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*spoilers* Movie about nothing
kingramze1 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
You will regret ever wasting your time on this movie. It starts nowhere and ends nowhere.

I've seen decent movies about a group of people locked in isolation for months on end -- this was not one of them.

I've seen decent TV series shows and movies where people thought they were in simulations, but weren't... and the reverse. This is not one of them.


The movie begins promisingly enough with good actors and a decent premise -- a mission to simulate manned space flight for 400 days. The "astronauts" climb into a bunker underground. They're told not to come out early or their commander will ensure their careers are over.

Long story short, they leave early - to find a desolate world inhabited by crazy people... or maybe they're aliens... or hallucinations. We don't know. I bet neither do the writers.
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The writer and director Matt Osterman deserves 400 Days in prison for this crap
Dr_Sagan30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Let's cut to the chase: Avoid this movie at all costs.

I don't know about the 400 days but that was most certainly 90 minutes of our lives we'll never get back.

What seems initially like a good premise with unlimited possibilities it is transformed in a lame and boring Carpenter-ish c-class movie that leads nowhere.

Sometimes after a slow boring movie you might get a rewarding and interesting ending, so your time spend not to feel wasted.

Unfortunately this is not the case here. The ending is as ambiguous as it could possibly be.

I call this type of movies "The 3 minutes more movies" and includes other crappy ones like "Another Earth". What do I mean by that 3 minutes more? I mean movies that the ending would be crystal clear if the movie lasted 3 minutes more (or at least one in this case). What happened really is a mystery only for the audience who feels cheated. The crew of the simulation will know the truth soon enough. The audience never will. It's not an ending to interpret or to start a conversation about it. It's just like they ran out of film a couple of minutes sort before the actual ending.

The cast consists of likable actors including Brandon (Superman Returns) Routh but were misused. The production soon feels cheap and the pace is boring. Initially you expect something to happen but soon enough you give up and just wait for the conclusion which in this case...there isn't any.

Overall: The writer and director Matt Osterman deserves at least 400 days in prison for this crap or even better his whole life far far away from cameras of any kind.
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Just because you can make a movie doesn't mean that you should.
imdb-976-73676631 October 2015
A perfectly terribly movie with little, if anything, in the way of redeeming value. From a script that portrays characters acting in completely unbelievable ways to the tired old cliché of "let's all split up"this movie is a complete waste of one's time. Four prospective astronauts who in real life couldn't qualify for Walmart greeters get buried in the ground for a year and when they come out the world has changed. Apparently it has all changed into one giant D- grade horror movie cliché. Poorly written dialog, clichéd characters, and a plot written by Dunning Kruger Inc all add up to a completely wasted portion of your life that you will never... never get back.

There is zero resolution to the movie and every single "horror" moment is telegraphed like a 1900's Western Union operator working overtime. A good chunk of the non-action takes place in a post-apocalyptic dive bar which is where I imagine the director and screen writer likely spent much of their misspent cinematic education.

The only real horror here is how a group of people can spend months (days??) of their time producing such a completely worthless pile of steaming celluloid and still have the temerity to put their names upon the completed work.
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Oh god, why did you choose that ending?
ashleywork1 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So 400 days is about 4 "astronauts" who are going to be put in a simulation for 400 days to simulate long distanced space travel and the psychological effects this might have on the astronauts. Now instead of actually showing our protagonists slowly losing their minds in this simulation the film just says, "ain't nobody got time for that" and tries to rush to the "plot twist" as quickly as possible.

Now I bet you are wondering what exactly happens in between the beginning of the film and the end. Well I can summarise it in a couple of sentences for you. Our main characters go from being sane, calm and intelligent human being to insane and stupid human beings in the space of only 15 minutes. Well in film time it's more like 200-300 days but to the audience the change only happens over the course of 15 minutes. This doesn't give us enough time to connect with the protagonists, it doesn't give us enough time to understand what they are going through in their lives and it doesn't give us enough time to care about them and what will happen to them when they eventually go insane. I'm pretty sure the writers where either high or drunk when they thought this would pass for a good story.

