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Fear the BOREDOM
Alice C26 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, an extended first episode with hardly any action and a lot of bad acting. None of the characters are particularly redeeming. Having read the spoilers ahead of time that this was going to be the apocalyptic Brady Bunch I had reservations and they were warranted. It is actually the anti-Brady Bunch. Other than the mother and step-father (demonstrating unrealistic teenage love) the rest of the 'family' aka kids are just stereotypical dweebs. Mother's daughter doesn't like SF because Mom dated too many men, for some unknown reason the older son is a heroin addict living in a crack church and SF's son is disgruntled with his father and step-siblings and avoids his visitation weekends. Not original at all. I'm sure the point is to show how cohesive they become once the zombies take over. That is how predictable all of the writing is.

Now that we know this show is set to focus on this family we know we are stuck dealing with these unlikable characters for the long haul. And they really aren't in too much danger which takes away from any real suspense.

We will probably continue recording and watching but if the heroin addict goes into withdrawal and we have to go through a lot of that drama rife with him endangering the rest of the family, demonstrating disgusting withdrawal symptoms or relapsing we will lose interest fast.

The success of TWD comic and TV show had to do with throwing characters into an action laden mix that may or may not survive. Even those related don't have any guaranteed life span. This concept might have been better received if it started at the same time as TWD. Since viewers know what is going on it really doesn't add anything. And is agonizingly boring and slow to the point of being mockable.

And where are all the dead? No one is going to class at the HS yet they aren't wondering around in hoards. Where did the church zombies go? The daughter's BF is missing. By now you'd see more than a straggler here or there if everyone is suddenly turning up 'sick' or MIA.

Hopefully the destruction of LA will be action packed and in the next episode. That might be satisfying. Also, with all the zombie/vampire phenomena of the last 10 years you'd think these people might try a head shot. There was a lot wrong with the premier episode, hopefully it will get better with time.
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Fear the show, not the Dead
Ken Wysocki24 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think this show could be so amazing conceptually, but the approach thus far is way off. Cutting through the fat, to the bare bones if you pardon my zombism: Fans of TWD already know what to expect- we are here for the ride, to fill in that big blank of how the world goes down into a flesh-feasting apocalypse... Instead we are treated to slightly over an hour's worth of dry, static characters brooding over their broken family, and the search (both literally and in a more metaphoric sense), for their son- a confused junkie who- I'll be honest- is the one character I personally want to see get eaten more than anyone else so far on this show. I understand the need for character development, especially when beginning a new show- however I also feel if it's done well and proper- you shouldn't feel it- you shouldn't even necessarily notice it- it should happen organically. What I figure to be no more than time-filler is the need to return to "scene of the crime" two additional times after the opening act- a dimly lit church turned drug den (for a similar scene done much better, see 28 Days Later). Ultimately this serves as a cheap tension builder with no real payoff either time. The decisions the main characters make not to involve police even after discovering blood and guts galore add to the plot holes involving the zombies themselves, and how no one seems to be noticing them sooner... Or the lack of emotion or reaction from the main characters when they do encounter the undeniable truth. In all this series looks to have potential down the road, but if it follows the formula of the pilot episode, the writers are going to make you earn every methodical moment of it, and request a more than reasonable suspension of disbelief when it comes to bad decisions, implausible reactions, and an acceptance of irritating characters. FTWD thus far has not enriched the Walking Dead universe; it banks on fans' devotion to it to remain seated through the journey to the grueling end, or at least, through the second season.
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Bad writing, bad, very bad writing.
pchristophor9 May 2016
Very bad writing. In fact it's so bad that I can't help feeling perplexed at how in god's name the writers of this show got to be writers in the first place, let alone on such a big franchise. The characters are parodies of themselves, making decisions no one in their right mind would make, be it in a zombie apocalypse or otherwise.

