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Ultimately Underwhelming
Gareth Mattison16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've been an avid Star Wars fan since 1977. I've seen all the live action films multiple times and even sat through the Holiday Special and the Ewok spin-offs. I was looking forward to Rogue One and booked tickets well in advance for the first show of the first day.

I was surprised to find the cinema mostly deserted - especially after the full houses I experienced during the first couple of weeks of The Force Awakens' run.

Having watched all the trailers, TV spots and clips, I had a good idea what to expect and, as the film began, those expectations were justified. This was a more 'grown-up' Star Wars: darker, more violent and morally ambiguous. I was loving it and thinking it might well turn out to be my new favourite Star Wars film.

But... it began to feel very rushed. The action sequences and special effects were superb and there was no doubt this was a film set in the Star Wars universe but characters were being introduced and killed-off at such a pace it was hard to keep up and even harder to care about them. We were whizzed at breakneck pace from planet to planet (complete with some slightly jarring captions to tell us where we were) and then it suddenly began to sag.

As the hastily assembled Rebel crew went on their mission to find Galen I began to lose interest and even found myself nodding off. It was all a bit boring.

The pace soon picked up and I got back into it but I was disappointed with Vader's first appearance and completely distracted by the CGI Tarkin. Vader seemed too small physically, the voice sounded off and the dialogue (especially the final quip) seemed out of character. Resurrecting Peter Cushing in digital form was a brave move but the technology is still not quite there and I began to feel more detached from the plot and characters as I analysed the strangeness of his appearance.

As the film moved to its final act, I was wowed by the visuals but, by now, I had no real interest in the characters and their deaths just came and went with no emotional impact. In fact, my mind was wandering as I noticed more and more how much of the previously released footage wasn't in the final cut of the film - including some of the most spectacular shots such as the TIE fighter looming in front of Jyn on the gantry and the beautiful shot of Krennic striding towards the shore surrounded by the floating bodies of his troops. Rogue One had lost me and was beginning to disappoint.

As Vader made his final appearance I was, at last, feeling some excitement. It was a great scene but... that final shot of CGI Leia was a real 'What? Why? No!' moment. Terrible. Less in this case would definitely have been more.

As the film ended, there was no applause and everybody got up and left immediately, leaving me to watch the credits alone feeling more than a little underwhelmed. It is not a bad film. The design and special effects (CGI human faces not withstanding) are superb. The cast are interesting and do a good job with very limited characterisation. But Rogue One ultimately failed to involve me emotionally in the story or characters and, in the end, it kind of felt like watching somebody else play a beautiful video game.
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Beats JJ Abram's Farce Awakens
doyouevenwatchbro16 December 2016
Just like the thousands of Star Wars fans out there in the world, I was absolutely giddy when I heard that J.J. Abrams was taking the director's helm for the seventh installment of George Lucas's beloved space opera. After I saw the Force Awakens, I was not sure how I felt about the movie. It has gotten so many rave reviews and I desperately wanted to feel the same way. After some time since its release and the adrenaline rush has worn out, I can honestly say that it was a big disappointment for me as a Star Wars fan. I will not get into the reasons as to why that is since the top reviews of Force Awakens do a superb job pointing out the flaws of that monstrosity.

So anyhow, I went to see this film with low expectations because of my previous disappointment with the recent addition of the Star Wars franchise. Boy, was I wrong.

Gareth Edwards puts the WARS in Star Wars unlike I've seen AND felt in the previous films. The dark and serious tone of the film makes you feel the rebel's fear of gruesome warfare as they fight against the more well- equipped and ruthless Empire. At one point, the film was reminiscent of WWII films due to its excellent portrayal of battle scenes.

The acting and dialogue was for the most part well done, and the comic reliefs in the film did not feel as forced as *ahem FORCED Awakens.

The director also does an excellent job connecting the prequels and the original series together. If a viewer sees the series in the numbered order with this film, the story line will play out seamlessly.

And lastly, Darth Vader's scenes in the film definitely adds a terrifying legacy to his name. I will not spoil the scenes for you, but he portrays ruthlessness here that was not seen in the other films. The viewer will have a better grasp as to why he is such a feared character in the universe.

J.J. Abrams diminished my love for Star Wars. This film has brought back hope in me for the franchise once more as Jyn Erso has done with the rebels.
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Gareth Edwards has done it - The prequel story that Star Wars deserved.
Alex Heaton (azanti0029)13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With all the rumours flying about that Disney had interfered with the creative process on this one, just as when Alderaan blew up - I feared the worse. Fortunately my fears were unfounded.

Rogue one is as engrossing as it is seamless and while its not perfect it had everything required to make a great movie. I guess everyone has different expectations of Star Wars. The plot which I will only briefly describe involves a group of rebels attempting to secure the plans to the Death Star, the designer of which, having a morale conscience, built the deliberate flaw (The exhaust port which Stewie Darth Vader asked about in Family Guy) so that it could be easily destroyed as long as the information fell into the right hands. This information is contained in an archive and it falls to the daughter of the designer, Jyn Erso, to not only restore her fathers name but get the designs to the rebels who are just itching to get on with events in Episode Four (New Hope) and blow the thing up.

