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A Wake-Up Call
angelaharveyblog15 September 2017
Honestly, I have always been entrapped by the concept of cover-ups and discrepancies involving this tragic date and I feel as though I have been given the full perspective. I have never come across a more concise and perfectly structured documentary in my life.

Not one word in this INCREDIBLE film is biased as it reveals the quite embarrassing flaws in the scenarios of 9/11. It highlights the indisputable evidence ranging from the quite ridiculous incompetence of authorities that the world has been told to trust.

This powerful and eye-opening masterpiece should be viewed by everyone. It doesn't bother bombarding the viewer with baseless conspiracies, it practically injects factual and proved information into the dishonesty.

Please, avenge the people stolen from this Earth and devote yourself to this film. Knowledge will always be power and currently the wrong people have it.
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Must see
thomashulstrom-404-20044819 October 2014
If you are interested in 9/11 and what was not shown, not asked and swept under the carpet this film is a must see.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfelds suspicious behavior investigated.

Illegal wars and thousands of innocents killed based on the official conspiracy theory - which is taken apart by this thorough film. After all those years 9/11 still dictates western policies and the loss of civilians rights.

Way more interesting and exciting than any Hollywood blockbuster - as this is the real world exposed. Absolutely filled with interesting facts. Must see.
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leedalton-218242 December 2016
The major problem immediately and in the years after 9/11 is these documentaries leave you with more questions than you have answers and like most people I just said 'maybe, maybe not'.

This documentary proves without shadow of any doubt that the official events of 9/11 that we are supposed to believe as fact are completely false. I've watched this documentary 4 times now and my skeptical friends have also sat through it and we are all in agreement. False.

The documentary doesn't prove every aspect of 9/11 as 'conspiracy,' in particular, what happened to the passengers? "It's a frame" Maybe...but where did that poor lady go? Wonderfully though, the documentary after each part simply asks vital questions for each argument - instead of telling us what is what. That's crucial.

Where it slams home is the towers themselves. Wonderful, wonderful wonderful. Proves without doubt the towers came down with controlled demolition as any other explanation breaks the laws of physics, hahahaha!! I was happy that awful argument about heated metal was laid to bed. The amount of leading professionals from pilots to engineers who have joined forces to reveal what happened that day with science is overwhelming.

Give it your time and you will not be disappointing.
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The best documentary on 9/11
berlinerhelper17 October 2015
Having recently seen this epic, seminal documentary, we were completely shocked that it has only received 2 reviews here. An absolutely must-see film for every American. Disturbing, based on an extreme proportion of scientific fact in relation to possible speculation as to what happened on September 11th (whereas most other conspiracy documentaries have offered the opposite). The film is VERY long (all three parts equal almost 5 hours) but worth every minute, breaking down every possible detail of the twin towers, Building #7, The Pentagon, the alleged "pilots", Silverstein, and an extensive breakdown of the so-called "debunking" movement that attempts to justify the "official" story from the government. It offers a clear look at the deception NIST as well as the 9/11 Report and Popular Mechanics have displayed to the world in careless, heartless arrogance. A MUST SEE!!
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In my opinion, the best documentary on 9/11
riccardodp710 December 2018
Having also watched Mazzucco's first documentary on 9/11 (in Italian "11 settembre 2001: Inganno Globale") I would definitely recommend this one to anybody who is interested in the events and dark sides of the tragedy. The crucial point here is the set of questions which is posed to the debunkers and the fact that the documentary not only deals with the exposition of the problems and inconsistencies of the official version but also contains constant and precise confutations of all the vague points made by the debunkers themselves against the movement for the truth about 9/11. To be honest, I approach so called "conspiracy theories" with a lot of skepticism, but in this case, given the overwhelming amount of information and scientific data presented in this extensive work I find it very hard not to take a stance. Another fact that needs mentioning is that the documentary is available for free on YouTube by will of the director himself, or you can buy it from an official DVD store and the director himself encourages you to copy it and share it with your friends. That alone is proof to me that this is a serious project, an honest and open demand for truth and not a money grab on some funky story. This is a serious matter, and I believe that anyone who watches the movie will at least admit that the points presented are very scientific and well-researched.
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Compelling, whether you believe the theories or not
sccoverton10 July 2015
I write this review only to provide some sense of balance, as at the time of writing there is only one other review on here.

I have no particular opinion on whether 9/11 was an inside job or not, neither do I believe in the New World Order or anything else like that. I was attracted to this film by its length and by how its arguments are constructed using publicly-available documentation, news footage, and the arguments of its /detractors/. There are some talking heads in support of the overall argument, but they are kept to a minimum. It is, in a way, an excellent example of the socratic method, whereby simply questioning a person (or organisation, or government) on its stance can cause it to break down and refute itself.

As such, it is a compelling watch. I watched it in two sittings in one day, and I didn't really feel the time. The arguments are carefully chosen, supported and summarised, each one with a single, simple question aimed at the proponents of the official story. Whatever you believe about 9/11, this is an admirably constructed documentary that is very clear in its purpose and demonstrates the kind of research and insight that is only possible in the Internet age, where disparate people of a shared mind can combine their time and resources and produce something way beyond the sum of their parts.

And to be honest, if you watch this you will at least be made aware of the very fluid nature of "truth" in a late-capitalist world, if not entirely swayed to the side of those who question the official 9/11 story. I recommend this to anyone who cares - or thinks they care - about truth, freedom and democracy.
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Arguably one of the best investigative documentaries ever made
PopeyeTheSailor8 August 2020
There are a lot of documentaries about an alleged conspiracy to cover-up the true cause of 9/11. None of them reach the level of The New Pearl Harbor both on a sheer informational level as well as from a storytelling angle. If you only watch one doc related to the attacks, this is it. Period. A lot of the stuff presented is all available to the public but this is where the talent of Mazzucco shows and reminds us how powerful + important the art of film can be really be. I personally put this as the single best expository documentary of the past 10 years.

If you're not ready for 5 hours of this masterpiece, "Decade of Deception" is definitely the best out of any of the rest under 2 hours and it documents an important event related to the movement. I've watched a solid number of the most popular ones and these are the only 2 you need.
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More research required
bountyfour30 July 2017
Hmmmmmm...... As other reviewers note this is a very powerful documentary, and very engaging. You cannot come out of it with a zillion questions and quite emotional. However, you have to be very very careful with this stuff. Its 5 hours long, but this is not long enough to enable the makers to cover many of the claims made in proper scientific detail. Its very easy to claim something without having to explain it properly.

Some of the questions raised here do need answering. But whilst there are problems with the official investigation, and with the NIST collapse models, some of the ideas floated here are misguided at best, plain lies at worst. There's a lot of questions over 9/11, and if you're curious then this is a good place to get an overview of the '9/11 Truth' arguments. But do not take this as gospel. Use it as a starting point to do some research.
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Debunked nonsense. And all the ten star reviewers are fake single use accounts
random-707783 October 2019
This conspiracy theory nonsense has been thoroughly debunked -- but idiots will still believe it.
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