These characters don't communicate with each other, don't laugh, don't reflect, don't reason, don't foresee obvious consequences etc. They are a group of selfish whining people, made even more unlikeable by the very dumb decisions the writers force upon them. They sulk, they daydream, they act as teenagers, even the adults. There is no tension in this show. You don't care whether the characters die or not.

The most interesting facet of this series was to show in detail the dawn of the apocalypse, and instead you get a family drama in the suburbs for an entire first season (later, for 5 episodes and counting, on a boat), which is itself badly written.

This show is cringe-worthy to watch, the writing is THAT bad, and I can't help wondering who the writers are and how they got to write for this show. These writers have no grasp on the psychology of men. It's quite pathetic.
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A world were everyone is stupid!
gerryjun15 September 2015
The characters are unappealing, where everyone does not tell anyone what's going on or at-least try to share or explain what's happening, totally illogical interaction with people and family.

Its very painful to watch, as you wonder why do they not just try to share what they know and trust their family and people in general with what's happening around them.

Same with the government, community, and media. All are clueless and does not attempt to inform anyone else.

No originality, No character appeal, No logic, No excitement.

This review covers episodes 1 and 2, and so far it has been awful.
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Horridly hideous writing
Lunarblueberry19 September 2015
This series is off to a horrible start not because it seems boring, it's the god awful writing. In the first half hour I watched the husband go into a church full of blood, look at it like it was as normal as anything else he'd seen, walk out and end up in a conversation with his wife over mundane family garbage. Then offhandedly half mentions the church covered in mass quantities of blood. No need for police here sir. Then, husband AND wife go into said blood covered church. Again glance around looking completely bored. Leave. Nope, no cops. Instead of going to the police station and telling them about the obvious remnants of a massacre let's drive to this kids house and looked spaced out as we blandly ask where our son is. Completely believable stuff. I expected the show to start off slow, but I'm really unsure if Kirkman is writing this drivel as he has a pretty good track record...guess it was time to add the big black mark. Heroin addict kid is already getting played out. Husband's son is a very boring character. Daughter won't survive another season if she keeps being as smart as a carrot. I really have to push myself to watch these episodes. maybe it'll get better..
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Days of our Zombie Lives
hawksixtyfour1 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Poor acting, poor story, poor premise. It's been done 100 times. The world ends, people make dumb decisions and then they die. Same here. 2 episodes in, and the thoroughly unlikeable cast run around LA doing pointless and ill-thought out things. Hey, if you can reach your kids on the phone - lie! Tell em their moms dead - that'll get them to come home! After all the world going to hell and you all need to get together and flee, right?

No, just drive around LA all day find one, lose one, rinse repeat. The actors are very poor, you don't care about the characters and the script is pure soap opera standard. Nobody noticed Tobias is a middle-aged man? At school? Mom didn't realize the guy at the school growling and shuffling - just like the guy they'd just killed *might* also be a 'thing'? Nope, just go up, say howdy, and then kill it and leave all the food behind. The dad sees Cops grabbing bottled water but doesn't do the same? Or mention it to anyone else? I don't need to see 500 zombie kills, but I would like a show not written by a twelve year old and with actors who can at least act just a *little* bit. Really poor, and cannot see Season 2 going ahead unless things sharply improve
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Fear the Walking Clichés (contains minor spoilers)
Jeff Johnston13 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this. I tried once and got through the first two episodes like I was enduring a trip to the dentist; Admittedly painless, but I really wanted to be somewhere else.

But I recorded all the episodes and kept them, because I REALLY wanted to like this show. I love zombie stuff! I love breakdown of society stuff! I love post-apocalyptic survivor stuff!

So after a couple(?) of months I came back. I skipped episodes 1 and 2 (which were really only about how $h*tty and dysfunctional the family is. I.e. Adults smart. Kids dumb) and started in on episode 3. And it was (spoiler alert) CRAP! It started of pretty good, with riots and zombie attacks, etc. But then it was CRAP.

