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Plenty of fun.
Sleepin_Dragon23 February 2020
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this, but I did, it literally was a burst of fun and energy, just like the game itself.

I would imagine there were many that would have wanted to make a movie when Sonic really was big news, but perhaps the technology at the time wasn't sufficient, now though such resources are available, it looks great.

Standout for me was Dr Robotnik, Jim Carrey looks awesome, and as always delivers with such charisma.

It won't win awards, but enjoyed it, it was genuine good fun. 7/10

*Wishes for those days of Sonic on Megadrive.
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planktonrules9 June 2020
Recently, "Pokemon Detective Pikachu" came out...and "Sonic the Hedgehog" a few months later. Of the two, "Sonic" is definitely my favorite...simply because it was more fun and the plot was simpler and more enjoyable.

The story isn't all that instead, I'll just say that it's a buddy picture, of sorts. The crazed Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) is seeking to capture or destroy it's up to Sonic's new friend (James Marsden) to help him avoid this nutty guy.

The choice to hold off release to make Sonic look less creepy was a very good one. Additionally, the story is fun...and not especially complicated. Good for well as parents forced to watch it with them!
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Charming and Nostalgic
Neon_Gold21 May 2020
I think they did a good job with this. The design of Sonic so so much better than the one featured in the trailer. It baffles me how they thought the original design was ok. It looked like a child's drawing of something they had seen in a nightmare.

The relationship between Sonic and James Marsden is super cute too and you'd do become invested in it.

It is very much a kids movie but it's nice for older people to see as it's filled with nostalgia from the Sonic games. There are plenty of little Easter eggs that people who have played the game will notice.

This movie is also really charming. It has lines that are funny too.

So I would watch it especially if you have any interest in Sonic I don't think you will be disappointed or frustrated at what they have done with the property.
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I'm giving it an extra star because they redesigned sonic
jennifercasco16 February 2020
Honestly this was a movie I was never really planning to see. I thought it was another cash grab at our nostalgia. But when the initial trailer came out with the original sonic, I partook in the hilarious and frightening memes and joined in on the criticism. When I found out that they were redesigning Sonic due to the backlash - I was shocked. I never thought a studio would listen to our voice, and oh was our voice heard.

So after I saw the second trailer I thought to myself, well, I guess I gotta go see it now. "Put your money where your mouth is." If the studio took the time to do this for us then I will gladly pay my money to see this.

And I'm glad I did. It's a fun movie. It's not perfect by any means, but it's an enjoyable film for the family. I love the new Sonic, I love the cast, Jim Carrey is spectacular as always. It was a fun movie from start to finish. And it was really entertaining. I love the voice character for Sonic too, I think he fit perfectly. I would've given it a 7/10 but like I mentioned before, an extra star for caring about the fans and the audience.
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How a Company Should Treat its Customers!
mamba_king13 February 2020
When I saw the original trailer I was genuinely horrified in Sonic's design, like a person in bad cosplay. After the redesign many like myself felt the need to support this movie to honour the fan service and genuine care. I'm sure glad that I did. A funny movie, Jim Carrey was amazing like always and of course Sonic looked great. A very fun movie for the whole family.
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A long way
kosmasp18 November 2020
Which incedently for Sonic isn't an issue (he's fast you know). I don't know how much you know about the little Hedgehog and his game history, but even without any knowledge at all, the movie will make sense to you. Certain things, like the rings and hoarding them is one of the things you do when you play him .. wait that didn't came out wrong did it? I hope not, this is a childrens movie after all.