So does it hold up? Well, yes, not only does it hold up I would put this film on par with Empire and also Episode IV and this coming from someone who saw the first film on the silver screen in 1977. Gareth Edwards is a director who understands all the combined elements that make a Star Wars Film great. First a good script with the right mix of drama, action, pathos and humour and above all a story that actually makes sense, secondly good well written, rounded, characters that are interesting, diverse and unique, third great visuals - there's so many memorable shots in this film and so many of them are the shots you always wanted to see, fourth well directed action that looks and feels real, that is tense and that you can follow, fifth - tension, this film has it in spades, Sixth nods and references to the original trilogy - they come in abundance, some are comedic, some pure nostalgia while others are entirely appropriate and work so well within the story. Seventh - real sets, please give me a London Underground station redressed over bland CGI sterile sets any day of the week. Here the technology enhances the story and the tension and at no time tries to substitute for either. It is the perfect mix of live action & CG effects. I have not seen them so well combined since Lord of the Rings.

This is a man who clearly understands his craft of what makes for a great film. I was highly critical of the prequel movies, which really are a masterclass in how not to make a film, here the total opposite is true. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan in any sense and was fully prepared to be very critical of this film, but find it hard to find fault in it anywhere. The supporting cast were especially good here, everyone from Riz Ahmed to Forest Whitaker giving it their all. The new villain of the piece is brilliantly played by Ben Mendelson (Hard to believe this is the kid from The Big Steal!) Donnie Yen's character was beautifully written, I could have watched another movie just about him alone. The cast feels truly international, as any universe should. Many British actors really make their mark in smaller roles including Duncan Pow & Ben Daniels as Rebel Foot Solider and General Pilot respectively while the likes of Sharon Duncan-Brewster & Jonathon Aris as Rebel Senators argue the merits of the attack in a tense conference debate - gone are the boring council meetings of the prequels. Strong drama is the key ingredient of the day. Here the Rebellion is shown as a far more tangible real faction, not everyone agrees with each other, things get messy and sometimes the wrong people are killed - the film even begs to ask the question, how better really are they than the Empire??? - we know of course, but its great to see such shades rather than just plain good and bad guys.

The film contains so many pure Star Wars moments. I have no doubt the Droid (Voiced with skill by Alan Tudky) will become a favourite of many and new aliens and ship designs are not thin on the ground.

Chiefly in the acting credits, plaudits must go to Felicity Jones who plays Jyn with real conviction while Diego Luna avoids a Han Solo portrayal of Cassian, her would be ally and sometimes adversary. The appearances of Vader and Tarkin (Incredible) are entirely warranted and in proportion with the rest of the film.

One or two of the subplot characters are a little underwritten (perhaps deleted scenes and a longer cut will reveal them to be less so) but that really is nit picking, I had no issue with this at all. To juggle so many major and minor characters in a single narrative in a tight running time, for any director is no mean feat and Edwards manages it extremely well.

I have no doubt Edwards had to steer an entire army of Executives in order to deliver the film he wanted. Perhaps one day someone will make a film about that? I have no doubt it would make for quite a story - Whatever were his obstacles, he clearly overcame them. He has done himself and every Star Wars fan proud. Pure class.
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Nothing special (Contains spoilers)
Pocket_Scout26 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've been a fan of Star Wars for a majority of my life, and this was a major let down. The story is mediocre at best, with clichés and useless characters riddled about. The story is nothing more than a fickle teen running around with her pals trying to get the plans for the Death Star. It has a few bright moments with their reprogrammed droid, K- 2SO, being the only good character out of the whole movie. The action scenes fall short, and are more inclined to have something explode rather than show the tide of a battle drastically change within a second. As for the Death Star, well, it honestly only needed to be used once. But no, go ahead and destroy a key base which has all of your plans, most of which most likely don't have any back ups. I'm sure the Emperor won't mind losing key military schematics. Then the movie fails to even get the menacing Lord Vader's look right. Episode 3 did it well enough, you can do it too Disney. This movie was an eye opener, critics had nothing but praise for this movie, yet all I see is a big step in the wrong direction.
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A pointless and lacklustre addition to the franchise
foghorn_clj18 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
OK so I had A lot to say about "The Force Awakens" and mostly I pointed out all the plot holes that I could drive a semi trailer through. But after seeing Rogue One I appreciate TFA a lot more because at least it was entertaining and engaging.

Rogue One is boring. Boring, boring, boring, boring and boring. I can appreciate where it sits within the timeline and was actually interested in how to the Death Star plans got into R2D2. However the story is so ludicrously unimaginative that I wish I could unlearn the official story and go back to making up something myself.

The fundamental problem is that the writers forgot this was a Star Wars movie until about 75% of the way in and then went "Oh crap there's supposed to be space battles in this thing." And here begins the rant: spoilers ahead...

Let's start with the main character Jyn. Firstly, I said this in my review of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and I will say it here, killing a main characters parents when they are a small child is not enough to make me give a crap about what happens to them. So she was orphaned when her mother was killed and her father chose to go back to the Empire.. just like millions of other children effected by the war. Secondly this character is so unimpressive and has basically no skills that are helpful to the Rebellion other than the fact that she's the daughter of the genius scientist behind the Death Star. Sure she can fire a phaser but that's pretty much as helpful as she gets. Why a group of committed Rebellion fighters would follow this girl into battle confounds me.

