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Alicia enlists Morgan's help to search for a new home for her people, but Morgan soon learns the search is more complicated than he imagined.

Season 6

11 Oct. 2020
The End Is the Beginning
Mortally wounded, Morgan must decide whether to help a desperate stranger while a mysterious bounty hunter tries to finish what Ginny couldn't.
18 Oct. 2020
Welcome to the Club
Virginia forces Alicia and Strand to clear an unusual walker threat, where an encounter with a new ally gives Strand an idea that could be the key to their freedom.
25 Oct. 2020
Al and Dwight go rogue on a recon mission for Ginny to follow a lead thought lost, but Al must choose between what she has now and what she's chasing.
1 Nov. 2020
The Key
John is settling in as one of Virginia's rangers when a mysterious death sends him on an investigation that makes him question everything he thought about himself.
8 Nov. 2020
Dwight and Sherry team up with a mysterious faction of people to take down Ginny; when Morgan unexpectedly offers to help, a power struggle ensues.
15 Nov. 2020
Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg
A deadly explosion in the oil fields sends June on a mission to save as many lives as possible. But, an investigation by Virginia threatens to undermine June's work.
22 Nov. 2020
Damage from the Inside
When Dakota goes missing, Strand sends Alicia and Charlie on a search and rescue mission to find her; an unlikely ally provides a new possibility of escape from Virginia.
8 Apr. 2021
The Door
A reunion with an old friend helps pull John Dorie out of his darkest moment yet. Back at Lawton, Virginia demands answers.
15 Apr. 2021
Things Left to Do
A stand-off occurs between Virginia and her rangers and Morgan's group. Ginny has made a lot of enemies and it's finally catching up to her.
22 Apr. 2021
Handle with Care
A threat worse than Virginia is on the horizon; Morgan calls for unity and invites all survivors to his settlement, tasking Daniel to keep the peace; however, Daniel will need to face his own challenge in hopes of protecting his friends.
29 Apr. 2021
The Holding
An infiltration turns rescue mission as members of the group dig deeper into an underground community.
6 May 2021
In Dreams
Grace wakes up with a case of amnesia and sees what has become of her friends after she has been gone for years, and she struggles to put the puzzle pieces together on what has transpired.
13 May 2021
June splits off from the group in an effort to gather any information to help stop an oncoming threat.
20 May 2021
Alicia is held prisoner by Teddy; there, she reunites with old friends and must confront her past if she hopes to move on and escape.
3 Jun. 2021
USS Pennsylvania
In a race against time to stop Teddy's plan, motives are revealed and convictions are tested as Morgan and his allies infiltrate and make their way through the beached submarine that holds the tools for Teddy's destruction.
10 Jun. 2021
The Beginning
Everyone desperately scrambles to live out the coming destruction on their own terms.

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