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Resurrection of Dragon Ball Z!
Luffy Monkey D.19 April 2015
This is the Dragon Ball Z Movie experience I always wanted. While Battle of Gods was an amazingly fun light-hearted adventure, this is the badass action-packed DBZ that we wanted since the Cell Saga.

Goku and Vegeta have now ascended to Gods with Whis as their new master. I absolutely loved the exploration of Goku and Vegeta's character dynamics and development throughout the training scenes, with Whis not only being a physical mentor but a spiritual one as well.

Bills provides much of the comedy in his own unique manner as one of the best new DBZ Characters ever. Speaking of new characters, I'm pleasantly surprised by Frieza's new minions, especially Sorbet as he's actually useful throughout the movie and not just fodder like the rest of Frieza's army. The invasion scene was amazing as it put the Z warriors back in the spotlight and gave the movie some much-needed tension. Especially Gohan; not since his fight with Cell has he been this badass!

Speaking of badassery, the very definition of the word, Vegeta, finally gets his time to really shine (there are no stupid bingo scenes in this one...) - it is straight up brawls in that over-the-top fashion we all know and love delivered by the Prince of all Saiyans.

In the end, the 15th DBZ Film featured the return of the greatest Anime villain of all time: Frieza in a Battle of Gods with the Super Saiyan God Goku. It's just classic!
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mahmoude11 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was in Britain but when I heard Funamation was releasing this in subtitles before Japan I just couldn't miss it I booked my flight and got a ticket to the movie.i have no doubt that all the Dragonball z fans will love this movie with amazing animation and story and when the Dub comes out I am 100% sure that it will be much better.i love how Goku gets a new blue form and how we find out much more about Whis and that he can time travel at the end of the movie I was expecting Vegeta to be the hero but surprise surprise IT was Goku AGAIN.i love how all the characters got there spot light and they where all outing up a good fight that was until Freiza came. I was disappointed that Gohan went Super Saiyan but he really did need the power.overall this movie is an amazing piece of work and I would recommend everyone to watch it
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One of the best pieces of Dragon Ball content ever.
Mathew27 May 2015
Oh boy, what a movie! I'll make this real quick and spoiler free.

Set 2 years after the previous film, Battle of Gods, Frieza is revived by two remnants of his army, Sorbet and Tagoma. By doing this, Frieza has come back with a plan to become stronger and the intentions of getting revenge on the people who stood in his way. Thus begins the most action packed, funniest, epic, exhilarating and beautiful Dragon Ball thing ever created. It's freakin' amazing.

Everything from the animation to its soundtrack to its fights and to it's sheer amount of memorable moments is just top quality. You don't need to be a Dragon Ball fan to enjoy this one.

You are doing yourself a huge disfavour by not watching this movie, Especially if you're a fan of the series.

This is going in my top 10 favourite animated movies.
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Satisfying, but Not Groundbreaking
MacKenzy Reynolds6 August 2015
For the first time in 20 years, I have finally had the privilege to go into a movie theater to see Dragonball Z! I had a high expectations list, as I didn't really care too much for the previous Dragonball movie.

I will say overall, the film was great! My buddy and I had a great time watching this, and it was good to see that Akira Still has some creativity under his belt even though he is 60 years old now!

For the plot, expect to learn some new things about the Dragonball universe. Some characters will teach new techniques that you will find very intriguing! It definitely opens up a lot of doors for the Dragonball universe. The story-line was not too complicated, and was easy enough to swallow without any analyzing. I did see a few inaccuracies to the plot, which didn't coincide with the plot of the original anime, such as where Frieza went after he died in the anime; it is completely different in the movie. I won't give too much information as to where, but let's just say it's a special place for special people :) They mentioned some of the old characters, but unfortunately, they didn't get any screen-time. I was hoping this film was going to be a full reunion of the whole Z- Crew, however, I was disappointed. :( The balance of action, and speaking was masterfully balanced in the writing! There was enough speaking for the plot to be established, without making it seem like a Michael Bay movie, and the action was complete fun from start to finish. They definitely improved from the last film on that aspect!

