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We Are Your Friends has a great story, but it's not the direction the movie chose to follow.
lnvicta9 February 2016
I was expecting to detest this movie, and I'm happy to say that I found some enjoyment in We Are Your Friends. I'm not too big on EDM; I love some of it, dislike most of it, but this movie actually painted the genre/scene in an interesting light. They add a human element to the otherwise processed and compressed music, and it's pretty captivating. At least those scenes are. Where the movie fails can be attributed to its title. We Are Your Friends shouldn't have been about friendship or having each others backs or whatever they were trying to go for because that is by far the weakest element of the movie. Zac Efron is great in the lead role, but his friends are complete throwaway characters. I didn't care about any of them. There is one scene near the end where the friend arc almost pays off, but even then it's not worth all the wasted minutes building up these characters when there's a far more interesting story that's going to waste.

The story I'm referring to involves Wes Bentley's character James who is a washed up DJ that kind of fell from grace and is now living off royalty checks and he ends up being the person who teaches Cole (Efron) how to make electronic music effective. I really enjoyed Bentley in this role. In fact, the whole trifecta of Efron, Bentley, and Emily Ratajkowski is what made the movie watchable. Bentley being the mentor character who is fighting a lot of inner demons, Efron being the ambitious musician who is hungry for his big break, and Ratajkowski showing off her acting talent as the assistant/girlfriend to Bentley's character who ends up falling for Efron. Even though it sounds like a cliché love triangle, for some reason it works. There's tension between these characters - you care about the friendship between James and Cole, but you also recognize their faults and why Emily's character is torn in her position. They make for some pretty powerful scenes.

But again, this potential is muddled underneath a bunch of Hollywood crap. There's a throwaway plot about the gang working for a real estate agency, there's an attempt at a moral to being true to yourself in order to make it big, there is just a bunch of predictable nonsense that clutters this film which is a shame. Believe me, I was not expecting to have any nice things to say about We Are Your Friends, but there is definitely something here. The fact is that the goodness in the movie is a diamond in the rough, and sadly, this diamond isn't worth all the rough.
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Surprisingly good despite that it bombed...
adam_man00002 November 2015
Its no secret this movie bombed in the box office. That didn't stop me from watching it. Zac Efron has done a lot of good movies IMO.

I really don't care about the politics of the story. Some say its just a recycled idea. Kids want to be famous, have troubles, guy wants the girl, want to get rich, blah blah blah.

I watched this with an open mind and was pretty impressed. The damn soundtrack was on point!! The music was so good that I just kept watching to listen to the music. The story was good and the acting was good as well.

For someone to say "Never watch this movie" is absurd to me. Its worth a watch or two. I plan to re-watch it with my wife. (She was sleeping at the time.) The ending of the movie was down right pleasurable and I really connected with the main character at that point.

Watch this movie and then judge. Don't ever take someone else's word on a movie until you've watched it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
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This is not an amazing movie and won't win any awards but I actually liked this much more than I was expecting to.
cosmo_tiger17 November 2015
"Are we ever gonna be better than this?!" Cole (Efron) is a DJ trying to make it big, all he needs is "that one track". When he meets James (Bently) a DJ that is willing to mentor him he thinks he finally found what he wants. Cole soon finds out that trying meet the expectations of his friends, hiding his romantic feelings, and working on his music isn't as easy as he was hoping for. I was really not looking forward to this at all. I'm not a big Zac Efron fan, nor am I a fan of this type of house music. That being said, I actually liked this more than I expected to. The movie is a little generic and nothing all that special, but there was just something about it that kept me watching and entertained. Efron actually does a pretty good job of portraying what the character is thinking when he is not speaking and only working his board. This is not an amazing movie and won't win any awards but I actually liked this much more than I was expecting to. If you are into this type of sound you will probably like it much more than I did, if you aren't you still may enjoy this like I did. Overall, a surprise of a movie that I liked more than I expected to. I surprisingly give this a B.
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Take It For What It Is & You Will Enjoy This
tinyrockergrrl26 August 2015
EDM Music has become a crazy world of drugs, sex and bass drops. Being an avid fan of this genre well before it become a trendy thing to do, I have definitely been a bit disheartened by how kids treat the scene these days. Instead of the focus being on the music, its on being half naked, rolling on E and hooking up with anything with a pulse (that last part is probably optional). This movie shows all of that (of course) but the focus is on doing something MORE with your life. Its about moving people, being memorable and creating from the heart.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I smiled and laughed pretty much the entire time. It was quite funny, poking a bit at how ridiculous this "culture" has become but remained true to the spirit of the music. Zac Efron did a really good job at portraying a DJ who really IS all about creating music. All of his "friends" were accurately portrayed because we ALL have that douchey friend, that clueless friend and we know that guy that's just kinda there, hanging out. Wes Bentley was superb as the alcoholic has-been DJ (but come on, its Wes Bentley. He's superb at everything he does). The scenery was spot-on and exciting, taking you on multiple roller-coaster rides of cartoon drug trips, wild dance parties and of course, sexy time. And can I just say, as a women, how much I enjoyed gazing upon Emily Ratajkowski and her glorious boobs?! WHEW!

