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A must-avoid for all Underworld fans
edudejager7 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoy (good) vampire movies, dark movies, good screenplays, good production, good screenplay, good cinematography and characters like Selene. This means I really enjoyed the first three Underworld movies, provided we ignore the prequel which was no more than acceptable.

It also means that this movie ruined the franchise for me. Production was poor and clearly quite low budget (reuse of the same footage on a few occasions, etc.), the script was inadequate and, while Anna Foerster has put in some credible performances in TV, this was quite poor. Len Wiseman, or even Mårlind and Stein, could conceivably have turned this into a movie worthy of the franchise.

There is also a hole in the plot worthy of a B-grade horror.

SPOILER ALERT. And here comes the spoiler: The very premise of the movie is that Semira's coven is impregnable and Marius would be foolish to attack it without the blood of Selene's daughter. The werewolves specifically state that they "looked for any weaknesses and there are none". Then, later on in the movie, with no such blood, the werewolves walk in there like they own the place and it is clear that they would have taken the coven has it not been for the arrival of a transformed Selene with significant backup. The entire first 80% of the movie is rendered superfluous in one scene. SPOILER ENDS

And so the great Underworld franchise goes out with a whimper. Neither Kate Beckinsale nor the character of Selene deserved this, some heads should be hung in shame.
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Just take it as entertainment
tuanskie22 April 2017
It's Kate Beckinsale again in tight leather! Come on people, pop in the Blu-Ray or stream it and load up the popcorn. Take off the critic's thinking cap for a night. Don't expect too much with a sophisticated plot or story line. Do expect some Lycan ass-kicking from Selene as usual, and enjoy the movie for what it is - a war between vampires and werewolves. The CGI could have been better, but did I not mention Selene/Kate in tight leather?
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Sad that it didn't live up to its predecessors
mejaflora10 February 2017
I am a HUGE fan of the Udnerworld franchise and have been looking forward to this for so long so I am truly sad that my review is not better than this. Here's what I feel is wrong with this movie.

1. Marius - who is he, where did he come from? The explanation for his power came too late, too little to care and he was not as scary as previous Underworld villains. So is the other vamp chick who is supposed to be power hungry, kind of underwhelming at best.

2. Movie is way too short and too rushed. Everything is introduced too quickly and fits into the puzzle too easily. We have never heard of this Nordic vamps till now. There's no continuity, no cohesion. Its like its trying to bring something new BUT this is no. 5 or no. 6?

3. The white hair vamps. Seriously I thought the elves from LOTR is doing a crossover.

4. Selene went into the water metamorphosis and they didn't even bother to show her experience. Suddenly she's back from the other end of the world so fast and all ready super powered. It doesn't make sense and we don't understand her journey.

5. The CGI is really quite bad.

6. The whole point of the movie is all about finding Eve's blood and they attacked just fine without it. If Eve is not even going to make an appearance then talking about her for more than half a movie just feels like a plot filler.

7. Suddenly that other guy is the heir to the throne. Where did that come from?? I think the writers think this is going to be so cool but not if it likes a pie in the face kind of idea. Shock value goes whoa not huh?

8. Selene was invited to train vamps and I think it barely lasted a few mins of training before the treachery was unearthed. Could they not let the training last maybe a few days before they started juicing her?

9. Semira's right hand man never showed any indication that he might betray her but suddenly he did. Some build up would be great.

10. The elves need more screen time!

Kate Beckinsale and Theo James were still awesome but they could have used some better scenes to instill a better relationship. The movie was fun, entertaining and but it fell flat and it left me feeling all empty inside and for that reason, I am SAD.
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Worst Underworld movie
malVV_22 February 2017
These movies were never made for Oscar consideration, I understand that, but the first three at least tried something. Creating some kind of mythology, war between vampires and lycans. Solid concept for the fans of these types of films that offer a bit of story and focus more on action and gore. First Underworld, released back in 2003, is pretty solid action-horror film. Sequel, Underworld: Evolution expanded the origin story for these species, while Underworld: Rise of the Lycans served as prequel, giving us idea how and why the whole grudge between vampires and lycans started. Then came 4th film, Awakening, solid concept but lame execution. Very forgettable film, even for Underworld fans. And now we have Blood Wars, 5th and worst in the franchise. Nothing in this movie works. Action, the strongest point in these types of films, was so poorly edited and is completely boring. Overall, movie is so badly directed and edited, filled with lame dialogue and shameful acting. Even the effects were not that great, with so many cringe worthy moments. Such a disaster.
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Underrated Underworld.
TheTopDawgCritic14 July 2017
I really liked this latest installment to the Underworld franchise. As a matter of fact, I like them all, but I really loved the new setting in this one. The directing, writing, cinematography/VFX were all top notch. Kate Beckinsale and Theo James were once again incredible in their roles, as was the rest of the cast. The special effects though were very well done and more evident in this film more so than previous films. It's an 8/10 from me!
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Black2White7 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The trailers already gave me some hints, I simply refused to believe until I saw it. That the Underworld movies are for the better part, dead and buried.