Cassian the rebel fighter assigned to help Jyn is just as unimpressive. We're supposed to feel for him because he lost his family and has been forced to kill people for the Rebellion and feels bad about it but in the end you feel nothing.

K-2SO - ah the generic and expected robot comedy relief that brings a few chuckles but nothing much else (which is no reflection on Alan Tudyk who I love but they didn't give him much to work with) And whilst it was nice to see Darth Vader back in all his glory (and in the voice of James Earl Jones) his cameo was blink-and-you'd-miss-it and really doesn't add to the story in any way.

And then basically all the other characters were so unimpressive that I don't remember any of them and therefore have nothing to say about them.

The 2 stars I've given to this review are purely for the CGI in the final 45 mins of this movie which is pretty bloody spectacular. But once it got to that point I'd stopped caring a while ago. The exception being the CGI young Princess Leia which was just CREEPY.

So to summarise: Boring and unimaginative shouldn't have been made in the first place.
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OK But Far From Great
Armando15 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this movie with an open mind to a Star Wars story as distinct from the Star Wars series of movies. I left feeling disappointed.

. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of very good things in this movie but the script was very, very ordinary. Endless dialogue that was quiet frankly boring and pointless at times. Being a huge SW fan most of my life, i really wanted to love another SW movie but not this one. I can see why they reshot scenes and were worried about this film.

Pros: Last 40 mins of film was great - awesome battle; Good special effects; Likable main characters; Great new vehicles - i can see the toys coming; Lots of nods and references for die hard fans.

Cons: Incoherent and boring script; Numerous mentions of "the force" but with no heart to them; Planets/worlds could have been developed with more imagination; Stormtroopers are killed so easily in this film- just have to look at them; Too long. More editing required to move it along faster; Some characters were pointless or not developed properly.

I am feeling very nervous about Star Wars VIII now!
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What the VII episode didnt become
BiiivAL2 June 2018
Long ago, when I had a poor understanding of the cinematographic universe, when the plot of films was deeply indifferent to me, I saw a wonderful film in which the hero escaped in the belly of a dead unknown beast, and giant metal elephant-turtles walked along the snow-covered planet. And, I did not think that these feelings can be repeated in adulthood.

Unexpected discovery: Rogue One, one woke a child in me, although the plot was clear, and there was no infantile desire to jump into tact with gunfights and fights. It was just great. It was just a classic trilogy, elevated to the absolute. It's just the same as many years ago. And, what is very important, without any hidden pathos, without an obsessive director's "wink" in the style of "well, you realized that this character returned and everyone giggles and applauds."

So, Rogue One, of course, is a fresh look. This is another camera work. These are other perspectives and, as was rightly noted in trailer analyzes, this is an amazing work with scales. The director and the cameraman made things that you believe in. You believe in the size of the Death Star. Believe in the size of the Star Destroyer. And, okay, it would be one thing: launched a comparative infographics, and finished on that one. No, here all objects of space are constantly involved in some kind of action. The Death Star moves, the Destroyers engage in battle, the transport workers, fighter jets and bombers are fighting alongside. This is a "wow", this is "super", this is the star thriller we wanted. The fighter in which the fighters actually shoot down the enemy, and the bombers cause point torpedo strikes, where the technique creates a real cover, and not just "hanging around for the crowd", as in the Awakening of the Force. And, yes, this is the very setting of the fights that was in the original trilogy. I am delighted. This is a new operator's view of the old scale of star battles.

The next moment is the preservation of the style of Lucas. Here everything pleases not less. This is a city similar both to Naboo I episode and Tatooine IV episode. This is nature, similar to what we saw in the second part (during the rapprochement of Anakin with Amidala), or on Kashyyyk with its battles in the woods. Everything looks natural and beautiful. There are no eared adherents of the dark side, wading through unnatural winter forests, built on an old 3D engine. The whole environment looks beautiful, relevant, familiar in the atmosphere. It seems that this is called landscape design.

The plot of the film is not snotty, does not shine with pathos. Everything happens naturally. Heroes look vital, at first glance, there is no logic. The actors also played very well. Emotions want to believe, the motivation is clear.

VII episode of the Star Wars exported at the expense of the name. If you remove the name, you will receive a parody of the IV part with comical physics and a trash story. But Rogue One is a terrific epic saga. One of the best films in the universe of Star Wars.
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I feel like the void left in my heart by episode VII has been filled now.
dorteel14 December 2016
Maybe it's because I had higher expectations for episode VII and almost none for this one, I feel like this movie managed to achieve what the other one couldn't.

I'm not saying that it was perfect, but it sure was good enough for me, and it will be good enough for many other die-hard SW fans. Leading female actor wasn't that good in my opinion, but otherwise this movie had everything a SW fan could wish for. Good old characters, good old places, and an overall good old SW feeling. Fits into the story line quite well, CGI was a bold move , could've gone bad, but it played out quite nicely.