You must take this movie for what it is. You should probably be a fan of EDM music (or at least music in general) to really enjoy this movie. The screening I was at was full of a much older crowd who seemed genuinely confused. "I thought this was a movie about friendship?" Well, it IS. In a crazy world of drugs, sex and bass drops.
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williamlewis-9203528 August 2015
I just saw the film this afternoon. Being A fan of the Genre and lifestyle its based around, I knew what to expect; a generic 'party' film with an interesting story line and enjoyable scenes.Unfortunately, it didn't deliver. I feel like the entire movie was going at 100mph, ensuring plot depth was minimal. I left the theater feeling empty, and as if the story didn't really impact upon me at all or make me think. Like I read in an earlier review, it was very superficial. At the end of the day, It's really just something you go see with a gal to kill some time. I had low standards for the film but yet it still managed to disappoint me.
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inspiring movie for anybody trying to become somebody
pipes222 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. I thought it was so inspiring. Maybe I'm in a place in my life where I need some serious hope, but I got it from this movie. It was worth renting for a few reasons but two of the biggest reasons are these two quotations:

1. "This is the best part, the best part of anything really, it's the moment before it starts."

That one line is riddled with anticipation & hope. Just great.

2. "…and if it's real enough, honest enough, & if it's made of everything that's made you, where you come from, who you knew, your history, then you may have a chance at connecting with everyone else & maybe that's your ticket to everything."

gives me chills.

I honestly watch very few movies where lines, ideas, or overall messages stick with me but this one did in such a positive way. It's all about growing up, working hard, struggling, making mistakes, but picking yourself back up & with all your grit making something of yourself. It's an age old concept but the way they did it stuck with me. The movie was shot beautifully & although I'm not into this kind of music or the lifestyle shown the filmmakers did a good job guiding me through it & connecting it to the overall concept so it can be universally applied to any kind of lifestyle or career choice. And you can't take your eyes off of Efron. Yes he's a dreamboat but he is mesmerizing in this. You root for this beautifully imperfect character just making it happen for himself. Zac - never stop taking interesting roles. You were truly great in this & are hugely talented. I laughed, I cried, & overall just loved the movie. I will be watching this again when I need to be inspired & reminded of the beauty that can come from hard work & pure soul.
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If you go into the theaters thinking that this movie is mostly about partying then you will be disappointed.
alexislens11 November 2015
This movie is mostly focused on these 4 guys in their mid 20s trying to get their lives together without the help of education. It is about more than just the parties, drinking, and sex. You have to take the time to actually open up your mind and pay attention to the small details to really understand this movie. If you want to see a movie strictly about partying go watch "Project X". There is a few things you can think about after watching the movie and one of which is "How far are people willing to go for money" , "How hard it is to make it in the big leagues without school", and "What do people with money spend their times doing". These questions all focus on one particular character. After you finish watching the movie you will see. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone! "ARE WE EVER GOING TO BE BETTER THAN THIS?!!!!!"
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Not as horrible as I was expecting, but still not all that good. Very Neutral
subxerogravity28 August 2015
I went to see the movie because I like another Zac Efon vehicle, That Awkward Moment. The Movie is similar as it's about Efron leading a group of men in their early twenties that really need to grow up, but That Awkward Moment was a hilarious comedy, while We Are Your Friends is more of a satire.

It's not like that other DJ movie, Eden. Both tell the story about the life of a DJ, but we are Your Friends plays out more like 8- Mile, that tells the beginning of Eminem's climb to the top. Efon's character gives a philosophy on being a DJ that I've seen in other movies about music but never about DJing, which was cool.

The movie takes the subject matter seriously, but I feel the movie takes itself too seriously. For the most part its very light hearted but then they attempt to be sophisticated. Maybe this was to explore the full aspect of the scene they live in, but all it did for me was change the vibe too much.

But overall, the trailer made We Are Your Friends look like Efron was playing an A-hole while hanging with his A-hole friends doing A- hole things, but the movie itself was much better than that, but not much better.
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We are your friends, But We are not a very good movie.
Se7en146 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Zac Efron is definitely becoming a bigger star than we give credit for, he's choosing some great roles and some very unique ones. But why he chose "we are your friends" is beyond me. When I first heard of the title being made I was kind of excited as we don't have many movies about DJ's. But unfortunately we get a movie more about clichés than we get about DJs themselves. This movie tries so hard to be something original yet falls into place of other clichéd music movies. Lets mark them down.