Everything that every character does or says is straight out of the Hollywood Big Book of Clichés. A zombie is coming; Leave the door open (not just unlocked, but WIDE open!). Hubby's about to walk in on said zombie, but don't call out! Instead, take a circuitous route through the backyards. Leave obvious items behind so a character has to split from the group and go of on her own. "Be quiet", but shine all your flashlights out the window to see if danger lurks. "Is that a murderous psychopath out there? Quick! Let's close the blinds, but then shine our flashlights through the blinds at him, but we'll be super quiet so he won't notice us." That man is eating a dog in your living room, you should get as close to him as possible. "Society is collapsing all around us. Everyone is attacking each other violently. You are eating a freshly killed dog in my living room and my family is missing. May I approach you? I am totally unarmed." Natural selection ensues.

Or it doesn't. Apparently only the hyper-vigilant and well-prepared die on this show while the dim-bulb main cast of cardboard cut-outs enjoy the divine protection of deus ex machina.


And I have no idea what happened to the girl who went back for the forgotten shotgun shells, because I stopped watching and deleted all the episodes. Then I scraped what was left on the bottom of my shoe off on the curb.
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Very Disappointing
Tim Mathany30 September 2015
I can't remember a group of lead characters that were so painfully boring, one dimensional, and unlikable. Their collective stupidity is so hard to watch, it makes me wonder how show runners from TWD could've created this mess. The teenage angst ridden kids have to go, why would I waste an hour watching some clueless, bratty kids? The soldiers are right; weed out the sick and weak, contain the disease. That's the end of the story line for that show, instead our "lead characters" keep screwing it up. If these idiots would stop getting in their way, maybe the soldiers could contain the disease. That would obviously nullify the Walking Dead, so I guess they can't change the plot too much, but I'm out on this series.
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A slow and disappointing start to this spin-off series
chulwinik-6294927 August 2015
It seems that the main premise of this show is that this is a spin-off series to the Walking Dead. I know that sounds redundant, but after watching the pilot, it seems clear that the producers were only banking on the fame and popularity of the main series to sell this show. In fact, the entire plot of the pilot essentially builds off the dread of all the events that the audience knows is coming. We watch as the populace ponders the crazy events taking place on the news, while simultaneously downplaying the threat by going about their daily routines. As an audience, I think we are supposed to yell at the screen "Oh my god, you have no idea what is coming! Run for the hills!" In reality, it comes across as anti-climatic, because the stuff that is coming in the future is much more interesting that the show that we are watching now. If this show does not catch up, it is in real danger of being the dull younger brother of a much more interesting show.

Clearly, I am a fan of the Walking Dead series, but I do acknowledge that the main show also has its flaws. The biggest of which is wasting time with filler episodes that are full of back stories no one really cares about. I am almost dumbfounded by the fact that "Fear the Walking Dead" inaugurated its series with such an episode. And when the show finally presents the zombies to its main characters in all its gory glory, it is very underwhelming. We have seen much more impressive and terrifying scenes from the original series, and one little zombie is not at all impressive anymore.

Now I know the creators will defend the slow start as necessary back story. The problem is, the back story for the main cast is not very interesting, and actually very clichéd. Like almost any apocalyptic sci-fi story, we begin with a fractured family that is dealing with a recent divorce and a child with a drug problem. The entire family is at odds with each other, and the family is essentially broken. Thank God a zombie Apocalypse is right around the corner to bring them all together again (at least we assume that is where we are going). How many times have we seen this story? Not exactly original or riveting stuff.

The overall premise of the show is very promising, as I do think it will be interesting to see what the zombie apocalypse looked like from another perspective. The event itself should be enough to inspire countless stories. Although, you have to wonder exactly how the slow moving zombies will overtake the modern world with all its modern communications and well equipped armies; at this point I am not sure if the show will deliver a convincing answer.

As it is now, I hope the series steps up the writing, as you cannot rely on the good will from another show to keep your audience. I for one will keep watching for now, but my patience is not infinite and neither is the audience's. Let us see a little more action, and new and more interesting characters. Otherwise, this will be yet another failed spin-off.
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Had some hope for this but that is fading fast
John Davies30 August 2015
The first episode was bearable and it drew me in a little bit, the second episode was a joke.