Overall I think SW fans will love it, but anybody not deeply immersed in the saga would also enjoy it.
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Well, they did it again,.. another soulless Star Wars screw up..
karlharvey197216 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Review Context: I am a genuine Star Wars Fan. My ranking: 'Empire Strikes Back' 1st. 'A New Hope' 2nd, 'Return of the Jedi' 3rd. All the other Star Wars movies, including this one, right off the radar.

This one, Rogue One?:

Acting = 0 out of ten. 0.5 for the computer generated characters.

Felicity Jones = minus 1000 out of ten. Why on earth did they put her in it? Her acting is so bad she is simply unwatchable.

Forest Whitaker must have caught something from the other actors, because this was the worst I have seen him. What voice was that? Breathing like Vader? What??

Where is any of the Star Wars magic? None of the star wars movies outside of the original trilogy even touch the same soul, and spiritual mysticism, magic and excitement. This felt like a waste of time. I could have written a better story and script myself. This was so disjointed, no continuity, I squirmed and shuffled in my seat in agony.

One blind dude who can sort of use the Force? What a bore. His acting was almost as bad as Felicity Jones'. "I am one with the force.. nuh, nuh, nerrr" no you're not.

I couldn't understand Diego Luna's dialogue, nor many of the other actors. What was the point in the robot? Misfiring comedy was the final nail in the coffin of this tripe.

"I have a bad feeling about this..".. again?! Really? How wincingly weak can you make it?

The dialogue between Darth Vader with Orson was inanely boring and erratic from the first line, I switch off and wondered if I'd left the heating on at home. They couldn't even get the electronic tone right. The original trilogy had you on the edge of your seat with every line Vader spoke.

Ben Mendelsohn as Orson, was terribly mis-cast, his voice, like many of the other characters was sharp and hysterical, with no conviction.

What happened to the music?! No love put into it, no excitement generated at ALL! Awful. Just keep the Star Wars theme until the end credits?! Why bother?

Action: the wobbly hand-held first person is way too old hat, and doesn't work. Whose firing on who and... why? Non-consequential blasting for the sake of it.

The last battle at the end had some hope, then it just threw in some Walkers, and some other things we might recognize, to help it sustain some resemblance to 'star wars. Some climbing, falling in a futuristic tunnel..

Then there was a sudden rush to tie in the ending with the start of 'A New Hope', which culminated with Disney animated Princess Leah taking the Death Star plans? She seemed so much more involved than to just pay such weak homage to her & just at the end? Why do that? How irritating, like the rest of the movie. Star Wars stupidly destroyed.
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This is a fan fiction film
darcontek16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie today and this was the first Star Wars film that I wanted to walk out on.

Here are my grips with the movie

1. NO OPENING CRAWL - It seems like the people who made this movie did not consider consistency to be important in the Star Wars franchise. This is the first movie in the franchise to not have an opening crawl and not having consistency really shows in the quality of the movie.

2. BAD PACING and TRANSITION - In the beginning of the movie you have the camera jump from random planets without any real explanation as to what is going on and this type of camera work goes on for the entire movie. It just feels like a bunch of random shots put together.

3. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - You feel absolutely no emotion or bond towards any of the characters. All of them feel replaceable and there is no memorable chemistry between the characters in any way. I have no idea why Forrest Whittaker was even in the film because he serves no purpose. His character finds the main lead and then it entirely skips any sort of character development that could've happened between the two. I don't even remember the characters names because most of them were so unmemorable

4. THE ROBOT - As I said before consistency did not seem to be important to the makers of this movie. The reprogrammed imperial robot seemed TOO human. He moved too much like a human and talked too much like a human, which did not happen in any of the other star wars movies. The most human like droid was C-3p0 but even he did not MOVE like a human.

5. VADER - Something about this Vader seemed to be off. I can't point my finger as to what it is but his style of talking and also his suit seems to be different because I didn't see a chain around his neck. Also his lightsabre fighting style seemed too agile and more like the prequel rather than a hard hitting slow style like in the original trilogy. As I said before, consistency didn't seem important to the filmmakers and little things like this pulled me out of the movie.

6. Obvious SJW Agenda - I am Korean-American. When I watch a Star Wars film, I just want a good Star Wars film. I don't need a Star Wars filmed disguised with a SJW Agenda. Is it a coincidence that the Rebels has a woman, an arab, two Asian guys, a hispanic etc. and the Empire is all white? Why can't I just have a good Star Wars film?

I will say this. The only good part of the movie was at the end when the Death Star fires at the planet because that is the only time I actually felt emotion for the characters and saw a little bit of character development.

Otherwise, this was a terrible movie. You will only watch it just because it is Star Wars.
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techrev-5301115 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Boring, insubstantial, and horrible. Halfway through I was dying to leave and the movie just couldn't end quick enough. Could have been reduced to a 5 minute quickie episode and been about 1000 times better. Watched it in IMax 3D, and I feel robbed. I'm not sure why there are so many positive reviews, except a lot of people want Star Wars movies to be good so badly that they make them good in their heads or something. I'm a Huge Star Wars fan, and my disappointment runs deep on this one.