-Talented person starting from the bottom trying to make his way: Check

  • Finds a talented producer with whom he starts working with: Check

  • Starts a relationship with a the girl his mentor/producer is dating behind his back: Check

  • One of the closest friends dies: Check

  • Finds his sound in the end: Check

And so on and so forth. The summary in short is Zac plays a DJ named Cole trying to become bigger and finding his song, along the way he has friends help him out, takes odd jobs and works with a producer to help while having a relationship behind his back. In the end he's given the chance of a lifetime to prove how talented he is.

There's not really much going on here, the movie does;t do anything different, You learn bit about DJ culture, and while as a DJ I must admit drugs are a big part of the scene, the movie starts to glorify drugs such as molly and more. And even in one scene when Cole trips on PCP in a very weird yet artistic segment.

Now for all the bad that there is there is some good but not enough to save this film. Zac Efron does a good job acting and is practically a saving grace for and otherwise lacklustre film, he does a good job narrating and showing some cool DJ tricks while he's spinning. The other saving grace is probably the music, now again most of the music here is EDM, and as for me I do quite enjoy EDM music, but if you're not a fan there's not much here for you in terms of that.

Newcomer director Max Joseph took a chance in trying something new with the DJ culture but didn't exactly bring much here. And it's too bad because Max does have a good eye and great visual aspect, but for why he chose this movie, when it's completely riddled with bad acting, nothing original and overly clichéd film, is beyond me.

We are your friends is not a good movie and definitely one I would pass on, it's not good but it isn't horrible. Its more forgettable as there is nothing fresh here all characters are bland including Zac Efron Cole, and there's no redeeming factor to watch this even more than once. "We are your friends" is a movie trying to hard with little vision and lacklustre story. Watch but don't expect much.
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Not bad 6Stars out of 10
jackcaffery29 August 2015
I feel those expecting some mega existential change your life material out of movies miss out on the finer points.

Sure, there will be plenty of young people thinking this is a 'party' movie, and Zac Ephron followers will flock to the cinema to see him.

Those of us who actually enjoy story telling will be OK with this flick. Sure it wasn't heavy with mystery or intrigue, its a coming of age story of 4 friends trying to live out their dreams. Who doesn't have a story like that. Its about growing past those dreams, building new ones and dealing with the repercussions of the changes in life we make....some times which are thrust upon us.

The music is what I liked about this movie. Its not unlike other music related movies where an epiphany occurs for the lead character which makes all the difference in the world.

For an easy going movie this was worth the cheap night tickets I bought.
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Nothing special :/
veroramos27 August 2015
I watched the premiere last night and I don't have many words to say. It's because the movie left me without any impression. I didn't have any emotions during the whole movie except maybe one scene that had me reminded of my ultra experience. Also, the plot is predictable and it's all kind of superficial. A first half an hour was so boring and then I felt it could go up to the better, but no, the rest was the average even though the action have little changed and a bit of drama was dropped, but not enough good scenes to keep me interested. Movie soundtrack could be much, much better, as well. If you need to kill an hour and a half go watch it, but if you want to see some good movie don't. Maybe a little bit of naked Zac would save the day, but that also did't happen.
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If people suggested you go see "We Are Your Friends", those people are NOT your friends.
CleveMan6629 August 2015
You've probably heard the admonition: "Don't peak in high school." Good advice. It's sad to see someone who you can tell was at their coolest and most accomplished in their teens. Take Zac Efron for example. I've come to wonder if, as an actor, he peaked in the "High School Musical" movies. Those productions were mainly inconsequential Disney fluff, but they were fun to watch. Efron has worked steadily ever since (which is more than we can say for most of the other stars from those films) and he has had varying degrees of success with his post-HSM roles (often simply as the brooding hunk). But this is the entertainment business: "What have you done for me lately?" He was miscast as a doctor in the otherwise criminally underrated "Parkland" (2013) and in 2014, he was just annoying in "Neighbors" and in "That Awkward Moment" (which lived up to its title – more so, if it were renamed in its plural form). 2015 sees Efron continue to strive for cinematic relevance in the drama "We Are Your Friends" (R, 1:36).

Contrary to the film's title, the story's mainly about an EDM (electronic dance music) DJ named Cole Carter (Zac Efron), his mentor, James (Wes Bentley), and a love triangle involving James' personal assistant – slash – live-in girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). Sure, Cole has a group of friends, but they're mainly relegated to background roles. Cole lives in the pool house of his buddy Dustin (Jonny Weston) and they hang out with drug-dealing Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez) and quiet, unhappy squirrel (Alex Shaffer). These four San Fernando Valley California buds get together to enjoy "the world's greatest sushi", talk about their dreams and hopes for the future, and party – a lot. In a half-hearted effort to make bank, all four of them go to work for a suspiciously rich real estate investor (Jon Bernthal), but that move feels to most of the guys more like a step backwards in pursuit of their goals.

