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A great send off to Naruto's journey
inuyatta26 February 2015
If you're like me, you've been following the story of Naruto almost from the beginning, and you're in it 'til the end. Well, here it is: And it's a beautiful end, especially given how hard it was for our hero growing up.

Every bit of this film was crafted with loving detail, from the beautiful (if barren) landscapes to the nostalgic instrumentals that helped to narrate the beginnings of the story. Our characters have grown into wonderful, capable adults and the story does a decent job of tying into some of the unresolved plot threads left over from the manga.

The only real con is how many characters fight scenes were fairly short or excluded altogether (probably due to time constraints and to keep the narrative focused). The film is not lacking for action, but it's not as evenly distributed as it could be--however, this film is about Naruto, so it is natural that the hero receive the majority of the focus.

The characterization and plot were painstakingly revised and re-revised by the original creator, Masashi Kishimoto, and it shows--it shows so beautifully how our favorite characters have matured into adults, leaving an unbiased audience feeling a little wistful at the realization that these babies are no longer babies!

Please, if you were ever fond of Naruto at any point in your life, do yourself a favor and watch this movie so you can see his long deserved and well-earned happy ending. It's not only satisfying, but it helps you transition over to the next part of the story which should be coming soon.
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billyrosehag11 December 2017
Naruto as a whole has a very special place in my heart. Having followed it and the incredible journey that both Naruto and the rest of the cast has made during the last 15 years has for the most part one filled to the brim with joy, anger and tears. Sure, the quite large amount of fillers that has plagued the series has quenched my thirst for more Naruto from time to time, but when the filler arcs reached their end and the canon episodes began once again, never did I not feel the urge rush right back. I have watched him and the rest of the ensemble grow up right along myself and my non-anime, actual real friends. That sort of commitment will undoubtedly create some sort of bond. Conflicts has sprung to life and ended, sometimes they ended up happily and sometimes the didn't. At the center of all conflicts, the main event, the main plot has although pretty much remained the same for the duration of the series, I am of course referring to the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke. When Shippuden reached its end, that feud finally came to a close and in a quite beautifully way if you ask me. And although most other plots was resolved by that time, one still remained. The unspoken love that Hinata felt for Naruto. That is was this movie is about, to at last see this subject come to fruising. As the Title suggests, this movie marks the last chapter of Naruto's journey as the main character, it is also the first of the Naruto movies considered to be Canon which is about time if you ask me. Come to think of it, The title is in my mind a pretty stupid title. I would much more prefer it if the changed it to "At last" instead, since it carries a lot of "at last" moments.

In many ways, this is more of a romantic movie than a action oriented one. Sure there are fighting sequences spread out across the two hour duration, there is a villain, but sadly he was profoundly underdeveloped and his motivations were nearly as bad The Thousand Years of pain technique is strangely effective. But all that stuff is just a backdrop for the main focus, which is without a doubt the love between Naruto and Hinata. However, the way it plays out differs for the two characters. For Hinata, it's all about finally mustering the courage to tell Naruto how she truly feels while Naruto comes to the realization about Hinata's feelings and therefore needs to evaluate how he in turn feels towards her. These sections of the movie is when it shines the brightest while the actual conflict remains quite generic, stuffed with anime tropes.

Since it shifts focus in regards to the other movies, At Last has a different tone. It has a more dream-like feel to it, almost surrealistic, striving more to visualize how Naruto and Hinata perceive the world as they contemplate their emotions towards one another. As you might imagine, this gives the movie a slower and gentler pace compared to both most of the series and the rest of the movies. It is for the most part refreshing to behold, but sometimes these moments outstay their welcome and as such, invite restlessness and boredom.

It would have been easy to make Naruto react in his often childish ways, but I am glad to say that they have allowed him to process these emotions and revelations in a mature way while still retaining what makes Naruto Naruto. The growth that he goes through is done in a very convincing and satisfying way and is definitely the highlight of the film.

