Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Poster

Ken Watanabe: Dr. Ishiro Serizawa



  • Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : [to Godzilla]  Goodbye, old friend.

  • Dr. Vivienne Graham : A sort of symbiotic relationship. If you have... The lion and the mouse.

    Senator Williams : Or the scorpion and the frog. So you'd want to make Godzilla our pet.

    Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : No. We will be his.

    [general laughter] 

  • Mark Russell : Jesus! How many of these things are there?

    Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : Seventeen. And counting, after Gojira.

    Mark Russell : Seventeen!

    Dr. Vivienne Graham : Most of them were discovered in deep hibernation. While others we've - contained at top-secret sites around the world. Cambodia and Mexico, Skull Island. We even found one in Wyoming. They're everywhere.

  • Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : Sometimes the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons that caused them.

  • Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : Killing them would be a mistake. They'll return because of us. It was our atomic testing that awoke Gojira. Other creatures like the MUTOs. From strip-mining and seismic surveys. But these are not MONSTERS! They are animals, rising to reclaim a world that was once theirs!

    Senator Williams : It almost sounds like you're protecting them, Dr. Serizawa. As if you admire them.

    Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : [grimly]  I admire all forms of life.


    Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : Except us. If we hope to survive, we must find ways to coexist WITH TITANS. With - Gojira.

  • Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : Goodbye... old friend.

  • Dr. Ishiro Serizawa : Hold your fire. We don't know if he will attack!

    Mark Russell : Well he will if you keep those guns on him. Now I want him dead more that anybody, but unless this is a fight that you know that you can win for God's sakes stand down.

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