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Sex & Nudity

  • Some of the female characters wear slightly revealing outfits. (Not too bad)
  • Cleavage is shown

Violence & Gore

  • The game is pretty much all about fighting an enemy. The violence can be extremely graphic in a comical way, but it's mostly excessively gratuitous and brutal.
  • This is the most violent and graphic game in the "Mortal Kombat" series. The violence here is much more disturbing and graphic than that of its predecessors, and manages to even top its sequel, "Mortal Kombat 11".
  • The Fatalities usually contain scenes in which organs can be exposed, such as the brain being shown when a head is sliced in two or the heart being shown when the body is punctured.
  • The following lists all of the game's fatalities:
  • Inner Workings: Ermac lifts up his opponent with his telekinesis and breaks the upper and lower halves of his opponent's body. He then rips out his victim's organs through their mouth and crushes them into a ball, leaving his victim in the air with their guts dangling from their mouth.
  • Head Out: Ermac rips the victim's head off using his telekinesis, then shoves it downward through the neck and into their body before violently pulling it out through the stomach, spraying blood, guts and intestines before him. The victim's severed head is seen floating in midair near Ermac's hand.
  • T-Wrecks: Jax lifts the opponent by the arms before shoving both arms into their body, making them kneel. Afterwards, he smokes a cigar before ripping their head apart at the jawline. He then extinguishes his cigar on the opponent's tongue, leaving the head dangling.
  • Jax The Ribber: Jax lifts the opponent by the neck and thrusts his other hand into the opponent's ribcage, tearing three of them out, then stabs the opponent through the skull with said ribs. Jax then puts them onto their knees and proceeds to violently snap their neck for a complete 180 turn, killing them. Jax walks away, then the opponent collapses to the ground.
  • Here's Johnny: Cage turns his opponent around with a slap, then jabs his hands into their back and tears a hole through their torso. He peeks his head through the opening and says, "Heeeere's Johnny!" He then stands back, allowing the victim to fall to their back. This fatality is a clear reference to the famous line and scene of the same name from the 1980 film "The Shining".
  • Little Improv: Cage throws his opponent onto the ground, then seizes the back of the opponent's head and proceeds to violently and repeatedly smash their face against the ground using his Shadow powers to enhance the speed, reducing it to mush. Johnny then walks away afterward.
  • Head Case: Kano draws one of his knives and slashes open the opponent's stomach, causing their intestines to spill out onto the ground. As the victim is about to drop on their back, Kano catches them from behind, hoists them up in front of him and proceeds to burn through their head with his eye laser, leaving a huge, smoldering hole through their head.
  • Knife To Meet You: Kano throws one knife into the opponent's throat, causing them to choke and gurgle helplessly. Kano pretends to walk away before abruptly turning around and throwing his second knife into the opponent's face. The victim collapses, shoving the blades all the way through the head and neck.
  • Tele-Copter: Kenshi uses his telekinesis to spin Sento in the air. He then telekinetically lifts up the opponent in the air, forcing them slowly through the spinning blade, slicing their face off before turning the whole body into mincemeat in a bloody, gory mess. Afterwards, Kenshi grabs Sento, cleans the blade with his hand and a single swipe, and then looks upwards.
  • My Puppet: Kenshi telekinetically pushes his opponent's ribcage through their back. He then telekinetically moves the ribcage upwards while the veins attached to it are ripped out of the opponent's limbs. As the opponent screams in agony in the process of being held up like a marionette puppet, Kenshi proceeds to throw Sento through the veins holding them up in the air. The opponent falls dead, along with the ribcage.
  • Dark Fan-Tasy: Kitana throws her two fans, closed, into the opponent's head and chest. She opens both fans from a distance, slicing off their fingers, the top of their head, and horizontally bisecting them. Using her "Fan Lift" she then lifts the opponent's remains and scatters their body parts off screen, leaving behind only their fingerless hands and scalp.
  • Splitting Hairs: Kitana opens her fans and uses them to cut off the opponent's hands. The opponent frantically looks at their missing hands while Kitana jumps on them, wrapping her legs around their midsection and knocking them on their back. She drives both her open fans into the opponent's open mouth and skull and leaves them as their head slowly splits into 3 pieces.
  • Face Grind: Kung Lao throws his hat behind him and makes it spin in place on the ground just like in Razor's Edge. He then trips his enemy in the hat's direction and their face almost touches it, but they rear their head a moment before it. Kung Lao then steps on their back to force them down, and the razor slowly penetrates their head until completely slicing it in two halves.
