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Sex & Nudity

  • An implied sex scene but nothing is shown.
  • Bath scene showing men buttocks.. just for a four or five second
  • During a physical test for strength, men applicants are shirtless.
  • Men shower in a communal stall. Their buttocks are shown as they wash their coal-stained bodies.
  • A German woman gets aggressive with a Korean man and starts undressing, shows her bra. It is implied that they would have sex.
  • A man who is getting to know a woman gets distracted when he unintentionally peers into her shirt. Nothing too scandalous.
  • A man decides to spend his salary on some ladies waiting outside a building. They just talk and flirt.
  • A nurse cleans a patient's soiled buttocks. It is shown briefly.

Violence & Gore

  • In the war scenes characters get killed.
  • An elderly shop owner argues with other men as they bully him into selling his shop for cheap. He slaps one of them with an envelope.
  • Bullies kick two friends in the head and body. The boys meet up the next day and make fun of each other's bruises.
  • A man beats his friend's feet as he is held down by other friends. It is more of a playful custom during a wedding celebration.
  • Twice, men are shown pulling the women's head by the hair. It seems to be more of an older generation thing between a man and his woman.


  • Some language but not very strong.
  • Translated subtitles read "bastard, idiot" used to express upset and frustration.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking and smoking. A character is shown drunk.
  • A man gets reprimanded by his shop owner wife as he drinks during the day. He is constantly drunk.
  • Occasional drinking and smoking by main characters, most especially the men.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Refugees flee their homes in a pending attack. As they run to a ship that will take them, some fall and trampling is implied. Kids get separated from their families and cry.
  • As refugees fight to get on board a ship, some fall into the icy water; some fall and hit the dingy. Dead bodies float in the water.
  • A family gets separated as they try to flee from war.
  • An elderly man gets in between a fight between some punks and a brown couple that they are insulting. He slaps one of them in anger.
  • A couple of accidents happen while men work inside a mine. Bloody faces shown but nothing gory. Pain is apparent.
  • An explosion happens and the aftermath shows bloodied victims lying on the ground. Some are alive; others lie on the ground. Nothing gory though.
  • A mine explosion causes a man to be blown in the air; one man gets pinned by a boulder; friends get buried by the rubble.
  • After a mine explosion, bloodied men are wheeled and attended to in the hospital.
  • A soldier fires his gun toward the sky to scare the refugees. No one is shot.

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