Throughout the movie, Cole spends a lot of time with his friends, but his pursuit of his dreams and his relationships with James and Sophie occupy the vast majority of the screen time. James is a rich and in-demand EMD DJ who takes Cole under his wing. James is an arrogant alcoholic, but he does give Cole some good advice – and access to his impressive home studio so Cole can perfect his sound. (Cole's convinced that he just needs one great track to make it big.) Meanwhile, there's a growing sexual tension between Cole and Sophie, who's also unhappy with her life. When Cole and his friends take a trip to a big rave in Las Vegas, where James and Sophie are also headed, certain developments change the equation for some of them. Those characters then have to make decisions that'll change their lives.

You know, you can often tell when a studio knows it has a stinker on its hands. The signs include giving it a title which isn't representative of the story, giving the movie little publicity and making drastic changes to the movie poster late in the game. These all apply to this film, as does the suspicious timing of the movie's release. Why release a youth-friendly made-for-summer movie at the very end of the summer (after many teens have already gone back to school) and in a weekend with very little competition in the way of other feature film releases? Put all that together and you have the movie "We Are Your Friends".

This movie isn't horrible; it's just bad. The focus is unequally divided between the friends mentioned in the title and what the movie is really about. The four friends are lacking in direction, work ethic and, to some extent, morality and often don't treat each other as you'd expect they would. The performances are serviceable, but uninspired and Ratajkowski's presence in the film seems mainly for the purpose of giving us something pretty to look at. (We see "more" of her than at any point since her role in the uncensored version of the "Blurred Lines" music video.) The movie's subplots are contrived and unnecessary, then the climax of the movie plays out as unrealistic and fairly anti-climactic. The script educates the uninitiated about EDM and has some decent life lessons, but also features lines like, "This is my favorite part. Right before everything begins." What does that even mean – that it's all downhill from here?!? (Hmmm. Since the quote appears early in this movie, maybe that IS what it means.) Honestly, I hope that Efron has not peaked. I hate to see anyone fall short of their dreams. Efron is good-looking (even though he's getting a little too old for that haircut) and he does have some talent. Besides, when it comes to succeeding in the entertainment industry, there's more than one way to "Bop to the Top". ("High School Musical 4: Class Reunion" anyone?) As for Zefron's 2015 release, one final word of advice: If people suggest that you get together and go see this movie, those are NOT your friends. "C-"
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midas-jacobs21 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The movie called 'We are your friends' is about Cole. He is a beginning DJ who really wants to become famous doing what he loves. Conveniantly he meets James. James is a very popular DJ and takes Cole under his wing, and tries to make a better DJ out of Cole. And that was the main premise of the story.

No that I have that out of the way, let's talk about the worst parts of the movie, and then go over to the better parts. One of the worst things in the movie is undoubtedly the directing. This was done by Max Joseph. You may know him from the TV-show called 'Catfish'. He switches styles a lot in the movie. An example of bad directing is early on in the movie, when Cole and his friends try to convince people to go to their party. When the kids start to walk out of the building, the camera starts to shake, without any reason. There are a lot of fast cuts, without any reason. Why? This could have been a OK scene, but they screwed over and made this a very annoying scene from the movie. Luckily it didn't last long. But there were also some well directed scenes, just not a lot, which is pretty sad. Now, the cinematography. This was ugly as well. The scenes weren't pretty at all, there were again some nice scenes, but they are rare. The editing was pretty bad too. For this I have an example too. When James confronts Cole in the bathroom of the stripper club, and Cole lies on the ground. When Cole has put himself against the wall, he changes positions a lot, between cuts. This is due to the bad directing and editing. Now let's move on to a better part of the movie. The music. This was good. I don't really like the music style, but some of it was good. The violence, for what was in the movie, wasn't good. It was ridiculous. Another thing that I dislike is the animated part. When Cole is tripping on some kind of drug. The animation looked bad and the only thing I could think was: 'What in the f*ck is happening?'

