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'Lost & Found' Is Rare Indie for Whole Family
stu-003295 June 2016
Independent films often involve edgy subjects that can make them inappropriate for young people. With Lost & Found, however, writer/director Joseph Itaya has delivered an indie that a whole family could watch together.

After breaking the law, teenage Andy Walton (Justin Kelly) is sent to live with a mysterious uncle his father had never told him about. His younger brother, who senses an opportunity for adventure, begs to go along. They arrive on a creepy island bearing their family name, where they learn that their grandfather was a renowned codebreaker who amassed considerable wealth but disappeared leaving no record of his fortune.

After uncovering clues left by the grandfather, the brothers embark on a treasure hunt under the nose of a developer who hopes to steal their family legacy. Along the way, they must overcome the developer, a spooky forest, early 20th century gadgets and their uncle's loss of hope.

You'll likely recognize only two of the cast members: Benjamin Stockham, who played the titular boy in NBC's About a Boy, portrays younger brother Mark Walton. Jason Patric (The Lost Boys) plays Uncle Trent, a functioning alcoholic who runs a bait shop and constructs ships in bottles. Patric is good, but Stockham provides the bursts of energy that keep the plot moving.

It's a beautiful picture, with glorious aerial shots of the Washington coast. During a post-screening Q&A at the Sedona International Film Festival, Itaya said he wanted to film the whole thing in the state but couldn't afford to do so. Instead, he shot in Canada.

Canada also gifted Itaya two last-minute replacement actors: Kelly, who had been on Canadian TV series DeGrassi: The Next Generation, and Celeste Desjardins, who plays Claire, the developer's daughter and Andy's romantic interest. Amazingly, Itaya said Desjardins had no acting experience, not even a school play. She is arrestingly beautiful, however, and manages to handle the moderate challenges of the part.

I saw the film with a friend in her 20s, and we agreed that Lost & Found – though somewhat predictable at times, particularly in regard to the treasure hunt – exceeded our expectations. The hunt will entertain younger viewers, while the family dynamics – including an original plot twist – should keep adults interested.

Lost & Found has an important message for young people – that fortune takes many forms other than money.


Stu Robinson practices writing, editing, media relations and social media through his business, Phoenix-based Lightbulb Communications.
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Family island
Prismark1025 March 2016
Lost and Found is a family adventure film. Andy Walton is a teenage delinquent who has been sent along with his younger brother to spend the summer on a remote island with Uncle Trent (Jason Patric.)

They know little of this uncle who seems to be down on his luck and drinks too much. Uncle Trent tells them that Walton Island is named after the family who were once wealthy but Trent's dad disappeared one day and left hidden treasure behind.

The island is being brought up by John Broman (Cary Elwes) who plans to turn it into a high class tourist resort rather than a small scale fishing village it is now.

The teenage brothers befriend Broman's daughter and embark on a treasure hunt to restore the family's lost fortune. They discover clues but the island is spooky and their seem to be other sinister forces getting in their way.

The movie is a moody low key family adventure film It is nothing to get too excited about. Elwes is the sinister rich guy who has motives wanting to take over the island quickly. Trent is just too downbeat putting messages in little ship bottles but is this some kind of catharsis for past mistakes?
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Great family movie with treasure and mystery
songcatcher1712 January 2017
Yes, this movie is more for the teen or kid audience. I believe though that it is a breath of fresh air that doesn't deserve such low scores. I'm constantly finding myself looking for movies like this. Great acting, good mysteries, and finding yourself along the way. Movies don't have to be big budget to be great. Worth the watch. It stars Jason Patric from the Lost Boys fame..Casey Elwes, who usually plays doctors in movies but does a great job being the villain. Others I wasn't really familiar with, but they all did a great job. Please don't let the low scores scare you away. I would definitely recommend this movie. I give it a 10 out of 10. These actors deserve credit for a great film.
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Lost And Not Quite Found
neiljones198129 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Lost & Found is the story of two brothers packed off to an island in the middle of nowhere for the summer, and en-route end up in embroiled in the middle of a treasure hunt for their grandfather's long-lost treasure after he suddenly disappeared one day. In the middle of this another character is attempting to buy the island out, and the two brothers befriend his daughter and go hunting for said treasure before he does.