As always, you will have the urge to scream along with the voice actors! It's amazing how the voice-actors character voices have barely aged at all, even with the hours upon hours of loud screaming. Sean Schemmel does a wonderful job as always screaming his lungs out, and going right back into character flawlessly. However, they did change the actor for Frieza. For one of two reasons, either the old one wasn't paid enough for it, or he just didn't want to be in it period, so expect to be surprised by the different voice of Frieza.

The animation was good, and bad at the same time. Unfortunately, Toei animations kept the film at the standard 28 fps (if you aren't tech savvy, that's really bad for an animated film) which would occasionally seem laggy, and choppy. The art though was phenomenal! Akira did a really good job of integrating both 3d and 2d drawings into one. Most animes you see out there won't do that. So that's definitely a plus!

I had a lot of fun seeing the old crew back together again, and it was definitely reassuring to see that the voice actors are still around and love their characters just as much as we do. I urge every DBZ fan to go out and see the film, and enjoy it. You won't be disappointed, and you will have a good time!
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The Dragon Ball film experience I've always wanted.
Jarred Franks29 June 2015
This movie is fantastic. It does almost everything right and it's one of the most entertaining animated films I've ever seen.

Resurrection 'F' is action packed and freaking' hilarious. It perfects the mix of action and humour and creates one heck of a ride. The weaker characters finally get their moments in the spotlight and it is so good to see characters such as Roshi and Tien throw down.

Goku and Vegeta are the stars here and this movie includes some of the best interactions between the two characters, it's great to watch. Frieza is back and he's just as awesome as you remember him. There's a reason why this guy is the best Dragon Ball villain and one of the most iconic villains of all time and you see that reason in this film.

The animation is, hands down, the best the series has ever looked. An excellent mix of hand drawn and digital animation. Incredible use of cinematography that makes the viewer feel as if they are within the fights. It has an awesome soundtrack and includes a head- banging insert song that'll be stuck in your head for weeks.

Watch this movie. Dragon Ball fan or not, you need to see this. It's awesome.
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Good movie (spoiler here people!)
asexualgentleman31 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Where to begin and where to end. Such an amazing movie. Perfect combination of humour and action. Made me feel like I was watching a reset version of namek saga where things were different. vegeta got the lime light he needed, and he fought frieza like a real saiyan! Great fight scenes and perfect animation went on to give this movie an even greater effect of surprise.

Unfortunately beerus did not take part in the action, but that was more than made up when Goku and Vegeta fighting golden frieza in their new forms! Another positive thing is that it leaves an enormous space for the following series (dragon ball super) to expand on in the future. One word to conclude: Amazing!
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Severe disappointment.
cokezero9924 October 2015
This film was the most hyped Dragonball film in a long time mainly because Frieza returns. Also there is a new Dragonball series running adding to the whole atmosphere and excitement of Dragonball but this film severely disappointed me. I have been a Dragonball fan for like over 10 years.

The main problem with this film is that it feels like a copy/paste job of every other film. Ever. If you have watched any other Dragonball film you can predict the results and the steps that happen to reach the ending. This goes for the plot and story progression so that you could write it yourself. Frieza returns, supporting cast fumble around until the big fish (Goku/Vegeta) show up and they fight with very expected results. And without spoiling anything the film is resolved using a plot mechanic that was literally used previously in films and the series.

And frankly the whole Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms (red and blue respectfully) are nothing more than desperate palette swaps to keep up the idea of power progression that is such a worn out element even starting in the original Dragonball. The design of these forms are just... lazy. As for Frieza's new design, it's also just another palette swap.

Another poor issue is the canon of Dragonball by now. Super Saiyan was always implied to be so damn strong and just having a SS fighting on a planet leads to severe damage to it. But now these apparently insanely god like being are fighting and it has the same effect on the surroundings as fights in early DBZ. It's just wrong.

On the good side it's the best looking graphically speaking though I have seen way more awesome scenes in the main series. The sound is on point and features a kick-ass song from Maximum the Hormone.

