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Best modern star wars
isaiahjjohnson28 February 2019
This felt like an original trilogy movie. The characters are amazing, action is beautiful, and story is solid.
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What Star Wars should be.
Rusticcrayon30 December 2018
Yes this review is 2 years after the film's release, but it has to be said that this film is what I hoped all the new Star Wars films would be like. Rouge One to me is the best Star Wars film since the original trilogy. The pace and scripting of the movie are great, The story provide just enough time in each of the characters so that you feel invested in what happens to them, and the script is well written compared to any of the recent Star Wars movies, we even get a droid that gives CP3O a run for his money, providing just enough funny quips to keep the movie light in what to me is one of the darkest Star Wars films since the Empire Strikes Back.

Gareth Edwards has done the Star Wars universe proud, which sadly can't be said for the current mess that Disney has been releasing.

If you haven't managed to catch Rouge One yet, then give it ago as it will take you back to the fun and action of the originals, and also make you believe that the Star Wars franchise can produce something good when placed in the hands of someone who understood what Star Wars means to its loyal fans.

Is it perfect no, but it's dam close for me, so much so that this is the only Star Wars movie i have bought since the original trilogy.
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This IS Star Wars. At its best.
What has made Star Wars into the internationally recognized genre that it is today? Two things in particular - original material and a touch of humor/wit. Rogue One is a plethora of both. In addition, even in an area where previous Star Wars may have lacked (perhaps even overlooked, understandably), the acting is superb, top of the line. Forest Whitaker may be the most recognizable name in the entire cast, and he kills it every moment as his brilliant, rebellious character, Saw Gerrera. But he is merely the tip of the iceberg in what becomes an epic, near-perfectly written plot that connects episodes III and IV. It is haunting, it is funny, devastating, cheesy, and it is wonderful. It IS Star Wars.
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My personal favourite Star Wars movie.
aarongnr31 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Granted, I haven't seen the original trilogy in some time, but as of right now this is the best of ALL Star Wars movies for me.

I will not go into plotpoints because many other reviews on here do that excellently, but I will rather point out why I love this one so much.

And that is because in this movie you can FEEL the stakes. In this one we SEE characters we love die. We see what it took to take down the empire.

Our main hero Jyn doesn't get to live. She is a part of the giant picture and a part of what ultimately ends in the emperors demise.

Basically all main characters of this movie die.

An this is why this movie is so good.
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The Best Of The Disney-Era Star Wars Films
switchboard8524 November 2019
Without exaggeration, this is easily the best offering in the franchise since 'Return of the Jedi'. Yes, it is a spin-off of a simple set-up line from the original film, but it manages to really craft it's own story around the demands of where the plot has to go by the end. While it's definitely not a character driven movie, I was surprised with the amount of time given to our key protagonists and the effort to at least make them intriguing.

The idea of another prequel movie was a hard sell; but unlike the prequel (and for that matter, the sequel) trilogy, this manages to tell it's own story within the structure of a lead-up to an event to which we already know the outcome. Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are especially effective along with secondary characters like those played by Riz Ahmed and Donnie Yen becoming easy fan favorites. Ben Mendelsohn is great as always as Krennic despite not being given much dimension as a main villain.

The character of Saw Guerrera (Forest Whitaker) seems a little cut-up and while I understand the character is better informed by one of the animated series, what we have in the film seems like it may have been a little more beefed up in earlier edits of the movie.

One thing I hear from people who don't care for this movie is the amount of fan-service moments. Random appearances of old characters or species, call-backs to famous lines and some easter-egg visuals can be a little distracting and if you don't care for that self-indulgent stuff, you'll definitely notice it here. Personally, it never really bothered me apart from one instance that lasts 5 seconds.

On a final note, while the decision to include Darth Vader was inevitable for this movie, I was so glad to see they did a little more than give him a short cameo appearance and actually give him a moment or two without leaning on him too much as a crutch to distract the audience.

If you love old Star Wars and couldn't care less about the two superfluous trilogies that followed, consider giving this a try.
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Back to the roots
dcesar1327 February 2019
Rogue One is the movie we didn't asked for - but what we got was beyond any expectation. Excellent pacing of the movie. As the movie progresses it gets better and better. Culminates in one of the best finales seen in any of the Star Wars movies.

CGI on the past main character seemed odd. But worked well on pilots and scoundrels. Many Easter eggs trough the whole movie are appreciated. Humor from Alan Tudyk's K-2SO was spot on.

