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Austin Butler Was Amazing!
Foutainoflife24 June 2022
It's probably not the best biopic ever made but I personally loved this take on Elvis. I loved that it exposed The Colonel's abuse and gave some insight to just how much Elivs worked for the benefit of others. He took care of everyone.

I'm not gonna give a long review. I just wanted to share how good I thought it was. Austin Butler deserves an award for how brilliant he was in this role. I saw where some reviewers were complaining about him not looking closely enough like Elvis but I thought he was a nice fit. There was only one Elvis folks. We just have to work with what we have and as I mentioned, I believe Austin deserves an award. He put serious thought and effort into playing this role. He wasn't hard on the eyes either!! Great Job!!

Loved it!
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Austin Butler a 10/10 Baz Luhrmann a 7.5 /10
tm-sheehan23 June 2022
My Review Baz Lurhmann's - Elvis

My Rating 7.5 /10

10/10 for Austin Butler's portrayal as Elvis

Elvis has the Baz Lurhmann brand all over it as it's bound to seeing Baz wrote the story as well as Directed and Produced the movie . Whether that's a good thing or not I'm not so sure but top marks for his choice of Austin Butler to play the title role of Elvis Presley.

Austin Butler had big shoes to fill and Elvis fans won't be disappointed as he portrays the iconic singer over more than 20 years of his life covering the 50s, 60s, and 70s, eras from his childhood and meteoric rise to stardom to his long, slow decline.

This biographical movie unlike the 2019 movie Judy I'm pleased to say covers the good years as well as the sad years when Elvis left us tragically aged only 42 under identical circumstances to Judy Garland who was 47.

Both stars burnt out prematurely both were exploited but their fame and legacy of music and film footage will live on for centuries as they are both true historical cultural icons.

Austin Butler really does hold the entire movie together for me he gives much more than an Elvis impersonation which so many performers have done before.

At times and at certain camera angles Austin Butler looks uncannily identical to Elvis Presley and he sings the early Elvis songbook in his own voice to perfection. Austin's voice is only blended with Elvis's own voice in the later Las Vegas years .

Many other actors in addition to Austin Butler auditioned for the role including Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Harry Styles but the right choice to play Elvis certainly was Austin Butler in my opinion.

Unlike Rami Malik who played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody and had the Freddie Mercury teeth he wore cast in gold , Austin Butler's transformation really just relies on eye make up ,hairstyle and the tight pants and flamboyant shirts and capes that Elvis wore during his performances.

I'm certain Austin Butler's performance is what prompted the Elvis movie to receive a 12 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Rami Malik received an Oscar and lip synched the songs so Austin Butler who sings in his own voice should at least get a Best Actor Oscar nomination in 2023.

There were positives I liked in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis and negatives as much as I admire Tom Hanks as an Actor the role of Colonel Tom Parker who is the storyteller through whose eyes we see the rise and fall of The King of Rock is a despicable and ugly character . While of course he is a central character in the Elvis Presley story I felt telling the story through such an unsympathetic character was unnecessary and I found Tom Hanks Dutch accent and his prosthetic nose a little irritating at times.

The Cinematography by Mandy Walker is stunning as are the costumes by Baz Luhrmann's 4 time Academy Award winning wife Catherine Martin .

All biography movies stretch or modify the facts to a certain extent to add more dramatic content and while this story is reasonably accurate Baz has used some poetic licence in some scenes . The emotional meeting of Elvis and the Producer Steve Binder of his 1968 Christmas comeback show at the iconic rusting L. A. Hollywood sign never happened but it's effective.

The opening introduction scene of Colonel Tom Parker discovering Elvis at the Carnival which I'm sure was inspired by Guillermo del Toro's recent movie Nightmare Alley also never occurred. World events of that time are used as a timeline like the assassination of Bobby Kennedy during taping of an Elvis television show also are fiction but it does add drama to the script.

There's also a silly hysterical scene where an entire Christmas snow set is built to convince The Colonel that Elvis was going to sing Here Comes Santa Claus in his 1968 comeback show this also apparently was a complete fiction as was the fact that Elvis was persuaded by Parker to enlist in the army rather than being arrested for his suggestive stage gyrations. Elvis did not enlist he was drafted and surrounded by the media when he entered the Army in March 1958.

Those who love Showman Baz Luhrmann's flamboyant highly individual directing style I'm sure will love Elvis I enjoyed it but didn't love it.

