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Monsters great, people and drama boring
JoeYabuki5 June 2019
Great and Amazing battles/fights among giant monsters, epic and spectacular ones, what everybody was waiting for, if you want to enjoy good monsters and CGI this is you movie, go watch it on the best screen 8.5/10... But the plot is weak, people are stupid and make meaningless decisions. People's behavior is absurd, with a lot of boring drama that nobody cares, in addition the actors who are supposed to be the main ones have no time on screen. A Total disappointment.
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Monsters awesome, rest meh
King_MG29 May 2019
The whole dramatic family story wasn't able to catch me. It isn't annoying, but allways kind of irrelevant. Every scene including monsters on the other hand is stuning. In General the monster design, the CGI, the fights and the whole cinematography aswell are beyond beautiful. I recommand the movie because of those monster scenes. Everything what happens aroud that is more like a 3/10
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opszanski5 June 2019
Crazy review title right? Well you might agree after watching this movie.

You'll probably hear a lot of opinions from people who aren't homegrown Godzilla fans - and they will have their own thoughts on this. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of the monster going years back. Finding a Godzilla movie in the TV guide, or a DVD for one of the Toho movies to rent was like winning the lottery when my brother and I were young.

Here are my thoughts plainly stated: Yes, this is a better Godzilla film than the 2014 movie. There are *aspects* of the latter that some might say make it superior, but that would only make it a better movie in general - as a *Godzilla movie* this new one is quite a bit better.

Don't listen to the people on RottenTomatoes talking about how "the special effects are overly relied on and can't make up for the bad characters and plot." No. Those CG monsters are the best part, and they almost singlehandedly save this movie. The solution is not to focus less on special effects and develop the characters better. The solution is to have every human character stepped on in the second act and have the last 45 min center the story solely on the monsters - which I guess would mostly be fighting.

The problem is this does not happen. Every moment you see the monsters battle, you enter a brief moment of bliss before you are ripped away to deal with people you don't care about doing things you hope they fail at. The first "clash" occurs in Antarctica, and that scene was actually quite good despite the focus on the humans. You're just now being exposed to these titans duking it out, so having people there witnessing the madness and trying to escape help play into how incredible this event truly is.

By the 3rd act, however, this tolerance has dried up. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a movie titled "Godzilla" imply that he is the main character? Because he doesn't feel like one. Without a doubt, THE biggest problem that Godzilla (2014) and this film have is they place waaayyyy too much value on human beings. Everyone in the audience is waiting for them to shut up and go away, but the movie has its head up its ass and thinks what they're doing is somehow important and worth focusing on. It would be like two warriors facing off, and having most of the climax focusing on ants running around on the ground trying to save each other.

The only "characters" here that need development are the Kaijus. Have them be your stars. Have them be the focus. It doesn't just have to be mindless action like how snobby people will pretend that's all we want to see. Go ahead and tell a story, but NOT with people. They are not the reason we're watching this, and we don't care about them.

One exception to what I said in the previous paragraph: Ken Watanabe His big character moment was incredible. If you must have human beings involved, do them like this. He was amazing.
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Writers ruin what could have been a fantastic movie
kbayless-15 June 2019
Ever since the perfection of CGI, Hollywood has come to the conclusion that if the special effects are good, then then movie is good. Thus, my 5 star rating. Half of the movie involved the monster battles and that gets 10 stars. The half of the movie where there is no monster presence gets 0. That averages out to a 5. Perhaps some day Hollywood will re-discover the lost art of screen writing and combine it with CGI to create a truly fantastic movie. But don't look for it to change soon. A lot of people came out of the theater visually dazzled by the special effects knowing that the story was awful but still thought it was a great movie. So they will continue make a lot of money creating these kind of movies and save on time & expense by not having to pay top dollar for a writer.
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To much screen time for the humans.
ipodced7 June 2019
Next Movie they do they need to let the monsters fight more rather than letting us listen or watch the people story. I like Godzilla, but this movie was pretty bad only Bec of the lack of screen time for the monsters fighting. I want to see a Godzilla movie with humans not humans with Godzilla. The main character, which is in the damn title, Godzilla has barely any screen time. I don't know why they keep doing this, they have been focusing to much on the humans since the 60s. Someone please change this aspect of all Godzilla movies.
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So so so very bad
sssmacarthur28 July 2019
This is made for idiots and the Chinese market. The is the worst of what movies have become. No story and horrible acting.
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The Godzilla film fans dreamed of :)!
ministry-8175930 May 2019
Right from being a child and watching the Hana Barbera cartoons and stomping round the house pretending to be Godzilla, to being allowed to stay up till the early hours of the morning as a treat by my Dad to watch the Togo films on channel 4 here here in the UK I have loved Godzilla. How I wish he was still here today to have watched this glorious film with me.

