The Predator (2018) Poster


Jacob Tremblay: Rory McKenna



  • Traeger : [looking at the Predator's ship]  What do you say, buddy? You think you can get us in there? Because I'm not sure that you can.

    Rory McKenna : Nice reverse psychology. I can do that, too. Don't go fuck yourself.

  • Quinn McKenna : Howdy.

    Sapir : What, are you gonna kill us with a fucking tranq gun?

    Quinn McKenna : You took my boy, so yeah.

    [shoots Sapir in his eye] 

    Rory McKenna : Told you.

  • Traeger : [wearing the Predator shoulder cannon]  On Halloween, this blew up a whole house. How do you shoot it?

    Rory McKenna : You don't. It just fires by itself where it's being attacked.

    Traeger : Seriously? Oh, shit.

  • Rory McKenna : That's my dad. He's gonna come save me now.

    Traeger : Oh, is he? Is that what he's gonna do? I'll tell you what, buddy... if it is your daddy, and I truly hope that it is... he's gotta be just about the dumbest motherfucker I've ever met.


    Traeger : I mean, a Ranger sniper tripping wire sensors? He's gotta be...


    Traeger : ... creating a diversion. It's a fucking diversion.

  • Rory McKenna : Sorry I never grew up. You know... the way you wanted.

    Quinn McKenna : [motions Rory to lean closer]  Tell you a secret. Truth is, kid, I never grew up the way *I* wanted.

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