Another aspect that I liked but that also exposed one of the movie's biggest faults was the fact that the movie almost gives Hinata as much screen time as Naruto. I would like to change the title a tad more and instead call it Naruto and Hinata: At last, which is good as a romance is very seldom a one way street. This does however lead me to my biggest BUT. Giving Hinata more screen time is a great move, but it is not utilized in a good way. Hinata's greatest moment in the series is easily when she leaps to Naruto's rescue mere seconds before he would meet his demise at the hands of one of Naruto's greatest villains, Pain. At that moment she stops being her usual scared self. She stands proud and is certain of what she must do. Her words and actions does not carry even an ounce of insecurity. In short, she's badass. This movie presents a great opportunity to show of more of that badassness. To show us how Naruto comes to see her, as this incredibly strong and selfless person who is willing to sacrifice all for the one's she cares about. regrettably, none of that comes to pass. She remains a damsel in distress from beginning to end, incapable to do anything but wait for Naruto to come to her rescue. If not for this rather important factor, this movie could have been so much more. If Hinata instead got to show her true strength, if it let her save Naruto instead, Naruto and Hinata: At last would have been great instead of just good.

I watched both this and Boruto: The Naruto Movie last night, beginning with this one, and as the credits rolled began to roll I came to the conclusion that this was the best Naruto movie I had seen thus far. The Animations were top-notch, the music both grand and befitting. This movie marks the end of and era and the birth of a new, hopefully the next generation of stories that unfold in the Hidden Leaf village understand that Damsel in distress is a thing of the past.
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Kishimotos Work at its finest!
jessehenare30 January 2015
Beautiful is the only word that can come to mind when thinking of this film. It was a master piece, and it was written by Kishimoto himself. This film also stood out among the many other non-canon films that have been produced, adding a bit more than your usual jam packed action. Believe it or not, but this is a story of Love, presenting the birth of the bond between Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. It shows how they have grown, changed and matured, stirring at the heart strings of the many Naruto fans that have watched it from start to finish. Words alone could not describe this films beauty, so I will say no more. What I will say is, I STRONGLY recommend that all of you fans of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden watch this. It is a film you should not miss.
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~~Amazing Movie, shows you the events after the war, and sets up the Boruto movie coming out on October 10th~~
Shengalang14 August 2015
Out of all the Naruto Movies that I've seen (I've seen all of them), I rank this one the highest among the "Must Buy" list. Why? Because it's the only one that actually develops the overall story-line. Events that occur in this movie will have direct impact on the overall plot to come in the next movie or manga. You can't say the same about any other Naruto movies such as Blood Prison, The Lost Tower, and Bonds because they offer nothing to the overall story- line. For example, the situation between Naruto and Hinata in this movie will explain the events that happen in the future of the main story. This is not the only example of course, but I just wanted to give you a minor example of what I meant without spoiling anything. In any case, the movie is more like a sequel for the Fourth Shinobi War more than anything. The beginning of the movie shows you the technological advancements after the war as well as how all the characters are doing. The rest of the movie sets up events that happened to Naruto and Hinata while setting up the upcoming movie Boruto that comes out October, 10th!!!
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A Well Matured Movie
adzandroid7 December 2015
I know I'm quite late to review this movie, but as says- "Better late than never. Well, i still can't stop thinking about this film. I never expected the movie to be this great. I was completely overwhelmed watching this movie. I'm a big fan of "Naruto" series and this movie really knows how to keep up the expectations.

If i talk about the story than it was Awesome, you never always get to see an anime movie with such strong and potential story background. The Concept of kidnapping the younger sister of Hinata was something new to watch and was a visual treat. The Movie Keeps evolving better and better in terms of Maturity.

This Movie personally revolve around the connection and romance of "Naruto and Hinata". If i were to talk about the "Romance" in this movie than it's something unusual. Even the romance in this movie comes with maturity. They really did balanced the romance in this movie, and i personally liked the romance of this movie. This Movie shows how naruto ends up with being "Hianta". The Movie might be too slow but it's fun to watch and not a single point made me bore. Eventually, I personally love 'Hinata' rather than 'Sakura', so it was a bit plus point for me.

Even the fighting sequence was maturely executed and even the small cameo fighting sequence of "Kurama" was great to watch. Naruto has changed a lot in terms of fight-hing sense.