I give it 3/10. As a hardcore DB fan who has literally watched everything DB related by now... there is no real reason to ever watch this. It brings absolutely nothing new to the table. You will get more enjoyment writing your own fanfic or re-watching older films.
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One Of the Best DBZ Movies, with The Best action Scenes
saadkhatib21 June 2015
Two Years after the Battle Of Gods film which i thought was an utter trash for various reasons :from a childish story to the huge amounts of stupid really stupid fan service to a disappointing final fight, the only good thing about the film was the introduction of Beerus and the idea of the destruction god, Now this comes out,and this is one of the best DBZ movies ever made, it has all what you want from a DBZ movie and more: the plot is simple but good and entertaining, Frieza is as amazing and menacing as ever, and the animation and action is a superb as dbz has ever been, it is a true showcase of creating fight scenes , it cannot get any better than this when it comes to action animation, it blends the super powers bad ass fighting scenes with great hand to hand combat and superb choreography. it is action packed and straight to the point , and the humor scenes and jokes are not layered thick or forced just to be there , they come at the right time in the right amount, the ending also has a nice twist also. I am a DBZ fan , but i am not one of those fans that would love anything related to what he/she loves just because i am a fanboy, NO!, if it is good it is good if not then i will bash it, but this film is one of the good dbz films and a great if not the best when it comes to fighting scenes and animation, if you like and love the show this film is great , if you are not familiar with DBZ or you don't like the show but like fighting scenes and action you will like it too. as a DBZ film this is a 9/10 film as an anime fighting film this is 1 9.5 or 10/10 film as an anime film this is 1 6 or 7/10 film
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Poor ending
Ritvik Deshprabhu24 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie started off just great and looked promising for the first few minutes. The fight scenes were great and executed well enough. However, the movie had a very poor ending. Frieza had been Vegeta's nemesis from the very start and when Vegeta stepped in to fight Frieza, there was a certain kind of anticipation running through everyone expecting Vegeta to finish it in his style. However, the whole thing happened very briefly and expressing Goku as nothing but a victory hog. The movie was very one sided and somehow forced on to Goku to save the day, that too, very abruptly. Characters like Gohan and Piccolo were also mocked. At the end I would like to say it had some great fight scenes but a poor ending
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completely disappointed
nightcrawlercyp-311-21934616 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Although the fight was pretty good everything felt off.First of all they chose to resurrect Freeza. The problem is that Goku has fought a ton of stronger foes in that time and yet F is just a danger? Really? He barely could beat child Goku when confronted in hell with the help of Cell. And now is like uber-strong. Goku defeated the dragons and almost everything in between. I bet his grad daughter could beat Frieza. Also there was no buildup, the characters of the destroyer and his servant were just fillers, Whisp's comments made no sense whatsoever as well as his ability to turn back time. Also the fight was boring. No suspense no turns of situation. It just wasn't DBZ . It was just bad fan fiction.
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this movie is so awesome!
Pon Chan26 July 2015
This is what i like the most of the movie.

Fighting scene- super cool, more destruction and they put a choreography on it.

Animation - I really love how they animate this.

Effects - It's better than the old ones(you can tell which rock will fall)

Character Design - The new super form is so cool for me, i really like it.

Story - well, didn't change anything and still on the line.

i rate it 10/10 because this movie was so awesome and best of all dragon ball movie
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An Inconsistent Parody
fatboystu-34-2426867 October 2015
After being a huge fan of the Dragon Ball Z series, I naturally had to go and see the return of one of the best anime villains of all time!

Unfortunately, the film has just become a huge parody of the series at large. Lots of in jokes that you'd expect to hear on a parody series like Dragon Ball Z Abridged. The series was known for having it's occasional humorous moments here and there, but this film was just too self aware for my liking.

As others have also said, the inconsistencies of the fighters power levels was just plain annoying. It really wouldn't have been that difficult to get right either.

They've never had much imagination when it comes to names in the Dragon Ball universe (Super Saiyan 1,2,3 etc). But I still cannot stand the idea of Super Saiyan God.

I believe Dragon Ball Z should be left in the past where it belongs. These newer films are nothing but embarrassing parodies of a fantastic TV show.