Yes. The action is still there, as is the gore. Betrayals are still alive and kicking. And the old vampire/lycan grudge is also present.

But is Underworld still Underworld...? Unfortunately no. Kate Beckinsale try as she may, she can't carry the movie alone, nor do I believe anyone was expecting her to. I was expecting that they'd finally replace Scott Speedman as Michael, with another one of literally dozens of possible and better choices. And finally bring the whole family together, into the fight.

But to my terrible surprise they simply killed off Michael. The way it was done was terrible to say the least. At the end of Awakening, Eve, is finally able to see through her father eyes. And we know that he simply escaped the facilities. But now in Blood Wars, we were given another (conflicting) take on what happened that makes absolutely no sense. So Michael exits the cryo chamber, severely weakened and finds himself captured by Marius. Taken to another place where Marius then proceeds to seemingly shoot him in the head, and strung him up head down to drain Michael of all his blood. Which he then uses to make himself into more of a Wolf-Man than a Lycan.

So, Michael is dead, and Selene for the most part from being considered an outcast through several events (and movies), she ends up basically where she started. Again a member of the Vampire Coven. Now risen to the degree of Elder together with David.

David (Theo James) try as he might, is no Michael nor do I believe that's his purpose. In fact the story at a certain point seems to try and connect him with maybe one of this movie biggest, if not the only, good surprise. Lena! Lena (Clementine Nicholson) is without a doubt one of this movie greatest assets. And if this was a movie about the next generation, and Michael and Selene daughter, I could see her character portrait as Clementine portrayed hers.

Eve does make an appearance in the end. But the movie had all but basically drained my last ounce of hope. To me without Michael there's no more Underworld. I got to confess. When Selene was giving her usual movie ending speech, I always hoped that we'd see that Eve had found her father, given some of her blood to him, and even killed a bunch of Lycans and placed their bloody bodies on top of Michael, and from that experience, as Selene had been changed/improved by her trials of ice, so too had Michael evolved into a new form. And both father and daughter were on their way to find Selene.

But no. The movie was at its best, mildly entertaining, with some interesting fight scenes, that weren't even that great. We got plots inside plots, and twists inside twists. But the core and heart of the franchise is in my opinion, dead!

So see it if you want to. But don't expect anything outstanding or exhilarating about this movie. In some ways it actually manages to be poorer than Awakening.
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fiore26 April 2019
One of the dumbest movies I have ever seen. I was such a fan of the original, the second and the prequel. These last two were completely awful with this one being incredibly dumb and an insult to the franchise.
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Better than expected
klemenferjancic20 December 2016
After the disappointment that was Awakening I didn't go see this movie with high expectations, but I came out surprised. The movie is totally fine. Does it have some poor CGI and bad actions scenes? Absolutely. But it also has some quite brutal and "Whoa" moments. What surprised me the most was the story which actually references a lot of the past movies, expands the lore and ties some loose ends nicely. Critics will absolutely destroy this movie but if you are a fan of the series or just want to throw some popcorn in your face watching a fun movie, you should definitely check it out. Did I mention Kate Beckinsale still kicks ass?
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If you liked the previous films, why not enjoy this one also?
ericbrinkman-1533328 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't get all the critical hate for this movie. What did anyone expect? It's frickin' Kate Beckinsale in latex!!! What could be better? This is terrible to admit, but I would pay Redbox $1.50 to watch Kate Beckinsale cook breakfast if she was dressed in her latex catsuit. But this movie is frickin' awesome! Sword hacking, vampires flying around, werewolves transforming into monsters, and (spoiler) Kate gets resurrected and comes back with frosty tips and new magic powers. I almost didn't watch this because of all the bad reviews, but it's the same old greatness as all the other films. Keep them coming! Kate Beckinsale is 43 years old and never looked better, plus she kicks @$$ with Euro ultra-violence. When (spoiler) Semira (Lara Pulver) gets stabbed through her mouth from behind as she enjoys the sun for the first time was almost as great as the ending as Kate says "I have lived for a thousand years, and I may live a thousand more..." I hope she does. :)
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I liked this film, and yes, I am fan of the saga
I can say this one, is one of the best movies of the saga Underworld, is a good action movie, with a good story. If you have seen all the previous movies of underworld you will love this one, because is like a fresh restart, but without deleting all the past like happened in Terminator Genesys (I hated) and is well written.