Empire Strikes Back is still king of the hill as the best SW movie till date. But Rogue One comes damn close near it.
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First real Star Wars film since the originals.
thesurfinsuricate7 January 2019
Respect to Gareth Edwards, as i said first real Star Wars film since the originals. Let Gareth Edwards take over the sinking star wars ship.
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Best star wars film by disney.
dayness22 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Out of all the disney films (including the spin-offs), I think this is definitely the best one. I used to think this wasn't that greatly paced but after rewatching it, I think it always remains entertaining and interesting in some way. The vader scene is absolutely amazing along with the scene where Jyn gets the death-star plans. The characters are great but sadly aren't that memorable which sucks since there are some great characters here, however since they all get killed off, it's hard to really remember them. The third act is the most fun to be had in a Disney star wars movie. Definitely was a step in the right direction.
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Raw model for syfy movies
mariousa-540846 July 2019
In my opinion this is the best star wars movie ( besides the original 3 )

The should have more stand alone movies like this .. especially the end is great
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The best of the new Star Wars films by some margin
jamesgarner-6299126 October 2019
This is almost perfect Star Wars. By far the best Star Wars of the new era (including the prequels). Hard to find any fault with it. If only Abrams, Johnson and other took more note of this it might have saved us from some of the faults in those other movies.
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So thankful for this film :) 10/10
oriente38518 January 2019
This week I've decided to make a Star Wars' week. I watched all 8 episodes and the last two (7 and 8) left me feeling betrayed and utterly disappointed. Luckily, I still had to see this one and Han Solo film (I really don't know If I want to risk and watch the latter). Rogue One fits perfectly in the Star Wars saga, it has the feeling of grandeur, seriousness. Yes, there are some jokes but they don't make this film a farce like it happened to the 8th instalment. The main hero is a woman but she isn't annoying and she isn't a super human. Nobody is a super human, there is no place for magic and the laws of physics and the force aren't violated, as neither is viewers intelligence. The plot is simple but it delivers. The characters from older films are treated with respect. I give this film 10 stars because it is truly a Star Wars film. I was sitting on the edge of the seat and couldn't look away from the screen during the fighting scenes, they were so intense and spectacular . Thank you.
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A Surprise Addition to the Classic Trilogy
pdrseuss1 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably my 2nd favorite Star Wars movie. (My favorite will be revealed shortly.) The team that wrote, directed, and scored this film should do all of the future movies. Not since The Phantom Menace have I seen a movie worthy to be called a Star Wars film. (The other 2 prequel movies were cool, but I consider them Palpatine's story. And rightly so, as Palpatine is probably one of cinema's greatest villains.) Rogue One could have been a true fiasco by riding on the strands of story about the capturing of the Death Star plans, and if it was made any later, it would have been probably considered "yet another Death Star film". But Rogue One had character, characters, heart, dialogue, grit, and pacing just as much as the original/classic trilogy had, and I feel is a welcome addition to be embraced. It truly made you cheer for the rebel alliance, and weep for their sacrifices against the fearsome Empire.

My favorite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back.
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Beats JJ Abram's Farce Awakens
joowanpark16 December 2016
Just like the thousands of Star Wars fans out there in the world, I was absolutely giddy when I heard that J.J. Abrams was taking the director's helm for the seventh installment of George Lucas's beloved space opera. After I saw the Force Awakens, I was not sure how I felt about the movie. It has gotten so many rave reviews and I desperately wanted to feel the same way. After some time since its release and the adrenaline rush has worn out, I can honestly say that it was a big disappointment for me as a Star Wars fan. I will not get into the reasons as to why that is since the top reviews of Force Awakens do a superb job pointing out the flaws of that monstrosity.

So anyhow, I went to see this film with low expectations because of my previous disappointment with the recent addition of the Star Wars franchise. Boy, was I wrong.

Gareth Edwards puts the WARS in Star Wars unlike I've seen AND felt in the previous films. The dark and serious tone of the film makes you feel the rebel's fear of gruesome warfare as they fight against the more well- equipped and ruthless Empire. At one point, the film was reminiscent of WWII films due to its excellent portrayal of battle scenes.

The acting and dialogue was for the most part well done, and the comic reliefs in the film did not feel as forced as *ahem FORCED Awakens.

The director also does an excellent job connecting the prequels and the original series together. If a viewer sees the series in the numbered order with this film, the story line will play out seamlessly.

And lastly, Darth Vader's scenes in the film definitely adds a terrifying legacy to his name. I will not spoil the scenes for you, but he portrays ruthlessness here that was not seen in the other films. The viewer will have a better grasp as to why he is such a feared character in the universe.

