Ash freakin' Williams.

Talking About Evil Dead. Remember Army of Darkness? That's EXACTLY what this movie tries to achieve. And there are three problems with that. First: Boyd Holbrook is not Bruce Campbell. He doesn't have that thing that allowed Bruce to do his thing. He doesn't have that crazy spark in him. And as the result - his character feels absolutely, completely RIDICULOUS. Second: writers have no clue how to be crazy with style. Evil Dead franchise had that. This movie? Nope. It tries. Hard. Way too hard. But still... nope. And, finally, there was no reason to turn good ol' Predator into the Evil Dead. Evil Dead is good. Predator is good. Mix them together and here comes disaster.

The new Predator is something that may work for you at home, when you're way too drunk at your weekend to enjoy something real. When all you want is something on background with some cheap laughs, while you're eating your pizza and drinking your beer... this movie will do. Like any B-movie. Like Sharknado. But as a proper Predator movie... on big screen... for the full price... It's a disaster. Did I tell you that 3D also sucks and pretty much useless here? No? Well, it is. The new Predator is one of the very rare movies that totally made me regret paying for a ticket. Even as one time movie... it doesn't work. Back in the days, I believed that it's impossible to be worse than AvP. The new Predator proved me wrong. Ladies and gentlemen... here comes the very new bottom for the franchise.

P.S. There's one good thing about all that, though. It makes Predator 2 to look like timeless masterpiece.
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I made an imdb account to warn people
ParallelFalchion25 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This killed the Predator franchise. Completely. Never have I watched a more awkward film. Confusing plot. F-bombs every thirty seconds. A scientist suddenly able to run faster than Usain Bolt. Some kid learns the Predator language in seconds. 1000 feet falls, yet no one breaks anything. You get the point. And this movie gave off so much awkward energy. I was watching with someone extremely close, and we normally make multiple jokes during movies, but none of us made a single one. I was itching to ask if they were okay with watching something else. No one said a word between the movie started, and an hour into the film. And if you're curious what those first words were... it was: "Hi, can I have a large cheese pizza and medium hot wings?" This film is unforgiving, and sadly, my least favorite movie. Ever. Spare yourselves. Please don't watch it.
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mark-2662426 November 2018
Feels like a 12 year old wrote and directed this nonsensical rubbish
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The predatory comedy reboot movie
MpGrill17 September 2018
Instead of a predator movie all we got is to see a mediocre action comedy movie with the predator storyline being more of a side play instead of the main act. Less than a sixth ( 1/6 ) of the movie is based around the predator while the whole other parts center more around a bunch of two sentence characters fighting generic villain soldiers. The plot is ridiculous out of point and completely unrealistic. A franchise ruined.
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michaelmccann-118 September 2018
It was like watching a sequel in a franchise when there's been 10 previous films and they were out of ideas. The location was wrong, the characters were wrong, the story was wrong, everything was wrong. It was very childish, every line in the film was trying to be funny. A kid had a major role...really? A kid? I thought I was watching a Disney film. The CGI was terrible, I felt I was watching a cheap TV series. It was funny at some points but it really is a bad film overall. The real Predator looked amazing, great suit and animatronics, but the CGI predahulk was terrible. I was gutted watching this😪😪
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Fans of the original movie, please avoid this. Absolute trash!!
rachit66613 September 2018
What a train wreck of a movie!! Absolute garbage. Dumbass story, crap actors, one stupid decision after another, really generic and bad background score. This was disrespectful of the predator franchise. Forget the first two movies (this isn't even on the same continent as far as quality is concerned), even the AVP series was better. And the jokes...OH MY GOD THE JOKES...totally forced and lameass.

Anyone with even a shred of attachment to the legit classic that the first Pred movie was, kindly save yourself the trauma and avoid this one.

Shane black - can you please not direct any movie again? Pretty please?
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It needs Dir. John McTiernan to redirect the True 'Predator' Film
hilaryswank201115 September 2018
This the 6th. Predator film which following the events of the master piece Predator (1987), Predator 2 (1990), and is a prequel to the Predators (2010). And its franchise includes Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007).

The Predator (2018) is directed by Shane Black who played the role, a radio guy of the rescue unit, Rick Hawkins in Predator (1987). And he should be remained in that role, should not make this meaningless sequel to the master piece.

Besides this, another surprise for movie goers from 1980s is that the co-screen writer is Fred Dekker who is famous for the well made horror kids comedy, a The Goonies (1985) -kind version of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), The Monster Squad (1987).