This time vampires and werewolves are amazingly organize, and the story continues in a good way. You can go to see this one without any fear, you wont regret it.
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The Bad Chick in Black is Back
view_and_review8 January 2017
I watch the Underworld movies for pure action, a little bit of story, and seeing a bad chick kicking butt. As far as girl power movies go, the Underworld franchise is one of--if not--my favorite.

Underworld: Blood Wars was, of course, more of Selene (Kate Beckinsale) being the bad B in black. She was still on the lam hiding from both Vampires and Lycans. She had to deal with Marius (Edmure Tully err uh Tobias Menzies) this new and improved Lycan leader and Thomas (Tywin Lannister err uh Charles Dance) an old guard Vampire.

The movie offered me what I was looking for. I'm not some Vampire or Lycan purist. I don't mind their story being retold in different ways or their core attributes being altered as well. Did they get after it? Were there some ooh and aah moments? Yes and yes. I found myself oohing and aahing a few times (or more correctly saying OH and DAM!).

I will say that there was one drawback. The last installment was 2012, five years ago--the one before that was 2009 and the one before that was 2006 and the one before that was 2003. My point being that, whereas Selene does do a narrative recap at the beginning it wasn't nearly enough to totally refresh my memory on who everyone was and why they all hate her. I'd seen all of them but only once and it wasn't like I memorized characters or even the central theme of the four previous episodes. This movie was still able to stand on its own even with the brief synopsis of how she got to the point she was at. It's a solid movie that can be viewed all on its own if one should choose to.
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Absolutely dreadful and that's coming from an Underworld fan.
jonesn-727769 February 2017
Lacks everything that made the original and sequels interesting. Poorly cast actors especially Pulver, too much use of guns with lack of physical fight scenes, no gore, bad script, uninteresting dialogue, overall weak story line, irrelevant flashbacks, lack of vampire elders or any character depth in werewolves removes the lore and legend that made the franchise interesting. I did not care who lived or died and honestly feel i am owed an hour and 31 minutes of my life. Maries might of well as been called Mario and adorned himself in a red cap and overalls would of been just as threatening. Absolutely no character depth what so ever which is polar opposite to the first films in this franchise. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU LIKE UNDERWORLD YOU ARE BETTER OFF NOT SEEING THIS IT IS A TRAVESTY AND MIGHT AS WELL OF STARRED DANNY DYER.
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Turn brain off and enjoy
bogdanvalentinneacsa13 January 2017
Goes without saying from the rating I really enjoyed the movie. When it comes to the underworld series, I pretty much liked all of them so far (Awakening was a big meh but still OK).

So lets just start by saying the obvious, if you didn't really liked any of the movies in the series so far, you will not like this.

Second thing, if you really loved and are a fan of the series, you might also have some problems with the movie if you over analyze the plot, since there are some good sized plot holes when looking over the entire events that happened in the previous movies.

That all being said, the movie was pretty damn fun. Great action scenes, some pretty awesome locations to shoot in and in my opinion a pretty satisfying ending if this is the last in the franchise. Again, there are some plot holes in there, but I just got straight past them and was never bored during the entire movie.
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Writers bringing down this franchise
mts-7868022 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love this series BUT the scriptwriters are making the plots pitiful. Selene is becoming more predictable and considering she's the #1 Lycan Killer she's showing a soft side. I would recommend seeing this ONLY IF you're an avid fan but DON'T pay full price!

Good: Selene continues to show skills and gets some new ones.

Continuity of characters.

Storyline remains consistent.

Bad: Compacting too much of the story-line just too keep action


Inconsistent displays of vampire strength and powers.

Ease of vampire gullibility

At least we can expect at least one more film to give them a chance to bring it up to par, sigh...
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Cry Wolf
SteveResin22 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Underworld movies are not classics, but if you enjoy hammy acting, vampires, werewolves and Kate Beckinsale in skin tight leather kicking ass then they can be a lot of fun.