Now enough of the boring protagonists lets talk about the ending because that's always fun. So our main characters find a guy who looks like he has been deprived of any oxygen and can't talk properly because of this. The man escapes from the ship and the crew find out that they have been losing oxygen for days and days now. So in a moment of panic they decide to leave the ship to figure out what's happening. They find that they are surrounded by dust and rock, after analysing the dust they find out that it's moon dust. So the crew leaves to go find people and figure out what has happened. After finding a creepy guy in a creepy town they find out that some explosion happened on the moon and then the planets oxygen depleted and moon dust was scattered on the earth? I'm not really sure what happened it was't explained very well. So one by one the crew members start to disappear until there was two left, the towns people insist that there was only ever two left. The towns folk try to chase our 2 last crew members to the simulation area underground. The crew members fight them off and a message is played in the simulation congratulating them on making it to 400 days and the screen fades to black.

There are a lot of things wrong with this ending so let me list a few of them here: 1. What actually happened to the moon and how does the moon being blown up drop the amount of oxygen on Earth? 2. Why didn't you just say it was all a simulation or a dream. There was plenty of proof in the film to suggest that it was a dream, hell the film looked like it was going to do that. 3. Why can some people in this town talk properly and others can't?

There's more issue with this film that I could get into but I would be here for days, in short the film is boring, has a rubbish plot, misses every opportunity to at least be interesting and has astronauts that aren't mentally stable enough to even be astronauts.
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The movie was OK. The end was not.
mir_sasha6 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is ridiculous. This is my first ever review here and Im doing it only because Im so f.... emotionally unstable right now because of this crap.

The movie is OK. I enjoyed the excitement, the setting, the acting was more then fine for a low budget movie and to tell you the truth, I was really happy to finally find something that can keep my interest more then 20 min.

The problem with the movie is the f... ending. There is basically none. You are left with 1000 questions and no answers. You are left in some kind of limbo where you are not sure if you want to cry or throw something at the screen.

We have absolutely no way of knowing anything about how this ended. The door opens, we see something that might be light coming in and.... the end. But this answers nothing. And there are so many other questions that just are left hanging.

Think if you read a book. A crime novel. Now imagine that we follow a cop who is investigating a murder. Thru whole book, you get clues about what happened, whats going on and the writer really builds up the expectations for the ending. And then book ends. Just like that.

This movie is like that. It just f.... ended. I think Im gonna go cry now.
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Grmsch, Wasted potential.
idontdodrugs31 October 2015
OK. So it's about a science experiment to investigate the effects of prolonged time of isolation of a group in tight space as preparation for space travel, where long periods of no contact with the outside world are expected. Exactly 400 days of said isolation.

They pretty much cast a whole lot of actors from the hit TV series Arrow and The Flash, namely Brandon Routh, Carly Loitz (which I lovingly call 'The Chin'), and Tom Cavanagh.

These actors as well as the endearing premise caused me to watch that movie. And....my hopes pretty much fell apart.

The movie follows a long the typical low budget mystery and 'horror' plots of the 'isolated people' genre. Nothing, and I mean nothing original here with regards to script and direction.

The whole movie gives off the vibes of a Outer Limits episode. The sets feel very cheap. The story leads to nothing. No pay off at all. And at a runtime of 90 minutes it still felt very boring at long periods. Flashbacks try to establish some deeper characterization. But again, no relevance at all for the non-existent character development.

There is only two positive things I can say about the movie. First, the actors try at least a little bit (Brandon Routh and Tom Cavanagh are most often likable, even if they have absolutely nothing to work with from the script). Second, the premise remains interesting. But executed in such a way, it just is a giant case of wasted potential.

As a TV episode or short movie, OK, but with these 90 minutes, you should do something else...watch like 2 Outer Limits episodes.
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Outer Limits/Solaris Mashup on the Cheap
Cathex1 November 2015
Well, it wasn't terrible, and considering that the budget was obviously limited I was inclined to be slightly more lenient. I did find the plot somewhat entertaining, it reminded me of an episode of the outer limits or the twilight zone. The acting was fairly decent and the scripting was adequate. But there isn't enough here in the way of originality or ingenuity to make it shine.

The director does a pretty good job of pointing the camera. However, I generally think it's a bad idea to directly reference classic films made by genius directors unless your own film is at or near the same quality, because it seems like compensation. So the references to Kubrick through the use of slow tracking shots, deep focusing and a direct dialogue reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, were unjustified and annoying.

The film develops a story that has no logical explanation, interspersed with continuity errors. But these weren't severe. What was more irritating was that the ending seems intended to create suspense but it's actually just a cliché. Much like the night-vision POV shots towards the end, there was no real reason for it.