This film is full of cons and hardly finds any advantages. Such as an overabundance of CGI, a blatantly franchise-thirsty ending, and some winking references to the original.

The only elements made me excited were just Predator images from a Central American jungle of Predator (1987), downtown LA of Predator 2 (1990).

The story line itself is kind of UFO conspiracy theory with covert operatives and solders involved.

The story is taken place in school where the protagonist Quinn McKenna 's son Rory McKenna attends.

A deserter Predator escapes to the earth and accidentally its stolen anti-Predator weapons are gained by a solder Quinn during covert assassination operation out side of US. Then, these Predator weapons trigger hunting of the traitor of Predators in Georgia. A big Predator comes to the town to hunt the deserter and retrieve these anti-Predator weapons before invasion of Earth.

Ethically and emotionally fatal plotting is that these ex solders are too robotically kill antagonists and themselves, too emotionlessly kill characters as a kind of Kamikaze spirit but it is not persuasive and impressive in drama narrative. Furthermore, it does not like a team play, just like a zombie shooting game.

The real team spirit of Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer in Predator (1987) and Lieutenant Michael "Mike" R. Harrigan's LAPD team in Predator 2 (1990) are completely unable to be seen in this latest sequel.

There is no equilibrium in this film at all. I reminisced these master pieces that truly expressed the emotional and humanistic responses to the tragedies happened in their teams.

Shane Black should be remained in the role Rick Hawkins in Predator (1987) and Fred Dekker also should be remained in the director of The Monster Squad (1987).

I love Predator (1987) and we just need the master piece. I'd rather recommend filmmakers to repeatedly see the original than making the sequel to spoil the image of Predator (1987).

If there can be a better sequel to the 31 year old Hollywood film master piece franchise, it will be only possible when the original director Mr. John McTiernan redirects the true Predator film again.
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This was the third time I walked out on a movie
PeterDuck14 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Walked out about after an hour of watching.

There's no story.

The editing is atrocious: One moment they are here. Next minute they are over there. How did they get there? What are they trying to do again? Why is the group still sticking together? Aren't they fugitives? Where did they get the motorcycles from? How do you not hear a loud motorcycle? Why are the predator dogs just standing there getting shot?

The jokes weren't funny at all. The occasional use of the "f" word fell flat. The acting was atrocious.

The movie was painful to watch.
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Horrible Parody of a movie
cosmaprc17 September 2018
It is a parody of a great franchise! I went to see it even though it had horrible reviews and I was very disappointed with this trash! I regret not leaving early and asking for my money back! If you are a Predator/AVP/Predators fan this movie will let you down in a big way!
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Signed up to IMDB just to leave this damning review
mattryanking-9636613 September 2018
So I am a massive predator fan and I had eagerly booked tickets weeks ago to see this movie opening night. I cannot explain how disappointing this film is. This films forgets what these movies are supposed to be about , there is no intensity or suspense it's all slap stick comedy and poor CGI. I get all the movies can't be alike and they had to go somewhere different but this is a train wreck. Worst of all ,it's likely there will be a sequel to this horror show.

If you're a huge predator fan like me, refrain from paying to see this movieand just wait until it goes on TV!

A film should not have more headshaking moments ( with how crap the movie is ) than actual enjoyable moments! To sum up, It's that bad it's worse than AVP2- literally.
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An insult to the original
syed-0050012 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well that was one cartoonish/childish marvel type of movie where the hero doesn't get hurt even after thousands of bullets fired at them, bombs, getting hit hard with the trees, fist fights and much more and not a scratch on our hero. And he gets an avenger type suit now so he's an avenger super hero predator killer.

What was the purpose of those dogs? The giant predator or the small one?

Our hero killed so many soldiers but no investigations going on? Lol
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sosophrank-194-71497416 November 2018
Half way through the movie I had to walk out to leave this review. This is AWFUL
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Total Waste of Time
ault-7371517 September 2018
Normally I can find at least something good about a movie...not so with this POS. Literally this is like 4 or 5 movie ideas stuffed into one incoherent movie that just doesn't end. I feel terrible for Oliva Munn, wow, just wow, fire your agent. This is a train wreck of epic proportions and does not even live up to either AVP, which should tell you all you need. The bolt on ending which I know if from the books feels just awful. How can such a simple concept be so difficult to deliver for this franchise. Seriously The MEG is better.
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Worst Predator movie ever ! Positive reviews are paid plants
voitovsdaniels17 September 2018
Bad Scenario No logic Dogs are dumb and useless A lot of plot holes Terrible actors Worst thing I had ever seen is IRON ARMOR PREDATOR SUIT ! What is that ? Shane Black you destroyed Predator franchise
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Makes Alien V Predator look like an Oscar contender!
danielaustin-735-48449713 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Me and a friend who are both fans of the original 1987 film went to the cinema tonight to watch the latest predator movie.