Blood Wars is an end game of sorts, although it still leaves room for more films if the money men think it worthwhile. It would be a decent ending if they decide to close the chapter on this franchise now.

The plot is quite straightforward, there's some decent action and fight scenes and a few new characters and creatures introduced, and it doesn't drag on too long and outstay its welcome. Charles Dance lends some gravitas to the cast, and Lara Pulver has a lot of fun as the power crazed Semira, while Kate Beckinsale is as youthful and badass as ever.

If you enjoy the Underworld series then I'm sure you'll find this a decent addition.
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A welcome new addition to the franchise
lest-rj4 December 2016
If you're reading this review, I take it you're actually considering watching the fifth installment of an action-horror vampire/werewolf franchise; so, this is not for those who will be pointing fingers at 'originality' or 'depth' of the script, right? Okay.

Taking the movie as it is, its purpose and audience in mind, I can definitely say it delivers: way better than the last one (Underworld Awakening), Blood Wars is highly entertaining, never boring, extremely fast-paced and the Selene we have here is less robotic and more developed than we've seen her before. That, in itself, is saying something!

It also expands the story a bit; it doesn't feel like a "been there done that" at all. If I hadn't seen the trailers, I would be actually mildly surprised at some of the twists & turns of the movie. That, my friends, is also saying something!

By the end of the movie, I'm sure that fans will be pleased to see that there's still plenty of life left for the franchise. And even if you're going in for the first time - which is unlikely - you're probably going to understand and be able to enjoy the film as a stand-alone adventure. That's saying a lot!
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underworld blood war
matselby-639268 March 2017
I had to watch this one twice as first viewing I thought The movie was not cool at all.my 2nd viewing always like to see films twice see if I missed anything,what I missed was this is a v good additional movie to the franchise,Kate Beckinsale was her awesome best being the death dealer she is.don't expect much Change but there are a few surprises she gets to have a few different powers and the great coven of vampires got some good characters in it with a few twists all in all if you like these films there is not much to complain about so sit back and enjoy underworld blood wars,if like me you cant get enough of Selene dealing death to Lycans.
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The Plot .. Is Not
paradux9 February 2017
In the 2006 film CLICK (a throwback to a strange era when Adam Sandler was considered one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood) a very hammy Chris Walken, playing the Devil, takes a moment to tell Sandler (playing the husband) of Beckinsale, in all seriousness, and with a straight face, "Your wife is smoking hot." Which in a nutshell explains the staying power of Underworld I, a film I have seen perhaps 8 times so far. It combined a kickass script with great action sequences and featured Kate as perhaps the sexiest vampire in film history.

Flash forward through several sequels (too many) and we still have Kate ... but little else. One of the worse scripts in recent memory, so bad it verily fails the late Roger Ebert's "20 minute test" (if a film fails to hook up in the first 20 minutes, leave the theatre).

Horrible story, horrible characters, and overall a pretty rotten movie.

Advice -- go see the first one all over again. You'll thank me in the morning,
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There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only the coming…
Chalice_Of_Evil30 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I still remember seeing the first Underworld in the theatre and enjoying it very much, though I didn't see any of the subsequent films at the cinema, only on DVD. I re-watched them in preparation for seeing this film and, as it stands, the original's still the best, with Evolution and Rise of the Lycans vying for second and third place, alternating between the two depending on my mood, while Awakening remains my least favourite. I'm afraid Blood Wars isn't much better. Whilst the fourth film felt like it was just non-stop gory action with little to no story, this film seems to have the opposite problem. Gorehounds needn't fear, there's still some quality violence (most of which the Lycans seem to wind up on the receiving end of, like being split in half and having their spines ripped out). The main problem is the vampire politics are brought to the forefront.

The other problem? Super sexy latex-clad vampire Death Dealer, Selene, feels as though she's no longer the focus of her own franchise (though at least she gets some memorable lines/moments). Let's be honest, most people come to see Kate Beckinsale rocking the black latex catsuit like nobody else can. So it remains a mystery as to why the writers appear to be slowly phasing out her character. Please note filmmakers: These films wouldn't be worth continuing without Ms. Beckinsale. Some tend to dismiss her acting ability, but she's what's held this franchise together. So it's disappointing her character is absent for what feels like long stretches. Blood Wars begins like Awakening did, with Kate's/Selene's voice-over (now with added echoing repeating what she's already said!) and clips from the previous films...though, really, if you haven't seen the others, why're you even here? Theo James's David character from Awakening has a much more expanded role this time (now fully replacing Scott Speedman's Michael as the franchise's male lead. Yes, Michael's dead. Barring some future "We only SAID he was dead/were only pretending!" reveal pulled out of the writers' arses, the Smurf is no more). Whether you're a fan of David or not will likely contribute to your enjoyment of the film, as he seems to take over the movie from Selene for significant portions.