Gave it 3 stars because the animation was top notch.
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Very enjoyable movie. A success for the Dragon Ball franchise. Warning: Spoilers
I just saw ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」 (Dragon ball Z: Resurrection "F") yesterday, and I had doubts about how good it was going to be, because the last one (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods) really disappointed me. But I was pleasantly surprised of this flick. Let's start with with the good things: the animation was great, there were really memorable characters; it had the right amount of humor; in the Latin American dubbing, they used the original actors from the series (Mario Castañeda, Rene Garcia, Carlos Segundo, etc), and that was a really good plus point. I loved seeing the villain Freeza back, and the fighting sequences were excellently done. Also, they used the original theme song from the series, and that bring bring back memories to the nostalgic fans of DBZ. But (yes, there are some butts), I didn't like some things. For example, some dialogues felt strained and unnatural. I hated when the fight scenes were cut and instead of the fight secuences, they put absurd scenes with Beerus and Whis eating ice cream. That parts didn't contribute to the plot, and were unfunny. Also, some things seemed like a Deus ex Machina intervention. But overall, I liked it. Really. I highly recommend this movie. But if you're not familiarized with the DBZ series, you will not understand things from the plot and in-jokes.
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Bad Dragon Ball movie even by DBZ movies standards
Jo Lep29 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This film doesn't try to be logical. In fact, it doesn't want. Roshi capable of fighting on pair with Freeza's soldiers? A Frieza minion that Piccolo is having a hard time with? An Frieza minion capable of mortally wounded Goky while he's a SSGSS? Trunks and Goten are not there because... Krilin shaved his hairs because...

On top of that, the movie got no suspense, no tension as Frieza is simply weaker than Goku and Vegeta. You also got Whis who can go back in time just in case they failed.

The other DBZ movies were not perfect but at least they got suspense and tension. You had a villain that was a threat actually. Frieza is not a real threat in this one.

In short, a huge deception. I wished they tried.
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A good movie if you never watched DBZ
emilio-aniba11 August 2015
I am giving 5, cause I enjoyed the quality of the anime. I know practically everything about DBZ and my problem is with the the storyline, which doesn't make sense at all. Freeza could be and has been beaten in a single punch by Gohan in that old movie, where are the bad guys got resurrected and that was way before Buu saga, after which he gotextremely powerful.

Now, Freeza comes back and he does that to Gohan??? Like seriously?? Even Krillin could beat him, let alone Piccollo, but we had this non sense. On top of that, the story is spoilt and rushed. Akira needs some really Otaku's advice to work on his storyline, fights and powers. Right now, it looks like a reboot for people who never watched the saga. Not happy Akira. Sort it out
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Im a little disappointed.
garabedian12310 August 2015
So the movie was good, funny, and entertaining for the most part. Only a few inconsistencies between the show and movie. But what happened to the super amazing action sequences found in battle of the gods. They do some really amazing camera action sequences that used a combination of 2d and 3d effects. But where was any of that in this movie...No...this time, fight scenes were flat and uninteresting....Why...This was the only reason i went to see it in theaters...They even set it up so nicely with 1000 troops against a few z warriors...And that battle scene was lousy. It felt like filler. They were surrounded, and yet, they were not trying. There lives are on the line, they are losing, and still they are not even trying...The animation in these fights were also very poor...Really it just looked like a picture of gohan moving around without animating it...I was so blown away by the battle of the gods fight scenes too....sad.
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Could have been better
peruano921329 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was extremely hyped for this film since they announced it, finally saw it the other day and was disappointed. No tension, no explanations very random at some parts and in the end what happens in the end is completely pointless. Only good things were the fight scenes and to see the characters come together once again, was also pretty funny. Ill try to make this short and sweet.

1.)Friezas revival happened way too quickly 2.) When he finally arrived on earth there was no suspense, no tension. 3.)He somehow trains for 4 months and comes back 10x more stronger than kid buu? 4.)He comes back and is still weaker than both Goku and Vegeta 5.)The movie is practically waste knowing Goku an Vegeta are both stronger than Frieza however Goku merely has fun with frieza the entire fight 6.)There is absolutely no explanation as to how Goku and Vegeta achieve the new super sayian god transformation, it just happens and feels random once you see it. Goku says it just "took a while" 7.Since when does a small lazer is gun strong enough to go through Goku like bullet and almost kill him? 8.)Frieza destroys earth but oh wait Whis can just so happen to rewind time by 3 minutes?
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Power level inconsistencies really let this movie down.
jezzagt13 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love Dragon Ball Z and as such there is much about this movie I was willing to overlook (Like Frieza somehow becoming 100 times stronger after 6 months of training) but the power level inconsistencies of Roshi, Gohan and Piccolo really let this movie down.

