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Fun, cheesy and enjoyable Sci-Fi Channel creature feature
GL844 August 2014
After accidentally loosing the latest genetic bio-weapon, a team tracks down the last remaining sharktopus to use as their own muscle in bringing the mutated creature back under control while both creatures terrorize their sea-side community.

This was a rather enjoyable and exciting creature feature that really has a lot going for it. One of the better elements here is the connection made between this and the original so that it can connect the two despite the creature having been definitively disposed of from that effort, and the way it goes about making sure that it's coherent with each other is quite a nice stroke because it plays such a huge part of the film as a whole. By having the marine biologist find it and keep it at the park, it's able to bring about the later scenes there where it gets captured and loosened after the other creature, which manages to be quite an interesting feat there. The fact that the two creatures are given plenty of screen-time here is another solid factor in keeping the action flowing along nicely and keeping this from really getting too dull and slow with the film quite easily being able to slip into an endless round of exposition about the two different creatures and where they came from, but instead this manages to forsake that with a few small sections to give us a great idea about what's going on while still providing this with the type of information needed to stay interesting throughout since we know what's going on here. The leaves the action to be quite enjoyable here with numerous attacks from each creature both on the locals and also attacking each other, which is cheese-filled goodness the first few times around with the prolonged battles providing exactly the kind of extended action scenes that keep these interesting while never forgetting its' target audience in the slightest, and that's an impressive feat to be accomplished here. There's a few small problems of concern, mainly in the fact that the subplot about the creature being stolen as part of some terrorist plot being quite unnecessary and generally provides the film with absolutely nothing positive about it in this regard. The story is crammed into the film for the sake of getting the body count even higher yet the purpose of setting it loose could've been accomplished without his involvement or forcing those extra-lame set-pieces into the film that hinders the overall pace to deal with this situation that really shouldn't have been there. As well, the usually-abysmal CGI for these efforts is still something that needs to be fixed due to the frequent size changes they undergo as well as the inability to interact with the rest of the people around them in the shot, which is what is starting to become a major problem in these kinds of efforts. Otherwise, this one is a lot more fun than it should be.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.
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Two monster chimeras; twice the fun.
suite922 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The TV movie opens with a flashback to the end of a previous sharktopus film, where the sharktopus is killed, but it manages to cast off a little sharktopus. In the present, Harold has an ocean side resort where he keeps the now grown-up new sharktopus. Lorena is trying to teach the monster new, better behavior. Harold hopes the chimera becomes a hot attraction for his water resort.

Former MIT researcher Symes has put together another chimera, pteracuda (pteradactyl plus giant barracuda). Unfortunately, a foreign agent, Vladimir, has hijacked the ability to remote-control the pteracuda. Symes had hoped to sell the pteracuda as a particularly expensive genetic weapon, so losing control of the chimera is a disaster for him.

In order to get control back, Symes pays Harold a briefcase full of money for the sharktopus. Subsequently, Symes and Ham kidnap Lorena in the hopes that they can reassert control of the sharktopus.

Both chimeras do a lot of damage to human beings. Will the humans ever assert control over them? Will the they be able to put an end to the killing? Will Vladimir be neutralized? Will the Fukushima scenario be implemented? -----Scores-----

Cinematography: 7/10 Most of it is rather good. The CGI quality was mixed; some looked sharp and well done, some was truly bad.

Sound: 7/10 Neither great nor especially poor.

Acting: 5/10 Robert Carradine, Rib Hillis, and Katie Savoy were reasonably good, but most of the others were not so much.

Screenplay: 4/10 There was a bit more plot than I expected.
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Typical SYFY Garbage
BigWhiskers3 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
You cant even get camp out of this one . Basically going to the well over and over again with the most ridiculous types of creatures the producers at SYFY can think of and the worst part is people are buying into it like SHARKNADO's incredibly insane popularity . At least we don't have the shameful cameos of has been TV sitcom stars and daytime wakeup TV, can anyone groan at al roker and matt lauers cameos in sharknado.

So we have the same tired creature vs creature and lets combine a pterodactyl with a barracuda and bring back the really awful CGI sharktopus creature too. Throw in the same tired B actors and scenes of stupid people screaming instead of running as they are devoured. The ending of course is one of the oldest clichés in the book with the supposedly dead monster/antagonist still alive , in this case sharktopus tentacles wrap around the rails of our heroes boat and jumps right at the camera , mercifully killing the last two bad actors in this movie.
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I hope this was a joke.
crzy_girl_152 August 2014
If this wasn't a joke, it was sad. The CGI sucked. The writing was awful. By the end of the first hour, there was a dent in the wall from me hitting my head on it.

Someone created a shark/octopus hybrid. Someone else created a pterodactyl/barracuda hybrid. Then they both escaped. Now they have to battle to the death in an extremely predictable sci-fi way. The only thing amazing about this movie is that someone funded it.

If you can't guess the entire plot from the first five minutes, you deserve to watch the rest of it. Do you like your remaining brain cells? Then avoid this at all cost. Please don't watch this.

