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Olivia Munn: Casey Brackett



  • Casey Bracket : [In a lab filled with lab workers, as the Predator is laid out on an examination table]  Why do you call it "the Predator"?

    Traeger : It's a nickname. You know, the data suggests that it tracks its prey, exploits weaknesses. Seems to- well, enjoy it. Like a game.

    Casey Bracket : That's not a predator, that's a sports hunter.

    Traeger : Sorry?

    Casey Bracket : A predator kills its prey to survive. I mean, what you're describing is more like a bass fisherman.

    Traeger : Well, we took a vote. Predator's cooler, right?

    [Rest of lab agrees] 

    Traeger : Fuck yeah.

  • Casey Bracket : [as she examines the Predator up close while he's strapped to a table]  You are one beautiful motherfucker.

  • Casey Bracket : I think they're attempting hybridization.

    Quinn McKenna : You're just pulling this out of your ass.

    Casey Bracket : Did you not see the new Predator? It's evolving.

    Quinn McKenna : Or being upgraded.

  • Quinn McKenna : Morning, sunshine.

    Casey Bracket : I really wish people would stop calling me that.

    [quickly grabs the nearby shotgun and aims it at McKenna] 

    Coyle : Sh- Hey! Ho, hooo! I told you she'd grab it! Ten bucks, pay up. Woo!

    [the other group members begrudgingly hand Coyle money] 

    Casey Bracket : Where's my phone?

    Quinn McKenna : [hinting at shotgun]  You're not gonna need that.

    [Casey cocks the shotgun] 

    Quinn McKenna : Oh, well, that's not...

    [slowly reaches for her weapon] 

    Quinn McKenna : It's okay. I said it's okay.

    [tries to tug weapon out of Casey's arms, she pulls the trigger; the group stares in shock, then uproar in laughter] 

    Coyle : Hoo, shit! I told you she'd pull the trigger! I should'a bet you that time!

    Nebraska Williams : I like her!

  • Casey Bracket : It's called the Predator. it hunts people for sport.

    Nebraska Williams : Technically, that's not a predator. That's like...

    Casey Bracket : Thank you.

    Coyle : It's a hunter.

    Casey Bracket : I said the same thing.

  • Quinn McKenna : You're saying my son's headed toward a spaceship and so is a10-foot alien.

    Nebraska Williams : Uh, 11, actually. Used to be a contractor.

    Quinn McKenna : This thing is a hybrid? What does that mean?

    Casey Bracket : Meaning it's a Chinese menu of DNA. Comprised of the deadliest species in the entire...

    Nebraska Williams : In the entire universe, yeah?

    Casey Bracket : Galaxy.

    Nebraska Williams : What?

    Casey Bracket : Galaxy. 250 billion stars. Why go universe? Just saying.

  • [the Assassin Predator slams the other Predator on top a car] 

    Coyle : What's the big one? What's the big one, Doc? Is that like the male?

    Baxley : He didn't even give a shit about us. Just wanted to kill that thing.

    Casey Bracket : You saw that, right? Guys! Did you see that? He - He grew an exoskeleton under his fucking skin. What, are they hunting each other now?

  • Quinn McKenna : Casey! Can I interest you in getting the fuck out of here?

    Casey Bracket : "Getting the fuck out of here" is my middle name.

    Quinn McKenna : [looks at Nebraska]  And I thought Gaylord was bad.

  • Casey Bracket : What's on the ship?

    Traeger : I think you know what's on the ship. The ultimate predator.

  • Quinn McKenna : [when the Predator abducts Rory]  No No! He said he wanted me. He said he wanted me!

    Casey Bracket : No. He said he wanted McKenna. The next step in the evolutionary chain. Not you. Your son.

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