The acting was also one of the 'better' parts. Zac Efron was good as Cole. Nothing too special. I didn't really like his character, but that is mostly due to the bad writing. Then now the person who saw something in him. James. He was played by Wes Bentley. He was maybe my favorite character. He was the most developed one. James was a successful DJ, but now has become a drunk addict. I know it is cliché, but so are all of the characters of this movie. The person that surprised me the most was Emily, I don't even dare to type her last name. She played Sophie. Sophie is the generic pretty girl of this movie, she doesn't really do anything in the story, except for 'inspiring' the main character, and cause some drama. But Emily was very good. I have seen her in 'Gone Girl', and thought that it was just a one time well acting job, but she has proved, that she is indeed a good actress. The friend group I am going to take as a whole. None of them could act, and were just complete douche bags. You have the aggressive one, the drug dealer, and the one who doesn't really fit it. Like I said, it is all pretty cliché.

The script isn't good at all. They tried to be funny, but weren't, they tried to be dramatic, but failed at that too. And the last part was pretty, funny actually. They suddenly kill of a character, and try to make you sad, but they fail at this because they made the character so annoying. He was one of the main friend group. You didn't care at all for any of them, just because they were so goddamn annoying! The story overall was fine, just some weird moments here and there. The ending, was one of the best parts, maybe because the movie overall was pretty boring? But this was also your typical Hollywood ending. Also to come back on the dialogue. Whenever Zac is talking about his DJ stuff, it felt like he didn't know anything about it, and it sounded to me like it was complete nonsense. I don't know anything about that sort of music either, but I just don't think it is true.

Overall this is a mediocre movie at it's best. The acting of Wes, Zac and Emily is the only part that keeps this movie moving, the other things are or annoying, or just boring. This isn't a movie I would watch again, but this is also not a movie that you should hate because it exist.
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Don't Listen to the Hate
ivans53617 April 2019
A good, fresh movie, obviously geared towards younger generations with a mostly unknown cast and more than competent direction. There are some great sequences in here, with great visuals and graphics, very visually appealing and even informative.

The storyline admittedly is very predictable, and the script is nothing out of this world, however it's fun and realistic, and you feel as though you really meet these characters. What it misses is focus, as the story has 2 different storylines, the one about Cole as a DJ being much stronger, and maybe it would have profited for cutting down on the scenes with friends. Although there are some gems there, it's been done many times before and the ending of that storyline is very predictable.

Now although this was never going to get any Oscars, it's still a good and entertaining tale of coming of age tale, and what it lacks in originality, it makes up for with a great soundtrack and pure heart coupled with a great performance by Efron.

P.S. The quotes from the movie might be laughable to some, but as a late stage millennial, I feel that quotes like "are we ever gonna be better than this?" and "This is the best part. The best part of anything really. It's the moment before it starts." are as real and contemporary as they get
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Another "Party Movie Of The Year" wannabe
rgkarim29 August 2015
Another weekend, another review and this time we are rocking into the theater for yet another youthful drama. Zac Efron leads the cast in the latest film about partying and friendship, in hopes of entertaining the masses in what looks to be some half-baked movie. Yet Hollywood can sometimes surprise you with a masterpiece that will hold a place in your own hall of fame. What is the verdict with this movie? Well sit back, relax and read my thoughts on Max Joseph's We Are Your Friends.

The plot of the movie, according to the trailers, centers on Cole an aspiring D.J. in the San Fernando Valley who longs to make his mark. His idealistic, and mostly deadbeat, friends "work" to find a means of making money to move up to bigger and better things, perhaps resulting to less legal manners to do so. Fortune smiles on Cole when another DJ named James (Wes Bentley) offer him opportunities that could set him up for success. But these opportunities, as well as a cute woman named Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski) may be more than he bargained for. What chaos can ensue?

Does this plot sound familiar? Well it should, because We Are Your Friends picks up the same carbon copy teenage drama plot that millions fall in love. Predictable doesn't describe how easy it was to pick apart the plot and know what was going to happen next. Much of the tale, as well as the dialog, focused on very shallow qualities that our modern age could relate to, primarily living for the moment via the use of drugs, booze, and careless sex. The "love" aspect in the film is rather simplistic, greatly diluted by the partying scenes and almost nonexistent until the end of the movie. Amidst the sea of very selfish and irresponsible motives, the team managed to add a few good morals to the film, such as working hard and selflessness towards others. It was just a shame that so much of this was rushed, so that they could maximize more of the party atmosphere. This brings me to my next point, the cinematography.

We are your friends is all about making you feel you are partying, much of the 90 minutes dedicated to portraying modern social life… at least in the LA region. Loud raves filled with many young extras jamming to electronic music are the primary settings of this film. I felt they did a nice job dropping you into various party styles that help give you some social culture education, immersing you in all the aspects they have. Unfortunately this meant glorifying drugs, alcohol, and recreational sex as the true means of having fun. I only hope the consequences they showed at the end get through to the main audience, but with how much fun they made partying on drugs, can't say that will be the case. I'll admit I did enjoy the artistic direction they took for one drug scene, where the visual styles pop out, but otherwise it was not an impressive display. The best parts of the entire cinema for me though were showing the DJ process, getting glimpses on how the music I enjoy so much is synthesized and brought to life.

