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Sex & Nudity

  • Has more unsimulated (actual) sex than 9 Songs and as much as a pornographic movie.
  • From the opening frame, there are several graphic sex scenes with lots of nudity. Woman masturbates man to orgasm while he is fingering her vagina. Sexual contact is clearly seen as well as ejaculation.
  • Female nudity; breasts, bottoms, and pubic hair are often shown, however there are no direct views of the vulva/vagina. Male nudity; full frontal and quite often very explicit.
  • The film graphically deals with a past love affair that lasted for two years and saw the two main characters engage in all sorts of casual and less casual sexual practices, including an attempted threesome with a transgender person. Many of these practices are shown in graphic detail.
  • Most of the sex is un-simulated (meaning the sex is really happening). Coitus with Omi (Klara Kristin) is simulated, per interviews with her.
  • In one scene two females and one male engage in a threesome.
  • An erect penis is shown many times throughout the film.
  • Two or three times an ejaculation is shown, including one scene where a woman's hand is seen masturbating an erect male penis (which is the only thing on screen), before the male ejaculates directly at the camera lens.
  • Quite a lot of sexually-related talks throughout.

Violence & Gore

  • Little violence (compared to other films by Gaspar Noe).
  • A man breaks a bottle on another man's head.
  • Some slaps and violent pushes throughout.
  • A few tense arguments.
  • Numerous threats expressed by Murphy, the main character of the movie, towards various people.


  • About 60 uses or so of the F-word, mainly found in specific scenes.
  • Cunt, pussy, dick, and other sexually-related terms are used throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Murphy takes opium at some point.
  • Murphy and his lover, Electra, snort cocaine in one scene.
  • They also smoke a joint in bed, and pass it on to Omi, their young neighbour.
  • Murphy( and most likely Electra as well) take a strong hallucinogenic drink called Ayahuasca, which causes him to vomit and experience pain and visions.
  • Alcohol is often consumed, and Murphy is seen drunk in one scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Official ratings are given above.
  • Quite a few intense scenes.

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