Baffled by many of the reviews saying to much Kaiju action or poor director etc.

This film was clearly made by a dedicated and passionate Godzilla fan. The sheer amount of Easter eggs and fan service which had me grinning is incredible, (yet knowledgeable Godzilla fans on RT seem to not have noticed any of this) and talk about the likes of fire breathing dragons ><!

Anyway the film is awesome. One of my favourite films of all time. Definitely my favourite Godzilla film.

The effects are incredible.

The music is awesome. You will be grinning from ear to ear at certain points.

I actually like the human cast. I liked 2014 Godzilla but did not like the main cast Aaron Tailor Johnson. Did not have those issues here. They play imo a good supporting cast to the main cast you care about - The Titans :)!

I'm super excited to see what happens next in the monsterverse.

Make sure you stay till the VERY end of the credits scene or for a final scene hinting at wha could be to come ;)!

I would also encourage you to write a review also should you watch and enjoy the film. Let's not let the likes of Rotten Tomatoes deter people from seeing a very fun and entertaining Godzilla movie :)!
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There's no such thing as too much Godzilla
mrtemur29 May 2019
The entire movie is like a painting and it really captures the beauty and mystery that was loved about the old godzillas
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From silly to painful and infuriating
GuildsmanCoren31 May 2019
I wanted to see cool monsters. A few hours of mindless fun. A thin plot was part of the deal, surely that wouldn't be a problem?

Hah. This movie delivers cool monsters in spades, but the plot and the pacing are so monumentally, ridiculously off that even the most avid monster fan will feel something snap. Mild amusement will give way to boredom, and then to disbelief and mockery. The amazing visuals will occasionally and very briefly awaken the child inside, but then another line of horrendous dialogue will kill that spark of joy and you'll forget it was ever there. And it will do this over and over for what feels like an eternity.

This movie is without exaggeration one of the worst things I've seen in theaters this decade. Just go watch Cloverfield again, or Monsters, or even Pacific Rim.

Stay away. You have been warned.
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My eyes are hurting after watching this movie
hemantfantastic2 June 2019
The movie had terrible writing with characters having ridiculous motivations to do certain things. There was a continuous shower of blinding lights, blurred and dark action scenes and shaky cam which was a pain to the eyes.
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It's what Godzilla is supposed to be.
gungygussit29 May 2019
Not totally sure why people are coming out of seeing the film with the 'it's not what I expected' attitude.

It's Godzilla, it's based on the King of monsters fighting to keep the title (literally, but not literally...).

It's everything I loved about all the previous iterations, the raw power, the sound, the death toll, the bleak realisation that humans are so low down the food chain thier existence is almost pointless.

Absolutely spot on, good cast etc. If I had one criticism, it'd be the flamboyant disregard for the effects of radiation - they use it like fire but without the consequences of nuclear fallout :D
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Worst Godzilla Movie Ever
ymyuseda21 June 2019
Rating 1.2/10 This is the most ridiculous movie i have seen in a long time. The movie was terrible. Bad acting performance to all the characters. Poor storyline and pure garbage from start to finish !! This turned out to be my biggest movie disappointment in this year.
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I will now talk about Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) for several paragraphs
Akito_Kinomoto8 June 2019
Four monsters, two hours, one planet, a lot of fight scenes. I won't blame anyone for jumping at the chance to see this film, and it does deliver exactly what it advertises. That would normally set the right mindset for an experience like this. Unfortunately, the movie is both painfully straightforward while subverting expectations in a highly unsatisfying fashion. But instead of making another joke at The Last Jedi's expense, let's look at Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters stars Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin, as he investigates sightings of a behemoth that has attacked ships off the coast of Japan

Wait, that's the wrong movie

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) is about ancient monsters awakening around the world, while the military and an organization known as Monarch try to handle the damage caused by these giant animals. As the enormous creatures start vying for supremacy against each other, humanity finds itself in the crossfire as the planet's largest battle for dominance is reignited

Or at least, this is what the story attempts, but "attempts" might be too generous. To say the movie crashes while flying its premise would imply it took off the ground at some point, but even three aerial monsters in the film didn't let it happen. The earliest sign of trouble with this story appears when the first of these titans rears its head and its features are barely noticeable