In addition to glorifying the party lifestyle, this film also likes to focus on the body…a lot. Many of the extras and our two leading actors are very hot, sexy, or whatever descriptive term you want to use. Efron has plenty of moments in skin tight, muscle- emphasizing shirts that are shed to show off his body. If you're like some of my friends, you'll give this movie a ten for this feature alone. Guys don't worry; the directors have given you plenty of female anatomy to appreciate as well. Emily alone is very gorgeous to look at, but they have casted enough extras in skimpy clothing, and sometimes none, to appeal to your natural urges. Either way, this movie is sure to get some people "excited" and plays well to appeal to the shallow side of things.

The best and final thing for me of this movie though is the soundtrack. Since this is a movie about an aspiring DJ, you can guess the movie is filled with tracks of electronic dance music. Fans of this genre will be tapping their toes as the music plays through the theater speakers, bass booming in full strength until the rest of the sounds became integrated into the mix. I admit I was boogying to many of tracks they created for this film. While some of the tracks are a little disorganized, I loved the integration of the music into the scenes and how the song matched the tone of the scene. However, if you find this kind of music simply earsplitting noise, then you need to avoid this movie for this point alone.

Let's face it; this movie is certainly not the best on the block. With a very unoriginal plot, focus on the superficial qualities of life, and lack of award winning dialog there is very little that makes this worthy of the theater. In fact, this movie would have made for a good after school special if I'm being honest. However, the movie gets points for a gorgeous cast and awesome soundtrack. Thus, I recommend you wait out for this one to come to Netflix.

My scores are:

Drama/Music/Romance: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.0
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A great new perspective on the music... and friendship.
carlos37andre21 January 2016
Amazing how the film exceeds expectations, expecting at most a movie "ok" but is really great. The whole narrative has many virtues, I wonder if you can explain, but the story from one point holds you, I barely saw time pass, the way the issue of music is aborted is excellent, you may find (as well as I thought before seeing): "It's a film about DJ's, music is not important in the story." But no! How long is the music is a "purity" very cool and also reflects the importance with which the protagonist Cole (Zac Efron) is the same art (music). Moreover, the story is not (only) about teens, parties and cruising, as it may seem (at least for the title that the film won in Brazilian territory), the entire trajectory of the four friends during screen time is excellent too. However, I think the biggest plus point is the script, not that it be complex and innovative, but the film sets out to narrate a certain point there, and does so with praise, almost flawless, is almost, I think the only negative point in all this is how some situations are resolved in "easy" way more, are only two situations in which noticed it, but still prevented the note I gave was greater. Zac Efron also (for those who still have some bias) is very good, it can easily "take" the film "back", going all the depth that (I think) was applied to the character. In short: A great film, airtight script, good soundtrack (yeah, forgot to mention that), and some exciting moments until, at the end of "We Are Your Friends" makes a really cool message and fulfills its role, showing a different way of see music.
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yoyopa7 September 2015
Let me start out by saying I love EDM. I've spent my entire life(as far back as I can remember) loving techno, house, dance, drum and bass etc etc. my first techno experience and first tape I ever owned was the Mortal Kombat soundtrack! Yes you laugh but forget that it's mortal kombat and listen to it. THE best techno of the time!

This movie was not about edm. It was not about the experience of a rave or festival. Which honestly isn't what annoyed me. I could've really enjoyed a compelling story told within the world and culture of electronic music.

My problem with this ridiculous movie is that it is nothing more than an 80's coming of age story Cliché. Ahh yes kids, sit back as we watch the white male and his white male friends as they experience growing pains, have minor set backs, get the girl and of course win the day all while looking like an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog circa 2001.

Though I thoroughly understand that Hollywood will learn nothing from this bomb of a movie I do need to applaud my peers for not bothering with this joke of a film. As hard as it tried to appeal to what Hollywood believes we are..drunken, Instagram obsessed degenerates..okay we kinda are but we don't need to see it on the big screen! Even with all that..we still know crap when it's trying to be forced fed to us! HENCE We Are Your Friends: 1.8 million gross.

Should you see it. Why I do believe I've answered that.
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No chemistry in the Chemical Generation
g-white72316 January 2016
This is a film about a group of young men partying in the San Fernando valley. A place that is just too far away from where all their dreams can come true in the Hollywood hills. The main character Cole (Zac Efron) has talent and ambition to become a headline DJ, but instead of going to college to learn his art he hangs out with his friends, who are drifting in the party drug scene, until he meets an established artist James Reed (Wes Bentley).