The film isn't terrible and it's entertaining enough for casual viewing. But it's far too much an example of someone trying on purpose to create a film thats supposed to be 'mind-boggling' and creepy just for the sake of it, throwing in too many stereotypes in a kind of aping manner.

The psychological break-down of the crew was little more than a lower quality imitation of films such as Solaris and it pretends at subtext, but produces none.

Like I said, I've seen far worse, the director seems fairly competent and the story was bizarre enough to be somewhat interesting. But it's certainly nothing to get excited about.
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If you watch this, when you are done, you will wish you didn't.
odorous1 November 2015
The best part of this crap was going "oh, I remember him from that movie" and "wasn't he in that Dylan dog movie" calling this pile of trash a b- flic would take some of the quality away from actual b-flics. 70% boring, 20% tired cliché and 10% credits. The writers/directors/producers were like " lets take the idea of the movie Moon, crap all over it, regurgitate some failed movies of the past, eat it, then crap out 400 days." When I had the unfortunate experience of wasting 1.3 gig of bandwidth on this travesty, I did not know I was going to be investing 100 minutes on what turned out to be horrible 80's "c" style movie. Money will be lost, people will be fired. It seems like Brandon Routh is doing everything in his power to ruin his career. Do yourself a favor, go watch "Moon" instead.
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400 Days of Awful!
snoopypuppeh13 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
They should have called this movie '91 Minutes of Boredom'! At least it wasn't longer... that would have been the real horror.

A very weak movie, too weak to even to be considered B-grade, with a poorly written plot. It's sad, because it had such promise, but completely misses the mark with whatever it was trying to achieve. It appears that even the writers gave up before the ending, because there wasn't one! Characters seemed to disappeared never to been heard from again... literally... what happened to them? Fired? Quit? To drunk to show up on the set? Doesn't really matter anyway, because most of the acting was sub-par even to be compared with a high-school drama club production.

Continuity seems to have been left somewhere on the editing room floor, along with the director's self-esteem. Imagine, putting your real name on this piece of rubbish for everyone to see.

Save your money for a nice stiff drink. At least if you're drunk you'll have a good excuse for mistakenly wandering into a theatre while this movie is playing!
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Truly Awful
spacebwoy17 December 2015
This is one of the worst films I have seen. Terrible script, full of plot inconsistencies. The film has no direction, and the set design is terrible. In a number of places it tries to gain some credibility by referencing Kubrick amongst others. Clearly there was no shortage of funding but a complete lack of any art leaves it a dull, uninspired waste of time and effort.

None of the characters would have passed even an initial psychological examination. They are all too emotionally unbalanced to even have been considered for their mission.

Although the plot doesn't rely on people behaving idiotically to drive it forward, all of the character interactions are due to the protagonists utter childishness.
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No ending
msamuelkingston6 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this with my wife, the story was entertaining and we were left guessing all the way through as to where they would take the ending. There isn't one. Lazy writing. It doesn't even leave you with an option to decide for yourself between two possible choices of what could be happening. It just ends. No hints to a second film, just nothing as if they got bored writing it and just filmed what they already had. Shame it could have been a good film. Each part of the story had something that needed explaining, but nothing ever gets explained. The film is basically a list of questions followed by no answers. You are left feeling very disappointed as it has such potential and does keep you interested right up until the end. I would love to hear what the idea was behind the story, but I don't think even the writers knew. If you are the kind of person who falls asleep near the end of a film and never catches the ending, you will enjoy this film.
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Starts with a good premise but goes downhill to a place you'll hate it
tecnogaming12 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Stranded or isolated group of people movies are common trend these days, with all those reality shows and experiment shows.

What better than to make a movie about depth space mission as a reality show experiment?

Enter 400 days. As the title of the movie says, a group of 4 people must spend 400 days isolated in what appears to be a ship but it's actually a bunker.

The movie consist on 2 acts, in the first one we see a psychological thriller in which the group must face with the fact they are isolated and need to come to terms with each other and solve the obstacles to progress. It's slow-paced but good, the acting is appropriate and the slow parts are necessary to balance the shocker parts.

This is all good but the problem I have is with the second part, this is were the movie does a transformation, it goes from being a solid 6 points movie to a somewhat bad adaptation of a poorly written B-movie, with poorly written B-movie actors included.