1. Master Roshi who has never had a power up on this show and as such should still have a power level below 1000, somehow being able to battle multiple Frieza henchman.

2. The Z crew struggling against the 1000 man Frieza army - by this stage in the show the Z fighters are so strong and fast that they should have been able to take all 1000 of them out in a matter of seconds.

3. Piccolo struggling against a single Frieza henchman whose power level was compared to Daddorio and Zarbons in the movie. Gohan had to go SS to beat him. If the henchman was that strong, why would they need Frieza back at all!! 4. Frieza in his weakest form managing to knock out Gohan with a single punch, yet after Frieza transforms to his 4th form (The one before Golden), Goku doesn't even need to go Super Saiyan to keep up with him.

Here's what they should have done to make it a good movie.

1. Have Piccolo, Gohan, Tien and Krillin obliterate Frieza's henchman with ease. Leave Roshi at home, or give him a one on one battle against a weak henchman.

2. Have Piccolo and Gohan fight Frieza in his 4th form, prob commenting on how they were heaps stronger and that Frieza doesn't stand a chance.

3. Then after taking a small beating, have Frieza turn golden and kick the crap out of Piccolo and Gohan.

4. Then the final battle, but for a change, let Vegeta get the glory. Just once I would like to see that.
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What was, will never be again; the sad reality. A Dragonball Z review.
taisho100130 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
There was once a time where Dragonball Z was a respected, quality anime that told the story of a group of intrepid young heroes who fought valiantly together to defend the earth and the galaxy from all manner of evil and malicious creatures. There was also a time where the story actually carried some sort of weight and relevance to it, as well as sense, where the stakes were high and the consequences of failure were real. This was probably during the time when the author actually had some conviction behind his artistic vision and was passionate about the work that he was creating. Well, I am happy to report that as of this very moment, the spirit and imagination that was once the driving force of Dragonball Z has officially died; brutalized by the machinations of the corporate super giant that has become the anime's franchise.

First and foremost, the story. The chapter is basically a follow-up of the events from the previous film and is set several years after the drama of Battle of Gods, in which Goku and his friends met and fought the boorish God of Destruction, Beerus, and his equally flamboyant yet uninteresting assistant Whis. Here we are taken to a fantastical place, where we find the Z-fighters' old nemesis, Frieza, serving his sentence out in earth hell surrounded by stuffed bears, unicorns, and all sorts of other cute and fluffy things.