J.J. Abrams diminished my love for Star Wars. This film has brought back hope in me for the franchise once more as Jyn Erso has done with the rebels.
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ghanima_atrieadies27 October 2019
The people who did this need to do the other ones. They aren't very good but this was perfect. They took a known outcome and told us the story of what happened. I have no complaints about this movie. Highly recommend it.
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This IS Star Wars
alexiosaik20 December 2019
This is possibly the best Star Wars film ever made... (what a statement, I know). All Disney had to do is offer this director complete control over the franchise and you would have something unique and magnificent. Instead, the director & team were never heard of again...
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Far superior to JJ & Johnson's work.
ingra8816 April 2019
This movie brings back why we all loved Star Wars in the first place. For those who remember watching the original in the cinema long, long ago in a cinema far's brings a tear to the eyes, how they recapture the classic imagination that JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson could not. Thank you Garth Edwards, you have given back the fun where others have failed. Johnson's 'Last Jedi' was just awfully bad.
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What the VII episode didnt become
BiiivAL2 June 2018
Long ago, when I had a poor understanding of the cinematographic universe, when the plot of films was deeply indifferent to me, I saw a wonderful film in which the hero escaped in the belly of a dead unknown beast, and giant metal elephant-turtles walked along the snow-covered planet. And, I did not think that these feelings can be repeated in adulthood.

Unexpected discovery: Rogue One, one woke a child in me, although the plot was clear, and there was no infantile desire to jump into tact with gunfights and fights. It was just great. It was just a classic trilogy, elevated to the absolute. It's just the same as many years ago. And, what is very important, without any hidden pathos, without an obsessive director's "wink" in the style of "well, you realized that this character returned and everyone giggles and applauds."

So, Rogue One, of course, is a fresh look. This is another camera work. These are other perspectives and, as was rightly noted in trailer analyzes, this is an amazing work with scales. The director and the cameraman made things that you believe in. You believe in the size of the Death Star. Believe in the size of the Star Destroyer. And, okay, it would be one thing: launched a comparative infographics, and finished on that one. No, here all objects of space are constantly involved in some kind of action. The Death Star moves, the Destroyers engage in battle, the transport workers, fighter jets and bombers are fighting alongside. This is a "wow", this is "super", this is the star thriller we wanted. The fighter in which the fighters actually shoot down the enemy, and the bombers cause point torpedo strikes, where the technique creates a real cover, and not just "hanging around for the crowd", as in the Awakening of the Force. And, yes, this is the very setting of the fights that was in the original trilogy. I am delighted. This is a new operator's view of the old scale of star battles.

The next moment is the preservation of the style of Lucas. Here everything pleases not less. This is a city similar both to Naboo I episode and Tatooine IV episode. This is nature, similar to what we saw in the second part (during the rapprochement of Anakin with Amidala), or on Kashyyyk with its battles in the woods. Everything looks natural and beautiful. There are no eared adherents of the dark side, wading through unnatural winter forests, built on an old 3D engine. The whole environment looks beautiful, relevant, familiar in the atmosphere. It seems that this is called landscape design.

The plot of the film is not snotty, does not shine with pathos. Everything happens naturally. Heroes look vital, at first glance, there is no logic. The actors also played very well. Emotions want to believe, the motivation is clear.