What a total load of rubbish. The story, well what story? It was like a few mates got drunk and came up with a load of ideas, threw them together and hey presto! The Predator was made. It makes little sense, no character depth at all and flicks from one scene to another without any explanation or thought! You have a biologist who turns into a solider and actually fights the upgraded Predator! She can use guns, runs as fast as the Predator and can fight it! I don't know where to start with the other characters? The B teams of soilders (loonies - what a stupid name) makes no sense and are just annoying! I just don't get why they are in this film? It's stupid. The main character has no personality and you don't care if he lives or dies, hopefully the latter. He kills army officers yet he is back in the army at the end of the film all suited and booted. Why is he not in jail? The kid blows someone up but he is seen working in the end on a top secret facility with the alien artifacts! AHHH this is just plan stupid now.

Next the acting or lack of it. The characters make no sense to me anyway but the acting is awful! So unbelievable it's untrue! Onto the effects, why or why am I seeing poor CGI on a predator film? The dogs are pathectic, not only in design (should have kept the same as Predators) but also in the effects. Really really poor on this front and add nothing.

This film is all over the place and so bad it make Alien V Predator look like a World beater and that was pants. I'm not joking, one or the worst films I've ever seen. I'm not sure what 20th Century or Black were thinking, did they even watch the final film before approving it???

The only good point is Arnold turned down a cameo! After watching this he must think to himself, I dodged a bullet there!
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it was a comedy movie not horror movie unlike the classic predator
rok-hard17 September 2018
I think we will see will ferell in the next predator . i was disapointed paying to see a fantasy and horro movie ended up to be a comedy movie wich i didnt like at all . and thats why the classic predator with arnold is the best alot of action storyline and horror .RIP predator
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Disrespectful piece of garbage
nacho-c18 September 2018
As a die-hard fan since I saw the John McTiernan classic in theaters at the age of 13, I thought it was a good idea to bring Shane Black and Fred Dekker on board. I was even ready to forgive his god-awful "Iron Man 3". What could possibly go wrong?

Man, just EVERYTHING. The script is delusional, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SCRIPT WAS GREENLIGHTED. We are treated to a string of set pieces in "a tour de force" of nonsense, being the next scene impossibly even more stupid than the previous one.

Shane Black shouldn't write another script EVER
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Makes AVP look amazing.
running_with_scissors14 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So, the female lead goes from being a normal civilian walking her dog to dissecting an alien, to being the only person on an army base full of soldiers capable of perusing the Predator with a gun within the space of 5 minutes without a change of emotion.

The Predator dissapoints in the very first scene, what was going on with his walk? Next he's running around with a machine gun and tracking down a child from looking up the school he goes too, thankfully he stopped short of using Facebook.

The lead male gets his hands of predator technology early on, one item of which he knows is lethal. Anyway knowing he's being persued for it, because it's dangerous, he sends it to his wife and child. Father of the year.

Anyway I walked out at the point the Predator uses someone's detached arm to give a thumbs up to a driver so he could hitch a ride.
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A disgrace to the franchise.
rosti_mitev17 September 2018
Truly this is a disgrace to the franchise. Even if I was not a Predator fan, I would still call this movie a garbage, because this is what it was - regardless if it is a Predator movie or not. The fact that it is situated in the Predator universe only makes things worse, because it makes a parody out of a beloved character and franchise. I had low expectations after the trailers, but after watching the movie I was speachless of the idiotic characters, absurd dialogue and nonsensical script. Sorry for the overwhelming hate, I don't usually do this, but this is clearly not only the worst Predator movie (yes, it is worse even than AvP: Requem), but it is a bad sci-fi movie and it is comparable to ridiculous titles such as Sharknado or alike. Shane Black, how could you?
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Why was this even made?
abria8713 September 2018
I can't deal with that I just watched. The original 1987 Predator is my favorite movie of all time. It is damn near flawless. What I just watched was an absolute joke. That's about as much as I really want to type on the subject.
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