  • Flower Pot: Kung Lao decapitates his opponent with his hat, then cuts through their shoulders vertically as the head goes flying. When the head falls back down, it lands on the rest of the body and it all collapses into a pile of body parts.
  • Sore Throat: Liu Kang rips his opponent's larynx out of their throat, then shoves it back into their mouth, letting his opponent stand and choke on their own blood for a moment before pushing their body over with his finger.
  • Splitter: Liu Kang performs a backflip kick, launching his opponent in the air. He proceeds by concentrating fire on his feet and leaping into the air. He then lands onto his airborne opponent, impaling them with both his legs. Finally, he splits his legs, tearing the opponent's upper and lower body apart. Blood and flesh start to rain as Liu Kang lands and wipes his boot.
  • Face Feast: Mileena drives her sais into either side of her opponent's head, and by holding onto to the sais and using a kick to the stomach as leverage, she rips the opponent's head clean off. She then takes several big bites out of the opponent's face, completely tearing it off, and throws it next to their body.
  • Tasty Treat: Mileena pushes down her opponent, then leaps onto them. She viciously and violently claws at the opponent's abdomen, effectively tearing them in half. The opponent tries to crawl away, but falls dead only after a few inches as Mileena feasts on their innards.
  • Both Ends: Quan Chi opens two portals, one to his left and one to his right, before pushing the opponent into a portal and grabbing their leg. He quickly catches the opponent's arm through the other portal. As the opponent screams in fear, Quan Chi closes both portals, snapping the opponent's body in half. He proceeds to put the body to the ground.
  • Mind Game: Quan Chi summons a sword floating freely in the air. He then hypnotizes the victim to walk through the sword, impaling him/her thorugh the mouth until the victim reaches the handle of the sword. Quan Chi telekinetically lifts the victim's body into the air, slicing their body in half, before dropping the rest of the body onto the sword, splitting the victim completely in half. The sword disappears once the victim's bisected body hits the ground.
  • Bug Eyes: Raiden grabs his opponent by the face, releasing a powerful electric current into their head, causing their eyeballs to pop out, still hanging by the optic nerves. The electric charge becomes so powerful their head pops off their neck and, as it falls down, Raiden destroys it with a final blast of lightning.
  • Conducting Rod: Raiden summons his staff and blasts a lightning bolt which runs down on the ground and hits the opponent's legs, blowing their lower legs off. He then charges towards the opponent and proceeds to stab them through the mouth with the staff, vertically impaling them. He slowly levitates to his feet, and summons a stream of lightning to electrocute his opponent, using the staff as a lightning rod to fry his opponent.
  • Bad Breath: Reptile spits acid into his opponent's face, melting it, he then runs up to his opponent, grabs their head, and splits it into two halves.
  • Acid Bath: Reptile vomits a puddle of acid under the opponent's feet, melting them slowly in the process. After the legs are completely molten, Reptile proceeds by extending his tongue around the opponent's head before ripping it off and eating it. The body continues to melt, leaving the opponent's twitching hand visible.
  • Stop Ahead: Scorpion emits a ball of flames from his hand and fires it through his opponent's chest. Afterwards, the victim's still-beating heart starts dangling from the gaping hole, and the opponent falls to their knees. Scorpion summons his sword and slices off his victim's face, exposing the cut brain and tongue as the face slides off. The opponent then falls down, making their brain slide out.
  • Who's Next?: Scorpion summons a pillar behind him and throws his spear into his opponent's head. He then pulls out his victim's head, throws it against the pillar and impales it there with his sword, as the opponent's disembodied head's jaw drops and the eyes rolls backwards, with the eyelids of one eye twitching.
  • The Grinder: Shinnok summons two skeletal hands around his opponent, and grabs the opponent with them. He proceeds by making the hands twist the opponent torso, before ripping it off. Finally, he smashes both the torso and the lower body by clapping both hands. The head can be seen rolling towards Shinnok afterward.
  • Flick Trick: Shinnok summons a skeletal hand then proceeds to grab his opponent, then places the thumb of the skeleton hand under the opponent's jaw and flicks the head upwards. He then catches the head and looks at it as the skeletal hand disappears and the opponent's headless body falls down.
  • Target Marked: Sonya shoves a smoke grenade into her opponent's mouth. Afterwards, she summons an attack drone with her wrist device. It shoots out a pair of lasers that cut off the opponent's arms and a rocket that homes onto the smoke marker, blowing up the head. The rest of the body then falls over.
  • Head Hunter: Sonya wraps her garrote wire around the back of her opponent's neck and knees his/her head upward, decapitating him/her. While the head is in the air, a drone shoots at it until it is reduced to a bloody, flesh skull and Sonya then catches the skull and attaches it to her belt as a trophy.