I'll miss the Selene/Michael relationship, but am not opposed to David's character helping Selene, though it might rub some the wrong way how his backstory/ancestry's delved into so deeply it almost feels like *he's* the film's main star. Those who paid attention to the first films will appreciate references to a certain character who had minimal screen time, yet plays an important part in this film's storyline, while everyone else will be left wondering, "Who?". The blood of Selene and her daughter, Eve (who's referenced aplenty but only appears in the film's closing seconds), also proves important, as there's much exchanging of said blood between different characters. Other than Selene and David, the only significant returning character is Charles Dance's Thomas. Whilst not as memorable as Bill Nighy's Viktor, an actor of his caliber lends some weight/credibility to proceedings. His relationship with his son and heretofore untold connection with a past long-dead character is given prominence. Playing well off Dance is Lara Pulver, sporting constantly changing hairstyles as Semira. They do what they can with the material they're given. Semira's character also provides a cautionary tale in why you shouldn't treat your henchman/lover like crap, as we see play out between her and Bradley James' Varga.

Outlander's Tobias Menzies, as Lycan Marius, isn't given anywhere near the complexity of his character from that series, as here he's mainly just another complication in an already rather convoluted story. Nor is his relationship with vampire, Alexia, given much depth...though at least Daisy Head is quite striking, so you don't forget her character. Also memorable on account of their physical appearance are the Nordic Coven, the best of which is Lena (resembling a vampire Daenerys Targaryen). She kicks major arse with a sword and shield (apparently the Nordic Coven *do* bring swords to gun fights), plus also possesses a "teleport" ability of sorts. For a newcomer, Clementine Nicholson fares better with what little she's given compared to others who're given more. She also plays an important part in Selene's physical transformation (including her picking up that handy teleportation ability) to becoming 'more' than she already is...which is just as well, as poor Selene's put through the wringer this time around. It pained me seeing our heroine beaten up/knocked down more than ever, but allowed for a triumphant return, stronger/faster/better than ever...and now with white blonde highlights in her jet black hair.

The last couple of films' over-reliance on CGI versus the practical effects for the Lycans of the earlier films is to the movies' detriment, as the CGI creatures just aren't as impressive (and in the case of the Marius man-wolf creature, rather laughable/dredging up bad memories of the Scorpion King from The Mummy Returns...though not quite THAT bad). Note for future movies: Refrain from going half/half, either human or full beast is the way to go. Clearly this isn't intended as the franchise's final film, but assuming another one does indeed happen, that probably *should* be the last. The earlier Underworld films weren't exactly 'high art', but they felt like they had more substance to them than these last two. Given how much time was devoted to Eve previously, it's strange she's mainly absent here (perhaps she'll play a more significant role in the next movie?). I feel the franchise lost something after delving more into the world of men, but at least this one LOOKS more like an Underworld film than Awakening did (though the music/score's sadly lacking Wedard's 'Leidenschaft'). Say what you will about Len Wiseman, but I feel these later films' direction have suffered from his absence. My main hope for the next movie? That the filmmakers remember who this franchise's star is and give Beckinsale/Selene the attention/importance/prominence she deserves.
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Fun, cool movie
nancy-scuba7 January 2017
I don't understand why people don't like this movie.

I wonder what they expect when they go in.

It's a great story line:

1. Selene finds out about a few things that are important for her about her story that we all know.

2. A very cool thing happens to her and the movie is interesting and has action from the very moment it starts.

3. No sappy romantic anything.

4. Very entertaining.

5. Keep in mind that this is fantasy and its goal is to keep you entertained.

I can't wait to see what happens next since the end means there have to be other things following. It cannot end just like that.
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What a waste of time,and franchise killer.
panayiotisblack17 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So,clearly this has been a cash out. I've seen some bad movies,this doesn't top them,but still.. It was a,somewhat,decent action movie,but not a good fantasy/vampire genre one.