Jim Carrey really relishes and dives into his evil character! He has quite the fun with him and a lot of interesting zingers/one liners. This is overall a funny and entertaining little movie. Is it flawed? For sure - should you care though? The movie won't be fun if you do! Now that does not mean that the studio doesn't listen! The first trailer had quite the catastrophic reactions from fans all over the world ... so back to the drawing board (I guess almost literally) and a new improved Sonic was developed ... nicely done! So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride (that has quite a few plot holes in it, but a lot of heart too)
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A fast-moving adventure (obviously) that should entertain newcomers and keep fans of the original series satisfied
MrDHWong13 February 2020
Sonic The Hedgehog is an action comedy movie based on the SEGA video game series of the same name. Starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey, it is a fast-moving adventure (obviously) that should entertain newcomers and keep fans of the original series satisfied.

In the small town of Green Hills, Montana, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog named Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) lives in hiding after being forced out of his original dimension due to his powers of super speed. After accidentally causing a blackout throughout the whole area, Sonic attracts the attention of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Jim Carrey), an eccentric evil genius whom the government has hired to track Sonic down for experimental purposes. Now on the run once again, Sonic enlists the help of local police officer Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) to aid him in avoiding capture and hopefully make a new friend in the process.

Even if you aren't a hardcore fan of the series, Sonic The Hedgehog provides a nice amount of fun action and quirky humour to draw in even the most casual of moviegoer. I myself was a Nintendo kid growing up, preferring to play as the Italian plumber instead of the blue hedgehog, but SEGA and their mascot character always had my respect for being worthy rivals during the video game wars of the 90s, and the same can be said for this. In fact, this film seems to strongly acknowledge Sonic's 1990s roots, from his love of chili dogs to listening to music on a boombox. Of course, there are some references to modern trends but they are kept to a minimum likely so that the film will age better.

Jeff Fowler, who makes his directorial debut for a feature film, does a fine job juggling his storytelling duties with showing off some solid special effects along the way, especially on Sonic himself. It is well known by now that Sonic's original design for this film was poorly received by the public so it was decided that his overall look would be changed. This worked well in the film's favour as not only does he better resemble his video game self, but he even feels more naturally integrated into the real world. We watch as Sonic dashes around causing mischief and escaping danger through different environments like the big city or the quiet countryside, deriving enjoyment along the way. This led to some amusing Quicksilver/Deadpool-esque moments which provided great comic relief during several action scenes.

Comedian Ben Schwartz was a great pick to provide the voice and motion-capture of Sonic himself, both emanating the character's trademark cocky attitude while also showcasing his loneliness and longing for true friendship. This, in turn, makes him more relatable to the audience and causes him to have more human traits than some of the actual people in the film. James Marsden also gave a likeable performance as Tom Wachowski, not merely being relegated to the straight man role but also having his fair share of funny moments as well. However, it is Jim Carrey who steals the show as Dr. Robotnik. I'm not sure whether it was seeing how perfectly tailored the character was to his comedic talents or if it was just how nostalgic it felt to see him acting like his over-the-top 90s self again, but virtually everything he said and did had me laughing out loud. I hope we will see more of Carrey's portrayal of the character in the near future, which reportedly he has expressed interest in doing.

In the end, even though the film isn't groundbreaking by any means, it still provides much needed entertainment thanks to its respectful take on the source material that, like POKÉMON Detective Pikachu before it, definitely feels more like how video games should be handled for the big screen treatment. There is certainly potential for other game franchises to be adapted into movies with a similar style and it is starting to feel as though the "video game curse" may be fading away altogether. There are two bonus mid-credit scenes worth staying back for, and while they aren't of Masahiro Sakurai approaching Sonic about the Smash initiative, they should excite fans of the series just as much.