  • Chest Kold: Sub-Zero freezes his opponent's chest before punching through it, leaving a gaping hole through their torso, with their spine intact. He reaches in and grabs the spine with both hands, breaking it in half. Finally, he presses the victim over his head and rips them completely in half. This Fatality is strongly resemblant to his "Overhead Ice Smash" Fatality in MK3.
  • Bed of Ice: Sub-Zero forms a frozen bed of spikes behind his opponent, then kicks them onto the surface and jumps onto them, impaling them in several places. As he stands over the opponent, Sub-Zero gives a final stomp, causing the spikes to penetrate the skull with one eyeball gouged out and impaled on a spike.
  • Bubble Head: Cassie draws her pistol and shoots her opponent's kneecaps, forcing them down onto their knees, then shoots them in the head. As her opponent reels and blood spills from the bullet wound on their head, Cassie walks up to them, pops her gum, then sticks the wad onto the wound in their head, with blood filling the gum up into a balloon, and then pops, splattering blood on their face before they collapse dead.
  • Selfie: Cassie draws her nightstick and hits her opponent's jaw with enough force to break it and leave it dangling from one side. As her victim starts to fall, Cassie grabs her opponent, pulls out her mobile phone and takes a picture of herself and her jaw-broken victim together in a "selfie." She sends the photo to a social media site called "Friendships" where other users are seen commenting on it.
  • Bug Me: D'Vorah summons a swarm of wasps and sends them to pierce through the opponent's body from the chest and the back, leaving gaping holes. The wasps then fly toward the opponent's head, devouring all the flesh and leaving behind a bloody skull with the jaw falling apart. As the victim collapses on the floor, their skull falls apart and rolls off. D'Vorah then stomps on the skull, crushing it.
  • Heart Broken: D'Vorah stabs her opponent through the chest and the head in a quick succession with her ovipositors, stabbing out the heart and the brain. She then withdraws her ovipositors and retrieves both the heart and the brain, and proceeds to smash them to pieces with a clap.
  • Sand Storm: Erron Black fires a single round into his opponent's abdomen, then throws a sand grenade into the hole, shooting it as well. The sand grenade explodes, releasing streams of sand that pour out of his opponent's mouth, eyes and ears as the sand rises up their waist, leaving them twitching.
  • Six-Shooter: Erron Black draws his revolvers and shoots the opponent twice in the chest and once in the shoulder, leaving holes. He then shoots the opponent cheek, leaving a huge hole. Finally he shoots the opponent three times in the stomach. The opponent proceeds to falls on his/her knee, immediately collapsing afterwards.
  • Play Time: Torr hurls Ferra into the opponent's stomach, leaving a gaping hole. Ferra sticks out her arms sideways, and Torr blunders forward to grab her and violently pulls her out, cutting the victim horizontally in half. The victim's torso falls backwards off the legs, which fall on top of it.
  • Better Than One: Torr lifts the opponent by their arms. Ferra stands on his shoulder and impales the opponent's forehead with her claws. She then flips over him/her, and slides down their body, slowly and painfully cutting them in half, and Torr tosses their bisected body on the ground.
  • Blown Out: Jacqui rips off the sides of the waist of the opponent. She then burrows her powered gauntlets into their sides and fires the weapons, blowing off the back of the victim's body and head.
  • Fist Pump: Jacqui violently grabs her opponent by the throat and breaks their neck, bringing them to their knees. She then reels her arm back and punches the victim's face with tremendous, rocket-powered force from her gauntlet. This leaves a huge hole through the opponent's head, and she slowly pulls her arm back out, leaving the victim/opponent to collapse.
  • Be Mine!: Drawing his knife, Kotal Kahn carves open his opponent's chest before jamming his hand through their rib cage, rips out his enemy's heart and holds it high over his head as they collapse, and crushes it, pouring the blood all over his face and into his mouth while yelling.
  • Tight Squeeze: Kotal Kahn bear hugs the opponent and starts violently squeezing their body, causing their head to explode along with their internal organs flying out from the squeezing, letting the corpse collapse afterwards.
  • Target Practice - Kung Jin runs up his opponent's leg, and then delivers a powerful flip kick to their chin, sending their head clear off and into the air. Landing back down, Kung Jin draws and fires three arrows at the head, impaling the eyes and mouth. The head lands next to the collapsed body, supported by the blood covered arrow shafts.
  • Pinned Down - Kung Jin shoots three arrows in the air. He proceeds by stabbing his staff into his opponent. The opponent screams before being blasted apart. As the arrows fall down, they pierce the two arms and head, before landing on the ground next to large amounts of blood.
