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Genre movie at it's finest
facebook-903-46859819 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sohail Hassan really nailed it with Inmate 48, this is one of the best and most tense genre movies I've ever seen. The extremely controlling and aggressive warden character intensely played by Morten Thunbo, which at first glance just seems unpleasant, does have a very dark secret which is revealed in small doses...elegantly and smooth done. Inmate 48 wonderful psychotic played by Danny Thykær, somehow knows about this secret and doesn't hesitate to let the warden know that he knows. Slowly a very tense drama builds up between the two. And the warden doesn't have a clue about the power that Inmate 48 is in possession of. I specially loved the scene where the warden drinks his afternoon tea just outside the "cage" teasing the locked up inmate 48 just because he can. or maybe it's because he's scared beyond his worst nightmares by the words coming out of inmate 48. Really liked the music and the SFX as well. I think it's building a strong fundament supporting this tense and exciting movie that leaves the atmosphere thick of doubts.
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