And right there, in that very scene, you realize something is seriously wrong with this movie. You find out as the movie is going that since his death, Frieza's Empire has started to crumble, and a couple of his henchmen from some branch of his organization have this ingenious idea of bringing their master back to life. What follows from that point onwards is a series of ludicrous events that is written in the most contrived and forced way possible by the author, where everything just so happens to work out for the villains at these key moments, while also setting up for the hero's final battle at the end of the film. Frieza's resurrection and power up to match the Z-fighters makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, which makes for a very choppy start to the movie, the way the eventual confrontation between the heroes and villains is reached lacks any real urgency or drama like in the previous films, and the resolution at the end of the film was so unnatural, it boggles the mind how this movie actually made theaters in the first place. To sum it all up, there was no real purpose to the film, other than to glorify the two main heroes, Goku and Vegeta, write the story in such a way that it makes all the other elements appear relevant, while in reality they actually did nothing to service the plot, and recycle old concepts from the previous films to attract old fans to watch it. It's almost like the film was inspired by all the bad fan- fictions in the world, where the main characters are made to be overpowered, the villain is made overpowered for plot-related reasons, and all the other characters are reduced to mere cannon fodder or are just sitting on the sidelines eating ice cream like jerks until their presence is required. And that leads me directly into my second point: the characters. While most of them have remained relatively unchanged, after getting to about halfway through the movie, you have to wonder to yourself: 'what use can all of these characters possibly have to the film, other than to fill in the roles of comic relief and bodies to throw at the bad guys, until the real heroes eventually show up to handle the boss?' When you come to familiarize yourself with the cast and their strengths from the series, and you compare them to what they are in the movie, it is incredibly difficult to ignore the amount of changes (or lack of changes) that have occurred between both medias. This then leads into my third point: animation quality. The movie suffers from the exact same symptoms as the movie Battle of Gods before it, and that is lackluster 2D animation fused with 3D animation. On the surface, the characters look clean and colorful, with perfectly refined line art to fit into a wide screen. Now while some people will buy this illusion and view it as some otherworldly feat of human perseverance in the art of animation, it is hardly impressive. The instances where 3D is actually taking place in Revival of F resembles graphics and clips taken straight from an old Playstation 2 game of the same name, while the extras in the background are as notably 3D as they are used in the movie 'Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas', and that was made over a decade ago. What's more, not only does the 3D look bad, but the 2D animation looks as cheap as the quality used to make a One Piece filler episode. This explains why all fight sequences that take place in the form of 2D animation look so stiff and rigid. No effort has been put into making this movie at the same level of quality as Dragonball Z's earliest films, such as Cooler's Revenge and Lord Slug. Now while it looks like I absolutely hate this movie, the reality is that I don't. While not perfect, it does have its moments and it is at least enjoyable as a popcorn action flick. However, these elements in no way make up for the hour or so I had to sit through watching this movie, and only received a monetary amount of satisfaction as a result. I'm finding the more I talk about this film, the more disappointed I get, and the more annoyance I develop at the realization that the series started going downhill right after the Cell Games Saga. I love Dragonball Z. I just hate seeing what it has become.
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Now to take the fruit of my labor, the fruit called revenge.
Chris129555 August 2015
Once again Akira Toriyama demonstrates that he is best qualified to write for Dragon Ball with his screenplay for Resurrection F. A strong following after the great Battle of Gods. Mr. Toriyama excels, giving us an action vibe rather than the screwball comedy from the last. In other words, back to typical Dragon Ball Z form after the change of pace from the previous entry(it is always good to mix it up every now and then.) With awesome battles, and a best of the Z fighters, it is win-win for Dragon Ball Z fans. Much like the preceding film, there are callbacks for the fans(the prior movie being more a tribute to Dragon Ball as a whole.) Of course the best call back would be bringing back fan favorite Frieza.

Set fourteen years after Frieza's death, and one year after Battle of Gods, the film starts with Frieza's former henchmen working to revive him. Upon his restoration he wants nothing but vengeance for his defeat at Goku's hands. Unfortunately Goku and Vegeta are not on Earth, so it is up to the other Z fighters to keep Frieza's army at bay until the pair return to start their epic battle with Frieza.

Great fights, impressive animation, very funny, and even some serious bits that add to the sense of palpable danger, Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F is a must see for fans of the series. If you have not seen Battle of Gods before this, then you should(considering Lord Beerus is introduced there.)
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All hail color swaps Warning: Spoilers
Some bad guys make a wish to bring Frieza back to life. Why does he come back in pieces? Nobody else had that issue, even back when wishes had far more limitations. And why are all the good guys doing nothing despite sensing Frieza's aura? I mean, seriously, at this point they can fly anywhere they like in a few seconds, and even a bottom rank fighter like Krilin is around Frieza's power at this time. So why are they standing still for several minutes when they clearly sense someone summoning the dragon, bringing back a major villain, and then leaving in a spaceship? They were always flying to battle in previous arcs the moment they sensed something was off. They could have sent even a nobody like Yamcha to sneeze on the bad guys before they even made the wish, and the movie would be over in, like, ten minutes.

Anyways, Frieza is back and he wants to kill Goku, just like every other bad guy wants in this show. But he also needs to get stronger in order to do that, since he became a small fry even back when Goku had yellow hair. Now that he got red hair, Frieza will need to get a new power up that can top even that. And he acquires said power up by… training for a few months. Yeah, that is all it took to get a million times more powerful; he was simply out of shape and needed to get into a fitness program. And he did it out of screen too, because who cares about training sessions anymore? We are all here to see dumb people punching each other.

So, a few months later, Frieza attacks with a bunch of minions, and we get the typical part where all the non-Saiyans are trying to hold off the bad guys, because Goku is not around to do it himself. In earlier arcs he was too far away, or was still recovering from his injuries, so taking time to get to the battlefield was excused. But no such thing happens this time. He can go anywhere he wants in an instant, he is not injured, and has Kaio available to inform him about anything that is going on with telepathy. And yet no such thing happens for several hours. It's as if everybody forgot how to use their powers all of a sudden.

