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Relevant, Haunting Story of Domestic Violence
ladyivy-138-92608121 October 2014
Run for Your Life was a story that needed to be told. As we find out in the opening credits, it is based on a true story and too many true stories of domestic violence never see the light of day. Domestic violence is such a taboo topic and I am thankful to Lifetime for airing this film to hopefully inspire more conversations about spousal abuse and about changing the legal system so that women aren't faced with such devastating options as the character played by Amy Smart (based off a real domestic violence survivor) was: either kill your abuser or go into hiding.

I like that Amy Smart was cast in the role because often we don't see attractive, eloquent women portrayed as "victims" of abuse. I like that Run For Your Life shows a successful, award-winning journalist wondering how she got to be a "battered wife" because there is so much shame and embarrassment for women who are abused, particularly women of high stature, because no one thinks it is supposed to happen to THEM. Strong women with good jobs aren't supposed to fall "victim" to abuse and that is such a dangerous stereotype because it can happen to anyone and it is never the abused person's fault and there should never be blame or shame.

If it hadn't been for this strong message and the fact that the ending had me bawling, I probably would have given this movie a 7. While I'm a big fan of Amy Smart, I felt like she was a bit too blasé at times about her predicament. I also felt like the opening, where her character is told of her two choices, to either kill her ex or disappear, was a bit cheesy. And it shouldn't have been since this was based off of something that really happened and this is the premise of the whole film.

I'm going to try to find the book that inspired the film so I can know more of the whole story, as the script left me wanting more details.

Kudos to Lifetime for being brave enough to air Run for Your Life during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This story is so relevant, particularly with the recent Ray Rice scandal.
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Will She Run or Will She Kill
wes-connors7 October 2014
After moving to the United States (Seattle, Washington) from Canada, attractive journalist Amy Smart (as Meredith) survives additional beatings from abusive ex-husband Mark Humphrey (as Robert Redmond), who has followed her. Even worse, Mr. Humphrey has hired a professional hit-man to kill Ms. Smart. Fearing for the safety of their two adorable little girls, Aislyn Watson (as Amanda) and Genea Charpentier (as Isabel), Ms. Smart is told she must take immediate action to avoid being murdered by Humphrey. She has two choices. Smart can either assume new identities for herself and the children, or kill Humphrey before he kills her...

Through the magic of director Michael M. Scott and his "Lifetime" TV Movie crew, we get to see both options explored. The "split screen" transitions and pace of the drama are nicely done. Since the opening reveals writer Benita Garvin was, "Inspired by a true story," it's strange to see two conflicting stories - however, this is the most notable thing about the movie. Smart gets good support from Lochlyn Munro (as Neal), but doesn't return much romantic interest. Some of the players' line readings seem too much like run-throughs and there are a couple of awkward moments for the young actresses; otherwise, the two girls are quite possibly the best of the cast.

***** Run for Your Life (10/4/14) Michael M. Scott ~ Amy Smart, Mark Humphrey, Lochlyn Munro, Aislyn Watson
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Watchable but Lame
pub-2118 September 2018
Worth watching if there is nothing better.

Typical B Grade movie for airing at a low ratings time on free to air TV.

Fair to midland acting perormances, production much the same. Story subject is good but the way this is written is poor at best.

Overall not disapointed I wasted the time to watch it but would never rewatch it or recomend it.
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Got confused!
leestanton8299 August 2018
It was a good film but I'm never very good with this format.
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