Let me start by saying the number of stupid decisions made by the characters was starting to really get on my nerves. Trying not to ruin it for someone who has not watched the second episode all i can say is the stupid mother of the druggy knew what was going on but still made some very bad decisions.

I do not understand the part where nobody will actually say what is going on to friends and family, i mean just tell them why it is not a good idea to go outside or touch someone who is really sick. All they seem to say is don't do it, it is not a good idea as it might be contagious. Very frustrating to watch.
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A spin-off that takes to the start of the zombie apocalypse!
Ahmet Kozan10 April 2016
It's a real shame that most people rate shows on a "0 or 10" scale. Most of the complaining I hear about this show stem from people wanting it to be more like TWD. If you'd like to see something that is not TWD, but exists in the same universe--I think that's called a "spin-off"--then this show is that. Different places, different faces. Some of the characters make dumb choices, some are boring, and some are annoying. Viewers really seem to hate "realism" despite always screaming for it.

It's not perfect. I could gripe about the things I don't like, but they are minor when compared to the fact that I'm really enjoying watching how things progressed while Rick was in a coma. It offers nothing in the way of explaining the zombies (that's a good thing), but is showing really well how panic and mobs of humans actually paved the way for zombies to swoop right in and eat everyone.

If you want to enjoy this show, turn off your silly expectations about it being like TWD, and just watch while convincingly-real and flawed humans deal with a fast-moving crisis that no one seems to understand. It's easy for viewers to forget that these new characters don't have years of experience in the zombie world, so it just looks like some weird virus that makes people crazy and hard to kill. 7/10
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Maybe, with a strong emphasis on maybe.
MisterHOH24 August 2015
Having a story before the apocalypse it's interesting as a concept and definitely worth watching, but what we get in FTWD is a meaningless plot that cannot carry itself into the apocalypse because it's pointless. All we saw are some characters that I personally disliked and cannot relate to, that defy all logic and reason with their actions.

Another problem is the content, more like lack of content in the pilot, with a lot of filler shots that add nothing to the current story. You can easily skip the first 45 minutes without missing anything. A pilot is a pilot for a reason and its main purpose is to create a good impression, which FTWD failed to deliver. Maybe a 2-hour premiere would have been better.

However I am enthusiastic about what's in store for the rest of the plot, even though I'm a bit skeptical since I believe that this season is wrapped and ready for broadcast without the possibility of changes in its structure.

Let's not forget that zombies are not trending very much these days and if the show wants to build notoriety, it has to do much better than the pilot. For comparison, I think that the original TWD's pilot humiliated this one. Time will tell if we're gonna fear the walking dead or be bored to tears by the walking dead.
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Charles Herold (cherold)2 September 2015
Remember how amazing the first episode of The Walking Dead was? How intense it was? How it was filmed like a really good movie. How the characters were instantly intriguing?

Fix that in your mind. Now picture something exactly opposite to that and you'll have Fear the Walking Dead.

Set just as the outbreak is beginning, it is understandable that the first episode of this show couldn't be as action-packed as the first episode of TWD. It's a problem inherent in a show that takes place before the mayhem. But the pilot deals with this issue as poorly as possible.

In an attempt to create suspense, the show is full of little teases. Someone is facing away from the camera - is it a zombie? There are weird breathing noises behind a curtain - is it a zombie? It's a cheap approach and not even done well; rather than creating suspense, it only creates irritation when the transparent trick is revealed with an unearned "tada."

With no chance for suspense or action, what the series really needed to do was create interesting people with compelling stories so you would be instantly invested in their future. Instead, uncharismatic actors play uninteresting people who wander through the episode like confused sheep. It's a show where people say "what the hell is going on" because that's what you're supposed to say in this type of show.

