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MPAA Rated R for brutal violence throughout, language, and some drug content

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Extremely brutal and graphic violence throughout. Men are shot, brutally beaten up, and have several of their limbs broken (with audible cracking noises).
  • A man takes on 3 other men in a train. He pours hot tea in the face of one, then smashes him in the head. He breaks a ceramic pot on the head of another. One of the men tries to shoot him with a gun, he has his throat sliced. Finally, a man has his own knife stabbed into his chest, and then his neck broken. All this in about 20 seconds.
  • A man arrives home just to see her wife sitting at a table with bloody face, held as hostage. Some gangsters emerge from the shades, and shoot his unarmed wife in the head while the man is watching. He is then forced to sit down, and has his own gun placed in his mouth. A shot is heard, and we see lots of blood and gore spray on some family photos. Later we see the remnants of the act: the man with blood all over his head, blood on the table, the plates, the photos and the curtain as well. This whole scene is very graphic and terrifying, and parts of the scene are shown in flashbacks or on photos later in the movie as well.
  • A woman gets in a car, she seems to have severe pain. We later learn that she was taken to hospital to have her stomach washed out. The man 'visits' the guys in a hotel room who did all that to the girl. After a short conversation, the guys close the door from inside, possibly to try to beat up the man. The man 'in return" slices the forehead of one guy with his own debit card, then breaks his arm. After this, he breaks the neck of another, while another guy also gets his arm broken, punched in the stomach and his neck slapped. A fourth guy tries to take the man on, only to get repeatedly punched in the nose (blood is visible), then thrown against a couch, and finally his face smashed on a glass table (graphic, blood is visible). A very bloody scene with lots of violence in a short period of time. Finally, our man breaks the fingers of a guy (we hear the sound). Very intense and gory scene.
  • Two men in a room are blown up by a bomb planted in a cellphone.
  • A man enters a block of flats, and smashes one man inside brutally in the face. He then proceeds to take on two other thugs after emerging from the elevator
  • A state trooper is shot twice with a silenced pistol. Pretty much of an execution.


  • 24 uses of "fuck" (1 in subtitles), 16 uses of "shit", 3 uses of "bitch" (1 in subtitles), 1 use of "Goddamn", 1 use of "ass", 1 use of "piss", and 6 uses of "nigga".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few quick cuts are shown about preparing and inhaling cocaine.
  • We learn that a young woman had to be taken to hospital to wash out her stomach, possibly because she was drugged.
  • There is a scene where lots of gansters sit around a table, with alcohol, several types of drugs and cigarettes visible.
  • A few characters consume alcohol, although no one is drunk.
  • These is a scene where two man are high on drugs in a room, one of them is laying on the bed (needle is visible next to him), while the other is dancing around with a radio on his shoulder.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The hotel fight scene is brutal and intense.
  • Several very violent and upsetting scenes.
  • A young man is being tracked down by bad guys while hiding in a room. This is intense.
  • A young man (most likely only teenager yet) is given a gun by his gang, who enforce him to kill at least one man from a rival gang.
  • We learn that the brother of a major character was shot dead before on his way home in a theft, only beacuse of his bag.
  • The train fight scene is brutal and intense, but quick.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a long and brutal showdown between the protagonist and the antagonist of the movie at the top of a tower. They repeatedly kick and hit each other very violently, and get on the ground several times. Finally, the protagonist gouges one eye of the bad guy, and then he severs his neck from behind; a huge amount of blood spills on the ground. This scene is extremely graphic. We see the disfigured face of the victim before he is tossed over the railing, falling to his demise onto the rocks of the shore. We see lots of blood as he hits the ground, and then huge ocean waves take his body away. Very disturbing sequence.
  • A woman is attacked while entering her hotel room. She is tossed and pucnhed against a door frame, leaving her forehead and nose covered with blood. She is then thrown against a fireplace, breaking some glasses. She fights back, cuts the face of one attacker and they struggle until they fall against a table. The other attacker smashes her against a framed picture, she then grabs a small statue and hits the attacker in the face, leaving him bruised and bleeding. The fight goes on in another room, where the woman is repeatedly hit and thrown around, in return she stabs the leg of an attacker with a knife. Finally the door closes and we later learn she was killed. Very intense and upsetting scene. Blood is visible on both the faces and on the ground.
  • A man is taken to the airport by another man in a car. The man in the back tries to kill the driver, first with a knife, but the driver realises his intentions and drives his car like a maniac, smashing the man in the backseat so he cannot hurt him. The man bounces around, then he tries to stab the driver again, only to have his arm broken and nose/eyes punched brutally. Blood sprays and he screams in pain. He then pulls out a gun, and tries to shoot the driver, but yet he fails beacuse of reckless driving. Finally, the driver manages to grab the gun, stops the car under a bridge and shoots the attacker in the head three times, killing him instantly. Bloody and intense. Later the car is set on fire.
  • A prolonged fight between four bad guys and the main character in an abandoned, hurricane-hit town. Several shots are fired and the whole scene is pretty intense and violent. One bad guys has a harpoon gun shot through his head, killing him instantly, and leaving a lot blood. Another one is attacked by the main character and is repeatedly slashed with knives, on the head, torso, legs and arms. This is brutal. A third guy is caught in a grenade explosion, and after it we see his intestines exposed (although slightly obscured by the camera, yet very obvious and visible). Very disturbing.
  • In a flashback we see a woman (who is already pretty wounded and laying against a wall) being approached by a man and then stabbed in the heart. Very upsetting and pretty bloody.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A main character (who was also present in the previous installment) is brutally killed in her hotel room (see 'Violence and gore' section for details). This is very upsetting and pretty violent as well.

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