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  • No, Jabba does not appear in the film. Beckett does mention to Han near the end of the film that he heard of a big-shot gangster putting a crew together on Tatooine, an obvious allusion to Han's future dealings with Jabba. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Every Star Wars film has made it clear that the Empire does not care about its personnel. With the endless civil conflicts and insurgencies they were fighting in their efforts to control every system in the galaxy, anyone willing to fight for them would be welcome to join the ranks. Edit

  • The life debt that Chewie owes Han has never been established in any of the films. Only in the expanded lore. While Han helped Chewie escape imprisonment, that was more equal effort on both of their parts. Han does save Chewie's life by pulling him back onto the hover-train before hitting a cliffside. So it's possible Chewie's life debt started at this point. Throughout the film Chewie has a few opportunities to leave Han's company, but chooses to remain with him, though the mention of a debt is absent. It's also possible this happens in a later adventure. Edit

  • In Episode I, Maul was cut in half at the torso by Obi-Wan and sent plummeting down a shaft on Naboo. However, on the cartoon series, The Clone Wars, Maul re-appears with robotic legs. As the series progresses, Maul ends up gaining control of a faction of Mandalorians and starts a crime syndicate. As we see in this film, Maul still has his robotic legs and is the head of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. Edit

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