Watching this transformation unfold on screen is tedious, sad and disgusting and by the time the end comes, the whole experience reach a climax in which the viewer is left with a WTF moment (and not a good one) and the writers pretending to be smart but showing that they really don't care about the story or the viewer.

It's something like, this is good, what else could we do with it.. yeah I don't know... okay, let's cut the movie right there... bang, titles..

Suffice to say the movie does not get more than a 4 and that's high enough and you should skip it, don't say I didn't warned you.

If you're looking for good SCIFI, go see the reverse of this movie, go watch Infini.
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Not all that bad...
revloveution1 November 2015
Most of the reviews for this are pretty bad. All in all, the movie was ... pretty bad. But I do have to say it does play some decent mind games. Without giving any spoilers, I thought it was interesting, and I like that there's a sense of "Not Knowing" that stays with you after watching the movie. Anything that gives me that sensation these days (After watching almost everything) is potentially... decent.

I'd say it was a little similar to "Moon" with a little bit of "Event Horizon" and "Sphere" tied in... and although I thought it was a bit long - I wanted to give it some justice for not being totally awful (by giving it a few stars in a semi positive review).
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Why Did I Watch This?
mrblelover1 October 2016
I must be a masochist because I almost wanted to watch it again to figure out what was going on and if I missed some vital clues to figure out the ending of this low budget fiasco. I like what one reviewer said: Watch Moon it was a lot more interesting . My criteria for a decent movie is that I'll add it to my library and watch it again in the future, I almost felt guilty passing it along in a yard-sale for .50 cents . It really did steal from many other movies: Moon, 2001 Space Odyssey and OMG I even saw a "morlock" from the old Time Machine movie .Really as my son would say : It was just silly. Final analysis: Avoid Like The Plague!!!
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Surprisingly good...
adam_man00002 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
!!!Spoilers!!! So keep in mind I watched this movie with a 3 out 10 alcoholic buzz. I think that's what affects this review for the better.

So after watching the trailer for this movie, I was excited to see what it was really about. The trailer really set it up to be an exciting thriller.

So as I was watching this, there were a few questions that popped into my mind.

Q1. What's really going on here? Are they really doing this exercise or is it made up.

A1. The female doctor keeps injecting them with "Immune system boosters" but you never see here taking them at all. Is she drugging them? I did feel like this movie kept the characters in a ship underground. I never suspected that they left earth at all.

Q2. What's up with the moon? Is it gone or not? and if so, why, when it shows the moon, does it look like there is an icy glaze on the sky obscuring the moon from sight.

A2. This was a serious plot hole in the story. You never get a definitive yes or no on what's going on and the whole movie you are just watching events unfold for the sheer sake of watching it. Due to my buzz, It was easily overlooked. And for there to be moon dust all over the ground is confusing now that I think back on it. Moon dust travelled that far in space and settled on the earth. How does this deplete oxygen and how are people still living in that town if this is the case.

Q3. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE ENDING?! A3. The ending leads you to believe that it was all in their head the whole time. Because when the hatch opens up, sunlight comes through when only seconds ago, there was no sunlight at all. There had to have been 4 people the whole movie, otherwise the 2 survivors would have been crazy the entire film even before going into the ship. You never know what happens to the other 2. You are led to believe that they were killed off but you never actually see the act itself.

Note: Tom Cavanagh (<- Think I misspelled his name.) Superb performance as a villain. He has garnered a lot of attention since his role as a villain on the TV show "The Flash" and he definitely goes down in my book as a great actor. He was probably the best thing about this movie if you ask me.

All in all, I watched this movie start to finish with an overall good feeling despite all the 1.0 reviews. There are a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions but I think having those questions in the back of my mind is what kept me watching despite the fact they never got answered. Would I recommend this movie? Yes, watch it one time at least. I might not go back and watch it again, its worth 1 watch, then forget about it.
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For all of its flaws (of which it has legion) I still rather enjoyed it!
jozefkruszynski31 October 2015
Maybe I'm just a sucker for terrible movies, I have watched many, but I feel that the 2 other reviews here are from viewers who hold on to a candle of a perfect movie within any given genre, and that anything that goes against that can only be considered a failure and a waste of time for all involved...

This is my first review, I don't have the writing skills that some reviewers have, but I do have an honest opinion...