Having given up on TWD in the middle of season two, which threw away almost everything that made season one amazing, I was hoping that FTWD would be a fresh start that could pull me back in. Instead, after one episode I feel the end of days cannot come soon enough for this show.
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Gave up
tsm_pi19 July 2017
I NEVER watched The Walking Dead.

Did start watching this show.

It's pretty bad and I gave up half way through season 2.

As an experiment I am currently watching The Walking Dead. I actually really like it.

Gotta come down to the characters. I care about what happens to them.

Fear the Walking Dead? Couldn't care less about them.

I believe ratings on IMDb are skewed somehow now too. No way this show rates so high. Remember when there was a discussion board. Pretty much nobody liked this show. Now miraculously it's rated 7.1?
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Lucky they don't stab themselves in the head.
doug-0658429 May 2017
Late comer to the Walking Dead and love it so was looking forward to catching up with FTWD. Sat through the first two seasons and I still can't decide if it is meant to be a comedy. The characters are soooooooo stupid that it makes it painful to watch. I am actually cheering for the zombies to kill them.
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How Do Writers Get Paid For This Crap?
Cherry Baby15 October 2015
Seriously, how? Someone or some people were actually given compensation for this script. How is that possible?

How is it possible that the script got by the people who decide what goes on TV? Is everyone at AMC on crack? Obviously, not...Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc.

How can the actors take this seriously? Why doesn't anyone on the set just stop filming and say, "Hold up, hold up. Seriously?"

This script could have been written better by a 6th grade English class. Maybe AMC should think about hiring out or giving opportunities to middle school children to write scripts. They could be partners in education! It would be great for public relations. At least the audience would understand why they're subjected to such sloppy writing.

What is going on, AMC?

The sloppiness of the writing and sheer ridiculousness of the characters' actions are less believable than a zombie outbreak.

Good God, get a grip, people! You're getting paid for this!

There's mediocre and then there's this show, which is waaaaay beyond a description of mediocrity.

Fear the Walking Dead--the entire first season--is merely an exercise in how NOT to write a script.

The show's writers should seriously consider other alternatives.

C'mon guys, it's a wide, wide world out there and the economy has picked up. For the sake of the standards of our primary form of entertainment, at least be considerate and limit yourselves to blogging. Fiction is not your forte.
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Would give MINUS 10 if I could
davidsmith90717 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Up there in the Top 5 worst TV shows ever.

The writing for this show is terrible no its worse than terrible, can't help but feel it's been done by someone's friend as a favour.Not by anyone that has any idea on how to actually do the job. I feel for the actors, they are working with what they have and its garbage. People don't talk to each other,no one uses social media,no one even watches the NEWS ...no they sit and play MONOPOLY as the world ends!!!

If this was a B-Movie that went straight to the DVD I would understand. Could go through every Episode and tear apart every move characters made and every lack of conversation that was desperately needed. Why did Travis go visit a junkie den on the word of a junkie step kid (johnny Depp wannabe) who hates him?? No guy would do that.Hell even if he wasn't his step kid and they liked each other, you still wouldn't go to a junkie den because he was out his head saying he seen cannibalism!! Then afterwards why didn't he call the police? Why take your wife to whats clearly a dangerous place? Why did Madison never tell or react to smashing her coworkers head in with a fire extinguisher? (which was the most anticlimactic zombie moment ever on screen) Could go on and on here...

Oh sorry there's thousands of more questions but the big one...the show killer in my eyes.. WHY did the junkie Depp who's on a drug come down(just seen someone get eaten and another raise from the dead) With his sister (who's boyfriend which she walked out on when hes lying in bed with insane fever but zero medical care and she hasn't uttered a word to anyone about it and doesn't seem like it's really bothering her) and they're mother play MONOPOLY!!!!! when the neighbour is attacking people across the street/the step dad is missing in the middle of a city riot and there's no TV on to check the news or internet nothing....lets just play a board game like its a normal family night(not lets lock the doors or get some weapons or or or ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT WHATS GOING ON!!)..UTTER RUBBISH Maybe its me, Maybe in America that's normal, maybe after you witness cannibalism/walked out on someone you love to die alone/smashed a skull in with a heavy blunt object that the only thing to do is to play a board game.