VII episode of the Star Wars exported at the expense of the name. If you remove the name, you will receive a parody of the IV part with comical physics and a trash story. But Rogue One is a terrific epic saga. One of the best films in the universe of Star Wars.
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This may actually be the best star wars movie ever made.
nicholaustin-9398214 August 2018
Of course that sounds like heresy but in fact I will go one further and say that it IS the best star wars movie ever made. Followed by Empire
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Rogue One is what the Star Wars saga can boast of itself
praveenjha-774819 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Well after a long time I finally got my hands on first Star Wars anthology film that is Rogue One. Being a cinephile I simply couldn't control my excitement to begin with all those teaser-trailer stuff and jumped onto the Star Wars saga and what I saw can be summarised in a single word that is "amazing". Yes you heard it right, "amazing" is the term which is best suited for Rogue One. Finally after a long time I can confidently state that this movie is a well crafted peice of art to find its way under Star Wars belt. Gareth Edwards has done an impressive job by directing this film and in my opinion he should have been given a Star Wars trilogy of his own to direct. Rogue One like every great movie has its own sets of strengths and flaws which are discussed below. First lets begin with the strength: 1. Story- Rogue One being an anthology film is something that perfectly fills in the void between the Revenge of Sith and A New Hope. It brilliantly bridges the gap between these two movies. Story is engaging, interesting and on the same hand has strong essence of emotion that creates a lasting impact on your mind. Infact it is one of those trademark star wars film in which emotional part takes the upper hand. 2. Screenplay- as I have stated earlier Gareth Edwards has done an amazing job which can be seen here. 3. Characters - a lot of people have stated the lack of character development as weakness of this movie. But in my opinion the lack of character development is more overshadowed by some really great characters that are introduced in this film and have the calibre to be remembered for a long time in the entire Star Wars Saga. Characters like chirrut imuwe, cassian, bodhi and K-2SO are simply among the best characters of star wars till date. 4. BGM - background music of movie as usual is good and syncs well with the situation. Infact the signature soundtrack of star wars can leave your heart brimming up with emotions during and after the film. 5. Visuals - visuals and CGI are one of the best part of the film. Though some people criticized the use of CGI to create General Tarkin and Leia Organa but according to me if you see it in another way that shows the hardwork done by the director and his efforts to make this film a treat for star wars audience. The film consists of some of the best war scenes between Rebel alliance and Empire along with the bunch of believers that strive to make this rebellion a success. Now lets come to the flaws: 1. Opening Crawl - this is the first star wars film till date that has no opening crawl in the beginning along with trademark music of John Williams that used to grab the attention of audience from the very first scene reminding them of the tension brewing in galaxy (which I think is the most important as we come to know that what actually happened after the last star wars film ended and what is the situation in galaxy now)and that they are watching no ordinary scene but a Star Wars film. 2. Another problem is with the potrayal of Darth Vader. The scene in which the Vader is introduced in the film, he seemed to be a bit off from the Vader we are used to see in the previous star wars movie. Though the light saber battle involving Vader on spaceship during climax is one of the best Vader scenes I have seen till date (trust me it is intense), still the potrayal of Vader in his introduction scene is a bit weak which I think is a injustice done to the character of one of the most dangerous villains of galaxy. 3. Another thing that I would regard as downpoint is that the character of Galen Erso and Saw Garrera should have been given more screen time. They were killed off soon without some significant contribution to the story. Though Galen Erso builds a flaw in Death Star which enables rebels to destroy it still his character was off-screen the entire time and on-screen he died sooner he made his appearance in front of general. Saw garrera's character should also have been given more of screen presence as it was played by a prominent actor and his death was not an essential requirement of story. 4. This is first star war film in years where there is no jedi and no trademark light saber battles between dark force and bright side. Though it was important for the story but conflict of jedis is something I always look towards in a star wars film. Though there is light sabee batter involving Vader but it is a small scene against rebel soldiers and not some light saber wielding jedi. In the end after pondering over all the strengths and weakness in the film I will conclude the Rogue One is one of the best star wars film ever made after original trilogy and had the capability to be the best one if some flaws were eradicated. But still I will regard it as an amazing star wars saga in years a film that has completely worthy of its inclusion in your must watch films list and my favourite star wars film after the original trilogy in star wars cinematic universe.
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Great way to start off the star wars spin off movies
nicolasbarham25 May 2018
I have watched this movie 2 times already and can say that I really enjoyed it. This movie takes a little time to get going, but once it gets going boy does it impress. The second half of this movie was brilliant and was on the edge of my seat to the very end. I respect Gareth Edwards for some of the choices made in the end of the movie which mainly landed. One of the bigger issues with this movie is the pacing of the movie as I have said that the first half of this movie is very slow but eventually gets going and thats why really I really it up to and 8/10 for me. So I would definitely recommend it, and check it out immediately.
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dhavaljiya17 December 2018
This is the movie I'll tell Everyone I fell in love with .for me it was amazing felicity Jones was truly amazing and the rest of the cast .vadar scenes were awesome but even if you remove them it's still an awesome movie up there with the Empire strikes back
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Gareth Edwards has done it - The prequel story that Star Wars deserved.
azanti002913 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With all the rumours flying about that Disney had interfered with the creative process on this one, just as when Alderaan blew up - I feared the worse. Fortunately my fears were unfounded.

Rogue one is as engrossing as it is seamless and while its not perfect it had everything required to make a great movie. I guess everyone has different expectations of Star Wars. The plot which I will only briefly describe involves a group of rebels attempting to secure the plans to the Death Star, the designer of which, having a morale conscience, built the deliberate flaw (The exhaust port which Stewie Darth Vader asked about in Family Guy) so that it could be easily destroyed as long as the information fell into the right hands. This information is contained in an archive and it falls to the daughter of the designer, Jyn Erso, to not only restore her fathers name but get the designs to the rebels who are just itching to get on with events in Episode Four (New Hope) and blow the thing up.