This is aspirational movie about having a dream and going for it, and all the obstacles and pitfalls that go with it. There are moments in this film that I liked - when Cole shows a conscience several times as the story unfolds, and James Reed the hedonist selfish mentor self destructing, but the main storyline is one of romance between Cole and Sophie which didn't really get going for me. I felt there was no chemistry between the two of them. That really left the film flat though it does improve towards the end.

The art of making music from your laptop is interesting but superficially explored here, and there was a lot to this film that just didn't add up: the friends - Mason, Ollie and Squirrel are quite an odd collection of mates with not a lot in common, and Cole really would be more of computer geek than he appears in this film. Overall I felt disappointed because it didn't get interesting until the end, and by then it was too late to recover. 5/10
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Life of a DJ
stevendbeard28 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "We Are Your Friends", starring Zac Efron-Neighbors, 17 Again; Wes Bentley-The Hunger Games, Jonah Hex; Emily Ratajkowski-Entourage, Gone Girl and Jon Bernthal-Fury, The Walking Dead_tv.

This movie is about a group of young 20 year olds that are growing up and trying to decide how to make their fame and fortune. Zac is wanting to be a DJ, using his expertise in mixing and playing electronic music at clubs and party's to make a career for himself. He meets a professional DJ, Wes, and Wes' girlfriend, Emily. Zac falls for Emily, which complicates things with him and Wes-it's hard to ask for advise on a career when you are sleeping with that person's girlfriend. While Zac is trying to become famous, he works part time for Jon at a real estate company. And that pretty much sums up the movie. It's rated "PG-13" for language, drug & alcohol use and sexual content- including partial nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 36 minutes. It's not one that I would buy on DVD. I don't think I would rent it, either. If you want to see it, wait until it comes to cable.
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rafael-frehner28 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those movies, without any deep meaning, that shall entertain you while you are watching it, but as soon as you walk out of if, you have forgotten it already. It has some quite decent beats, other than that, it is just filled with cliché; ditching your friends on crappy party, for going to a better one, falling in love with the woman who is the girlfriend of your mentor, doing a crappy job - which you hate but still don't quit - having a ONS with the girl you can't have, oh, and lets not forget the; big impact because one of your buddies died, but you are going straight back to your daily routine, even tough you tell everybody, how depressed you are.. and the list goes on and on..
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superficial flash
SnoopyStyle22 April 2016
Cole Carter (Zac Efron) is an aspiring DJ. He and his friends Mason, Ollie, and Squirrel live in the San Fernando Valley. They struggle to make something out of themselves with the center of the entertainment world just over the hills. They promote a club for one night of the week. Cole is taken with Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), and finds a mentor in her boyfriend James Reed (Wes Bentley). The four friends start work for Paige (Jon Bernthal) who is in real-estate foreclosures.

I root for Zac Efron. I like Zac Efron. This is a bad pick by him. He is probably the only good thing in this movie. His three friends need time to build their friendship. They are never more than superficial characters. Emily Ratajkowski fits the character well in one respect. She's a vapid model trying to be an actress but is actually horrible at acting. The overall sense is a bad superficiality when a darker, deeper tone would have lend some compelling realism to the movie.
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We Are Your Friends Review
keithlovesmovies23 September 2015
Cole Carter (Zac Efron) has dreams of gaining notoriety as a Hollywood DJ and also spends his days and nights hanging out with his buddies while working on a track that he hopes will set the world on fire. An opportunity soon comes knocking when he meets James Reed (Wes Bentley), a veteran DJ who takes the younger DJ under his wing. An obstacle later presents itself along his path to success when we starts to have feelings for his mentor's girlfriend which begins to jeopardize his relationship and the future he was destined to have.

The title for this one probably should have been "We Are Your 1- Dimensionsional Friends". With a story that is about friends, I didn't really care too much for these ones. There's nothing really new or original here. I found them rather annoying and cliché and that they didn't really add anything to the story but that's inconsequential since the story isn't about them. Now about that story. It is a silly story to begin with but it also seemed to be facing an identity crisis. It didn't know whether it wanted to be a coming-of-age story or a party movie. Unfortunately it did not do either well. I found the party scenes quite dull as they consisted primarily of questionable people dancing in clubs to electronic music. The coming-age-part was slightly better since it contained less of Cole's friends despite it being both cheesy and cliché. The parts where we saw him learning about how to be the best were somewhat captivating despite being something I've seen before thousands of times (i.e. Southpaw) and also despite the fact that Wes Bentley's character felt like a caricature of a common mentor. What I didn't like about this film, other than the friend characters, was the story. I found the first half watchable but it fell apart for me during the second half. Without giving anything away, I'll say that there were a few subplots that I felt were unnecessary to the overall story and I found that things ended a little too nicely which did not make sense to me. For a story about overcoming one's environment and making a name out of one's self, I didn't think it did a good job at explaining how one goes about doing that. I'm not saying that it didn't explain this but rather it did off-screen and through a series of implications. The only thing I liked about this film was the music. I was never a fan of electronic music but it was well done here as it showed a lot of creativity and imagination. I have never been a fan of Zac Efron but he at least made this watchable. If I want to see a young person coming-of-age story, I'd see Paper Towns.