I rate it 7/10
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Very good movie
educunhaholanda12 February 2020
A movie that I thought was going to be a trainwreck really surprised me. Jim Carrey really steals the show with a phenomenal performance. An excellent film to take your whole family to the cinema and have a good laugh. Very funny!
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Sonic has all the speed but no direction
hotrobinproductions9 March 2020
Watching this movie is like having an amazing time on a rollercoaster but after it's done you have a big headache or you need to barff. Like you had fun, it was awesome while it lasted but when it's finished it's like really? I admit I liked this movie, but as much as I liked it there's a lot I didn't like. I liked the pace, the chemistry between sonic and the side character, I liked how they handled the story. The jokes can be funny sometimes, other times they don't land and just seem very corny. I thought Jim Carrey as robotnic was ok just felt they should have actually casted someone that looks like him. Sonic comes off as a creep, spying on people, Hidding from them for like YEARS. And for some reason, when he ACTUALLY needs to hide, he doesn't, for a guy with super speed he also can't dodge a tranquilizer bullet? I mean the entire movie shows him dodging missiles and bar fights, but he can't dodge a tranquilizer bullet? A lot of the logic just doesn't add up. I admit theres a lot I like about this movie but there's a lot I don't.
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ET meets video game... and it's fun
siderite8 March 2020
The film is part of a certain genre of lovable alien coming to Earth and being chased by unnecessarily evil and ineffective power hungry guys while being protected by regular people for emotional reasons. It checks all the boxes, it is funny and pleasant, too. The villain, while being the usual cardboard evil character, gets much more nuanced and interesting from Jim Carrey's performance. And frankly, I thought James Marsden was just a pretty face, but I kind of like him in everything he does so, good luck James!

As a successful and fun to watch movie based on a game - they are too few and far between - I think this is way above the average. Maybe a bit too childish, though, but I guess this film isn't for adults.
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omarfigueroafilms14 February 2020
Sonic definitely exceeded all my expectations. The film has excellent music, cinematography and acting, with an incredible battle between Dr. Eggman and Sonic. Jim Carrey is the king of comedy, he really made Dr. Eggman scary and dangerous. Don't listen to critics, it's great!
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Solid Movie
scaredschmidtless14 February 2020
It's not the next masterpiece of cinema, but I genuinely think it's an enjoyable watch if you don't go in expecting the stars.

I enjoyed it a lot more than I have a lot of other "Video-Game cash in movies" anyway. Yes, It's a genre that's been done a lot, but that doesn't make this film inherently bad.

It had some enjoyable moments in it.

I have immense amounts of respect for the crew who worked on this movie, due to how much the internet kicked up a storm and how they worked tirelessly to try re-jig the movie to make it work. That doesn't mean the movie is perfect, but the respect for the craft is there.

Long story short; It's not a perfect movie, but you can tell that effort was made in it's creation. Had some enjoyable moments and would definitely encourage people to watch.
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So much fun for the whole family!
daviddevilliers5413 February 2020
This is a genuinely excellent movie! I was a little skeptical at first given the fact that there would've been a chance that even though they fixed Sonic's design, this movie was going to be too much like The Smurfs. But boy was I wrong! Jim Carrey absolutely steals the show as Dr. Robotnik, who will eventually adopt the name Eggman, and Sonic just looks so cute! The action scenes are excellent and some jokes are really hilarious! I'd highly recommend this movie to anybody!
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Soooo much better then expected!
dutchcomputerkid10 March 2020
Definitely fun to watch, and with the new redesign it works very, very well! Recommended, hoping it does well enough in box office performance for a sequel. Would LOVE to see that happen!
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While there's not much in the way of suprises, Sonic the Hedgehog will delight both franchise newcomers and seasoned fans
IonicBreezeMachine9 March 2021
Ten years after being forced to flee his home planet, blue superspeeded Hedgehog Sonic (Ben Schwartz) now lives in secret in the small town of Green Hills, Montana. After one day inadvertently tapping into his powers triggering an electromagnetic pulse, this brings the attention of U.S. Government who sends in genius scientist Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) to investigate and deal with the anomaly. Now hunted by Robotnik's drones Sonic enlists the help of Green Hills Sheriff, Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), to helptravel across the United States so he can avoid capture.