The decision to obscure these giant animals unfortunately extends to the territory battles between them. The fights are spaced far apart enough to not overwhelm the audience, but frequent enough to continue the thunderous footsteps. Unfortunately, on top of the behemoths being obscured by rain, snow, clouds, or smoke, the "camera" work involved with these CGI creations is close and chaotic to the point of being nearly indiscernible. There's rarely a steady point of reference to sell the size of these titans, and the "color" filter with their scenes only serves to hide them further even in plain sight

What stands out the most about these monsters is the sound design, both the roaring movements and their musical motifs. The roars of the giant animals are excellently powerful, frantic, majestic, and threatening to match the titan. The vibrations of the tremors and trails from the wake of these behemoths emphasize their size and being where the visual framing does not. But by far the audio highlight in the best way possible are the creature's themes. Beautifully crafted masterpieces that invoke a sense of history from these ancient beings, while constructing a mythology and presence to reflect the nature of these leviathans. The extraordinary amount of care in this score is absolutely haunting, and by far the best part of the movie

It makes it all the more confusing that the film doesn't shut up. The fight scenes are spread out, but most of the space between them is intent on using loud tracks even when nothing cinematic is happening. Here would be a great time for the movie to let the audience catch its breath after its taken it away. It doesn't give time for the spectacle to settle, not for the frequency of the setpieces, but for the barely noticeable difference in "volume" between downtime and destruction time. The film wants to retain the viewer's excitement when the monsters are not on-screen (if they were even visible in the first place), but instead comes across as auditory hijacking. It overcompensates for itself and comes across as lacking confidence because of it

The most damning thing of all, however, are the human characters. If the monsters' presence is bombarded by inconsistent audiovisuals, then it's left in a heap by the infuriating human characters, and not because of military firepower either. Amidst the miscellaneous soldiers and scientists running about the story, are three thruline characters throughout the plot. One lacks purpose and personality in favor of being an audience surrogate. One is hyper-competent to a degree so as to nearly invalidate everyone else. One displays motivations that make less than no sense. And all of them are connected by tragedy via destruction from these behemoths

The dramatic thrust shared by these three characters is decimated by how poorly written they are. This is not okay. In 1954, there was a monster movie which had characters genuinely fearful both of the monster, and the consequences of what may happen should they take a certain step to destroy that monster. In 1989, there was a monster movie where a scientist was desperate to bring his deceased daughter back to life, only for it to backfire horribly. In 2004, there was a monster movie where the main hero's journey paralleled that of a monster fighting against an alien invasion

Those films are Gojira, Godzilla vs Biollante, and Godzilla: Final Wars. They are different in tone from one another, but share in common a strong enough human element that contextualizes the sweeping spectacle of 50 meter, 80 meter, or 100 meter tall titans. Without that human anchor, action scenes featuring these giant animals can only carry a film so far before becoming boring. Not cheesy. Boring. This is even assuming the set pieces are compelling on their own in the first place

This movie hurts. Even if the human characters were unremarkable, there's a baseline here that should have been highly entertaining for two hours. But not only are the human characters just milquetoast, they are aggressively aggravating. And the creature spectacle itself becomes tiring because of how haphazardly it's crafted. This film isn't painful because it could have been great, it hurts because there's a lot of care undermined by incompetence. It knows how to pace itself for breathers but doesn't let its downtime do what it needs to. It would have masterful sound design if it didn't insist on being loud all the time to the point certain music pieces can't shine through. The monsters themselves look great when they're not obstructed from view, while the roars and sounds from these giant animals project a lot of personality

This film should have been an atomic blast but was instead a nuclear meltdown. After the studio behind this movie released two very solid monster films in 2014 and 2017, what should have been a three-peat didn't happen. The expectations on this movie weren't even the highest, because the monster films from 2014 and 2017 still had noticeable flaws themselves. Even carrying that tempered anticipation, this movie still hurts. I don't drink, but maybe Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) would be a better time if I wasn't sober
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Great movie ruined
piyushrose4 June 2019
This is one of the most beautiful movie to watch today. The cinematography and graphics are out of the world. But the story sucks due to heavy involvement of humans in the story of monsters. It's funny how much role a 5 foot girl plays in a movie of these reckless monsters.
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aureld15 June 2019
I'm in cinema right now and about to leave as this film is so bad. A combination of all stereotypes and none sense. Ridiculous, im sad to see 11 & Lannister dad in such failure,
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conahrivers-7432430 May 2019
Do you like loud booms? Do you like big visual spectacles? Godzilla certainly delivers an audio and visual treat that can't go unnoticed, but there are elements of the film that stand out for all the wrong reasons.