  • Whip It Good: Takeda draws his whips, cracks them twice at his opponent, cutting off their arms, then impales them through the mouth with his whip. With a grin, he activates the serrated edges of his whips, hooking his opponent's spine and then drags it out through his opponent's mouth. The opponent's body then collapses on the ground, with blood foaming from their mouth.
  • Head Cage: Takeda impales his opponent with two spears. He then proceeds to extend the spear blades and draws them back, ripping the rib cage/spine out of the opponent and into Takeda's hands. He then proceeds by violently smashing the dismembered vertebrae into the opponent's mouth as they fall over into a twitching bloody mess.
  • Killer Queen: The Alien crouches down and screeches at the opponent and the screen fades to black for a moment, and then the opponent is suddenly impaled through the chest by a Xenomorph Queen's tail. The Queen moves in closer and drives the opponent through her tail even further through the chest. Then finally, after snarling, the Queen completely tears the opponent in half, leaving both the upper body and lower body to fall on the ground.
  • Deadly Hybrid: The Alien extends its blades, and stabs the opponent while lifting them up, in a similar fashion to Baraka's Blade Lift Fatality. The Alien then uses its inner jaw to impale the opponent's head, before dropping their body onto the ground.
  • Booze You Lose: Bo' Rai Cho shoves his alcohol jug into the opponent's mouth, staining their innards with alcohol and forcing them to their knees. He then gets out a match and tosses it into the opponent's mouth, causing their upper body to explode. The arms and head fly away, while the waist is left aflame.
  • Bottoms Up: Bo' Rai Cho shoves his alcohol jug into the opponent's mouth. The opponent vomits so hard they eventually throw up their intestines and collapse onto the floor. Bo' Rai Cho then stomps on their chest, causing the rest of their intestines to fly out.
  • Peek-A-Boo: Goro grabs the opponent with his lower arms and grabs the head with one upper arm. He then presses the head down into the chest cavity. Afterwards, he rips the skin from the abdomen, revealing the head as the opponent's corpse falls down.
  • Shokan Amputation: Goro jumps onto his opponent, grabs both their arms and legs with his four arms and rips them all off at once, still standing on his opponent.
  • Kill for Mother: Jason brings out his machete. The opponent looks up in terror, then Jason slashes the opponent to bisect their body diagonally. After three strikes, the upper body is completely severed and falls off as the opponent screams.
  • Sleeping Bag Killer: Jason grabs his opponent's leg and smashes his opponent once, causing one arm to rip off as the body is dragged back. Then he smashes them down again, causing their other arm to fall off while Jason drags the opponent's body across the floor again. He then smashes them one final time, completely dismembering the opponent, with only one of their legs remaining in his hand. He looks at the leg, then throws it with the rest of the body.
  • Seeing Double: Leatherface impales the opponent through the abdomen with his chainsaw, and starts it up. Leatherface proceeds to lift the opponent up with said chainsaw causing it to cut through the opponent. When the opponent is cut through, the opponent's upper half splits in half.
  • Hook And Sinker: Leatherface bashes the opponent in the head with his mallet, causing the opponent to fall down, then hooks their mouth with a nearby hook. When hanged, Leatherface cuts across the opponent's abdomen with his chainsaw, causing the lower half of their body to fall to the ground along with the insides and the upper half to hang from the hook.
  • Ghostin' Us: The Predator deploys his Wrist Blades and stabs his opponent, then lifts them into the air and slams a Smart Disc into their head, killing them. He then drops the dead opponent onto the ground, making the severed scalp fall off, then the disc rolls away soon after as well, revealing the cut-in-half brain.
  • Certain Death: The Predator deploys his Plasma Caster, locks onto his opponent, and shoots a hole into their abdomen, then blasts off one of their arms. As they writhe in agony, the Predator moves his targeting sights to their opponent's head, then blasts off the upper part of their head in a spray of gore.
  • Bloody Boots: Tanya kicks the opponent on the ground and pins their hands down with her Kobu Jutsu blades. She then walks up to them and delivers a powerful stomp right through their chest. She proceeds to stomp on the opponent's head with her other foot, with such force powerful enough to create a gaping hole. She removes her blood-covered boots from the opponent's corpse and walks away.
  • Edenian Drill: Tanya mounts the opponent's back by holding onto their shoulders and snapping their spine with her feet. She then launches her entire body through the opponent's chest, leaving a gaping hole. She brushes off a few tracts of intestines that cover her body as she lands and gives a satisfied look at their still-beating heart in her hand, as the opponent's eviscerated body falls to the ground behind her.