Many scenes top the wtf list,but when in less that a minute they find themselves off a moving train,then suddenly onto horses,and then walking made me burst in laughter for what i was witnessing. Terribly bad acting,really,from each and everyone of the main characters except the protagonist,plot holes so obvious and numerous that made you lost track of what you were watching,the film lacked coherence and the feel of a vampire movie.

I've read it was bad before going to see it,i didn't expect it to be so hideous.

Honestly,who brings the swat in a vampire/werewolf fight,and who bothers to all the trouble getting a gun that can pierce walls inside the building? Like...can't it do that from the outside? Kill as many as you can and make it hard for the enemy to maneuver,before even entering the battle? And that is only the tip of the iceberg. The decisive battle was laughable,and that is said being polite. Waste of time,waste of money,waste of a good franchise.
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A short review of "Underworld: Blood Wars" (2016)
ericrnolan17 April 2017
I'm not sure what to say about "Underworld: Blood Wars" (2016). It really differs little from the previous "Underworld" movies. If you've seen those, you've kinda seen this one.

The vampires look like underwear models, or maybe a goths-only high school drama club. The werewolves look … not homeless, exactly, but like burly, long-haired, unemployed grunge rockers. Both groups speak portentously and repeatedly about things like "LINEAGE" and "BLOOD LINES" and "THE WAR" and "AMELIA." (Who was Amelia again?) There are the requisite betrayals and forbidden inter-species romances. The entire thing felt like a feature-length music video.

Maybe I'm being too harsh. I would actually give this film a 5 out of 10 for at least bringing some good things to the table. Kate Beckinsale is a good actress, and she brings the same magnetism that she always does to Selene, the franchise's protagonist. Charles Dance is always superb, and is always fun to watch. (There are at least two "Game of Thrones" alumni here — one is Dance as a vampire elder, and the other is Tobias Menzies as the leader of the "Lycans.") The nicest surprise, though, was seeing Lara Pulver as an ambitious vampire alpha female — fans of "Sherlock" (2010 – 2017) will recognize her as that series' incarnation of Irene Adler. She's a great actress, and she seems to relish this kind of role.

All in all, though, I can't say I actually recommend this.
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Not as bad as many will make it seem
davispittman14 January 2017
Underworld: Blood Wars is not as good as underworld evolution, but this doesn't mean it's terrible. I do actually prefer this installment to the first underworld. Kate Beckinsale is still good as seline. And Theo is good as David. The action sequences are well constructed for the most part, pretty much the same as the previous installments, guns galore, bullets flying everywhere, kicking and punching, so the fans of action will certainly not be disappointed. The dialogue is alright, it's not overly cheesy, which is kinda typical in these types of films, but it's also not anything that'll win any major awards. The plot follows up after awakening and I thought the plot was executed pretty well, it keeps your attention all the way through. And there is a remembrance of Michael and his character is alluded to on several times, which I loved because I really liked his character. If you're an underworld fan, you'll enjoy this movie and I certainly did. 7/10.
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Better than some but the first is still best
funtasticfour29 January 2019
I loved the first movie, but much like the Resident Evil movies, the rest have been inconsistent. Kate is a special effect herself, but I haven't liked the look of the werewolves at all. This movie did have a lot of better action scenes than the last few movies, and the story had a few twists, so it's probably my second favourite of the series...though to be honest, I can't remember much of the last few.
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Cheezy and filled with plot holes.
striplay11 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The thing that bothered me most about this is the pointless of it all.. Nothing makes sense. Plot hole after plot hole. How they become powerful and from whom seems to have no consistency. I watched the whole film and honestly had more questions than answers at the end. The villains were weak and without depth at times, and then at others overly powerful without adequate explanation. The strong characters were only strong when it suited the writers ideas and concepts(which were awful). Characters had powers or weaknesses that made no sense, especially according to the storyline of the previous installments. Speaking of the story, it was less than interesting in general. The characters throughout were often boring, with lame interactions, and frequent cringy moments that inevitably left me with a scrunchie face expression and cuss word or two teetering at the tip of my tongue. The fight scenes were plentiful, yet no where near captivating and the cgi was less than I had come to expect from a Underworld movie. I absolutely loathed this movie from beginning to end. ..not that the series what perticularly amazing to begin with, but it was at least entertaining before. This sequel certainly didn't do any justice to its reputation. Everyone involved should be ashamed and embarrassed of the end result. I would be. 👎
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