The supporting cast that includes Olivia De Jonge as Pricilla Richard Roxburgh as Vernon Presley Helen Thomson as Gladys and Kodi Smit-McPhee as Jimmie Rodgers Snow are all good but in my view could have been featured more .

I personally think he lacks subtlety and while putting on a great show his script in this case focuses to much on the character of Colonel Tom Parker and as I recently referred to heroes as main characters in stories Colonel Tom Parker was no hero. Colonel Tom reminds me more of Rumpelstiltskin in more ways than one Elvis turned the straw that Colonel Tom Parker gave him into gold and like the Princess in the Grimm's Fairy Tale sadly Elvis paid a very high price.
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Entertaining, But Can't Get Out Of Its Own Way Enough To Be Great
zkonedog4 July 2022
There are certainly times in which Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis" is an engaging and entertaining biopic of rock-and-roll's biggest star. The performance numbers are often incredible and Austin Butler inhabits all aspects/ages of the lead role adeptly. Unfortunately, Luhrmann's let's say "unique" style of filmmaking can't quite get out of its way long enough (especially in the early goings) for this to be a top-notch flick.

For a very basic overview, "Elvis" tells the story of the titular character (played by Butler) from childhood all the way through his Vegas residency at the end of his career. The narrative frame comes from the voice of Colonel Parker (Tom Hanks), Presley's manager and quasi-abuser (largely in the financial department). Elvis's relationship to "black music", teen heartthrob fame, military service, and late-60s comeback are all given time here, including his marriage to Priscilla (Olivia DeJonge).

Perhaps the most notable thing to mention about "Elvis" is that the first 30-45 minutes are kind of a mess. Luhrmann is in peak wackadoodle form (granted, what else could be expected from the director of 1996's "Romeo + Juliet"), what with jarring time-cuts, crazy montages (one that turns the proceedings into a comic book!), and quite a bit of time spent on the bizarre Hanks Parker portrayal. There is also a far-too-on-the-nose scene in which a young Presley supposedly learns his later musical style via an R&B jam session and a revival ministry happening concurrently. I'd blame no one for thinking this was a total mess before the 1 hour mark.

Fortunately, in this case, there is still 2 hours left of "Elvis", and that's when it settles into being a pretty entertaining film. Basically, once all the crazy material is out of the way and audiences can just settle into Butler's portrayal, there is a lot to like. I was really impressed with Butler's ability to portray the young rebellious Elvis, as well as the fat, worn-down-by-life version. The staged musical numbers are every bit as good as those found in recent musical biopics like Rocketman or Bohemian Rhapsody. I'll certainly be revisiting some Presley tunes after seeing this.

Overall, I can't put "Elvis" in my top tier (Walk the Line, Love & Mercy, & Judy) of biopics because its director seems almost physically unable to "tell it straight" when this film and acting performances would have certainly been good enough for that grounded approach. But it was easily good enough to hold my interest and take me on an interesting journey through the iconic musician's entire career.
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Big bright shiny vapidness...
slak96u8 August 2022
What a mess.... nearly incoherent storyline. Over 2.5 hours of film, yet after watching you know Elvis no better. It's simply a bunch scenes strung together, accompanied by music, but little to no plot and a complete lack of interesting dialog. The film feels almost like a bad fever dream, arbitrarily switching from scene to scene with little to no connection. Too much attention is put in Parker/Hanks, when he's not narrating he's the focus of every scene he's in. Thankfully Austin Butler and Olivia DeJonge do everything they can to save the train wreck, they still can only do so much, but both are fantastic with what they were given. The music varies, at times it's fantastic, others it's inappropriate and awkward.

Absolute waste of Austin Butlers performance.
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Totally Overrated
Draysan-Jennings18 August 2022
For the first two hours it felt like I was watching the longest music video of all time. It was all over the place and extremely rushed. And what was up with the soundtrack? Why the hell was there a Backstreet Boys song in the film? Not to mention the Hip Hop? I didn't get it. This film was hard to get through and I couldn't take Austin Butler serious. I was glad when it was over. I guess if you're a fan of Elvis give it a shot. If not, pass on it, it's nothing special. Basic 5 star film.
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What movie is everyone else watching?
DeadMansTrousers9 August 2022
I normally love Baz Luhrmann's films but this was a chore to sit through. When I sit down to watch a film about Elvis I expect the soundtrack of the film to be full of Elvis music or even the music that inspired him. Why they decided to have this film filled with modern day hiphop/rap music is beyond me and it totally detracts from the story. Apart from that the acting in this makes it feel like a direct to dvd film you'd rent out of the redbox, even that from Tom Hanks! I had such a hard time getting through this 3 hour film, I honestly don't understand how it has such a high score.