Anyways, the cannon fodder fights, and as always they are not trying to win, or even to weaken the enemy boss. They are just wasting time, until the only people who matter in this show after Namek arrive (which are Goku and Vegeta, duh). And holy crap, the power levels now make even less sense. Since when are we supposed to believe some of the minions are weak enough for even Muten Roshi to beat, while others are powerful enough to land punches on Picolo and Gohan. What the hell, if such powerful aliens exist, why was Frieza their leader? Or why did they bother to resurrect him, if they already had stronger successors to take over his position? What's the point? After this completely meaningless battle scene, Goku and Vegeta finally arrive, because Bulma (of all people) bothered to inform them about Frieza. They are cocky enough to fight Frieza one on one, instead of ganging up on him and ending the battle right away. Or, I don't know, letting Beerus who is even stronger than them to finish him off. Oh right, he is busy eating desserts, what a great character. What, you thought our noble heroes are here to save the Earth, protect their friends, or something trivial like that? Nope, they are here to have fun by punching stuff. And eat pudding.

What follows is Frieza revealing his own personal lazy color-swapping power up, followed by Goku doing the same with yet another lazy color-swapping power up. Yellow is so last century, and red just got old last year, so let's try blue this time. With a wonderful name to go along with it: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. No, this is not a typo. Then the final battle happens, where Frieza is completely owned despite his fitness program. Do you know how lame it feels to see all this build up amounting to nothing? And they didn't even fight for a couple of hours like before, it only lasts a few minutes. And it all ends when one weak minions shoots Goku with a simple laser. What the hell is this, the guy could survive nuclear explosions before he even had yellow hair, and now that he has blue he gets heavily injured by a pistol? This is BS.

Anyways, the Earth is destroyed for yet another time and it seems everybody died, but plot convenience says otherwise, since now there is time travel all of a sudden. Goku can go back in time and undo anything that wasn't done properly, thus having an even easier way to fix any harm the villains caused. Forget the healing beans, the dragon bringing the dead back to life; he can simply load a previous saved file and try again. Hooray for tension! Thus Goku defeats Frieza before he blows up the Earth with his trademarked Kamehameha attack. Something he could have done all along but didn't. By the way, why isn't the solar system vaporized if Goku fires energy beams at this level? I mean, even in his initial form Frieza could blow up planets with a finger. How come Earth is not blown apart by Frieza, two God Saiyans, Beerus, and Whis, simply breathing on it? Whatever, power levels are BS.

Thus ends this completely pointless movie, so we can re-watch it all over again ten times longer and with crappy animation, thanks to Dragon Ball Super. Milking for the win.
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filip-pennsater8 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
(spoiler alert, warning readers) The power of the fighters is so retarded, piccolo, gohan (and a few weaker persons like krillin) had problem dealing with a couple thousands of ordinary people fighting for frieza. Son goku got oneshotted by an ordinary alien mini gun WHILE HE WAS IN GODFORM, WTF! It's like the producer just wanted to drag out the fighting-scenes and make team goku be more vulnerable than they are. Over all the fight-scenes were good and the movie somewhat funny time to time, but the script a HUGE letdown for true dragonball fans who care about the powerset characters have. The movie before this one was amazing 10/10... how could they make such an awful sequel??
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Do not be fooled
jpmuto7 August 2015
If you are like me (a passionate DBZ fan who grew up diligently tuning in to every episode) then you'll be ashamed with how this latest instalment scars the legacy created during our childhood. There's getting it wrong and then there's getting it horribly incorrect and DBZ have achieved the latter with this time waster, if you asked me to describe it in 3 words they'd be 'rushed, sloppy' I know that's only 2 words but in truth this film doesn't deserve a third word, it also didn't deserve my attention for however long I spent pushing my eyes towards suicide. I can only think that this was directed and funded by people who dislike DBZ, that would describe the plot with unforgivable holes all over the place and the so called action which is dreadful and painful to watch, Goku probably needs to sue DBZ for terrible misrepresentation of his character. Anyone that says this rushed, unchoreographed, pathetic excuse of a film is good would've been paid a big fee to say so, I can honestly say the best part of this film is the credits, retire now DBZ!!!
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