First appearing on video game consoles back in 1991, Sonic became an instant success for both Sega and their 16-bit video game console the Genesis/Mega Drive. Sonic even helped Sega eclipse sales of competitor Nintendo (albeit in brief spurts) and lead to well received sequels and an expanded media franchise that still runs strong to this day with long running comics and multiple TV series having been produced. A movie had been in various stages of development from 1994 onward with iterations of the project coming close to fruition at MGM and Dreamworks, but conflicting visions and fleeting success with films such as Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter resulted in the project stalling. The film began serious development back in 2013 and even with the commitment it was slow going for the blue speedster with original distributor Columbia getting cold feet and selling the project in a turnaround to Paramount (who was eager to bulk up franchises in the wake of their faltering Transformers and Star Trek films). Then of course there was Sonic's design/redesign which was so reviled by everyone the movie was delayed to fix the look. Against all odds, the movie is actually quite good.

While the movie is certainly a family film (with some of the types of humor that entails), the movie does have a charm and sweetness to it that makes itself very endearing. Ben Schwartz is effectively energetic as Sonic and brings to the forefront the character's good natured penchant for mischief and adventure that makes him such a fun protagonist. In many ways he still captures the attitudes carried from the decade of his introduction that could also be seen in similar properties like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Swat Kats, and many other properties from the era. While Sonic's attitude is definitely in line with his persona, the movie does a good job making him a character with depth. When we first see Sonic as a child it's in a flashback sequence on his home planet where a tribe of Echidnas (a reference to the lore of the games) tries to capture him and his Guardian, an Owl named Longclaw, is presumably killed in the process trying to help him escape to Earth. It's a really well done sequence that establishes the stakes quite well and creates a nice emotional core to build the movie around. We see Sonic's isolation as he hides from the sight of Green Hills' citizenry (save for a hermit who's the only one who knows Sonic exists but no one believes) and how he watches them from a far pretending to be friends with them and giving them nicknames like "Donut Lord" for Tom or "Pretzel Lady" for Tom's wife Maddie (Tika Sumpter). It's both a very funny and surprisingly sweet take on the character.

The human characters in the movie are also quite good. Both Tom and Maddie are really sweet as a married couple and have great chemistry and comic timing together. Tom is also great as a foil for Sonic once the two end up teaming up together and is not only a well done proxy for the audience to get more well versed in Sonic's universe, but he's also a good man with ambition who genuinely wants to help people and feels like he can't do that in his job as a small town Sheriff. There's some really nice exchanges between Sonic and Tom as they go across country getting into various misadventures involving not just Robotnik's drones but also road movie trappings like tourist traps and tough bars that are one accident shove away from breaking into a full on fight. Which brings us to Dr. Robotnik. Jim Carrey is amazing as our villain. An arrogant misanthrope with a Superiority complex and a general contempt for all humanity, Carrey does an amazing job of bringing to life Robotnik. As the movie goes on he becomes more visually similar to his video game counter part in aesthetics, but even if he didn't it'd still be an amazing performance. Carrey's performance is somewhere between his performance as The RIddler from Batman Forever and the cable guy from The Cable Guy. It's not as silly as the riddler nor is it as creepy as the cable guy and strikes just the right note to make a threat but a very entertaining threat we love to hate.

The plot of the movie is very standard fare as it plays like a PG version of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie Paul as filtered through the lens of a lighter superhero movie like Deadpool or the Quicksilver scenes from the X-Men movies. In contrast to a lot of big budget movies with characters who are super powered, I liked how the climax and the movie as a whole was more dialed back in scale and scope and didn't rely on many trappings such as sky portals or citywide destruction and instead went a more personal route with its stakes. But while I personally liked the smaller scale approach to the material, I can imagine there will be others who will feel it wasn't an adequate pay off to what cam before.

Sonic is not only a solid video game movie, it's a solid movie. It's well cast with charming leads, a really good performance by Jim Carrey as our villain, and fun and creative usage of Sonic's super speed that leads to both big laughs and exciting action sequences. while the movie follows a predictable path and some of the humor flirts with being juvenile, it's a solid film that can be enjoyed by most family members are will entertain both newcomers to the franchise and long time fans.