So does it hold up? Well, yes, not only does it hold up I would put this film on par with Empire and also Episode IV and this coming from someone who saw the first film on the silver screen in 1977. Gareth Edwards is a director who understands all the combined elements that make a Star Wars Film great. First a good script with the right mix of drama, action, pathos and humour and above all a story that actually makes sense, secondly good well written, rounded, characters that are interesting, diverse and unique, third great visuals - there's so many memorable shots in this film and so many of them are the shots you always wanted to see, fourth well directed action that looks and feels real, that is tense and that you can follow, fifth - tension, this film has it in spades, Sixth nods and references to the original trilogy - they come in abundance, some are comedic, some pure nostalgia while others are entirely appropriate and work so well within the story. Seventh - real sets, please give me a London Underground station redressed over bland CGI sterile sets any day of the week. Here the technology enhances the story and the tension and at no time tries to substitute for either. It is the perfect mix of live action & CG effects. I have not seen them so well combined since Lord of the Rings.

This is a man who clearly understands his craft of what makes for a great film. I was highly critical of the prequel movies, which really are a masterclass in how not to make a film, here the total opposite is true. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan in any sense and was fully prepared to be very critical of this film, but find it hard to find fault in it anywhere. The supporting cast were especially good here, everyone from Riz Ahmed to Forest Whitaker giving it their all. The new villain of the piece is brilliantly played by Ben Mendelson (Hard to believe this is the kid from The Big Steal!) Donnie Yen's character was beautifully written, I could have watched another movie just about him alone. The cast feels truly international, as any universe should. Many British actors really make their mark in smaller roles including Duncan Pow & Ben Daniels as Rebel Foot Solider and General Pilot respectively while the likes of Sharon Duncan-Brewster & Jonathon Aris as Rebel Senators argue the merits of the attack in a tense conference debate - gone are the boring council meetings of the prequels. Strong drama is the key ingredient of the day. Here the Rebellion is shown as a far more tangible real faction, not everyone agrees with each other, things get messy and sometimes the wrong people are killed - the film even begs to ask the question, how better really are they than the Empire??? - we know of course, but its great to see such shades rather than just plain good and bad guys.

The film contains so many pure Star Wars moments. I have no doubt the Droid (Voiced with skill by Alan Tudky) will become a favourite of many and new aliens and ship designs are not thin on the ground.

Chiefly in the acting credits, plaudits must go to Felicity Jones who plays Jyn with real conviction while Diego Luna avoids a Han Solo portrayal of Cassian, her would be ally and sometimes adversary. The appearances of Vader and Tarkin (Incredible) are entirely warranted and in proportion with the rest of the film.

One or two of the subplot characters are a little underwritten (perhaps deleted scenes and a longer cut will reveal them to be less so) but that really is nit picking, I had no issue with this at all. To juggle so many major and minor characters in a single narrative in a tight running time, for any director is no mean feat and Edwards manages it extremely well.

I have no doubt Edwards had to steer an entire army of Executives in order to deliver the film he wanted. Perhaps one day someone will make a film about that? I have no doubt it would make for quite a story - Whatever were his obstacles, he clearly overcame them. He has done himself and every Star Wars fan proud. Pure class.
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I feel like the void left in my heart by episode VII has been filled now.
dorteel14 December 2016
Maybe it's because I had higher expectations for episode VII and almost none for this one, I feel like this movie managed to achieve what the other one couldn't.

I'm not saying that it was perfect, but it sure was good enough for me, and it will be good enough for many other die-hard SW fans. Leading female actor wasn't that good in my opinion, but otherwise this movie had everything a SW fan could wish for. Good old characters, good old places, and an overall good old SW feeling. Fits into the story line quite well, CGI was a bold move , could've gone bad, but it played out quite nicely.

Overall I think SW fans will love it, but anybody not deeply immersed in the saga would also enjoy it.
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That rarity
benfordian25 February 2020
That rarity, a decent Star Wars film. Apart from this one all the most recent movies have been poor This feels like a return to basics, a return to it's roots. This is my favourite, after the very first/original movie.
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Rogue one....A great one!
goswamidiptanshu5 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Darth Vader'$ entry makes a huge impact at does the Leia'$ entry.great storyline, awesome performancess,it'll be great to watch before ep4 and I think that it can also surpass the good film tag in star wars series like force awakens if it was released before!
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