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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • There are, indeed, more titans than just Godzilla, Ghidora, Rodan, and Mothra in the movie. Some on screen, some mentioned or hinted at (Skull Island, for example.) However, the remaining ones have minimal screen time. Edit

  • Two possibilities 1) The female in this movie was presumably ancient and in dormancy like most of the other titans. 2) It's another species of them cause of her stone spikes in her back and it's more older than 2014 Mutos. Same as old as Muto Prime. Edit

  • Rodan was still badly wounded after mothra stabbed him with her stinger, a glowing molten hole in his body from where Mothra stabbed him (also if you look closely he was stabbed in the shoulder). And if you look at when it happens, Rodan is not implied to die, as we can see him flailing about in pain on the ground. Mothra has a stinger, so it may well inject venom like a bee or wasp. bees and wasps can kill similarly-sized creatures with their venom, but maybe Mothra's affects kaiju like bees and wasps do a human: nonfatal, but extremely painful, There's also the fact that Rodan didn't just get stung, he gets straight up impaled. While he survived, it's not unlikely that he blacked out from the sheer agony of that. Edit

  • It's possible that the MUTOs are only hostile to Godzilla and his kind when in mating pairs. If this is the last MUTO in existence, then she has no possibility of finding a mate, and would submit to the superior Alpha to preserve her own existence. Indeed, since Godzilla easily handled the MUTOs one-on-one in the first film, only really being threatened when they could work as a pair, might imply the relationship between these species is a lot more complicated than predator-prey or rival predators. Considering the plot of the Aftershock comic, it could also be inferred that the animosity between the MUTOs and Godzilla was being driven by the presence of the MUTO Prime, which might well have been another competing alpha, one that specifically targeted members of Godzilla's species as a host for reproduction. With the MUTO Prime out of the way, any remaining MUTOs would be subservient to the only remaining alpha which is Godzilla. Edit

  • No it isn't, as Godzilla killed her, according to the prequel novel 'Godzilla Aftershocks': "MUTO Prime travels to the bunker to feed on the nuclear material stored there. As she approaches the bunker, Godzilla arrives and rams her to the ground. She quickly rises to her feet, and the two Titans proceed to violently pummel and wrestle each other. While fighting, MUTO Prime releases a sonic roar so powerful that it shatters some of Godzilla's dorsal plates. Emma and Tarkan rush into the bunker, and activate a device that blares the sonic pulses, which effectively distracts Prime. With the massive parasite distracted, Godzilla grabs and lifts her onto his back before releasing a massive nuclear pulse from his dorsal plates, sending her soaring into the air and causing limbs to break off. MUTO Prime falls from the sky and slams back onto the ground, heavily wounded. Before she can react, Godzilla crushes her head with a devastating stomp, killing her. With his ancient rival finally defeated, Godzilla makes his way back into the ocean, radiating a pure nuclear energy cloud from his back." Edit

  • According to the novel, he did but he chose not to respond, as he is unconcerned with what goes on outside of Skull Island. Edit

  • According to Dougherty: It was Godzilla who trapped him in the ice, they had a battle and Godzilla ended up victorious. Edit

  • The reason for this is linked to Mothra's backstory and how she was utilized in Toho's movies. The movie later establishes through Zhang Ziyi's characters, Dr. Chen and Dr. Ling, that the MonsterVerse has its own version of the Twin Fairies - two tiny, mystical women who have a strong psychic link to Mothra. In Toho's movies, the Twin Fairies are usually a big part of Mothra's story and they're typically present when Mothra either hatches from her egg or emerges from her cocoon. According to Co-writer and Director Michael Dougherty, there was an expectation from Mothra that they would be around in the film. So when Mothra didn't get the welcome she's always treated to, she panicked a bit.

    Like Godzilla, Mothra is an ancient creature who has been around for thousands of years. It's mentioned in the movie that four generations of twin sisters have been working at Monarch, but their legacy goes back much further than that. Dougherty has explained that an ancient cult was responsible for looking after Mothra, but they died off long ago. Mothra's egg laid dormant for 10,000 years, and it was apparently during this time that they faded away. Dougherty says that when Mothra was reborn, she was expecting to see "her twin priestesses doing a big song and dance number", as per tradition. He goes on to say that ancient civilizations understood that music could be used to sooth Titans, so that's why this was practiced with Mothra. Also, this is normally how the ceremony was handled in the original movies. Edit

  • An underwater city in the Hollow Earth tunnels confirmed that a long-forgotten, ancient civilization once worshiped Godzilla as a god. It would seem that in the past humans had a bond of some sort with the Titans, but over time, it fell apart and the Titans went into hibernation.

    RELATED: King Of The Monsters Confirms A Classic Godzilla Location In MonsterVerse Director and Co-writer Mike Dougherty has said that it was "likely that the ancients figured out how sound and music affected the Titans like Mothra". Doughterty goes on to say that the MonsterVerse's version of the Twin Fairies (who were part of an old cult devoted to Mothra) would sing to her. Doughterty claims that the Orca is a "high tech version of that idea, kind of like using music to soothe the savage beast."

    This explains a MonsterVerse mystery created by Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It was established in the redacted text found in the credits that the humans once had a peaceful and beneficial relationship with the Titans, but how this worked wasn't fully explored. It was speculated in the redacted text that the humans came up with a way of telepathic communication with the Titans. Somehow, the humans found a way to control them and use them as weapons of war. Based on Dougherty's comments, it would seem that singing and music had to be utilized to create this connection. Since this is the way things were thousands of years ago, Mothra naturally expected to be sung to when she hatched from her egg.

    Music being used to connect with these monsters on an emotional level isn't a new idea, and it's a fun callback to the classic Toho movies. The original Twin Fairies sang to Mothra often, including when it was time for her to be reborn or be released from her cocoon. Also, this idea isn't limited Mothra. In 1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, an ancient song had to be sung in order to awaken King Caesar from his slumber. Edit

  • They come as a direct result of hibernating inside a volcano. When an animal species begins living under unfamiliar, unsuitable conditions, it adapts to its environment over a great deal of time. Rodan survived simply by adapting to the volcano. As time passed, Rodan grew an outer shell of volcanic rock. This could also explain why lava circulates through Rodan's body as blood. It could have been another biological byproduct that Rodan experienced as his body adapted to living in volcanic conditions for many years. What all this suggests is that, prior to his resurrection, Rodan as not the Fire Demon at all. Instead, he could have been more like his Toho counterpart. Though Toho's Rodan did live in a volcano, he didn't typically possess fire powers or a volcanic outer shell. Edit

  • Two possibilities:

    1) It may have had lower radiation levels in the past and Godzilla didn't start nesting their till after it got like that.

    2) Considering how incredible the size of the ruins are (i.e. indicating the capabilities of those ancient people), is that the ancient people who built it had amazing technology or access to some sort of special protection from radiation that is superior to modern technology. Edit

  • the civilization that worshiped Godzilla and built that gigantic temple was actually quite advanced and thus able to stand up to Ghidorah. Ghidorah still killed most of them and destroyed their civilization, but with their weapons and technology the humans were able to last long enough to help Godzilla win and the survivors were able to leave some records Edit

  • When they arrive to the Antarctica outpost they say they are already getting a ECG signal from Ghidorah, so it's evident that he was already half-awaken from the drilling. Perhaps Ghidorah was already subconsciously emiting some sort of signal that Godzilla managed to identify. Edit

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