Overall- I would definitely recommend you to watch this movie. It' a well matured executed movie. You'll be definitely surprised to see the "Newly Grown Naruto".
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words cannot describe how great this movie is
obey-danielles-motto13 October 2016
The Last: Naruto The Movie (2014) The Last: Naruto The Movie was produced in 2014 and was made at a studio called Aniplex. Currently the Naruto series has 8 movies in total. This movie was directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi, who has produced and filmed other popular anime movies and shows such as: The Twelve Kingdoms (2002-), Montana Jones (1994-), and Drunken Angel (1948). Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, wrote the script and screenplay of this movie. Naruto has many popular voice actors such as: Junko Takeuchi (Naruto Uzuamki), Nina Mizuki (Hinata Hyuga), and Jun Fukuyama (Toneri Ôtsutsuki). The Last: Naruto The Movie takes place two years after the Fourth Great Ninja War has ended, but now the ninja world faces a new threat. The moon begins to descend towards Earth threatening to wipe out everything on impact. During the commotion, Hannabi Hyuga, a fellow shinobi and Hinata's kid sister, is kidnapped by the alien, Toneri Ôtsutsuki. It is up to Naruto Uzuamki and 4 of his fellow ninja comrades: Hinata Hyuga, Sai, Sakura Harino and Shikamaru Nara of the Leaf Village to destroy and extinguish the approaching threat. Even though the film is about the 5 Great Ninja Nations coming together to exterminate the incoming threat, the film mainly gives an in depth conclusion on the relationship on the Naruto's love interest, Hinata Hyuga. I have always been a Naruto fan and I have watched it since I was in elementary school. Many fans have been waiting for a movie that concludes what happens to the village and how the characters mature into their adulthood and how they have become stronger as shinobi. It is a beautiful ending, especially given how difficult it was for Naruto growing up as an orphan child. Every bit of this film was crafted with devoting detail, from the beautiful landscapes and sceneries to the nostalgic instrumentals that helped to narrate the story and bring it all together. Our characters have grown into brilliant, capable adults and the story does a fantastic job of tying up some of the unanswered plot threads left over from the manga. Although the fighting scenes were fairly brief, they were filled with much action and were highly anticipated. The fighting scenes, also, came together so gracefully and the background instrumentals made it come together as well, but the fighting scenes weren't as evenly distributed as they could have been. The film is supposed to be about Naruto, so naturally the hero received majority of the focus. The characterization and plot had been modified by the original creator, Masashi Kishimoto, and it beautifully shows how our favorite characters have matured into adults, leaving the audience to come the realization that the characters we have come to know and love, are no longer young and reckless children. If you were ever fond of Naruto at some point in your life or if you want to see a great love story, do yourself a favor and watch this movie so you can see his long deserved, happy ending. It's not only satisfying, but it helps you transition over to the next part of the story. This film did a fantastic job balancing out its formal techniques and thematic content. The film took a little over a year to make due to extensive editing and cinematography, but it was worth every painstaking moment. The counterpoint or background music played a huge role in the making of this movie. If the scene is supposed to be sad, the music would come to ensure that you felt that way. The lighting also played a critical part in the film, as well. The lighting made characters seem bigger than they actually were. It gave the allusion that the character was superior to everyone else. The Last: Naruto The Movie has many genres such as: action, romance, comedy, and adventure. This film does a fantastic job with bringing all of the sub genres together. The graphics came out to a beautiful finish with a great plot.

This film can be described in many words but the word that comes to mind is simply beautiful. It received 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb but I believe it deserves a 10 out of 10. It was a master piece. This film also stood out among the many other Naruto films with the graphics, developing the characters, and the action was all amazing. It shows how they have grown, changed and matured, stirring at the hearts of the many Naruto fans that have watched it from the beginning to the end. Words alone could not describe this film's beauty. I strongly recommend this movie to Naruto fans and even the people who have never seen Naruto before. It is a film you should not miss.
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shonise_boyd-hawea31 January 2015
Written and directed by Kishimoto himself, this movie was just beautiful. I never expected this from a popular Shonen anime, let alone Naruto. It had a bit of everything, action, comedy but most importantly the simmering romance between Naruto and Hinata which the fans have been waiting for for years. It fills the gap between chapters 699 and 700 and highlights how Naruto has matured from an obnoxious kid striving to be Hokage to a mature young man who finally sees whats always been right in front of him.