Do not watch this movie unless you have, like me, exhausted almost all other options. Watch this movie if you have a few hours to kill, and you want to watch a good old fashioned B-movie. Yes the story is contrived and, yes, the characters are flawed, and HECK yes, the time-line and 3rd act make little to no sense. But I for one enjoyed it for what it sets out from the start to be. A poorly written, clichéd, homage to the B-movies of old.

If the previous reviewers really think that this movie was a total waste of everyones time, then I would like to see their fantastically scripted masterpieces.

Watch this film if you have hours to kill, you might find that you enjoy it in the same way that you enjoy a bacon sandwich, fleeting, momentary, and utterly forgettable.
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A mind bender that really is worth watching
arwidsp22 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For those, who are turned off by the bad reviews, give the movie a try. There must be other people like me, who will love it.

So i loved it. A great beginning and main idea lead into a great new experience. I love, how the movie played with the mind.

At the beginning i was confused about all the weird stuff that was happening, but when the end came, i couldn't have wished for a better ending. This movie obviously wasn't made to be realistic and based on real life logic, but oh, how it made me feel so many different emotions. It truly was something different.

I see how some people might be set off by the ending not explaining anything, but the escalation was breathtaking.

Maybe there are other movies like this, but i don't think i've seen any. Also at no point could i tell it was a low budget movie, because everything was really well thought of and i only found out it was a low budget movie from the reviews.
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Liked it!
ohbila4 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is fantastic, refreshing. The plot is original and the movie well acted. There's lots of suspense and tension. For me, a great plot is when at the end you say "it could truly happen"... And this movie has it! Having said that there are some downsides as well. Those quasi zombie humans that wander around and all of the cannibalism and that sort of things are a little to much, but the overall plot is nice.

Having said that, I can't understand the (very) bad reviews and the 4 stars. Give it a try, it's well worth it!

(Sorry for the next few lines, because now comes the part where I am told that my review is not 10 lines long. But what if what I have to say is not 10 lines long!???? C'mon IMDb!!!! I then have to ad some crap to the review just to fill in the review guidelines. A shame)
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You do know this is just a simulation, don't you?
kluseba31 August 2017
I'm glad I didn't buy into the numerous negative reviews and purchased this film that seemed to have a very intriguing plot. I must say that I even got much more than I expected. 400 Days convinces with a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere, four distinguished and interesting main characters and a challenging plot that doesn't give you all the answers. The movie actually takes its audience serious and requests multiple viewing and the use of your brain. The number of analyses, questions and theories around the movie on the internet only underlines the film's intellectual touch.

Why did the movie get so many negative reviews then? Of course, some people might just not like it. The film doesn't have any stunning special effects like so many other science-fiction films. The film didn't have a big budget and the settings aren't much developed. While the actors and actresses are doing a solid job in my book, there isn't a particularly outstanding performance and you obviously won't find any big names involved here.

However, I suspect that most reviewers rated this movie down because they literally didn't understand it. You can identify those people by reading sentences like ''The movie didn't have a proper ending!'', ''How is it possible that the Moon got destroyed?'' and ''The behavior of the characters doesn't make any sense!''. The movie does have a clear ending that makes you think and that makes sense once you really think about it. The explanation that the Moon got destroyed doesn't have anything to do with what's really going on. And the characters react very emotionally because three of them are receiving drugs and because specific planned events are supposed to trigger their exaggerated reactions.

I won't give any more information than this and there might be different similar interpretations of the film but it's important to understand the movie by looking at its whole essence and the things that are said in the beginning instead of taking every statement each character makes literally.

If you are ready to explore a science-fiction movie with an experimental, intelligent and interpretative plot, you will be surprised by 400 Days. If you are looking for a spectacular science- fiction movie with a big budget and perfectly clear answers, you should better watch another shallow Star Wars or Star Trek sequel or stick to popcorn cinema fur juvenile minds such as Guardians of the Galaxy.
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Movie is bad, waste of my time
joliverio19 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I watched this whole movie, unfortunately!

The movie started interesting, making you wanting to watch to see how the story will develop.As it goes, you keep watching to see how it will ends... However the movie finished without any reasonable explanation and anything makes sense, total waste! How people can make a movie like this!!? The ending is awful, I feel like an idiot watching it! I understand a movie need to keep surprises to make you feeling interested but with a movie ending and nothing making any sense after finished, it is really a bad Direction plot! I don't make reviews at all but this movie makes me so "angry" that I shall warn everybody again and again: Don't watch it, don't waste your precious time, do something else!
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A Brandon Routh movie
gemreviews21 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Need I say more than that? No? OK. Here we go.