I've written on IMDb before that I tend to gravitate towards the films that premier at Film Festivals, as opposed to at the cinema, and these sorts of films on the whole tend to be solid productions, built on low budgets with semi-decent scripts to match and a lot of the time can stand on their own with those pushed out by the big boys.

Lost & Found isn't the best film ever made on any level. The plot is too thinly stretched for a start and it feels like a standalone TV episode of something or other. Visual wise, the nature of the story requires it to be dark and moody, which it manages easily. Being a film festival movie, it cannot and would never attract big names.

Benjamin Stockham's character unfortunately falls into the "annoying little brother" and "smart arse kid" traps. That and his insistence of wearing water wings for the entire film even in the middle of the forest was irritating and it could have been interesting if the underground chamber flooded while he was wearing the wings...

Don't get me wrong, I liked Stockham in the movie as an actor but I had also seen him previously doing the "annoying little wannabe brother" thing in About A Boy as well, though in AAB it's a character trait, in L&F it's a "I wanna hang out with big bro come what may" thing which may grate.

I didn't hate the film, I would definitely watch again. Maybe a smidgen more dialogue work but only minor other work. Worth a watch.
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good suspenseful movie. Safe for families.
jpo-811334 February 2017
A good, sit on the edge of your seat movie with great themes; love, brotherhood, mystery, and treasure. We watched it with our family of various ages, the youngest being six, the oldest child around 11. It had some tense moments. Sometimes I questioned allowing them to see it, but it had just enough tension to make it fun. This movie was written very well. The twists and turns kept the entire family wondering what would happen next. I loved the cinematography and sound track. Both contributed to the suspense of the film. All the characters were developed adequately. I didn't find many loose ends. This movie had great elements reminiscent of The Goonies, without being too copycat. I loved the soundtrack and felt that it contributed to the suspense and emotions of the film accurately. The island backdrop was brilliant, we are eagerly awaiting the sequel.
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The only adventure is getting through this film
iieeef12 March 2017
FILM: Lost and Found DIRECTOR: Joseph Itaya RATING: 2/10

It's hard to discern exactly who this film is intended for. On the surface it's an adventure story about two young brothers who search for their grandfather's hidden treasure on the family island. At the heart though, it's a family drama about two older brothers finding their way back to each other after life has ripped them apart. Trying to walk the line between both genres, this film does neither particularly well. The kids watching for the adventure storyline will find the plot forced, with all clues and elements conveniently and sloppily revealed at the right moment. If you make your child watch this, expect him to be bored in the first fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the adults watching this for the family story (elderly, I'm assuming) will find that it never quite goes beyond melodrama, with given circumstances too absurd to ring true. Though it was nice to see young Benjamin Stockham continue to get work after his failed television show About A Boy, I'd still only recommend this film as Sunday afternoon viewing on TBS if you happen to be with a grandparent who's hard of hearing and gets offended by anything even remotely challenging.
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Great heart-warming adventure film!
moetapeega26 January 2017
I loved it. It gives you everything you want in an adventure film, plus good surprises. The main character is agonizingly true to life in behavior and thinking. The other characters are also so realistic that, for the first half of the film, it is tantalizingly hard to tell who is the villain. Minor characters add poignant touches. There are shades of "Blair Witch" in the camera work, which lends to the suspense and realism, and there are also beautiful scenic shots of nature. Since this movie won "Best Family Film" at the Bentonville Film Festival, you can confidently sit down in front of it with the kids. Yet the movie is scary and unpredictable. The exciting conclusion transcends the ordinary. Three cheers, five stars!
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