Another issue may be that people who don't like this film really don't want to spend the time typing 10 lines about how horrible and boring it is. The characters weren't likable or even memorable. I enjoyed more the ghosts of Star Wars' past (Leia aside - she was so poorly done that I can't bear to think about it) than I did with the new characters, but even that was just replays of old tapes.
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The art of ripping off fanboys
Spyan21 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A soul-less, seen a thousand times formulaic piece of crap especially designed to sell toys and empty those pathetic man-child fanboys's wallets. Everybody seems to agree nowadays that the force awakens was at best a re-hash of a new hope, at worst a very boring and mediocre marketing scheme. Remember when it got out a year ago and everyone was super excited and enthusiast? Same thing's going to happen to these 2hrs of bore printed on celluloid : wait for the hype to disappear, be honest with yourselves and acknowledge that this piece of crap film is just another fanboy scam, especially designed to rob kidults of their hard earned cash. Then watch the ratings drop to a more realistic 5, tops. And -surprisingly-, this farce is presently rated above 8. In 6 months, no one will care. So please, childish people that can't read and that don't watch movies that got out before 2k because they don't have computer graphics in them, try to stay objective when rating a film. Or better yet, spare us your "opinions", and don't even vote at all. Thanks in advance.
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Rogue One another worthless Hollywood cash-in that runs at snails pace.
Greg Powell15 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Rogue One - another worthless Hollywood cash-in that runs at snails pace.

Die hard fans will obviously find enjoyment in this film - entering the star wars universe again, the stunning visuals, and soundtrack... But look closely at the film itself and there is not a lot on offer.

It starts out with this awfully paced run of throwaway scenes to showcase the main characters in the story - they go far to quick to feel any emotional connection with them later on in the film.

Two large chunks of the film are worthless dialog (that sound like video game instructions) and this 'epic' beach siege at the end that clearly looks like the Atlantis hotel resort in Dubai. Once you see it in your head - you can't take what is going on seriously.

The cast are also not well put together, the main character Jyn Erso is unlikable - half her lines are rushed and predictable and her acting made me cringe. On the other hand the characters - Chirrut Îmwe (blind fighter), Saw Gerrera (dying extremist) and Orson Krennic (Empire deathstar leader) offer some great nuggets of depth but aren't in it enough to justify their full potential.

SPOILERS!!: I did enjoy however the stunning cgi restoration of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin, but when a young cgi of Princess Leia appeared at the end of the film acting as the lead into 'A New Hope' - felt cheap and reinstated the fact that this was a cash-in film and i was stupid enough to fall for it and go see it!!

Rant over! x
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No story at all, it sucks.
conehead-7194026 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The only good thing I can say about this film is the fine work of ILM, their work is fantastic. BUT- the movie is garbage. I saw the original film 4 times the same day and twice the next day in 1977, I was hooked! Story-characters-caring- being immersed in the film, all this is lacking in Rouge One . I could care less about the characters. No real plot. No passion. My Grandmother could have directed better. No emotion. No development. Simple eye candy. At least JJ Abrams put some passion in EP 7. Disney needs to have screenwriters and directors with commitment to the fans do these films, or destroy the myth. If you HAVE to see it, go to the early show at the $2 cinemas.
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A disappointing cash-grab movie, loaded with fan service
Devin McGauley26 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hey do you guys remember Storm Troopers? AT walkers? Blue Milk? Boy do we have a movie for you!

Rogue One is sadly full of uninteresting characters and references to the original trilogy, and SW Rebels. From random costumes (one rebel was wearing Leia's visor/mask from Ep6) to sudden changes in their demeanor. There was obviously LOTS of footage that didn't make the final cut. Almost half the trailer we saw isn't in the movies, including Forest Whitaker's entire monologue about fighting.

Remember how you cared about Rey? They showed you what her life was like and who she was? Jyn is just an angry child and you never really learn anything about her except that she's "a rebel." (That "I rebel" line isn't in the final cut either!)

What you're left with is a soulless movie, that whisks you from planet to planet in hopes that you'll forget that you already know what is going to happen to these characters. Spoiler alert: This is a suicide mission and they all die. Thankfully, you won't care about any of them.

Okay, maybe you'll care about the robot dying. K-2 was funny.
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Convoluted Nonsensical Garbage
simonvesuvius4 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie should be called Starwars 3.9, A Convoluted Plot involving the Deathstar.

Here is the plot so you don't have to waste your money: The Deathstar project manager, clueless as ever, decides to employ a man as chief architect of the Deathstar despite knowing that he ardently against it and despite the fact they he just had his wife brutally killed in front of him.

So in the first 10 minutes we are given the premise 1) That Darth Vader would be happy about a potential saboteur designing the Deathstar 2) That this guy is the only person capable of building the Deathstar in the entire universe 3) That anyone in the Empire would believe this guy had had a change of mind after his wife had been brutally killed.

Fast forward a decade or two and we have an hour of irrelevant story involving Jyn and some rebel dude, who I have to say kills more people than Darth Vader. They all run around meeting (and often killing) irrelevant people, Forest Whitaker. They plot to kill Jyn's father, who we all know isn't really evil, but none of the characters know that. Since the Deathstar is already fully functional, the only purpose for this seems to be a good old revenge killing. It's nice of the rebels to leave Darth Vader alone.

After they achieve their goal, and with his croaky dying breath, Jyn's father reveals to Jyn that he only agreed to build the Deathstar so he could engineer in a secret weakness - because if he hadn't built it, someone else would have ... which destroys the entire premise (see above).