The story is about a private corporation running a simulation by sticking 3 astronauts and Dane Cook into a fake spaceship that is located underground.

The simulation is about if these astronauts can handle being stuck in outer space with Dane Cook.

"Now thats an interesting horror story," I thought to myself.

Its 2 hours of my life i wont get back.

Now the meat of the movie comes when an intruder breaks into the fake spaceship. Scares the crew half to death with his mutated appearance and then leaves.

The crew begins to feel dizzy and one of them passes out. It turns out that they lost cabin pressure.

Brandon Routh says,"The hell with this. Im going outside."

Once the crew manages to open the airlock, they stand outside to see that the earth is covered in moon dust and there is no sky.

So far, the crew suspects that this is still a simulation. But more elaborate.

At the end of the movie, it doesn't feel like a simulation, but more like a prank being pulled on Brandon Rouths character.

And right before the credits roll, it leaves the audience with a stupid, broad conclusion to the story; was it all for real or was it a simulation?

It felt lazy. 400 days of Dane Cook.

1 1/2 stars out of 5
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So terrible that I endured the 'Forgot my password' process just to leave this warning...
mr-philhenderson22 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was willing to put up with 89 minutes of the low-budget quality of this 'film' just so I could see what apocalyptic calamity had befallen the earth during the crew's 400 days. In the last minute the director and the rest of the incompetents implicated in this pathetic attempt at storytelling just gave up and left the viewer with a whole lot of nothing when we would have taken almost anything. Nothing endings only work well if crafted by skilled storytellers. Inception had a great nothing ending. For his sake, I hope this director just ran out of money – at least that would be a reason which would compute. You're not being 'cool' 'edgy' or 'neat' by ending it this way. Netflix even got in on the scam by claiming in the description that the crew weren't sure if the 400 day test might actually be real. This was never the illusion they were dealing with. Anyway, I guess I'm the fool for not checking here for reviews first. Fooled me once...
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Intriguing and Frustrating
claudio_carvalho11 August 2018
The astronauts Theo (Brandon Routh), Emily (Caity Lotz), Dvorak (Dane Cook) and Bug (Ben Feldman) are locked in an underground facility imitating a spaceship for 400 days simulating the travel to a distant planet. The intent is to study the psychological effect caused by the long isolation period without contact or communication with the outside world. They experience hallucinations and weird noises on the outside and close to the day 400, they see a stranger in their ship. When the man flees, Theo and Bug leave the facility and they find outside world dusty, dark and desolate. They decide to walk to seek somebody and while Dvorak believes it is part of the experiment, Theo, Emily and Bug believe that something bad may happen on Earth.

"400 Days" is an intriguing thriller with an absolutely frustrating conclusion. There are flaws in the story (how a weak man like Bug is selected for such experience is probably the worst) but in general the film builds the mystery with an increasing tension. Unfortunately the lack of conclusion is a cold shower in the viewer. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Protegido: 400 Dias" ("Protected: 400 Days")
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Don't waste your time
kimberletodd24 June 2016
Seriously awful. This movie had potential, there were a million different directions they could have taken it. However, it dragged on, did it's best to get you to care about the characters (and failed), had a weird twist, and then just left you to make up your own ending. Halfway through the movie, I was ready for it to be over. It was weird enough to keep watching just to see what in the world was going on. I fought the urge to fast forward, and at the end, I wish I hadn't fought the urge. It's one of those movies, that when it ends, you shout....Are you kidding me???" Seriously, don't waste your time, you'll be angry with yourself if you do.
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You either like it or you hate it.. (I liked it)
dorenbosmarc4 November 2015
This movie isn't so bad as most people here describe it. I actually rather enjoyed it, it keeps you wondering about what happened. The acting isn't bad, but it could have been better, exception is Caity Lotz whom in my opinion did great. I guess this is one of those movies you really have to be in to to like it, I gave it a 10 because I was hoping it would crank up the overall rating because I didn't think it deserves a 4.. but if I had to rate it honestly I would give it a 7.5! The ending is open for your own imagination or either a sequel. I don't think they will create a sequel seeing the rating of the movie, but if they would I would surely watch it.
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