If you are a fan of the king I highly recommend watching Elvis from 1979 with Kurt Russell instead of this.
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I can't put my finger on why but was a little disappointed with this movie
mikemars3825 June 2022
Firstly Austin Butler was great , he could actually be Elvis as he looked so much like him and clearly worked hard to do Elvis justice , but I didn't really enjoy the movie but can't put my finger on why , the Main actors did a good job but I couldn't really get an emotional connection with them or the story line until the very end , I thought the legend Tom Hanks had too much of a part to play and Elvis didn't get enough , the story seemed to bounce all over the place and to me just felt and bit disjointed , Im no movie critic or expert so I recommend seeing it as lots have really raved about it but I woo the be watching it again.
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A slight let down
ethanbresnett24 June 2022
Compared to other musical biopics that have hit the screen in recent years (Rocket Man, Bohemian Rhapsody), 'Elvis' is tad underwhelming. It is a solid film but Luhrmann's direction failed to fully draw me in and impress.

There is a lot to like about this film however. Austin Butler gives a truly terrific performance and thoroughly shines in the role. He is so charismatic and really embodies everything that Elvis was. Hanks on the other hand is reduced to a bit of a caricature which really didn't work for me. A shame as I am normally a huge fan of Hanks but felt like this casting was a little off.

Perhaps the biggest draw back for me was the style of film making. The opening 30-40 minutes were very chaotic. The non-linear story telling made the opening act feel unnecessarily messy. Once things were unravelled and we started progressing through Elvis' life chronologically, things somehow felt drawn out yet fleeting at the same time. I think Luhrmann missed the mark on this one a bit.

I also would have liked to have seen more from a musical perspective. At times the film had the wrong focus and I think it failed to capture just how and why Elvis became the icon he was.

Despite this the film does a good job of exploring over 20 years of Elvis' life, which is no mean feat. There are some fantastic sequences and brilliant costume work throughout.

Elvis is a solid film and there is a lot to enjoy, but I was expecting more and feel like with such an interesting story to tell this film could have and should have been better.
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If you're looking for trouble, you came to the right place...
Koceny23 June 2022
One of those movies where right after the first sequence you know that you will watch it again and again.

Movie lasts almost 3 hours but feels like only a few minutes have gone by. Right from the start you are on a roller coaster and there is no getting off till the end of the movie That's typical Luhrmann that once again hasn't disappointed.

I am glad this this music icon, the man who practically invented rock n roll, the King, was shown in a respectful way and with the credit that this legend deserves, and that the actor has not gone into caricature. By the way, acting is brilliant! The moves, the walk, the voice- that's the closes to Elvis as you can get, without looking as Elvis impersonator.

Movie is complex and yet very simple, with the moral point - listen to yourself. Be yourself. That's the only way you will be happy.
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Colonel Tom is a Better Title.
sensorshot25 June 2022
There is a lot to unpack about what I did not like about this movie but I also feel I need to 'fess up about my love of Elvis and growing up a fan as a child. I was 11 when he died and it came as a big shock. In rural Norfolk where we lived mostly 20 years in the past so it seemed that he had only just arrived. I spent a long time after following the legend. The Kurt Russel movie, the odd "That's the Way it is / Was" documentaries - stylistically plundered for this movie and of course all the movies. Owning 40 Greatest Hits was pretty much issued to you growing up. Then Punk Rock and New Wave came and Elvis just became the distant past, even if he did shock his audience in a way Johnny Rotten could only dream. Occasionally American Trilogy would come on the radio and I'd crank it up and do an Elvis impersonator sing-along, "Wisha was, inna lanna cotton" I played it on my excited drive to see this movie I had been waiting for, saying to my partner, "If this song is not referenced in the movie, I'll be stunned, it is definitive Elvis".

Once the film started, it was the first track we see enacted by the incredibly brilliant Austin Butler who nails it. Sadly, there is not much else good to say about this movie beyond his performance. It makes sense of course that Baz Luhrmann would open with that. Luhrmann is never one to use a nutcracker when there is a sledgehammer he can bang an idea a few times with until you get it. That's my point. This is not really an Elvis movie. It is a Tom Parker movie that wishes it was an Elvis movie. I am not sure you can be that dark and cynical about Elvis life and hope to get away with it considering what baggage the typical audience are likely to bring to the show. For Elvis to be portrayed as this easily manipulated kid, when anyone who watched the documentaries mentioned above knew The King was always in charge. If you tip the weight of the narrative to Colonel Tom you have to reduce the personality of Elvis. Don't get me wrong when I first heard rumours about this movie I was very keen for a Colonel Tom movie played by Tom Hanks but for that movie to work it needs a less important Elvis, that's a tough trick to pull off.