Score: 6/10 keithlovesmovies.com
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I genuinely loved it!
Shanksemma29 August 2015
Just got back from seeing it with my friend and we are in awe and reading these other comments make me confused on how people don't see the beauty in this film. The movie shows deeper meaning than what meets the eye, a lot of symbolism is used throughout. I have had the same favorite movie for years and this one just made it to the top! I recommend every one to see it and I'm sorry if I'm raising your expectations too much but this is my opinion and it was beautifully written and acted out. The music and cinematography is amazing and sets the whole movie perfectly. Im downloading the soundtrack while I'm typing and can't get over this amazing work!
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About an aspiring DJ and his friends circle.
Reno-Rangan4 June 2017
I've never seen any actor worse than Zac, yet he keeps making films. That's not it, so far he had failed to take the right project to work with. His films are either having no story or a silly concept and his roles among the worst. I could have liked this film if it was done by some other young actor. It looked a decent storyline on how an aspiring DJ is fighting to make progress. Living with his friends, then suddenly an opportunity knocks and followed by some issues surround it that should be solved to see the success in his passion in the music. So the remaining is to reveal how the things go on for him.

Too slow narration, and it is being a music genre, a little soulless. Yeah, there's no rhythm. All we have seen a DJ while performing, but what his life would be like is what this film was focused on. Directional debute for a documentary filmmaker and he should make a couple of things right for his next film, including casting right actors and preparing an engaging screenplay. Some people might like the film, but not for me. This is completely an ignorable film.

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Average but forgettable! 4/10
leonblackwood17 January 2016
Review: I'm really in two minds about this film because I didn't really find it entertaining but I stuck with it, mainly because I wanted to see were it was going. I'm not really into "electronic" music so the whole soundtrack became a bit tedious after a while but the director introduced different elements, which made it watchable. Zac Efron plays an 23 year old, aspiring DJ (Cole Carter), in San Fernando Valley, who lives with his best friend Mason (Jonny Weston). They hold parties with there best friends Ollie (Shiloh Fernández) and Squirrel (Alex Shaffer), on a regular basis but they only make a little profit, which doesn't go that far. Whilst Djing at a night club, Cole gets chatting with an older DJ, James (Wes Bentley), who eventually becomes his mentor and teaches him the in's and out of producing in his lavish studio. They soon build a trusting relationship with each other and Cole takes out James girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), who he falls head over heels for. After spending a passionate night together, James finds out about there relationship, which breaks his friendship with Cole. After losing his best friend, Squirrel, he pursues his career in producing music and he puts together the perfect record, using natural sounds. He then rebuilds his relationship with James and he headlines a major event, were he debuts his record and rocks the crowd. The director added some emotional elements to make it seem like it wasn't your regular American "spoilt youths" type of movie but it still turned out like it. As I'm coming from a Djing background, I could relate to a lot of the concept but I'm used to playing on the underground scene, not to a bunch of rich kids in sunny California. The acting was average and the storyline became a bit predictable after a while. I don't really know what message the director was trying to get across but he done the smart thing by putting Zac Efron in the lead because I doubt that it would have made a profit without him plastered all over the poster. In all, it's a watchable movie but I was left feeling a bit empty when it finished. Average!

Round-Up: Zac Efron, 28, has been starring in some decent movies lately but I'm yet to see him prove that he can be taken seriously as a major actor. After a successful career in the High School Musical franchise, he first turned to cinema in 2007, in Hairspray. He then took the lead in Me and Orson Welles in 2008 but when he came out with 17 Again in 2009, his career took a turn for the better and he was able to put his High School Musical days, firmly behind him. With another Bad Neighbours in development along with a movie alongside Robert DeNiro called Dirty Grandpa, due to be released, he certainly has a lot to look forward to. His name has also been linked to the remake of Baywatch, which is perfect casting but I'm still waiting for an Oscar winning performance. This is the first major movie directed by Max Joseph, who made this movie from personal experiences. If your not in that scene and your not interested in the music, I personally can't see anyone finding this movie entertaining, so it's not for all audiences.

Budget: $2million Worldwide Gross: $9.5million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/music/romance movies starring Zac Efron, Wes Bentley, Emily Ratajkowski, Jonny Weston and Shiloh Fernandez. 4/10
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