I highly recommend it all you Naruto fans - its definitely worth watching.
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Great movie
feliciamizuhana17 February 2015
So, I saw this movie on Internet and it was in pretty bad quality so I maybe missed some small details. The movie starts with epic prologue, it's styled in black and white and look very artistic, so I really like that part it was epic as hell. Now onto the bad aspect to the movie Villain, plot and attempt to make money from Sasuke's appearance. Let me tell you, if you are Sasuke fan and would watch it only for Sasuke don't even bother to watch it, he will literally get less then 2 minutes in the movie. Villain is okay, but nothing unusual, rather boring. The plot is also okay, but again; nothing unusual. Animation and sound is beyond solid, I was surprised that Studio Pierrot really made and effort in this. (Unlike Pain fight in Shippuden) Now into romantic aspect; this movie convinced me that Studio Pierrot would be WAY better at making romance series. Romance was handled very nicely, it really was able to make you emotional and be more connected with character. For example: Sakura; she is number one on my hate list. But in this movie she was really decent and beautiful character (Unlike part 1 and Shippuden). So it really surprised me in a very good way.

The gold part for me was NaruHina moments. I have been their shipper since I was little and was like little child when I saw them.

Overall, definitely best Naruto movie in the franchise. With amazing artwork and sound, the plot and villain was okay, but still not anything special. Also if you are Sasuke or NaruSaku fan don't watch it, it would be waste of time for you.
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horrible movie'
anikas929 December 2014
horrible movie. road to ninja was popular because it gave time to all characters, and we got a sense of team 7 again (somewhat). the manga was originally about team 7, this movie just took that away. i like naruto and hinata together, really but they should have given the other couples some screen time too instead of leaving them hanging. i mean, even ten minutes each ? sasuke and sakura at least deserved some screen time, they're the main characters aside naruto, and the fans die to see team 7 moments again in combat since we haven't had those animated since narutos first season.

ALSO they really should have given us some team 7 moments since this was the last movie we would get to see those. everyone loved the last moments of team 7 in the manga, that's what people like. TEAM 7. not naruto and hinata love throughout. they could have taken it side by side... naruto, hinata, sasuke and sakura in combat. that would have been epic, and would have addressed all the fans out there. Be is team 7, sasusaku and naruhina. that would have been an epic movie.
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Bad Plot, Unrelated Movie From Manga
starysky78 December 2014
OK guys so here i am going to be honest with you. First of all YES i hated the Last Movie. My friend from japan gave me the recorded one and he himself hated the movie. So first the movie is totally focus on two thins and they are, Scarf and Hinata? Who is Hinata by the way? I don't remember her being the main heroin or what so ever. The movie is a total failure. Also many Japanese people are disliking the movie. And my friend also told me that the only reason they sold out is that they didn't let people know the movie is solely based on Hinata and when people cancel their reservations they didn't gave them Refunds. That's very LOW of them. I mean this is a fraud! You people played a big game guys. My Friend was really frustrated over that.

No Back on the movie, so there is nothing to like about movie and Naruto is now Officially over for me because not only i hated Sasuke and Sakura's worse couple at the end of manga but now the anime is also changed from Shonen to Shoujo. By the why who even like Hinata? I mean i don't like Sakura and karin and Hinata was OK but the main thing about anime was never Romance but now they gave a movie completely based on Romance and with no link to original story even the characters don't even seems that they are from Naruto. Every thing got changed in the movie and now after fifteen long years we are told that Naruto never loved Sakura. That's a Big Laughing stock! Seriously i never saw a writer like Kishimoto who would ruin his own Story.

Not only the Manga ended with bad couples, the movie is also no less! My personal opinion is who ever is liking this movie is a Hinata Fan Only because its all about her. How lame!

Well whatever happens i did not despise Naruto with Hinata but they changed every thing for them and that's really sad. I was first just mad over Sasuke and Sakura's Couple because that's the most hated couple no matter what people say. They don't even make sense but now Naruto and Hinata is also not looking good.