However, his secret engineered weakness is so secret that he decided not to tell anyone, and instead was relying on some rebels turning up so he could tell them before they killed him - the rebels do a lot of that. It was just luckily that he was only mostly dead and got to tell them before he was completely dead.

Unfortunately, since Jyn was the only person to hear this croaky confession, no one will believe her. So she and a small group, the rebel rebels, head off to find the proof from planet archive. Meanwhile Peter Cushing has returned from the dead to do some acting that Keanu Reeves would be proud of thanks to CGI.

There is a big battle, they get the plans, no one cares because both sides seem as murderous as each other, Jyn and rebel dude kiss, everyone is killed, and Pricess Leah flies off with a Wifi version of the Deathstar plans. The end. And we don't even get any of the original Starwars music to enjoy.

Whoever wrote the story to this utterly boring film should be sacked!
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Light Spoilers.
williamwhtjr16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is, by far, the worst Star Wars movie ever made. Ever. A list of reasons follows, and they are small compared to the number of flaws in the movie itself.

#1: Prologue roll-up and Williams' iconic Star Wars theme missing.

#2: Director ignored fact that at the time this story takes place, all Imperial Shuttles were of uniform design.

#3: U-Wing Fighter never existed BBY.

#4: AT-ST's are not used for urban street patrol. You either know why or you don't.

#5: General Tarkin would not need to usurp control over his own project.

#6: Imperial defector Crix Madine was responsible for delivering the original Death Star plans to the Rebellion.

#7: Darth Vader cheesy one-liner. 'Nuff said.

#8: Where is Wedge Antilles, the true leader of rogue One?

Add to this hamstrung and cheaply orchestrated fan-service, lack of respect for the original product, and an arrogant director obsessed with recreating the universe in his image, and I hope you can see why I rated this movie as the worst Star Wars movie ever.
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Star Wars is no longer a cultural beacon of hope, faith, and integrity.
gfarrell8023 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In 1977 Star Wars: a New Hope entered our cultural conscious as a brilliant mythic coming of age tale. Alienated youth of our technological age were treated to a unique blending of chivalry/samurai code, western, and WW2 heroics couching a message very relevant to the cold war: destruction of planets can be defeated if we turn to our own human feelings.

The following two Star Wars films developed the wonderful characters, setting up the true hero who stands up to evil, and rather than betray his values faces death and continues with unwavering hope that the most corrupted can be turned back to the light. A young 10-year old watching the original trilogy could be pretty inspired and morally educated.

What do we have in Rogue One? We have covert field assassinations, an ostensibly good guy using mind torture, a friendly robot who casually murders stormtroopers for comic relief, a good guy who shoots a villain in the back, wounded enemies being finished off, urban ambushes by rebels with collateral damage. Absolutely inept character exposition. Action and war movie clichés. Fan service insertions. An utterly bizarre character backstory attempting to explain that the weakness in the Death Star was not a thematic element based in the fundamental truth about the weakness of technology and fallibility of human design, but actually a designed-in flaw by a saboteur under the most implausible of circumstances.

Not only is this a bad movie, it is culturally conservative. It tells us to lower ourselves to complete the task. If the message of 'A New Hope' was to have faith in humanity to bring down the military machine, the message of Rogue One is that in order to win you have to get your hands dirty and be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for your cause. If this is the sustenance for the youth of the next generation we should be ashamed and alarmed.

It is disappointing that Disney, the writers, producers, and a director could so completely miss what makes Star Wars Star Wars.
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Jesse Mitchell16 December 2016
I personally am a big Star Wars fan, hearing rumours throughout the year of the reshooting and worry within Disney had me cautious about this movie, hoping rather than expecting it to be a great one. I brought my pop (who tends to be very critical of movies) along this time who had never seen a Star Wars movie and never has wanted to watch one. I felt as if this was a great opportunity to bring him along because of it being a standalone movie that has a start and end. The director did an absolutely brilliant job, helped give us a good understanding of the characters whilst moving the story along the way at an appropriate pace to a massive climax, the actor behind the blind monk was the star of the film for me and I definitely think Felicity Jones did a great job as the lead actress of the film The acting cast did a great job to capture the emotion of the movie without overdoing it which was incredibly pleasing to see. For me, it sits just behind Empire Strikes Back as the best Star Wars film and as for pop, came out of the film not saying anything just grinning as much as I've ever seen him until he was dropped off home, where he got out with a wink and said 'Thanks for inviting me, loved every minute of it'
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Rogue One Review
Jordan Forbes14 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Rogue One is the first Star Wars film to be set outside the Episodic Sagas. With that, there was a lot of pressure on it to perform and launch this new series of Star Wars films.

By far, this is the least kid friendly film. This was at it's core, a war film, something we have never really gotten in the Star Wars universe. With the war theme we got an overall darker tone than we are use to, and it really suited the story they were telling. We never have experienced the war side of Star Wars because the stories have always been focused on a force user rather than the events around them. Because there are no jedi, we got to see more of the Rebellion and the Empire and the battle that is taking place during the original trilogy.