I've seen a large number of 10/10 reviews for this film and although I can appreciate the that the film certainly delivers on the titan battles, and the Godzilla on-screen time moments, the general takeaway from the film is somewhat of a 'meh' feeling purely due to what happens between those giant fighting spectacles. The pacing of the film is somewhat fast, which of course isn't necessarily a bad thing when we all know that the real meat of the film lies in the main event. I would have really liked the film to have slowed down to explore the unique moral issues that they had decided to feature, but again I understand that this is mainly monster film and such exploration of themes isn't crucial to the film.

The human characters mostly all fall flat, with the main father character being especially cringe worthy. A lot of the 'experts' in the film (the scientists, military personnel) have been given comedic traits which often results in jokes that are completely out of place and consequently devoid of all humor. For example, during one point in the film they're talking about the name of an ancient creature which is pretty significant, and due to not being able to understand the scientists accent, one of the comedic characters interprets the name as gonorrhea... Now I understand that this is meant to be a film about giant monsters, but the performances provided by the human cast really are painful at times.

Leaving the mostly terrible human cast issue aside, I have to give credit where credit is due, and that is in regards to the CGI, VFX, and audio work. Although the CGI isn't drastically different from the 2014 film, where it is noticeable is when the live footage of the humans is interwoven with the monsters trampling above them. It really was impressive to see the actors in the same scene as the monsters, with debris flying, and not really being able to tell that it's all CGI...but that just may be the inner nerd paying too much attention to the details.

The audio is really fantastic in terms of the sound effects and the overall mixing. The roars are loud, and the general sound of destruction has depth and impact. What's nice is that there are a few moments of silence, and some choir-esque soundtracks to lift up bring life and meaning to some scenes.

I suppose my main issue with this film is tied to my initial expectations. The trailers showed Something quite poetic and moving with its dramatic soundtrack and beautiful artistic aesthetic in terms of how the monsters were portrayed, but what you get is more of a generic monster movie, with some promising moments that never quite deliver anything meaningful or new.

In general an excellent monster movie which deserves 7 stars for its visual and audio effects alone, but sadly nothing new or inspiring to write home about.
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Don't listen to the critics!!!
hannahtruran30 May 2019
If your a Godzilla fan you will love this film. The battles deliver, the titans are amazing and Godzilla's character is perfect. Don't list to critics who moan there is too many monster battles - that's what we want!!! Yeah some of the human plot development is a bit flat, and Elevens constant screaming is a bit annoying , hence losing a star. But otherwise it's a freaking great film.
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It's a movie about talking people with monsters in the background
sylvain25258 June 2019
What a boring movie. Every monster scene plays in the dark. The characters talk about some family therapy stuff from beginning to end. All in all I'd say there are 10 minutes of monster action. The rest is talking and looking at a black box. The Roland Emmerich movie was the best one. He made Godzilla a threat and a real god.

This movie is a waste of time. Give this movie franchise 10 years time and give it to someone who wants to make a movie about monsters, gods, titans, whatever. And it doesn't have to be 132 minutes long if you have nothing to show! This family drama stuff is boring and does not belong in a Godzilla movie.
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Contrived piece of ****. Where I expected to be entertained, it was torture!
deadprobal5 June 2019
I dig monster movies. I love the concept of massive creatures that dwarf us. Something that started with my fascination of dinosaurs when I was a kid. But to say that this movie was a disappointment is a gross understatement! Where are the good story tellers in Hollywood?!

The Good: 1. Soundtrack 2. Sound Editing 3. Last minute of the final battle.

The OK: 1. Monster design - Nothing spectacular. Especially did not like the design of the main antagonist. Seemed less organic and more of direct attempt to copy a certain design of a certain mythological beast. 2. Cinematography - Nothing new here. Broad sweeps of large areas and landscape, etc. 3. The conclusion.

The Bad: 1. Side characters: Seems like the only reason most the side characters to exist was to fill a diversity and gender quota, to pay lip service to current trends. Just give them a few scenes with some dialogue and voila! Job done! 2. Obligatory side characters: "Hey, we don't have a wise cracking guy..." - Points randomly at a guy " You be that guy. And be a .. I don't know...lead scientist. To justify your role." 3. Dialogue: From the one liners to the nonsensical reactionary conversations, all seem to be very childish with little thought put into it. 4. Main characters: I like some of the actors, but the source material and direction was bad enough to make them seem poor at their jobs. 5. Obligatory roles: It's like the screenwriter/director had a checklist of things needed to do: Gender diversity. Check. Ethnic diversity. Check. Noble sacrificial situation/character. Check. Main character in bad situation to be saved. Check. Etc. Not the worst checklist, but even that didn't help.