*Also note there is post credit scene establishing potential threads for the sequel
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Great funny family film
zenfultaco16 February 2020
This was funny, fast paced and family friendly. They have plenty of comedic moments and nods to the game franchise. Loved it. Gotta go fast.
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A perfectly serviceable video-game flick feat. Sonic The Hedgehog! [+53%]
arungeorge1322 May 2020
Let me sum it up in one line - Sonic The Hedgehog is Paramount Pictures' attempt to Americanize the iconic character of Sonic with moderately appealing results. For a video game flick, it's not all that bad. While it definitely doesn't offer an intriguing premise, it doesn't overstay its welcome either. At a crisp run-time of 95 minutes, it's a decent (but unmemorable) watch.

The attempt to turn Sonic into a bucket-list ticking American didn't completely win me over. My biggest problem with the movie, however, is that it lacks logic even by Sonic-verse standards. Sonic can save people falling off a building, a turtle from getting crushed under a moving vehicle's wheel, and dodge bullets like they're flies but he gets tranquilized so easily? Gimme a break. The same goes for the scene where Sonic needs the assistance of his human friends Tim (a functional James Marsden) and Maddie (an okay Tika Sumpter) to get to the terrace of an SF building. In another scene, he's shown to be racing to the top of the pyramids on foot. (Come on!)

Now, let's talk about the little wins. How Sonic gets his signature red-and-white shoes is conveyed through a sweetly written scene. Jim Carrey (as Dr. Robotnik) lands most of his funny lines and rises above the generic baddie. The set-pieces (especially the one that's shot around the seven wonders) are good fun - though the "time-freeze" style has now run its course thanks to Quicksilver, Flash, and many such characters in Hollywood movies. I'm glad they re-designed Sonic's appearance - he doesn't look a "kid in a hedgehog suit" anymore!

I think I liked Detective Pikachu more, in terms of detailing the connect between its two lead characters. Here, the writing seems a tad too convenient. And the idea of Sonic being branded a people-stalker didn't go down well with me. This film is at best, a one-time watch, with lowered expectations.
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questl-1859217 February 2020
Whew, I loved the Sonic games when I was a kid, though when I heard about the movie I was a little worried because Sonic doesn't generally have tons of story in the early games and even later on the story is never why anyone played those games.

It won't be why anyone likes the movie either. The story is remarkably bland, the plot is very basic, there's no sense of surprise here or even anticipation. From the get got it gets on a very familiar track and then stays there.

This is definitely a kids movie, it's goofy and light without much of any depth. That said, there were kids in the theater I saw it in and they were cracking up at points, so good on SEGA I guess. It got a couple chuckles from me but that was about it.

Marsden was fun, and I continue to lament how underused and under appreciated he is despite how solid he is in everything. Carrey is always a riot to me. I grew up on Ace Ventura and his rubber-faced antics have never gotten stale for me. He is a little extra crazy in this though and there were a couple of screens where I felt like he should have been reeled in a little.

The biggest problem here for me is that from the opening SEGA logo, this felt very much like a product to me. Now I know all movies are products, they exist for consumption and projects only get the green light if someone thinks there's money to be made. But this felt like such a cash grab. So many things that seem clearly meant to sell toys. Worse though was the blatant and repetitive product placement that just got on my nerves.

