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Salim (2014)
santhosh-1029024 March 2018
The movie was very good. Songs and BGM in the movie were also very good. Vijay Antony acted very good in the movie. Superb Movie. Amazing Movie.
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Salim (U/A) TAMIL -------- my Rating: ★★★★ GOOD JOB
yunusitboss12 November 2014
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Salim (U/A) TAMIL -------- my Rating: ★★★★ GOOD JOB

STRENGTHS :- * Story * Vijay anthony's performance * Background score. * Screenplay was maintain same as "NAAN"

WEAKNESSES :- * Songs and few loop holes.

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall... it is a decent movie with a suspense track.... a must watch.

The socially responsible Dr.Salim faces criticism and seclusion at work due to his upright nature. In addition to this, when his relationship with Nisha falls apart, he is driven to do something he wouldn't normally do.

Director: N.V. Nirmal Kumar Writer: N.V. Nirmal Kumar Stars: Vijay Antony, Aksha Pardasany, R.N.R. Manohar | See full cast and crew »
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Salim movie good message for worst society
rifaimd27 September 2021
Tamil cinema best movie ,no negatives , 100% best concept, story, screenplay, music, direction, and very good performance vijay antony hats off, (This is a very important story for the community, rapes like this will continue to increase until the punishments of the law become cruel, please change the law I ask heartily)😔
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Thriller but not the Edge of the Seat one
abks310941 September 2014
Salim - A Muslim need not be a Terrorist. You may call him as "Vijay" or "Antony". My hearty wishes to this film-maker for highlighting the real-world happenings in the field of Hospitality. Salim tells us "what happens when a doctor is pushed to an extreme due to mental pressure because his fiancé rejected him from life in one side and his M.D rejected him from work in another side". So he decides to live a life at least for one day as per his own terms and life principles. The Film Editor has edited the Interval Sequence with numerous shots giving the audience a stint that it may be a 'Flashback'. But its actually the entire 2nd half of the film. No one knows from where does Dr.Salim come to know the "Home Minister", "his Son" and the Royapuram Rowdy "Siluvai". But after this, every scene slopes upward with the film giving thrill to the audience in each and every scene. With the Story being limited, the Writer could have worked more on the humor part in the Screenplay. This film may be considered the Sequel to his debut film "Naan" but failed to offer what it offered. However the audience move out of the theater with a contended heart that the film have offered something nice. But that is what everyone wants at the end, though the film could be treated with betterment.
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