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  • "Scenes from Powned" are excerpts scenes written, composed & directed by C.G. Ryche, from his 124 page, award winning screenplay "Powned". These scene are now attached to the PDF version of the script, so producers can watch certain scenes of the screenplay as they read it through. "Scenes from Powned" features Academy Nominated actor, Eric Roberts, as well as Robert Costanzo, John Barbolla, Adam Zastrow, Jen Robyn Jacobs, Ty Parker and Ashlie Garrett. "Scenes from Powned" was shot for the sole purpose of creating the C.G.'s directorial vision of the screenplay, casting and to help get the script produced into a feature film. Please see 'Synopsis' for 'Plot Summary'.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Suspense-Thriller

    Similar to: Pulp Fiction, The Departed, and Natural Born Killers

    Powned: An urban word taken from the Chess term Pawned. To checkmate your opponent using the lowliest piece, the pawn. To own someone or put them in their place.

    This is a story about three young people in the course of a 12-hour day (present time) in which we see how the travesty of bad decisions can fuel a malicious game of survival.

    The day unfolds through the eyes of young 14-year old girl, Alex Marino, a thick-skinned, adopted teenager that lives alone with her older brother Eric. Two years prior to present day, both Alex & Eric were witnesses to their parents being brutally murdered by a madman. The events leading up to the murders started when their dad (Frank) caught wind of an ongoing love affair between the gunman (Gary Weist) and his wife (Wendy). Frank exposed his wifes affair with Gary, and the aftermath of this confrontation was devastating. The Marino family became divided because of the affair, but soon took responsibility for their actions and became stronger as a result. It was a much different story for Gary Weist. He lost everything including his wife & kids, his job, and his will to live. The former policeman, Gary, broke in to the Marino residence at 2:35am, shooting and killing both Wendy & Frank in cold blood, before blowing his own brains out in front of Eric & Alex.

    This one single event sent Eric on a downward spiral that would change their lives forever. Eric lost his mind and became delusional and filled with hatred towards women, because of the outcome of his mothers affair, causing Alex to fear and fend for her life everyday. Eric, suspecting his girlfriend (Jenni) of having a similar affair, devises a sinister plan of murder, with a bogus photo shoot in an abandoned warehouse. As Alex, Eric, and Jenni hit the highway, the psychopathic game of lies begins. This day will result in two murders as three people take a trip to nowhere. In a chess-match of Malice, Deceit & Murder...anyone can be Powned.

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