Offsetting the darker tone of the film, I thought this was perhaps the funniest Star Wars film. There are so many one liners and comedic moments that brings a lighter tone to the darker moments. I think much of the comedic moments came from the droid character K2SO. For the most part, he was the comedic relief and because of that, you are drawn to his character and is a stand out.

While still on the cast and characters, I thought they were near perfect. While the characters themselves aren't as fleshed out as we get during the saga films, for the role themselves, they served their purpose. Apart from K2SO, I thought Donnie Yen's character, Chirrut was a close second standout. I really enjoyed his character because of his connection into the Star Wars law.

How much you enjoy Rogue One is, for the most part, going to depend how deep you invested you are into the world of Star Wars. As someone who read Cataylst in the lead up to Rogue One, I felt as though my experience during this film was enhanced so much. There were so many moments that was so much meaningful and heartfelt because I knew the backstory to some of these events and characters. There is also a lot fan service in Rogue One that on paper, it seems like it's too much. But what stood out was that not one of the fan services felt shoed in. All of it felt like it had a place in the movie and should of been there regardless of if it was a fan service moment or not.

Walking out of this film, you are going to be on a high and that is because of the fantastic third act this film has. Rogue One has a third act that will rival that of Return of the Jedi. This is one of the best space battle I have ever seen. While I love the one in Return of the Jedi, personally I rank the opening battle from Revenge of the Sith above it. However, the space battle in Rogue One beats them all. It had the feel that Return of the Jedi brought in their space battle but with the action and visual effects the space battle in Revenge of the Sith.

Stepping back from the space battle, the third act has a terrific ground level fight. This was where the war tone was heavily present. This was a scene we see in a WWII war film but with a Star Wars skin. There's no better way to describe it, and that is a good thing. What really enhanced the war toned ground fight was how well it was edited between the action happening on the ground and the spectacle of a space battle happening above them.

I have to mention Vader. While he isn't in it all that much, when he is, his presence is felt. Without giving so much away, his final scene is perhaps one of my favourite scenes I have ever seen. The short scene alone rivals the Airport scene in Captain America: Civil War for me. It is so exciting that it has the capability to make any major Star Wars fans cry with happiness.

Overall, I loved this movie. This did what it need to do and prove that they can make Star Wars films that isn't all lightsabers and Skywalkers. But what this film does the best is enhance A New Hope. As soon as I walked out the cinema I wanted to go and watch A New Hope. Personally, I really struggle with watching A New Hope but with Rogue One it makes me excited to go back and watch the original Star Wars.

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An Amazing Addition to the Star Wars Saga—5/5 For Star Wars (Spoiler Free)
Alex Aragona15 December 2016
Gareth Edwards and his crew accomplished something I never thought would be possible: they contributed a great Star Wars film to the Star Wars saga and canon.

This movie was great as far as Star Wars is concerned. It truly *felt* like a real Star Wars movie, and not a cheap fan service attempt like the Force Awakens was (although the Force Awakens was very fun, it felt like it didn't take Star Wars itself seriously enough).

So what worked with this one? Here's the list:

1)The story.

It felt like a totally believable space fantasy story, and furthermore a totally believable Star Wars story. It clearly was Gareth Edwards doing his own thing with Star Wars but also paying total respect to the path George Lucas originally paved with a New Hope.

At the end of the day this story is a GOOD Star Wars story and it feels like it can be placed alongside the original trilogy in story quality.

2)Not only the story, but the fact it was taken seriously.

Whether you like the Force Awakens or not, you got to admit, it felt a bit cartoony. It didn't feel like a *serious* addition to the Star Wars saga. It felt as if that the people involved certainly liked Star Wars, but in a very fan-servicy sort of way. Everything felt very "fun" in the Force Awakens, but not serious. Rogue One doesn't fall into this trap. It was an amusing and fun ride surely, but the story was clearly priority here.

Furthermore, the story elements and movie went *dark* when it needed to and didn't hold back. If the story needed death, that's what we saw. If it needed to show slaughter and killing, we saw it.

3)No element of Star Wars was abused.

There was no over abuse of lighstabers, the Force, or any old Star Wars characters. Wherever there was any fan service in this movie, it was done VERY tastefully. A respectful nod to the previous movies, but it never went "HEY LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU GUYS LOVE, RIGHT?"

4)The characters and the actors that played them.

Star Wars is never going to be known as a movie with "great acting", but full credit should go to the actors in this edition of Star Wars. They did a great job of bringing life to these characters— enough for us to care about them and the action occurring on screen, but not so much that it distracted from the ensemble story.

5)The pacing. This movie was perfect Star Wars pacing. And by perfect Star Wars pacing, I refer to Empire Strikes Back. This was not an overly speedy movie that gave you no time to think, and yet it was not an overly slow and drawn out movie.

6)The tie-in with the original trilogy.

This story takes place before A New Hope. And as much as Rogue One completely does it's own thing and takes its own direction as a standalone film, it *beautifully* ties in with the original series. As I said above, I completely believe and accept this story as great Star Wars material as much as I do George Lucas' original stories.

Overall, this Star Wars film is a 5/5 Star Wars film. I only rate it 7/10 on IMDb because, well, Star Wars is Star Wars and not the Godfather :D. As far as Rogue One stands in movie history, it's a great action movie. But as a Star Wars film it now has a special place in my heart.