Still, kids generally don't notice that sort of stuff and like I said, the ones in my theater loved it, which is great. I just wanted more than dumb jokes, predictable scripting and reminders about whatever fine products paid for this movie. So, take the kids, let them enjoy it but know that this was made with them in mind, not you. It won't be torture to the adults, but it won't be real engaging either.
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Sonic the brat
lanaliliya15 March 2021
I grew up playing the Sonic games and I never pictured Sonic being a brat. This movie made Sonic annoying and unlikable. I know this movie is targeted at kids, but why make him sooo unpleasant that it was hard to sympathize with him.
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So so so average
nathanmanson26 August 2020
It was slightly better then I expected but it still didn't really impress me. It's definitely more for kids then adults. It made me chuckle a few times.
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Fast Food Level Quality
westsideschl3 May 2020
1. Animation detail & quality, mostly just the blue one was animated, was average at best, but most of the time it was below average blocky cheap. 2. Script was cheap formula of nasty human villain out to steal power of the blue one, but, of course, another human to the rescue. Villain highlight was his mustache. 3. Flat, humorless, dialogue aimed probably at the middle school level. 4. Really bad science to fill people's brains. Besides the faster than light for a biological being (forget the energy demands) was the really dumb ring portal to the opposite side of the Universe. Obviously the writers have no idea what that really means, but sound good. 5. Left open more of the same easy money junk food w/our nasty scheming his way back.
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Fast and Furious. Loved Every Minute. Love Sonic.
rannynm14 February 2020
I've never played Sonic the video game and was never a really big fan of the character but I really like this movie. It is very well done and great for the whole family. I like the animation and I love the acting. The story is very human and has very little to do with video games. It is about friendship and friends that become a family.

Sonic the Hedgehog is about a blue hedgehog that ends up on earth and he's trying not to be discovered. He lost a ring that helps him transport to places. When humans find Sonic, he has to run away (something he does well because he moves at super sonic speeds). Sonic feels lonely and wants a friend. When he meets Tom, a police officer (James Marsden), they develop a great "bromance," but they have to face Mr. Robotnik who is obsessed with everything fast and wants to experiment with Sonic. In their journey, both learn they don't have to run away from their problems.

I love all the characters! Dr. Robotnik is so funny and pleasing to watch. He is played by Jim Carrey, who is one of my new favorite actors. His performance is amazing and he is definitely a fascinating villain. He is graceful, entertaining and full of life. I also love the character Sonic; even though it is an animated character he really looks realistic. I could really see all the details in Sonic and I felt like he was pretty much a stuffed animal, opposed to a virtual digital character. Sonic is played by Ben Schwartz, an amazing voice actor who gives the character a great personality.

It's so amazing to see a character that was made about 30 years ago continuing to fill children's hearts with joy. I think Sonic is 100% absolutely adorable and all the characters are so fun to watch. There are a lot of action scenes and wonderful colors in the film as well. The music adds so much energy; it is catchy and upbeat. Finally, I like all the jokes and they definitely made me laugh. To add to that, I love how Sonic gives everyone their own special nickname. That gives the movie its own special touch and I guess I'll nick name this film "Blue Speedy Furry with Heart."

I give Sonic the Hedgehog five out of five stars and recommended it for ages 4 to 13. The message of this film is that friends in our lives bring us the most joy and they are the family we chose. Another message is that humans will always be more important than technology. Dr. Robotnik keeps trying to make technology a greater power than humans, but Sonic and everyone prove that our simple life and connections are what really matter.

Reviewed by Zoe C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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somewhat good
SnoopyStyle12 March 2020
Sonic the Hedgehog (Ben Schwartz) is a blue alien refugee on Earth. He's living in secret near the small town of Green Hills. Tom (James Marsden) is the town's friendly sheriff. When Sonic accidentally causes a power outage, the Pentagon calls up evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey).

The Sonic redesign is good. This is mostly fun. Jim Carrey is very weird which somewhat fits. I like Sonic and I like his chemistry with Marsden. I like the family. It's all somewhat good but nothing great. It doesn't have much of a plot. The last act is not that great. That makes this a good video game movie.
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Unlikeable Sonic
adeleysim8 March 2020
Sonic was just written as really annoying and unlikeable, and also a bad example for children. Many plot holes as well.
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RussHog12 February 2021
Sonic the Hedgehog is a bad kid's movie. A bad video game movie. And a bad Jim Carrey movie. It's not funny. Or memorable.
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