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  • As explained in the movie, he mailed the mask and gauntlet to a P.O. Box. However, a mailman shows up at his house explaining that his payments for the P.O. Box were overdue and so the items were re-directed to his home address. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Director and Co-Writer Shane Black has confirmed that the film will be an "inventive sequel" to the movie Predator (1987) (1987) and not a remake. To quote Black, "Why start over, when you've all this rich mythology yet to mine? [I Like] the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button." (Source) Essentially, the Predator franchise is an anthology series. Different characters in different locations instead of a continuous story focusing on the same people. Edit (Coming Soon)

    • In a recent interview with Thomas Jane, he gave away some minor details. Stating that his character, along with the other prinicipal castmembers are war veterans with severe PTSD, during a group therapy session at the VA hospital, one of them has a breakdown and they all wind up getting arrested. However, while being arrested, someone else gets arrested alongside them. Someone who witnessed the Predators operating in the city. Believing this person's story, escape custody and decide to take the fight to the Predators. His exact quote was; "We play these veterans from like Afghanistan, Iraq war or whatever. But we're all fucking crazy so we go to the VA hospital to get our meds. We're all like shellshocked, PTSD soldiers. We're at the VA hospital and we're in group therapy and of course, somebody flips out. This is backstory, I dont think we really see this. Somebody flips out and we all get arrested and get thrown onto the bus to go down to the hospital and they throw this other guy on the bus too.
    And he's a guy they've actually marked to kill him because he's seen a UFO, he's seen the Predator ships come down so they lock him up and throw him in with us lunatics. They're going to take that bus, drive it down to a ditch and shoot us all just to get rid of this one guy. But, of course, we take the bus over and we're all like fuck that man, let's go kill these fucking Predators ourselves and we're just crazy enough to believe that this guy really did see a UFO and there's these aliens out there. So thats kinda cool!"

    (It should be noted that some of Jane's quote could have been taken out of context and he may also have a limited role in the film and therefore doesn't have all the details of the plot, as he may not have read the entire script)

    • From some of the set photos released, it appears that there is a faction of Predators working alongside humans. We see these predators appear smaller than normal, wearing army fatigues and seem to be devoid of the majority of their famous technologically advanced weapons. It's possible the Classic Predators have allied with humans to battle the Super Predators.

    • It will be R-Rated. Shane Black stated that was one of his conditions for signing on to the project.
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  • November 3rd, 2017: Added some updated information under the 'Is anything known about this project?' question. Edit (Coming Soon)


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