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  • Eric, 10, finds himself almost overnight living with Gabriel, his father, who he barely knows. The man has trouble keeping their heads above water and building a relationship with his son. Maria Isabel, the woman Gabriel works for as a carpenter, decides to take the child under her wing.


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  • French architect Gente Verdant (Brayan Santamari√†) takes pride in his craft, but as the 20th century comes to a close his art appears to be fading into obscurity. After a particularly challenging few months, Verdant finds himself penniless, at the brink of living on the street. He decays into a great depression which leads him towards a life of hard drug abuse. From his own destruction, he is born anew when an old friend, Rosteph (Carlos Fernando-Perez) offers new hope in the form of a grandiose architecture project. Verdant claims he is rehabilitated, despite continuing to feed his addictions in private, and insists on taking it upon himself to single-handedly complete the project. At first, swift progress is made, but Verdant slows as he is begins being consumed by his inner suffering. Rosteph confronts Verdant, and Verdant's denial of his addiction tears the two apart. Verdant flees into a nearby forest, and creates a shelter under the waterfall he would play by as child, with the intention to permanently live there alongside nature. He soon catches hympothermia and dies, leaving his project unfinished.

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