Well my personal advise is: do not see the movie if you are a real fan of Naruto not Hinata!
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Indeed, a beautiful love story!
clement-petolas24 February 2015
I must say, I was kind of perplexed about a love story for the script plot but it was a great surprise! In fact, it is what was lacking to Naruto for all these years, even though Kishimoto confessed that he was weak to write romance plots, him and Studio Pierrot did a excellent job for The Last. Graphic arts and music in this movie are both amazing, each character showed some maturity while remaining themselves, nothing was overplayed. Naruto is the one who experienced a lot in the movie, he understood the meaning of romantic love which made his grow the most obvious one among the other characters. I only regret how scenes bump to us with a different pace, it did not make the story very linear but in all honesty, it really isn't a bother compared to the whole movie's contain, even the fighting scenes were well done. In conclusion, it's a very unique movie among the other Naruto movies and it's also a good lesson of life too, I guess it was one of the main aims of Naruto The Last, you definitely need to watch it!!
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Best Movie In The Naruto Franchise
aadi-0802230 January 2015
The Movie Is Great, It fills the gap between the second last chapter of Naruto (Manga) and the last chapter. It is a Romantic-Action kind of movie. All the character have a whole new look, Hinata and Sakura are looking beautiful then ever. While Naruto and Sasuke are more Bad-ass then they ever were. Action scenes are good and Romantic scenes are beautiful. Pretty nice Movie and the best movie in the Naruto Franchise. Not very much scenes of Sasuke but those which are their are pretty bad-ass. Music is pretty good too. Though Naruto may have ended but he still lives in our heart he thought me many things, i'm a great fan of Naruto. He is inspiring. It's a well written movie by Masashi Kishimoto just the way he wrote Naruto. I didn't feel like it was his first Romantic Movie. Will be looking Forward for the next Naruto movie till then i'll keep watching Naruto:Shippuden.
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A great movie
xmiggyx9 December 2014
The first reviews are from people that are butthurt about the ending of Naruto and 99% chance they did not even watch the movie. It's not even released in America or any country except Japan right now. However, due to the spoilers and reviews from professionals, the movie is a hit. It surpassed every single past Naruto movie's box office numbers entire run in ONE DAY. The most successful animation work in the franchise's history. It's a love story, with action thrown in there. The story is detailed, and well thought out. The music and scenes are A++++. Many people in the movie theater cried, because many scenes were so emotional and touching. Worth the watch, especially if you like Naruto and Hinata! It's nice seeing how they got together. :)
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Perfect finale to a masterpiece in epic storytelling!
redlotusvenom7 December 2014
The Last Naruto Movie is a perfect ending to the Naruto Saga. Everything from the technical aspects such as the exquisite animation and magnificent music to the intricate story and character developments are wonderfully implemented in this perfectly paced finale.

The gradual change from the cycle of hatred to the understanding of love throughout the legend of Naruto makes this a very appropriate ending point for the series as it tackles the issues of self-preservation versus the selfless; a direct contrast to the war-torn era of despair and anxiety that preceded Shippuden. By focusing on the minor characters and integrating the theme of love, The Last offers a fresh take on the narrative and allows deeper and more spiritual developments for the main characters. While the absence of moral ambiguity is missed thanks to the lack of more sophisticated characters such as Kakashi or Sasuke, the inclusion of more retrospective dilemmas offers a fitting conclusion to Naruto's journey. Since we've already dealt with Sasuke's inner-turmoils, it makes sense that the final story showcases external views on it's diverse cast of characters and focuses on presenting a genuine romance between two inextricably linked characters through superbly written dialog, subtle symbolism and heartwarming metaphorical implications. Of course this is a different and much more abbreviated link than that of the intertwined fates of Ashura/Indra - Naruto/Sasuke as it's a much more personal exploration, but that's what makes it a perfect ending; it concludes the initially personal journey of the main character with a personal reconciliation, much like how the Manga resolved the retrieval of Sasuke.