Okay I know this is a slow story and a lot of people defended it so, I don't mind slow if written well (which it's not) but there is a lack of walkers in this too. Which in turn removes any 'FEAR' from the show. Even the opening scenes before the title pops up where your suppose to go ''oh this episode is going to be good'' you know TWD does it well, The ones in this show never set it up. Think the title pop up 'FEAR THE WALKING DEAD!!'' is probably the scariest thing in the entire show. Episode 4 has no walkers at all !! NONE!ZERO!CERO!NULL!!. There's slow then there's Fear the walking dead slow and oh my each episode is a marathon. Having a lack of Walkers is okay if your side stories can hold the tension and keep the atmosphere on edge but it didn't, no where near it.

Big point should be made that this show was put out saying it would show the beginning of the outbreak. Yet few episodes in we jump 9 days ahead into refugee camp where the biggest issue is boredom and American troops with the token American platoon leader being an ass hole(if I was an American soldier I be angry at this portrayal) Where was the outbreak? Why didn't we see these people trying to survive in a town/city where it had all gone to hell but instead jump 9 days into nothing completely killing any momentum they could have built. Damn I'm back to asking questions again.(have thousands)

There is no FEAR at all in the program, by the time we get to series finale and you know whats coming you don't care for one of the characters so your not on edge if one gets bit. There's no shock moments either. Which is what TWD does extremely well (think to carol shooting the girl at the farm or Rick shooting walker Carols daughter) Those moments make a show, these things are what make you go into work the next day and go''did you see that last night!? amazing, can't believe he/she dies!'' Fear as none of these lasting memories only have you going into work going''yeah watched it last night, nothing of note happened*yawn*'' They had a opportunity to kill off Junkie Depp wannabe in the finale and they bottled it (he sucks, kill him , it would have helped the show) Instead they take the safe option and kill off Liza Ortiz in a stupid overly dramatic ending to the series. Her part throughout the series was minimal so when she reveals the hip bite I wasn't bothered, It felt like it came down to a game of monopoly and whoever lost was getting shot just to end the series with a bang (no pun intended). Sure season 2 will come and the ex-husband and son will not talk about it either because well that's how this lot do things..no talkie talkie.

Going to go and watch a ton of B movie zombie flicks and TWD season 1 to wash this mess out my mind. People will watch this show due to its link to a actual good show but forget the ratings. This is not a good show in any way.
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An interesting pov
Well, just finished watching the season 3 opener and it's good to see that the writers have decided to be faithful to the previous seasons by following the adventures of Madison and her clan who are clearly the villains of the series.

I've never seen a show with such a horrible selfish cast of characters who we are supposed to cheer for. The amount of innocent people that they have killed, directly and indirectly, is just astonishing. They don't care how many innocent people die, as long as Madison can save her junkie son, then it's worth it.

It's a theme that has been ongoing since season 1 when they left their gated community early in the morning, without letting anyone know, and did not bother closing the gate behind them; leaving all the sleeping people unaware of the danger they are about to face... Seriously, it would have taken a minute to close the gate and lock it, but apparently they were in a hurry, haven't got a second to spare.

Then what do they do? Oh, a stadium filled with 10s of thousands of zombies is just up the street from where my son is being held? Let's release them, lead them to the army base where, in the confusion, and horrible death of soldiers doctors and civilians, we can save my junkie son. Yup they killed dozens at the base, not to mention all the other people who will die by those zombies, to save one person.