The Horrible: 1. Character motivations: Nonsensical, poorly portrayed and explained. And the decisions the supposedly intelligent people make are clearly not people with common sense do. Which leads to the next point. 2. Character Settings: The way this movie was likely made. The director/screenwriter wanted to create a tense situation. Doesn't matter if it makes logical sense for the actors involved, make them do stupid things, create an artificially charged situation, and then let them constantly survive again and again when they should have died in the first instance. Want to make us care for the main characters? Same modus operandi.

The Unforgivable: 1. Contrivance: If there was ever a category at the Oscars for Contrivance, this movie would get it. If there was ever a Nobel Prize category for Contrivance this would win it! It's that bad. Right from the very first scene , till the end. It keeps getting hammered into the audiences face again and again and again!

Honestly, it seemed like the movie was written/directed by a young child who doesn't exactly understand the basic elements of story telling. I didn't care for any of the characters, even those portrayed by actors I like! Even the few monster battles felt unepic for the most part, and dragged on. The main characters getting into impossibly dangerous situations like idiots, and surviving when they shouldn't have. Again and again and again.

Never again will I watch a movie made by this director and screenwriter. I can do without the torture. Please don't suffer like I did!
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Good but bad, but good
manssonjoel3 June 2019
The movie is about godzilla right? I dont want to follow a little girl and her mom 70% of the movie. I just dont care about them or if they will survive or die because its about the giant monster. The fights and scenes with zilla was great. I would like to see more lore and background about the titans.
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Visually Stunning & The Best Godzilla Film ( Score 10/10 ⭐ )
hilaryswank201129 May 2019
The creature design concept of Titan-like Godzilla is not only obvious in the sequel but also the previous film Godzilla (2014) already materialised the creative concept. This is the most complemental achievement of this Hollywood franchise.

"Primitive man saw these creatures, and you want to give them a presence that would make him drop to his knees and bow to this god...It can't just look like big dinosaurs. Jurassic Park has that covered. These have to be distinct. They have to be their own thing. They're Titans." - Dir.Michael Dougherty

About Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), prescreening before officially announced release date is now Hong Kong audiences' advantage.

The good 'Titan' Godzilla fights other kinds of MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) like well known Godzilla characters Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah and original non Toho characters. The story line is simple enough for both children and adult.

Both Godzilla (2014) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) are kind of pro wrestling entertainment of titanic MUTOs. The huge gap of dramatic importance of characters is also gigantic among all dinosaurs films in the past. The Godzillas are now main protagonists, and human characters can do a little to the story not play critically important roles to get rid of MUTOs. It is a job of Godzilla. Humans are observers or refugees from their titanic pro wrestling on the urban cities. The Hollywood trilogy of Godzilla is far better than any Japanese Godzilla films made in the past in terms of technology and storytelling. Making Hollywood remakes is seemed as advanced phase of filmmaking in Japan. It is quite wrong. Originally Japanese filmmakers must make high quality Godzilla films by themselves.
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When the CGI monsters display the best acting performance...
Mhb6664 June 2019
...and not the human actors and actresses, then you know you've got problems...

Tip: press forward to see the epic monsters clash, after that, turn off your laptop. It's a boring AF flick with no substance whatsoever!
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The perfect summer blockbuster
rileybrown-5646329 May 2019
Where Godzilla 2014 failed this movie succeds. More monster brawls and action. The human characters do fall flat at some points with cheesy jokes, but they are still interesting and they move along the story well. I think most critics are wrong about this movie, it has a great plot, and not all fights are obscured by rain. Godzilla is also actually in his movie! He shares the screentime well with the other three main monsters that star. Also be sure to stay behind the credits for an after credits scene, trust me, it's important.
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Best GODZILLA film ever!
terrygls1 June 2019
Walked out with a smile on my face after watching this movie, definitely a home run for the Godzilla franchise. Pretty sad that this movie got harsh comments by movie critics, go watch the movie for yourself and you'll be a Godzilla fan for life.
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Save you money!!
threecuzs9 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It was awful! Long boring dialogues which is unfortunate because the cast is a very good one. Love all the actors, but even that didn't make it better. Monster fights were in the dark. Godzilla didn't show until the half end of the movie. The plot line and the ending was predictable. I wish the movie was more about astonishing monster fights and less terrible boring dialogue lines. It was so boring that an actual guy was snoring. I wish I saved money to watch something else.
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