Even for a bad movie it sucks.

I want my two hours back.
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Two Monsters Are Better Than One
Michael_Elliott27 July 2015
Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda (2014)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

A (what else?) nutty scientist creates a half pterodactyl, half barracuda, which breaks free and goes on a killing rampage. To try and battle it they set free the half shark, half octopuses and soon the two are killing countless swimmers and battling each other.

SHARKTOPUS was a pretty bad made-for-TV movie but I'm sure the concept alone got people to tune in so we were greeted with this sequel, which is slightly better but that's really not saying too much. When it comes to these types of movies, one really shouldn't expect quality but instead they should just hope for something entertaining. With that being said, SHARKTOPUS VS. PTERACUDA isn't a complete success but there are enough campy moments to make it worth viewing once if you're a fan of these types of films.

The highlight has to be the cameo by Conan O'Brien. O'Brien, the actor, is quite annoying playing himself here as he simply goes too far over-the-top but what follows is quite campy and actually hilarious. I'm not going to ruin his fate or what happens but it's quite funny. Robert Carradine is decent in his role as are Akari Endo and Tony Evangelista as the heroes. There are a lot of fun and gory deaths throughout the running time but after a while the movie really gets boring and it starts off rather poorly. Too many slow moments keep this from being more entertaining.
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It took three years to make this junk?
highwaytourist13 August 2014
This film is another terrible creature feature from the ScFy Network. No one should be surprised by its low quality. Roger Corman is a master of lousy science fiction and this is no exception. A half-Shark, half-Octopus does battle with a half-Pterdactyl, half-Barracuda. It has all the expected elements, half-hearted acting by the stars, hammy extras, and lousy special effects. Of course, the creatures snack on the extras and destroy a few boats before the inevitable battle between them takes place. Coreman has described the schedule as "grueling." That also accurately describes sitting through this whole movie. What took so long? It's no better than the no-budget quickies that this resembles.
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The return of Sharktopus with double the stupidity and none of the fun
TheLittleSongbird30 August 2014
Sharktopus was not a great, or even good, movie but it was reasonably fun to watch. The photography is pretty decent, Katie Savoy is a winning presence and the scenery is lovely, other than that Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda fails on all levels and is far too inept to pass for a fun B-movie. The special effects are very cartoonish and look so fake against the background, while the Sharktopus is goofy-looking the Pteracuda fares worse, the dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum's dinosaur exhibition are far more convincing. Neither of them show any personality or menace whatsoever(not unexpected, there's already a long line of personality-less SyFy creatures) other than repeatedly attacking people and each other, only when the Pteracuda slaps Sharktopus do we see any glimmer of a personality, and if Sharktopus was meant to be smart that trait is literally non-existent. The attacks are far too gimmicky, are too predictable to be tense and too cheesy to be fun. The dialogue is so inane it makes the toes curl, anything the American tourist couple say is particularly embarrassing, and the story even for a movie that shouldn't be taken seriously is ridiculousness taken to extremes at the sacrifice of suspense, and because it doesn't do anything with the already over-familiar concept it is extremely predictable as well. The ending felt anti-climatic and abrupt and because things and themes are barely developed and what should make a creature feature work being absent the pacing quickly loses steam and the movie loses interest long before it finishes. The characters are personality-and-development-free, Ham being especially bland. Other than Savoy the acting doesn't work. Robert Carradine's performance consists of either chewing the scenery or being indifferent, on paper it was ideal for him but the performance itself is all over the place. Rib Hillis is disadvantaged by his character being so bland and he sleepwalks his way through his performance, while Conan O'Brien's cameo was just bizarre and felt really tacked on. But the worst acting came from the American tourist couple, their parts are so overacted that they somehow make their already annoying characters even more so. The direction is not incompetent as such but it is very flat and could have been more playful if the execution of the rest of the movie was better. All in all, has two or three things that work a little but Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda is messy stupidity from start to finish. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Heads They Win, Tails You Lose
wes-connors3 August 2014
From "Sharktopus" (2010), the half-shark / half-octopus has returned. In the opening, the monster is seen eating water-sports fans. Meanwhile, a "Pteracuda" has been created by mad scientist Robert Carradine (as Rico Symes). This prehistoric half-pterodactyl / half-barracuda creature is also seen eating people. Through the miracle of editing, the Sharktopus turns out to be the little baby we see being discovered by "Munoz Del Mar" aquarium worker Katie Savoy (as Lorena Christmas). The little bugger grows up quickly and gets loose. The two monsters eventually have a battle. Very handsome Rib Hillis (as Hamm) has a plan to get rid of both monsters and save the world. He rubs Ms. Savoy the wrong way, at first, but they eventually get together. She's not only very pretty, but also has a very winning screen presence. Best line, "I'm going to have this creature eating out of the palm of my hand!" TV talk show host Conan O'Brien has a cameo. If you've seen Alice Cooper and others in Syfy TV Movie cameos, you've seen the act.

*** Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda (8/2/14) Kevin O'Neill ~ Katie Savoy, Rib Hillis, Robert Carradine, Tony Evangelista
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SHARKTOPUS part two. Enter a fusion monster.
Michael O'Keefe26 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The SyFy original in 2010 is basically repeated...kind of. Kevin O'Neill directs and the one and only Roger Corman produces. After the original Sharktopus is destroyed, an egg sack is among the bits and pieces left floating in the ocean. Lorena Christmas(Katie Savoy)is in charge of the reconstructed offspring homed at a greedy uncle's aquarium. At the same time, egomoniacal Dr. Symes(Robert Caradine)is creating a lethal biological weapon after harvesting a pterodactyl's DNA and fuses it with DNA of a barracuda, calling it Pteracuda! The newly created monster will be able to menace air, land and sea. While on its maiden test flight, it is hijacked by a greedy hacker and is set free to search for food. Dr. Symes and his bodyguard(Rib Hillis)must convince Miss Christmas that Sharktopus is the only thing to interrupt the Pteracuda's rampage.

Also in the cast: Hector Then, Akari Endo, Tony Evangelista and Mario Arturo Hernandez. A cameo performance finds Conan O'Brien in his acting debut getting his head bitten off by Sharktopus and then being used as a blood squirting volleyball.
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And just when you thought the water and skies were safe...
Paul Magne Haakonsen18 August 2014
I will just start off with saying that if you enjoyed the first "Sharktopus" movie, then you will also enjoy this one. Or if you enjoy these cheesy monstrous predator movies, then chances are you will find some entertainment in "Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda".

The storyline is essentially the same as it always is in these particular type of movies; a scientist of sorts have created a monstrous species of hybrid by mixing two species of predators. And as luck will have it, what they thought they could control runs amok and starts killing people.

The first "Sharktopus" movie was campy and cheesy, and "Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda" is right up alongside with it. And this is the type of movie that you just sit back, laugh at and enjoy for what it is; senseless storyline and b-movie entertainment.

And apparently there is another "Sharktopus" movie on the way.

Anyway, I wonder who sits at the drawing boards and comes up with these ideas. I mean a half shark and half octopus, at least that makes sense in some bizarre way. But a half pterodactyl and half barracuda. Why? It is just so stupid.

As with the first movie, you know exactly what you get here. A silly storyline with questionable CGI effects. And to top it off, the creatures make these really awful screeching noises.

The acting in the movie was as to be expected for a movie of this type.

"Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda" scores a 3 out of 10 stars, just as I rated the first "Sharktopus" movie.
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Better than I expected
SanteeFats3 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well I doubt I'll watch this one again but it wasn't as bad as I expected for a SyFy made movie. The opening scene with the biologist taking samples and pulling up an egg sac was so wrong when she said it could be from a Great White. They pup live young, octopi do the egg sac thing. Robert Carradine is very good in his character, a little insouciant, pragmatic, rich, and just good. Conan O'Brien looks very old in his, thank goodness, brief appearance. So anyway after the bird-fish goes bananas and Carradine bribes the owner to release the sharktopus to counter act it, Ha Ha, things go as you would expect. Blood, dead people, violence, more dead people, the creatures hunting each other when they aren't eating people, very predictable. I thought the sharktopus was suppose to only go hunting the flying fish thing when it was implanted but it slaughters as many people as the fishy thing. This is all started by an apparent Russian agent working as a slimy mercenary, who has high jacked the birdyfish's control signals. The interaction between the biologist who worked with sharky and her lifeguard boyfriend is kinda funny, at least at times. They find the mercenary, he escapes through some badly written scene, they track him, wound him, and the birdy thing rips his arm off, he dies, a fitting end. Carradine's end epitomizes poetic justice. The end when it finally comes is predictable and trite. The two creatures plunge to the depths with a bomb in the birdy, it blows up, both appear to die, but then just before it is over guess what shows up?? (hey gotta leave room for another darn sequel).
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Better Than Trans4mers, Worse Than Sharktopus
Star Master25 May 2015
If you're after cheesy low budget sci-fi, then this should get you through the afternoon. It's not one of the best cheesy C-Grade sci-fi films you'll find out there, but it's worth a look if you want to kill time waiting for the next low budget TV creature feature, "Sharktopus vs Whalewolf".

It's better than "Transformers: Age of Extinction", but worse than the original "Sharktopus".

The highlights of this film were the badly acted tourists, but in saying that, some of the acting wasn't too bad, and there were quite a few intelligent lines for an unintelligible movie. Some of the characters were kind of funny, for eg. "You'll have to contact my lawyer, but he's in jail right now." The effects are good for a laugh. I like to watch these types of films and imagine the big "what if's?", in other words, what if this were a sixty million dollar budgeted film, how cool would sharktopus look. It's kind of a bland blank canvas you can paint your own imagination on.

I give it a three out of ten for overall quality but if this were the "B-Grade Internet Movie Database" it would get a five.

Sharktopussy versus Pteracuda-pina-collada.
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