My personal new Star Wars top 3 ranking goes as follows: 1)Empire Strikes Back 2)A New Hope 3)Rogue One
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Lucas Your Baby is dying
The Dark REVIEWER20 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What George Lucas created these many years ago, was something different, mystical and surreal.

Now look at it,

A Money machine (Disney) is ready to milk the series so hard until this extraordinary piece of art is completely burned to Ash..

The StarWars saga needs to be remembered for what it was and what it stood for.

A story so powerful and captivating that it captured the minds of millions. A battle between overwhelming evil against a sparkle of hope. How good can triumph evil. This is not appreciated nearly as much as it should.

He is the Leonardo DaVinci of our time.

What happens, is the prequels. The Beginning of an end. He pours his head, heart and soul. To create something magical and new.

He presents to us, The Phantom Menace A three part trilogy,

That would explore the so interesting past of the SW universe

We do not Accept,

We reject the first part, i am not sure why this happened,

but this deeply effected Lucas,

It was to late we had already decided and nothing good was to be from the prequels..

The clone wars gets released, Totally investing in CGI

The people hate new and reject it once again.

Then something truly extraordinary happens...

The Revenge Of The Sith, The most Brilliant masterpiece

No words can justify this movie

but still gets rejected...

Lucas furious with his fans SELLS his baby (SW)

For about five Billion Dollars

lets get one thing straight away, THATS A lot of FKN MONEY an Investment from


Now Disney is doing this to make even more money, they don't care about the art and the brand or whatever, They are going to squeeze these series so hard till it completely bleeeeeds out, cause they want this money as fast as possible..

the Don't care long term, they think max 5-10 years. Get every single penny out of it then dump it..

That is why we get shitty movies like rogue one, and there's a hell of a lot more of them coming

((that Han solo film))

Lucas We are truly sorry, But Disney will come begging to you one day to revive the franchise.

And i truly hope you will.. sincerely- Ísak Helgi Karvelsson
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Great Prequel to New Hope
eve_dolluk14 December 2016
I've just returned from the midnight showing of Rogue One here in the UK. I was slightly sceptical after watching Force Awakens, while enjoyed FA it did lack teeth and flesh.

Rogue one was a great prequel to New Hope.

We know that Princess Leigh had the death star plans but how did she get them ??.

Well now we know.

A few minutes into the film I felt disappointed that there was no Star Wars theme or rolling credits. Once I got past this the film started coming to life and put you right into the star wars universe.

There were nudges to the originals everywhere, old characters from New Hope were brought to live to return to the big screen.

There was plenty of visual eye candy here and a climactic ending that was truly stunning. I want to watch it again to see all the little details.

This is a dark and emotional film compared to others but it has its light hearted moments also.

Without giving too much away we follow a rag tag bunch fighting against the Empire and Lord Vader. A lost girl, a rebel agent, a defector, a novice trainee of the force, a hot shot gunner and a reprogrammed imperial robot. Alongside the rebel alliance they discover the existence of the Empires latest super weapon and must a find a way to destroy it.

The Bad -

1.Some of the dialogue is wooden but this goes for all Star Wars film.

2. There is a lull in action about midway through and the dark scenes at this point may bore some people.

3. No Jedi

The Good -

1. Amazing climactic ending a real visual treat.

2. Ties in really well to New Hope.

3. Interesting characters not your typical heroes which makes them more interesting.

4. I got emotional at the end x

If your a fan of the originals then don't miss this film. My Star Wars marathon just got better ( and bigger )

8/10 xx
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Quick, spoiler-less thoughts from Hollywood Premiere Attendee
MrWillyWonka12 December 2016
Rogue One was quite awesome, and quite different from the movies that came before. It was frightening, tense, very dark, VERY dirty (literally: maybe Mon Mothma was the only character without a layer of filth make-upped onto her face. And she looked so much like Mothma from ROTJ!) Some differences were somewhat striking, but overall it absolutely felt like a Star Wars movie should feel. Lots of familiar faces to see, super tense and exciting and beautiful. I was SO fortunate to be able to attend the premiere at the Pantages Saturday night, and can't wait to see it again Thursday night! There's never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan!
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star WARS
Kevin-4213 December 2016
The strange thing about this movie is that it is more of a war drama than the sci-fi adventure one might expect from a Star Wars story. It is dark, it is gritty and the main characters are traumatized and made homeless by a brutal civil war waged by an oppressive Empire. Consequently, the main characters don't start out as heroes but turn into heroes by the choices they make. It is in many ways the most realistic description ever shown in a Star Wars movie of how ordinary people become warriors because there isn't much of an alternative but fight. "The time to fight is NOW!" and the actors do a great job of conveying that feeling to the audience. Sprinkled in is a fair bit of humor and comedic relief. We get good creature designs, ample special effects and a lot of fighting: Ground battle, urban combat, space engages, close quarter fighting; you name it, they give it to us. And don't think those fights are Disney squeaky clean. To a degree you get war in all its nasty brutality. The final result is a good action movie set in the Star Wars universe. Somewhat lacking in the light saber and Force aspects a true fan might wish for but still well worth the money you spend on it.

Go see it!
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