Wonderful ending to a wonderful, albeit flawed, series!
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narutoekyuubi9325 January 2015
this film is the best of the previous films, it is directed by Kishimoto in person :) what I like most is the romance between Naruto and Hinata, heart-pounding .. even the fight scenes are amazing, the best film of all those released earlier, also for this reason that has gained much XD I read the Manga from the beginning of the characters falling in love and their characterization, and are happy that Hinata has been the star of this film, has had more space and was characterized better, even Naruto as a child abandoned by all to hero recognized by all and the only one that has always worried about him was just Hinata and it shows well in the film ♡
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A disappointment
neilp201212 March 2015
One of the few good parts of this movie was the first 5 minutes in which they recapped the story but once that scene was done the story went downhill hill fast. There were several issues with the biggest and most glaring is Kumogakure possessing a weapon capable of destroying the moon (Why didn't they just use it before the war to defeat Madara). I also really didn't understand the whole people living on the moon bit I only thought why, and how did Obito not notice the the clan their and how did he know which giant statue to choose. The worst part was that the movie was also more of a Hinita movie than it was a Naruto movie. Naruto really didn't have that big a part to play. Additionally even though Sasuke featured prominently in the advertisements he was only in the movie for around 30 seconds with just one line. And what really bugged me was rasengan being able to shoot lasers, I hated that, you can't change what a jutsu does. If you are a fan of this series I don't recommend watching this movie.
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The movie was allright
sanjusupercool131 December 2017
Not bad , not really good . Positives first - Amazing voices behind these characters as always. Beautfiul animation great action scenes Character driven stoey which wass great as the characters of Naruto are top notch. Disadvantages Not a great story overall Really bad background music Te story is focused on hinata and Naruto , while i think they are cute together , i dont think hinata is a n interesting enough character Overall i would recommend Naruto fans to watch it just to visit these characters but dont expect much.
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kevinkkurian-8845331 May 2021
One of the film on the planet Best story structure Must watch A treat for Naruto fan.
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Love the movie
vuturoy27 May 2021
Best movie of the series. Here you get to watch the love story of hinata and Naruto.
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Super Good!!
kimmyhern7 March 2021
I would never stop watching this!!If your into romance than this is a movie to definitely watch but Watch all of naruto first!!Its such a good movie I don't see what is there to dislike when there's so much to enjoy!!😊I love Naruto and Hinata
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A beautiful conclusion!
adikelkar26 January 2021
People might have polarizing opinions about this movie, but for me personally I don't have a problem with how they have shifted the overall narrative of Naruto from action to romance, though this film is not at all short on action. Looking at the chronological order, the events in this story occur after the war just before the final 4-5 episodes of Shippuden which has the Naruto wedding arc. Hinata is a girl I have rooted for since the Naruto season 1 days. She loved the least cared about boy in the class from the very beginning and ends up with the strongest man in the 5 nations and a war hero. I also love how Naruto matures over the course of the movie; being the usual goofball who is too dense to understand Hinata's feelings towards him but realizes it after seeing her dreams and hopes how her love is pure and unadulterated ever since they were kids. Every guy should have a girl like Hinata by his side and this movie is a testament to that! For those who have seen Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, I would definitely recommend this movie and for those who haven't, I would 100% recommend watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and this movie! Its a beautiful end to a beautiful saga and even though Boruto in ongoing, I am sad to see this story end!
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Best Naruto movie
alexc-8667820 January 2021
This is for me by far the best Naruto movie ever made. I'm not a fan usually of love story but this one was really well made.
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Well animated and somewhat good story
magnus_nilsson9928 November 2020
Well i'm not the biggest Naruto fan in the world. the best part of the tv-series is when they are young and not so over powerful.

Going intio this movie u had no hi hopes but ... great animation and score ! The story was somewhat good and somewhat less good . But as i staded before the big fights i have no love for so the nine tails fight was not good and boring .

Its an ok movie and I actually teared up in the End , sweet !
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Perfect Epilogue!
yansenyulius-7117629 September 2020
This movie is the perfect epilogue for the series, thanks Kishimoto sensei <3
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kavnk27 September 2020
This was such a good movie for my first anime I recommend watching this
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