This movie is only coherent to an Elvis fan. To others not plugged into the folklore, myth and legend, it is long and boring with Luhrmann over egging his point and being cynical and depressive. He either fast forwards too much that is relevant or dwells on insignificance to bolster and pad out the Colonel Tom con artist. There is the art of the conman, the huckster, referenced through this movie. In reality, the biggest card trick is shuffled by the director who promises us a celebration of Elvis but delivers a woeful, tedious tale of a mediocre manager who got lucky clinging to a rocket after it had already launched. Butler is brilliant, no doubt, Hanks is hammy at best. Luhrmann tries to use Elvis to paint Tom Parker which is like I said, using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Fun in places but subtle it ain't. Thang yer verry mush.
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The King and I
aciessi26 June 2022
Elvis is really something to behold. It's over-the-top, gluttonously indulgent, shamelessly embellished, dizzying, loud, flashy and in-your-face for the greater part of 2 and a 1/2 hours. But is it entertaining as hell? You betcha. Elvis Presley, somewhere, is smiling down on this gaudy, golden-encrusted tribute of his. This doesn't feel like the biopic of a man, or an artist, but rather, a mythical Greek god. If ever you wanted the King to get his epic due on the big screen, Baz Luhrmann has delivered it in spades. He may have been the best, and only director capable of making an Elvis biopic. But of course, you will need to suspend your disbelief and go for the ride that Baz takes you on. You may need to bring a barf-bag. Elvis quickly breezes through the King's life, from his childhood in Tulepo, MS, to his glory days in Memphis, to the days in captivity in Las Vegas. Shadowing him throughout is Colonel Tom Parker, his devious, greedy and fame-starved manager. He is played here by Tom Hanks. Folks, I don't even know where to begin. This is easily his worst performance ever. He's less reminiscent of the real man, and more like an Andy Kaufman character. That makeup, that accent... my god, man. What were they thinking? It takes you completely out of the movie. Luckily, Elvis is so freewheeling in that classic Baz Lurhmann style, it's easy to forget how bad Hanks is here. Austin Butler on the other hand is a fabulous Elvis. He goes above and beyond your average impersonator, let me tell you. He looks nothing like Elvis, and you still can believe him in the role. We go through his life, through every phase, and yet, we never go deep enough. Sorely underrepresented was his downfall in the 1970's, which, if explored in all of its tragedy, could have put this film on a whole other level. But perhaps that messes with the Elvis myth. Perhaps that would've reminded us that Elvis is and was as human as we all are. Lurhmann clearly disagrees. A mixed bag, but it's a blast. God love the music. The music, the music, the music.
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Directed like a movie trailer that lasts 2 hours & 40 mins
pajapan7 August 2022
It all feels disjointed. Everything is over the top. Even Tom Hanks, who speaks like those cartoon villains that say "Mwahaha" in the end speak.

The modern hip hop soundtrack solidified the director's approach and sinks the movie even lower.
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A huge letdown
MooWoolf18 August 2022
I'll be short here. I'm familiar with Elvis. Kurt Russel played the best Elvis on screen. The '79 movie is simply better on every level and on top of that you hear Elvis sing and you see someone on screen that looks pretty much like him. (In this movie you hear the actor sing while he doesn't even look like Elvis.)

I found the story to be hugely inconsistent and inaccurate.

All the random songs in the movie felt off.. The characters were shallow and inconsistent. The only parts in the movie that were good are the ones made after recordings..

This was made for people that don't know anything about Elvis.

I'd bet the majority actually thinks that he was singing in the movie.

It was a movie based on Elvis's life. Based on!