Truly these people are evil, but the silver lining is that another main character has died in a very stupid way... kind of like his son did.
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Will make you hate The Walking Dead
Dimitar Kalburov2 December 2016
Browsing IMDb for more than a decade and this is my first ever review. Yeah, the show is that bad. The first season was okay, I guess, but the second one... Oh my. It really makes you think. And the big question you ask yourself is... How the hell did society fall with zombies like this? With slow and stupid zombies like that life could definitely continue as is. Extremely boring. Also, if you just put some zombie blood on yourself, you are a-okay on the whole zombie situation. They don't care about you. Maybe this is what it would take to conquer the Apocalypse. A zombie perfume. Yes, if this is the prequel to The Walking Dead, then the other show must end like that. Someone invents a perfume and it's all okay. The Walker by Channel. Soon in every Wallmart.
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Absolutely Dreadful
KellyVanRijn30 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
One of the key points in storytelling is that you have care about some character in the show. Otherwise, what is the point of watching. Would it have killed the producers to include some normal characters that we are rooting for? Here are your choices after the first episode: 1. Bitchy mother, apparently divorced, and now living with 2. Whiney Indian/Pakistani guy who has his own problems with his, assumingly 3. Divorced Latino looking wife and their wimpy 4. Son, who seems like a total tool. Let us not forget 5. Son of bitchy mom (number 1), a junkie with no redeeming qualities and his 6. Self obsessed and arrogant sister who is dating 7. Some black guy who also whines he won't be going to super lib school Berkley. Ugghh! What a bunch of losers. Not one good one in the whole bunch. TWD has great characters from jump street. Even if every character in the new series turns their lives around, they are all still losers, and worse, bad actors.
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GirlNextDoor1119 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't like first season. Second was lot of improvement. Then I saw people saying lot of good things about third season. Watching now. It is horrible. Very dumb. Why don't they just kill Troy? How is he so precious?

I don't think much can be done for this show because the main characters are dumb and weird. They are going to stay on show till end. They are very weak characters and writers making them save the world. In TWD there were policemen and strong guys and others grew strong over time. Its just painful seeing Madison leading entire ranch. Really what would the ranchers do if these people didn't get there? Who would save them? lol Very bad writing
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Episode 1, Pilot: An hour of nothing.
lmahesa24 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is essentially 20 minute chunks of irrelevant character crap (most will be dead soon, and, even sooner, the contexts will cease to be relevant) interspersed with:

"Duh duh duh DUH!!!!!!! Here we.... SIKE!!! Here's another 20 minutes of character development! Oh look, what a wonderful teacher he is!"

I'm giving 3/10 purely for the acting. It's good. Especially the son. However, it's just wasteful and NOT what the viewers were led to expect. Leave the character building to later. We wanted background on the whole zombie epidemic, and, instead, were given the background of a shitty suburban family and a random high school.

10 minutes of the daughter planning to bang the stereotype black drug dealer, who, yep, ceases to be relevant at the end of the episode for reasons that should be obvious.

You guys have blown the all-important first impression. Disregarding how bad the movie as a whole was, World War Z got the intro right. A bit of expansion, a bit more tension building and it would have slotted right in.

As spin-offs go, this is Caprica all over again.
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Boring, utterly boring (season one and season two combined)
mooreyr4 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had very great expectation after TWD. However all exceptions were shattered by dull story line, poor casting, ridiculous characterisation, unnecessary drama and unexplained events. When you are watching an apocalyptic movie or programme, you expect a survivalist character/s but what you get is suicidal people wondering around clueless.. Unlike TWD, this programme lacks strong characters or survivalist spirit (bad direction and boring acting is a plus here).. All you see is bunch of idiots doing nothing and busy in family emotional drama (even when world is ending) what people do not do even in case of casual calamities. None of the character shows interest in surviving or care to be prepared for survival. I bet in case of real apocalypse none of these character would survive first 2 days... I have stopped watching it after 10 episodes of second series, I should be awarded to watch it all long.
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Fantastic start
marty-237-38697624 August 2015
It looks like, from the small number of reviews so far, that this show is going to be subject to that new growing breed of "would be" film critics who continue to write reviews as if they're auditioning to be the next Roger Ebert.