  • Stone Tomb: Tremor traps his opponent's feet in stone. He then summons a wall on each side of his opponent and forces the walls to close in on them. His opponent desperately attempts to stop the walls from crushing them, but Tremor then forces the walls to close in on his opponent which causes their arms to slip and move one arm in a desperate bid for freedom, with that arm being sliced off when the walls crush his opponent, with an eye hanging out of the closed gap.
  • Stalag-Might: Tremor summons three stalagmites to impale his opponent from behind in three areas of their body (waist, chest, and head) in quick ascending order. Tremor then walks over to the dying opponent slowly, forming his arms into stone hammers and crushes their head and the stalagmite that was speared into it, truly finishing the opponent off, with blood coming up from the bloody stump.
  • Death Machine: Triborg transforms into a machine that comprises a saw blade, a compactor, and two harpoons. The harpoons impale the opponent and pull them chest-first into the saw blade. The compactor then activates and crushes the opponent to a bloody pulp, despite their attempts to push it back. The machine then spits out a compacted cube of the opponent's remains.
  • Team Work: Triborg transforms into Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke who surround the opponent. Cyrax slices through the opponent's neck with his saw blade whilst Smoke uses his spear to impale their heart. They then lift the opponent into the air whilst Sektor performs a charged Rocket Punch powerful enough to tear them in half. Cyrax and Smoke hold up half of their opponent, whilst Sektor holds the head and laughs.
  • Boss Fatality: Corrupted Shinnok summons a bladed totem behind the opponent. Shortly after, he commands two winged Netherrealm demons to grab and impale the opponent on the totem, with the blades piercing their face and torso. Shinnok walks over, grabs their legs and pulls downward, ripping off the opponent's head and then, after a final pull, bissecting the torso on the lower blade of the pillar, causing their organs to fall out. The demons then return to feast on the organs.
  • In addition to the "Fatalities", another finisher are the "Brutalities", which are kind of similar to the "Fatalities", but they happen much faster than the "Fatalities" when triggered. Another derivate finisher from the "Fatalities" are the "Faction Kills", which show the player summoning their respective factions to eliminate the opponent in traditional Fatality style.
  • In arena combat, the player will attempt to defeat opponents with melee attacks such as punches, kicks, weapon strikes, and a variety of magical/supernatural powers, with accompanying blood spurts. An X-Ray cam sometimes shows the impact of the attacks.
  • The game can be extremely violent but the violence is very comical in some cases.
  • However, the violence portrayed in the game itself, such as killing, maiming or causing serious injury to its human/humanoid characters is not sadistic, cruel and/or abhorrent.
  • If the attacks are used on the Xenomorph, Predator and Triborg, yellow acid, neon green blood and oil are shown, respectively.


  • The game's dialogue contains the use of infrequent coarse language, such as 'f**k' and its derivatives.
  • Bo' Rai Cho says to the Predator, "You one ugly motherfucker!" which is a reference to the famous films.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Jax is shown smoking cigars. In a similar instance, Bo' Rai Cho drinks alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence can be very disturbing for some people.
  • If this game was made into a film, it would be rated NC-17 for extreme graphic violence and gore throughout, and some language.
  • If the bbfc rated this it would be 18 for: frequent very strong bloody violence
  • 'Mortal Kombat X' is a fighting game where fighters face off against each other in arenas, using a variety of attacks and powers. The player can choose from a roster of fighters to engage in battles, and each character has different fighting styles and signature attacks.
  • Due to the game's sometimes comical but mostly very graphic depiction of violence and gore, as well as profanity, it is recommended for players 18 and up.
  • Index
  • Green: General - Suitable for all ages, parental guidance may be advised for some content/thematic elements.
  • Blue: Age Advisory - Suitable for 16 and above, parental guidance strongly recommended, due to moderate portrayal of some content.
  • Purple: Age Recommendation/Restriction - Suitable for 18 and above (i.e. matured individuals), strong sexual material, drug use, violence & gore and language placed here.
  • Red: Restriction (with warning) - Abhorrent, even exploitative content. You all know what this is.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The Story mode features graphic and extreme brutal scenes of violence similar to the other modes, including dismemberment, decapitation, etc.
  • In the Story mode, D'Vorah executes Mileena by kissing her and then passes some of her bugs to Mileena, which eat her face and then, we see her devoured face as the bugs crawl and lots of blood are seen pooling on the surface. The whole scenario is seen witnessed by Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, who both react in horror and disgust. This scene is extremely gruesome, graphic, bloody, grisly, horrifying, disgusting and disturbing, and may cause some viewers nightmares.

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