If you liked this movie, go and see the '79 version.
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Oscar Worthy
SamUnfiltered197924 June 2022
I normally am not a fan of Baz Luhrman. I am a huge Elvis fan. I was ready to hate it based on my distaste for his other works. But I was enraptured. This movie is going to sweep the Oscars. I was crying at the end, you can tell Baz Luhrman loves Elvis. Thank you, Baz. This was a joy to experience.
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Shaken, Rattled & Rolled...
Xstal1 October 2022
A young lad from Memphis discovers early on in life the melodies that will make him shake, the tunes and the beats and the songs that will give him a break, in a world of prejudice and hate, intolerance and injustice, he will strive to jive, sing to swing, shake, rattle and roll, to relieve a generation of the mundane and prosaic, the traditions and stale rituals, the habitual and the conditional, while bringing joy, delight and happiness - all with the help of a crafty, conniving, contriving, self-serving, calculating and cunning craftsman who would swindle and trick and cheat him out of as much of his hard earned wealth as he could lay a finger on, brilliantly portrayed by Tom Hanks.
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A bad fabrication libelous to Elvis's Estate
pietclausen22 August 2022
Having grown up in the Elvis era and having followed his career from his youth to and beyond his death, this film is insulting and a fabrication of true facts. Yes, Tom Parker was Elvis' manager from his early singing career to the end, but the relationship was never, ever as bad as this film portrays. Elvis's career flourished and they both benefited from it. Only in the latter years did Elvis start using drugs which led to his early death. But this film was not about Elvis, but about Tom Parker and his scheming business practices. Naming this film ELVIS is degrading to the Elvis name and the producers should be taken to task by Elvis's estate for this reason.
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another waste of millions of dollars.
EAA1239 August 2022
There are way better Elvis movies out there than this one. It almost seems cartoonish. Hell, Elvis meets Nixon blows this movies away! It seems to me the writers and producers just borrowed scenes from all the other Elvis movies and other movies like Great Balls of Fires and The Buddy Holly story which have similarities to them. There was even a great scene in Martin Scorsese's HBO series Vinyl with Elvis, The Colonel and Jerry Canavale. Don't waste your time with another waste of millions of dollars. To quote many actors in Hollywood, the budget of this movie could've ended world hunger or least fed a few million people......
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Man O Man.

A Frantic Fast paced Concert Like Cinematic Experience With The Production and Direction Levels Of The Very Highest Order.

Key Points -

1. First Off, The lead. Austin Butler looks absolutely Beautiful to look at. His Performance in this Couldn't of been any better. His Mannerisms and Movements were so Good.

2. Then we Have Tom Hanks, What A performer he is. He's Just as Crucial to This Movie as Austin Butler is.

3. The Style of this Movie is Awesome. The Fast Pace, The Dialogue, The little cuts, The Text Graphics, the panoramic shots of Las Vegas and City Hotels. Everything, it's just a Joy To Watch.

4. The Musical Scenes, I saw this in Dolby Cinema and it was Absolutely Blaring with Sound And Bass. It felt like I was at a Concert.

5. Finally the Storyline. It's the Rise and Fall of Elvis Presley and Boy, What a Ride it was.

Overall, Just Excellent.
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Austin Butler became Elvis Presley
DarkVulcan2925 June 2022
It's like Austin Butler was no more and I just saw Elvis Presley, you clearly see he did his homework on the man, and it pays off in his performance. Some say he got overshadowed by Tom Hanks who plays Colonel Parker, but I have to disagree, don't get me wrong, Hanks was good has Parker, but I never thought for a second that he overshadowed Butler in anyway.

Hanks and Butler really had such a dynamic on screen, both really clicked. The musical numbers really come alive when they happen. Olivia Dejonge also shines has Priscella. Baz Luhrmann's direction is pretty trippy and at time disorienting, but effect.
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Baz Luhrmann Gives An Emotional & Nostalgic Ode To The Musical & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley.
Elvis (2022) : Movie Review -

Director Baz Luhrmann has teamed up with Austin Butler and Tom Hanks to tell the dramatic life story of one of the greatest singers ever to perform on stage. The musical biographical drama takes you to the Elvis Presley era and leaves you spellbound with his memories. Dubbed as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling solo music artist of all time. The man has inspired many, entertained millions, and has been loved by even more people. He deserved a biopic befitting his stature, and we can only thank Luhrmann for providing him with an expedient tribute in the form of this film. Elvis will not only entertain you, but it will also leave you mesmerised over Presley's memories. If you're a fan of Elvis Presley (who's not?), then make sure you catch this great musical show in cinemas near you.

The film chronicles the life and career of singer and actor Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), from his early days as a child to becoming a rock and roll star and movie star, as well as his complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). It also showcases his family life, including his married life with wife Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge). Elvis was a controversial figure in the media due to racial issues in America. His sexually provocative wiggling and over-energized interpretations made him popular among female audiences, but they also brought him a lot of criticism from political and extreme Americanized socialists. Baz Luhrmann and Jeremy Doner's writing takes care of all things to present you with a spicy story which fits into mainstream cinema's template. Sam Bromell and Craig Pearce add fantastic support to the writing duo in this screenplay, which is damn too long (almost 160 minutes), but never tedious.