Let's set the record straight, it was a very good first episode that is building nicely without going to fast, setting up the characters very well. Some people will probably complain that it's more of a drama than a horror show but as my son wisely pointed out to me, "I'd rather watch a zombie drama than any other kind!"

The casting and acting is top class and it was quite suspenseful for a first episode. Just like the Walking Dead, you are simply not sure who is going to live or die. The pace of the show was perfect for a drama that is being told from the very beginning of a pandemic.

Don't expect an identical show to the Walking Dead, after all what would be the point of that? If they wanted an identical show all they would have to do is change Walking Dead to a 32 episode season! This show is set in a different time, a time where people know nothing yet about walkers. The facial expressions are superb when they see walkers for the first time, the total disbelief in what is happening. It is very convincing and riveting viewing.

I loved this first episode and cannot wait until next week.
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A Fraud and just not a very good show
joebondo4 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show had no limit on it's potential but couldn't scratch the surface!

First let's review the promos before the first episode aired. A poster of 2 boys playing basketball and a zombie approaching, a poster of zombie footprints on the beach, a clip of a girl in a swimming pool with a zombie approaching. These would have all been great to see but we never seen any of this. It's called false advertising! We NEVER see the collapse of the government, police, society. Even when the show has a golden chance to show some of these scenes, they don't! In episode 2, Madison & her daughter watch as their neighbor across the street is chased by a zombie-no scene switch for a minute or two of the action across the street. In episode 5, the military storm a library filled with zombies. They come out minus their Commander. We get to see NOTHING of what happened inside or what happened to the Commander. Two golden chances to show action- nullified.

To give you an idea of what has happened after 5 episodes, I give you this: In TWD, season 1, episode 6, entitled, "TS 19", the episode starts off with a flashback of Shane checking on Rick in the hospital when all hell breaks loose. The military is shooting people, zombies have overrun the hospital attacking its inhabitants & the military. This 2:45 scene shows more of the collapse of society than Fear the walking dead has YET TO SHOW IN ITS FIRST 5 EPISODES! Think about that!

The first mistake that was made was hiring Kirkman & Co. to produce this show. I didn't like that decision from go. I thought a new fresh take was in order. I didn't like the storyline when I heard it (2 people who work at a school, dating, drug addict son). Really, who came up with this storyline? Bad! None of the characters are interesting, believable or likable. All the scenes are stale and seemed to be thrown together without any thought, the writing is bad and many if not all of the actors were miscast, especially Cliff Curtis who just does not fit the role of the lead male (no offense to him personally).

What I always wanted to see was a zombie TV series in the form of an anthology. Different situations faced by different people in peril every week with different story lines. Or they could have followed the story of say 3 or 4 groups at a time, switching back and forth. Instead we are forced to watch this sorry ass group each week.

Not me! After 5 episodes I had enough. I will not watch the finale because I just don't care and the show has progressively gotten worse as well as boring each week. The ratings are high because of TWD feeders. I have to believe this show will get cancelled some time next year and I hope it does. Character development my ass! No action, no direction, no suspense!

Also, I am shocked at how many positive reviews this show gets. For instance, IMDb gives this show a 7.7? Rotten Tomatoes gives a positive review? I watch reviews on YouTube and most are positive with "quiet" criticism. Really? Are people not reviewing this as a separate entity from 'The Walking Dead'? I keep hearing reviews like, "this was a solid episode, but." Unbelievable. If this show reached HALF of its potential I might understand. But if you are honest to judge this show as a post apocalyptic zombie TV series that is supposed to show the collapse of society and the downfall of all of mankind, this show fails on EVERY level.

At least many of my fellow IMDb users have reviewed the show fairly and I see many have given this show a failing grade, as they should.

It appears budget concerns are another major concern with this show. Whatever the case may be, AMC dropped the ball, big time. They should have given Frank Darabont a second chance and brought him back as the showrunner for this show. I'm sure he would have nailed it!
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