The first and most important department in the biographical dramas is the acting unit. Everyone has to look like the real characters and should be comfortable with the transformations. What Austin Butler does on screen is nothing but Magic! Without any doubt, Mr. Butler, Elvis is your best performance so far and will remain one of the best and most memorable ones when you retire. Every frame, expression, and dance step he makes will remind you of Elvis Presley. He is that close. Supporting him is none other than one of the best actors of his generation, Mr. Tom Hanks. I don't know why, but I kind of liked this idea that Elvis's story is told by a sort of antagonist and not the protagonist. Hanks has got quite a changeover in his looks and voice for this character, and he is just superb. Elvis's parents are played by Helen Thomson and Richard Roxburgh, and they have a few good scenes. Olivia DeJonge looks gorgeous as his wife, though her performance doesn't show up over the heavy make-up (even though that was mandatory).

The second and third most important things about a biopic are production design and technical aspects. Elvis looks lavish though, but it has a few glitches that appear in the beginning with the art design. However, the technical aspects recover the loss, and how! The music is foot-tapping, and so is the background score. You can't expect anything less in this department, and Elliott Wheeler gives you just what you want. Mandy Walker moves the camera smartly and captures many great frames. The editing boosts the final impact with colour and B & W, mixed transitions, and footage-like scenes.

Bazz Luhrmann has been a very picky man when it comes to directing films. He hasn't directed a handful of movies. He did a countable and a couple of them are really good. His last work was "The Great Gatsby". Well, that was almost a decade ago. That's his best work to date, and may remain so, but Elvis is very close to Gatsby. Now, does that make it clear to you? Yes, Elvis is almost as close to The Great Gatsby as it gets, and it's more authentic, in spite of missing many controversial and infamous events from Presley's life. Luhrmann's sense of cinema is vivid and neat, and that's what I like about him. 8 years of research and he makes a worthy biopic of a music legend, not for himself, but for us. For fans. So, don't miss it. Elvis Presley fans just can't miss it. But even the ones who don't know much about him but want to know, can't miss it. Thank you, Elvis Presley, for providing us with music that we will never forget, and thank you, Baz Luhrmann, for providing a fulfilling cinematic gratitude to the King of Rock and Roll. When words are too difficult to say, sing them. So, let's all sing together with him.

RATING - 7/10*
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Slow. Boring. Hollywood crap.
pensacolacomputer10 August 2022
This was your usual Hollywood movie lately. Slow. Boring.

They also had to bring in certain aspects...always mentioning race which is old.

This is the first role ever I did not like Tom Hanks in.

Seemed more like a made for TV movie than a big budget one.

2/10- Same ole crap people are getting sick of.
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This is Horrible
solidabs6 August 2022
I can't believe these reviews. This was horrible. This was tedious and boring. This dude was the worst elvis impersonator in the history of Elvis impersonators. I could not get I past Elvis. Hanks looked like Roseanne tv husband. But in a sin city kinda way. God this was horrible. I just got an acting gig. The director told me to watch this cause it's great. What do I tell him now. I'm gonna have to Lie.
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Fairy story
georgio-2649019 August 2022
Total hogwash, the acting is atrocious, the storyline is total fiction. What a wasted chance to make a factual amazing movie. Elvis presley had enough drama and excitement in his life and career to create a brilliant film, instead we get this fictitious piffle.
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Not good
maz9999-110 August 2022
It's a bit like Big Fish but without the story or acting talent , if you love movie length music videos with no story you'll love this , managed and hour before we had to switch off , Hanks is just annoying as Parker.
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lbenot6 July 2022
Agonizingly surrealistic, semi-psychodelic and jerky beginning, followed by one depressing scene after another, all to the narration of a drawling Tom Hanks, as if that were supposed to give this ridiculous excuse for entertainment some sort of pedigree.

A film-school-project quality direction combined with a new-age trying-hard-to-be-edgy/arty screenplay that combine to spew out the story-telling slop that results, all while the rap-infused soundtrack blares on. Maybe Hanks will also stoop to narrate a new-age dish-all-the-dirt story-telling of "Marilyn."

P. S. Effusive "10" fake/shill reviews by new/recent IMDB members abound as a smokescreen to hide what a POS this tripe is.
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